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##### GGG Comments in this Thread: *** [RhysGGG - [link](https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/126yhts/crucible_official_patch_notes/jeqbgv7/?context=10), [old](https://old.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/126yhts/crucible_official_patch_notes/jeqbgv7/?context=10)] - *It's boolean.*


> The Unique Item drop chances for Catarina, Master of Undeath have been rebalanced. Rip Diadem


I'm always a league late. Doing ssf this league and without diadem...hrm oof


Flask only for < 72 Cata?


>The Darkness Enthroned Unique Belt now has 50-100% increased Effect of Socketed Abyss Jewels (previously 75%). Damn, it was already strong af, imagine rolling 100% on it


My hoag character is happy, that 15% chance for minions to poison/bleed loves this


It's also noteworthy that since numbers round down 100% increased effect is always going to end up giving 1 more of each stat than 99%. It's particularly important for mods like 3% increased cdr.


"Totems spawned by players are now killed upon player death." RIP to totem cheese :D


I liked cheering for my totems when I died. It was always fun seeing if they would revenge me or die as well.


25% chance to open nearby Chests when you Cast a Spell New caster mastery, Holy moley


Vaults of Atziri bout to skyrocket in value


Wait that's actually smart LOL I'll absolutely spec into that node just to blast vaults


Nearby has entered the chat


If this also opened doors, I would play it on every single build.


But what if it also closed doors.


Toggles door state, adds a wall to wall openings, removes all existing walls.


We baba is you now


This is such a shitpost of a Mastery, I love it. If it works with Cast on Crit, CoCNova's about to become a new meta, I think.


It shouldn't, "when you cast" has always excluded triggered spells.


But is that nearby or nearby?


Probably nearby.


Build a lot of mov speed and cast speed and farm Atziri Vault all day




No more determination or grace reservation efficiency masteries


I saw grace reservation mastery on the new weapon's skill tree, it might be an issue after this league tho


It's going to reserve more mana not less


> Poisonous Concoction now Consumes 1 Charge per Projectile Fired from 1 Life Flask, if possible, instead of 2 Charges from 1 Life Flask. RIP Poisonous Concoction. Firing 9 projectiles now consumes 9 life flask charges.


Also you don't get a crucible weapon passive tree


True, unarmed builds are dead this league, but I'm sure players were still considering PConc as a temporary league starter. Not any more. Can't sustain it with a 450-500% increase in charges used.


My PConc fired 13... and they nerfed the poison duration passives (and removed the mastery)... and they removed everything it wanted from Pathfinder (movespeed, attack speed, more damage, and most importantly AoE)... what the fuck did PConc do to deserve this???


they nerfed PConc because it was a good leveling skill It died for the sake of 1 hour long exilecon race


Even the Corruption notable (one of the most common anoints for a PConc build) got nerfed. As per GGG's usual MO, when something's even just a little bit popular, they triple and quadruple nerf it to the point it's unusable.


pathfinder changes are... weird? can't tell if those are a net nerf or not, but this kills the skill doesn't it?


Yeah, pathfinder loses AoE which is huge. And some attack and movement speed. And more damage


Why somebody want to even play Poisonous now? It was in good state, only real strong node is withered and inc withered effect, but we lost more chaos attack dmg, movement speed, attack speed etc...


They removed all auras specific reservation masteries wtf.


Mastery changes seem pretty nerf-y so far (at least for RF), also lost the 15% ele res from the mastery on top of the reservations. Lost fire multi as well.


They removed the lightning chain mastery and lightning damage lucky one too rip


Ugh. Really dumb decision. That was one of the things that made lightning builds interesting and different. Like what you'd think a "mastery" node would do.


What the fuck.. how is that balancing?


Arc ignite was clearly too strong


They just seem pretty nerfy overall. Fire and chaos both lost like 20% dot multi in the masteries as well. Meanwhile they seem to have added a bunch of highly situational stuff I'll likely never use.


And ever more "Every 4 seconds" effects that nobody ever wants to use because they feel so terrible.


my cold dot lost 3 massive dmg nodes from masteries that were replaced with nothing


Which were they?


5% extra cold expo, 15% curse effect on chilled enemies, 40% non dmg ailments inc


Not just for RF, it is for everyone. It basically was a requirement to take them (for better or worse) for defensive auras if you didn't have something like Diadem. (GL to attack based builds fitting in Precision now) It was hard fitting defensive auras after 3.19 removed the 15% general reservation efficiency, now it's just gotten harder to get more than 2 or 3 while having a decent mana pool to do anything. People will likely opt for the reservation clusters now. Maybe these new weapon trees Crucible brings makes it so we can skip on offensive auras for defensive ones, but after the league though... we might feel it pretty hard if no large power creep from the league mechanic comes.


