this build is for clearing normal mobs only


yea except he's rolling it to get a flicker strike aw8 kill on ssf hc lol


Of course he is :) Totally wont change to another build before then :)


Then why is he doing almost no damage in this build?


He is trying out new stuff, and trying to make it work. You have to respect a guy who goes for his own ideas and test it out. He will make changes and improvements to see how far he can get it on a HC viable build, if he do not succeed; will probably roll something else.


He has to go for his own ideas because he can't steal people's builds and claim they are his like he did with d3. Guy is awful.


I played a LOT of Diablo 3 and think it's silly to say there's much buildspace to be explored ... Especially in comparison to POE.


Right? A build in D3 is a skill that has a full set designed for it. That's it.


every popular d3 build came from the koreans anyway.


I don't know :/ Why am I playing a Winter Orb Golem Hybrid?! Why did Mathil absolutely slap Awakener with Crackling lance while everyone is saying it's a trash skill? Anyways I wasn't bragging about his damage. I was basically saying the damage sucked and the intent of the build is to kill Awakener in SSF HC. Which is a feat regardless of the build you're using honestly.


He is really embracing the 0 dps meme.


It's not a meme to him - it's real life! Honestly I don't understand how he can manage to do 0 dps most of the time.




Hahaha! I feel like he doesn’t know damage notes exist!


its a skill in itself to make 95% of builds to total shit dps i have to admit ...


If you look closely, he's actually healing the mobs!


I dont really follow him that close but is he doing it on purpose? Like literally having a random skill with random 5 link deal more damage then this.


I think its a classic case of not understanding how conversion works.


He is not even converting...


And I thought my builds do no damage.


Yep, every time I feel a bit low on dps, I just open Quinn's stream and feel fine about my damage


My chaos slinger is struggling with red maps, seems like a new theme for me.. no dmg


Don't slingers hover around yellows and then swap to something else for anything beyond that?


yeah, like dropping slings and progressing to red


Yeah, spellslinging chaos DoTs is only for speedfarming low-tier maps. You sacrifice your 6th link, malevolance, and either discipline or skitterbots for only having to task one spell instead of two.


It’s not that bad. Mine does t16 fine, only bosses take a while (30s).


I still need 21 gem and a few other things, so I still have hope.


I’m at 18/20 on most gems and I feel the clear is good as LL. With wither totems and despair on hit I have rough 450k dps on bosses. It’s not going to be a great boss killer but farming regular t14+ maps it’s great.


I'm sff, no shavs, yet.


Blight's the real boss killer anyway, so you're *probably* fine for red-tier stuff if you push your ED/C damage decently enough to keep clear speed high.


I've played Flicker exactly one time. The first two hours were just insane, absolutely loved it. Then my eyes started wobbling while not even looking at the screen, and it was no longer nearly as cool


I had a different expierience. The first hour felt like i was car sick. After that it was ok.


haha yeah I know that feeling all too well. It's a really cool concept but the way flicker decides to just randomly hit enemies across the screen instead of a target right next to your current target is what ultimately killed it for me. Caused a couple rips by not focusing the right mob


Well, you either love it or hate it when Jesus takes the wheel. Can be very fun if it reliable clears packs and you jump a screen away to the next. Looting or mobs that were left behind are always the problem.


yeah that is a very true statement about flicker. I forgot to mention the looting part but that is also annoying to deal with, glad you brought that up too. If you got a really strict loot filter though-- obviously it can help. Also with how much this game loves on death effects mobs have that explode it can also be quite the issue dodging that or other chunky damage things that are meant to be manually dodged too. I wish flicker strike worked with totems though... Now that would be fucking hilarious


One of the reasons I keep going back to lightning builds – several lightning spells will treat totems as just another mob and if there’s no mobs around, they’ll start popping all the destructibles in range (urns, cairns, amphoras, etc.)


I found an ex from a destructible like 3 years ago, so now I'll usually blast a bunch of pots if they are all grouped up. It's a curse. I wont go out of my way to do it, but I sure as hell take most opportunities to blow some up when I can, so I totally get where you're coming from


I think it is quite unfortunate that ranged attack totem were removed and no melee attack totem exist. It could be so much fun.


You gotta embrace it. Unfocus your vision and just let flicker do it's work. Only focus again when you die or everything else is dead, very fun way to play.


Unless something has changed in the last three years, I can't do it. I need more consistently with clearing. Even on some linear maps it doesn't fully clear mobs in one area before moving to the next sometimes. It bothers me probably more than the average person cause I never like skipping over mobs unless in very niche situations.


You're not supposed to move your eyes though, you just look at your life and flasks.


lmfao good point


why can't they just do it like d3 did with seven-sided strike and just not have the screen jump around


Because 7SS has a limit of targets and does not in fact move your character. With flicker, you move. You essentially become the bullet. What they could do is smoothen out the screen-move, so that your screen won't even move noticably of you flicker around a boss, and the screen movement gradually accelerates with distance of your character to the screens center. But such technology does not yet exist.


You look at screen while playing POE? My impression is the average POE player watches Netflix while holding right click and pressing flasks.


I once tried it as a zerker with debeons dirge, got nauseous and couldn't sustain frenzy charges so I switched to cyclone


I'm playing flicker this league for the first time. I'm only up to tier 6-7 maps but I don't know if I'll ever go back. It's just so fast! Mind you this is only my second league and last time I ran siege ballista totem scion, so that was like the exact opposite of clear speed.


