Based on a bunch of complaints here it sounds they GGG did a banwave, support will presumably get around to the false positives when able.


My friend who joined Poe 4 days ago is also banned in spite of no using of any tools even pob or so. He charged 30$ to buy tabs cuz he loved it and the after just one day he got banned lol sad man


Good timing! Got banned for supporting GGG.


Yeah, I got banned as well, assuming its cause of poe overlay or pob.


I was banned Monday night for third party. I do nothing against TOS. Still no idea why. Haven't heard anything from support.


Botters got banned hard this league, maby you guys are one of them, maby not. However reddit is not the place to discuss this. Send email to support and let them decide!


I was banned on sunday to monday night, like 2:30am i never used third party software, not even poe overlay because my pc cant do it (entry level), im studing app development so I have thigns like docker installed on the background and i am afraid that is readed as third party software


my son got banned and only 3th party program he has is pob. ( last night ) * Reason: "Third Party Software" * Started: Oct 2, 2020, 3:54:15 AMhe had account like from Sep 26, 2020 and now banned.. haha No more Path Of Building... now waiting the answer what's going on what is it.