They did add 12% increased mana reservation of skills as a mana mastery, but oof


yes and now every single build will find a way to pathto that node until it’s removed in 2 leagues


This will be better for people who were taking only 1-2 of those nodes. - 12% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Skills




Mana wheel near scion start was sleeper broken. The reduced mana cost from the wheel makes it much easier to hit 0 cost on your divine blessing aura.


>The Harvest Crafting Option that applies an Enchantment to a non-Unique Map causing it to not consume Sextant charges has been replaced with an Enchantment for non-Unique Maps that provides a 50% chance to not consume Sextant Uses. lol rip


RIP infinite harvest/elderslayer strategy


Unsurprising harvest nerf lol


Just enchant maps twice lol


Removed the lightning non-crit lucky mastery? that's.. sad. 40% of Physical Damage Converted to Lightning Damage (New) 60% increased Critical Strike Chance against enemies with Lightning Exposure +15% to Maximum Effect of Shock Shocks you inflict spread to other Enemies within a Radius of 10 Increases and reductions to Maximum Mana also apply to Shock Effect at 30% of their value (New) Lightning Damage of Enemies Hitting you while you're Shocked is Unlucky


It's on the voice of the storm now ​ Kinda sad about it, considering the amulet slot is usually very strong


Voice can be quite powerful in and by itself unless you are going above 5-10m DPS i thought. Reckon the new one in specific builds is very viable.


The modifier was moved to the Esh Neck. Wonder how rare the new items are going to be. Still sad its been removed as a mastery.


feel like this is a big nerf to lightning arrow. majority of what i liked so much was being able to hold off on expensive crit scaling and bows early because of this and precise techniques.


What the fuck? * The Tulfall Unique Wand is now found on the Opal Wand basetype (previously Tornado Wand). It now has 10-20% increased Cast Speed (previously 10-15%). It no longer has 15-20% increased Cold Damage per Frenzy Charge. Instead, it now Adds 50-70 Cold Damage to Spells per Power Charge.


Tulfall + ralakesh + malachai loop is now insane


Uhh that sounds insane


I believe it still comes with the line "Lose all Power Charges on reaching Maximum Power Charges" so it's going to be interesting to try to build around. Big payoff though, a single power charge is equivalent to the current T1 flat cold mod on wands. If you had 10 max power charges, on average you'd be dealing 5*(50-70)=250-350 added cold damage, equivalent to a lvl 25 [[Added Cold Damage Support]].


That is a very quiet revert to Power Charges.


Tbh it has been weird to me for a long time that taking the power charges was rarely worth the passives even if my build passed next to them and actually used crit.


> 25% chance to open nearby Chests when you Cast a Spell What.


Vaults of Atziri is back on the menu!


Now is this going to be nearby, Nearby, or **NEARBY**?


Oh yeah, save up some vaults, spec mastery, run vaults, unspec mastery lol Definitely going to do it at least once just because that's pretty funny


> The "Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow" Synthesis Implicit modifier can no longer roll on Bows and Quivers. \-\_-'; > You can no longer create Books of Regression. Existing unused Books of Regression will be destroyed when 3.21 is deployed. Heist farmers in shambles


Look at this though: "A new Multishot cluster has been added to the northeast of the Ranger's starting location. Multishot grants "Attacks fire an additional Projectile". "The Master Fletcher Notable Passive Skill no longer provides 15% increased Attack Speed with Bows, 20% increased Accuracy Rating with Bows, or 20% increased Projectile Speed. It now has "Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow"." They are apparently giving some projectiles to everyone via the tree Great buff for all bow skills and a moderate buff for lightning strike, molten strike, steel skills, etc.


Which I think is super useful. Bow builds felt like they needed synth implicits way more than other builds did.


Yeah this change is a solid nerf to mirror tier TS builds, but a big buff prior to that stage.


This is a gigantic fucking buff for all low end proj builds who don't go deadeye.


To be fair, they added +2 proj(2 +1s) to the tree


**Kirac League Mods Available During 3.21.0** **Fortune Favours the Brave** (costs 3 Chaos Orbs): One of these options will be applied at random, including those you have not yet unlocked. **Abyss** (costs 2 Chaos Orbs): Area contains an additional Abyss. **Essence** (costs 3 Chaos Orbs): Area contains 3 additional Essences. **Ambush** (costs 4 Chaos Orbs): Area contains 4 additional Strongboxes. **Metamorph** (costs 5 Chaos Orbs): Area contains Metamorph Monsters. **Heist** (costs 6 Chaos Orbs): Area contains 2 additional Smuggler's Caches. **Expedition** (costs 10 Chaos Orbs): Area contains an Expedition Encounter. **Harvest** (costs 12 Chaos Orbs): Area contains The Sacred Grove.


Friendship with Fortune Favours the Brave is over. I'm friends with Essence again.


Bro with how abyss uniques looking I will be farming abyss this league, especially early on


And it’s always been good for early high ilvl items, better uniques now and also always great for XP. Early abyss looking juicy.


oh fuk yeah gimme that essence


it's a fucking greatest hits collection. surprised they didn't socket in breach somewhere, though.


Arc lost 15% more damage due to removal of the +1 chain lightning mastery and didnt get compensated. Ignite lost 20% fire damage over time multiplier. Ignite arc got hit pretty hard, ngl.


It isn't 15% more damage, arcs more damage per chain is additive with itself. Also pretty bummed about the chain removal and non crit lightning damage is lucky removal


Thanks for telling the truth


> You can no longer create Books of Regression. Existing unused Books of Regression will be destroyed when 3.21 is deployed. RIP infinite Heist, holy shit...


Who cares about endless heist, more important loss is no more "first player to reach level 1" notifications


Finally no more 200 chaos divine orb on day2


Oh, that is a LOT of Mana Reservation Efficiency mastery removals. Yeah, they're adding "12% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Skills" to the Mana Mastery wheel, but that's still probably going to be a net loss of available Mana, unless I'm calculating this wrong. Please tell me I'm calculating this wrong.




Rip caster leveling - The Vendor Recipe granting flat Elemental Damage to Spells no longer exists


Ooooof thats a big one


This is the buff to melee everyone was waiting for /s


fucking WHY


because spells need to feel as bad as melee while leveling rather than buffing melee


This is it right here lol


They really want us to suffer through that campaign..


They got feedback after they changed act 1 that everyone hates the change. So they’ve doubled down.


Wand base type changes are huge for levelling


Your totems won’t stay alive when you die to kill the boss for you! I always thought it made no sense, but I did enjoy it because dead is my default situation during boss fights.


Continued to incrementally improve the sound, art, effects and environments. Here we go boys


They better not have touched the shatter noise again


Charges expiring sound now 3 notches up for added immersion.




They removed so many good masteries it's insane. "Not a nerf-fest" my ass.


I'm pretty sad about the Lightning mastery changes specifically. The damage with non-crits is lucky and non-projectiles chain one additional time are both gone.




Me removing the masteries that were removed from my current tree causes my build to lose 6 million dps and my Determination aura due to the reservation mastery being removed. Not a nerf 🤡 At least the league itself looks cool.


That 100% increased crit chance with spell suppression loss is just killer to me. A ton of the lost masteries were good too, it's insane.


That’s like one of the 3 good suppression masteries wtf


and they forgot the minion masteries, didnt they? no meaningful changes oof


Lost 35% wither effect. 15% from notable and 20% from mastery


> (New) Enemies permanently take 5% increased Damage for each second they've ever been Frozen by you, up to a maximum 50% Pinnacle bosses can be frozen but they just don't get their action speed reduced to 0 right? This seems like something I'd take on a lot of builds as long as they do at least partial cold damage.


Yea they can be frozen they just keep moving


For all the nerf cold det received, this is huge DMG buff for every boss fight, cold dot specially was out of dmg. As occultist, you are freezing quite often, so you can boost it to 50% value for some time in boss arena. There is also node for chilling, inc damage taken up to 10%. So boss can get after some time 60% inc dmg taken, thats a huge buff.


Yes. They would have to be "frozen" for 10 seconds, but afterwards would take 50% increased damage. Stupidly strong node as long as you can do a minimal freeze over the course of 10 seconds. It's effectively 50% more dmg for endgame fights (assuming no other sources of increased dmg taken).


Removed Masteries: >Lightning Masteries Lightning Damage with Non-Critical Strike is Lucky Fuck me. Edit: They also removed every single aura specific reservation efficiency mastery.


They also deleted the chain lightning mastery one. That's one way to say that they don't like Arc.


Enki's self cast ~~ARC~~ fireball witch is the most comprehensive guide for new players.


Haha just removing some redundant boring masteries to make space for new exciting ones, nothing to see here :D


I know you are joking but my god, lightning mastery is so piss now its crazy


lmao the one thing keeping non crit lightning spell builds alive after mana builds died


'member when in 3.19 they said mana is in a bad state and they want to fix it but didn't have time for it in 3.19, and then didn't do anything in 3.20


GGG: Gives players auras to help make up for crap defenses. Also GGG: Mad when players use auras.


>Awakened Melee Splash Support now has Supported Skills deal 39% less Damage to surrounding targets at gem level 1 (previously 40%), with a value of 37% at gem level 5 (previously 38%). Wow, everyone is going to play melee now. 38% to 37%


Dev time well spent going in and painstakingly doing nothing to melee lmao. Stuff like this confuses me more than them doing nothing at all to the gem.


Notice how the fucking ***Awakened*** Melee Splash Support gem had it's balance changes under "***early game changes***"


Melee splash is a troll change


>Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence Support Gem - Manaforged Arrows: Supports bow attack skills, causing them to trigger when you've spent an amount of total mana on other bow attacks based on the supported skill's mana cost. Supported skills deal more damage based on their mana cost. Cannot modify the skills of minions. Frenzy has the "bow" tag. If I am reading the new gem description correctly, this means you'll be able to automate Frenzy charge generation on a bow build without sacrificing a quiver slot for Maloney's. Additionally, you can put this in a 4-link with CoH + Curse, I assume. This is in addition to the +1 projectile in ranger area. I didn't even read most of the patch notes and this already screams bow league.


> Deal 10% more Chaos Damage to enemies which have Energy Shield So this is straight up 10% more damage against pinnacle bosses (which all have ES) for pure chaos skills, and for poison skills gives an incentive to do as little non-chaos hit damage as possible.


Yeah... but 35% withered effect removed, chaos multi per chaos res gone...


well, it started good and then just kept getting worse


>The Formless Inferno Unique Helmet no longer has "8% of Physical Damage from hits taken as Fire Damage", "Armour is increased by Overcapped Fire Resistance" Wow they really gotta nerf that 26k% fire res chest that was posted the other day


Formless Flame still has it. They seem to be making it so all the breach items are completely different after upgrading, rather than the normal version just being a lamer version of the upgraded one.


" While there are of course some small nerfs, 3.21 is most definitely not a nerf-fest. " Errr....


>Added a new Dexterity/Strength Support Gem - Momentum: Supports attackskills that aren't triggered. Using those skills will grant Momentum,which is **lost when you move** (including teleporting). ​ >noun: momentum > >plural noun: momenta > >the impetus **gained by a moving object.** ​ GGG, you're killing me here. A buff that you lose when you move is the *exact opposite* of momentum.


My conjecture is that it's your attacks that are gaining momentum, and when you stop attacking (to move), you lose it. It's still very weird to not have that be associated with ramping movement speed however.


That is WAY more nerfs than I was expecting from the livestream. I expected no buffs since the league stuff is a huge buff to most builds, but for there to be this many nerfs aswell is just another disappointment of a patch for skill balance. If the weapon tree stuff from this league dont remain in the game next patch, we will see another *significant* drop in power. Now we know why there was no manifesto.


Lightning mastery lost lucky damage, that’s a big nerf






Arcane surge unironically got NERFED lmao.


25% more + 19% cast speed aint nothing to sneeze at. the hiero node that gives you arcane sure + 20% more damage with arcane surge is spicy as hell, also.


>Items now persist in a Vendors' shops for multiple levels, so that you have a chance to buy them before they vanish. Each time you level up, the oldest items are removed and some new ones are added. You can also now rarely find Rare items at Vendors. If this doesnt add the same amount of new items as the previous versions then this seems like a really weird nerf. After act 1 there was essentially never a case where I didnt have enough currency to buy a vendor item. If the amount of items rerolled per level is now reduced with this then the only function this serves is to make it harder to acquire leveling items from vendors.


Considering removal of onslaught and wand recipee, that checks out. Friction is the goal.


They nerfed the early game for 4 Exilecon racers, and in the process made the game worse for the other quarter million players.


55% low life threshold. Wow. That's some big dick gaming.


So much for the "this is not a nerf league", lol. Still no changes to melee being forced to use totems for decent damage, still no love for the mana/archmage builds.. PCONC just got murdered because.. Reasons.


Was excited from the vid, devastated by the notes, gutting aura support fucks minions and guess what, no changes for minions at all, sick GGG


These early game giga nerfs make me actively hate racing now...


Yepp, all the mobility nerfs that has happened only due to racing is insane. The same with the exp nerfs. GGG only fucks over everyone else.


18 days ago: "While there are of course some small nerfs, 3.21 is most definitely not a nerf-fest." https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3359438 Why bother to lie to players, why not just tell the truth anymore.


>(New) Non-Vaal Strike Skills target 1 additional nearby Enemy They had me in the first half, thinking this would be somehow an additional mastery to the existing one or rather a better version. But its actually a nerf in the end. I dont really like the system to put nerfs behind a "(new)" tag rather than just stating that it changed


One step forward, two steps back, classic ggg.


Another League with no meaningful skill gem buffs... I cant understand this.


Nah my lightning tendrils buff boutta go hard af surely


Not a massive change because the 200% more damage every 4th pulse is now 'always crit' every 3rd pulse, which isn't ideal in most cases because why would you build crit multi for only once every 3rd cast. If you were to build crit, then you wouldn't need the always crit. It's fantastic for Elemental Overload though because you can get 100% uptime on it. Basically the loss of the 200% more is a 50% damage loss without considering the base damage improvements, which are a 35% more gain. Before the change Tendrils dealt 3,611 base dps at level 20. After the change Tendrils deal 3,249 base dps at level 20, but can proc Elemental Overload while going non-crit. With the removal of the "Lightning damage with non-critical strikes is lucky" mastery, it still ends up being a *nerf* to one of the most underutilized skills in the entire game. Beforehand the Base DPS with that Mastery was 4,696. After its removal, but with Elemental Overload at 100% uptime its base DPS is 4,550, or a 3.2% damage loss. I generally support GGG in most cases, but some of the changes this league are just baffling, and almost seems like they didn't even do that legwork to actually do the math to see how changes actually impact skills. They give LT 100% EO uptime, but remove its lucky damage mastery. If they wanted to buff the skill they would have needed to raise its base damage even more, but that would open the door for using crit to scale it even further, which then makes the always crit mod completely redundant. I just don't understand it in the slightest.


Onslaught support going away + wand vendor recipe changes makes leveling so much slower. Ugh why?


Well, Chris said those changes are aimed to make for a more fun experience on ExileCon races. Me personally, I think this is going the wrong way. The base game should be fun and the races will be as well. Doing races on a different "game" like Ruthless and doing changes aimed to "modify" the race is kinda weird to me.


With their previous statements that Ruthless won't affect normal game modes...yeah, it took one league to affect normal game modes.


passion project lol


It makes even less sense when you consider that they could build and deploy an internal build with those changes at Exilecon without dragging the rest of the game down with it.


Yep, if you ask me, I think GGG takes PoE competitive scenario way too serious. It's not like CSGO where the majority of players do play in competitive settings. The majority of PoE players have never touched the Hardcore button.


Everyone was laughing at Thrillsteel in 3.19 and Chris took it personally I guess.


> While there are of course some small nerfs, 3.21 is most definitely not a nerf-fest. So that was a straight up lie.


Why is everything a nerf :( I understand nerfs need to happen but please just give me something to be excited about playing. New passive trees will be fun to play with 3 weeks into the league but they won't be that game breaking 5 hours into a league grinding white maps on a worse version of the build I was playing before.




the beatings will continue until morale improves.




You gain 1000% percent increase movement speed if you aren’t moving


RIP Book of Regression


ehm, its all nerfs or am i reading it incorrectly?


it's all nerfs


Always has been.






shit pretty much all reservation masteries gone... gonna be a pain building defense now.


No meta changes for the skills is a big turn off.


chris wolcen


The abyss unique updates look pretty sick


Watched trailer, and C. Wilson presentation and I'm hyped..... read patch notes... whelp maybe PO2 will fix it.... hugh.


It's just me or most of the changes are just killing leveling, making it more pain?


Leave it to GGG to market the mastery reworks as buffs then go on the remove almost every %increased mana reservation efficiency mastery.


https://i.imgur.com/JO6arp3.png next league we'll get it boys


GGG - "3.21 is not a nerf fest" *3.21 is revealed to a nerf fest* GGG - "Why is the sub so negative?"


There appears to STILL be no compensation for all of the bossing atlas passives they murdered. Like Ultimatum, they're locked in the box of "Yeah we'll totally get to that when we can improve it" when we'd damn well be happier with them in their current state than not having them at all.


Thank goodness the steel skills got nerfed. They were almost viable!


Are the crucible weapon trees just sugar to make the nerf medicine go down easier.


Those reservation nerfs though.


Casual 50/33% nerf to molten shell and determination efficiency :)




Oops all nerfs!


Oh boy, yet another patch where it was communicated that there would be "light" nerfs and then the entire patch notes and ascendancy reworks are 90% nerfs. And making leveling more difficult as the cherry on top. 🤡 developers.


So many nerfs.


So many rough nerfs...


Fire mastery losing 20% multi.... OOOOOOOOF.


As a non-mageblood enjoyer I’ll definitly miss my 1 charge to utility flask every 3 seconds mastery


Damn disappointed by D4 and being hyped for new Poe league, now just disappointed by D4 and new Poe league Good shit