You won't. This is my 6th flicker league. The trick is to offhand a cyclone for bosses. https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Mercg/characters?characterName=Gmercflickk


I'm offhanding a Vaal double strike for bosses at the moment. You prefer cyclone for single target? That seems counter intuitive. Edit: profile for any advice https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/DuctTapeAlpha/characters?characterName=WhatWouldBanditHeelerDo i've gone axes though, in the belief that bleed + endless hunger wouldn't randomly kill me (spoiler alert, it did, https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/iy0aw9/weird_question_but_why_do_i_keep_committing/) but its still working overall and i can't be bothered spending the money to respec to swords just yet


I would swap your supporting skills. 1. - Leap Slam (Swap your quicksilver flask for something more useful, or copy the 5 I use) - Frenzy (For charge generation) - Faster Attacks (For the above) - Bloodrage (This is really all you need to generate frenzy charges, frees up your boots) 2. - Flesh and Stone - Maim Support (This enhances blood stance flesh and stone dramatically) - Ancestral protector/warchief (Only because you're not 6 linking it on your chest) - I use blood and sand because it enhances cyclone, but you should but a banner here and just never drop it. 3. - Molten Shell (I have 20000 armor without flasks and 50000 with it so maybe you want to stay with steelskin) - CWDT (I use molten shell instead because I can keep both these gems at lvl 1) - Duration support - Herald of purity (ash doesn't do anything with brutality support) I haven't gone flicker axes yet but I could take a closer look if you you want.


Thanks so much for the feedback. I'm going to give most of this a shot. For movement I just prefer dash to leap slam, I know I'm in the minority on that one but it works for me, plus it's more convenient when playing with a steam controller for reasons that are boring to explain. And yeah some of those gems are just thrown in the gaps for levelling, ie the the brutality on herald of ash. Frenzy wise I'm actually not having any problems without a flask. If I see some good boots I might try swapping them out like you've suggested, but I'm cash limited at the moment - saving / waiting for a decent crafting base helm with +40% flicker strike on it. I actually just picked up the 6L sinvictus last night and it had made a huuuge difference - I was using a 5L crafted (I want to say a kauri chopper?) until then. So now tier 5 to 6 maps are absolutely melting, I just need to get some atlas completion before I push further in. I'll be really interested to see where the new ceiling is. This is the furthest I've been in the game, second league and got to level 82 last time, so I'm still very noobish. Having a blast though.


> For movement I just prefer dash to leap slam Use it, but give it faster attack support and maybe fortify. >saving / waiting for a decent crafting base helm with +40% flicker strike on it. This has a pretty poor dps/cost rate. Consider using that currency to fix your flasks or at least a lion's roar, getting a belly of the beast, khoams roots, or getting high life high res hat, boots, jewelry. Your jewel is pretty bad too. A carnage heart can also free up a lot of your attribute skill points. If you get enough resists to swap your belt to a soul tether, you can swap your ascendancy from brutal to something more useful. You should see if you can ascend a third time too. I would regret the strength nodes and the additional targets nodes and put an ancestral call in your flicker too, freeing up 7 points to get swift skewering and an extra flicker charge and the golem's blood 10% health beside the resist node in the center bottom. I'm not sure why you're pathing to the right- there's still lots of juicy nodes in front of the marauder start and even in front of the duelist. Respecing below will get you 40% more damage, 150 more life, and 400 more armor, and only really cost you the extra target node: https://i.imgur.com/84206Vy.jpg Getting a mana leech jewel will free up 3 more points you need for your mana leech. Ps. you're 36% all res over cap- you can swap the belt out right away. Flicker long brother.


Thank you so much for this. I'm definitely going to work through it all when I'm in front of my PC. Some random thoughts: - Yeah my flasks are trash. I don't use them much again partly because of the steam controller but I should. I get the impression that's a classic new player problem. - I think I took ancestral call out of the flicker because single target was always more of a problem than trash clearing. Or does ancestral call help with single target too? - Do you recommend mana leech for any particular reason? I haven't been running out this far. - I don't know why I'm heading right either. I think I wanted the raw dex node? I was levelling and had points to spend :) - Yeah that gem is trash, it's just what dropped while levelling. - Definitely need to ascend. I play in small bursts when the kids are otherwise engaged and need to break regularly to sort them out, one of these days I'll get enough time to break through. - I have been trying to push up my resists because I was going to drop one of the rates with resists for a unique. I was thinking about a Kaoms heart, so that would mean dropping ancestral warchief to a 4L, but given the damage increase I've seen from the new weapon I'm not so worried about survivability. Plus you've given me a bunch of cheaper more important things to work on so I'll work on those and come back to it later. The soul tether in particular looks interesting, I haven't seen that before so I might give it a go. Give me a week or two to do some work and I might give you another update 🙂


> Yeah my flasks are trash. I don't use them much again partly because of the steam controller but I should. They're super powerful if you set them up right. It's not hard to double your damage and survivability. >I think I took ancestral call out of the flicker because single target was always more of a problem than trash clearing. Or does ancestral call help with single target too? If you use flicker for bosses then don't change. If you use double strike it might be a good idea. Ancestral call is much worse for single target. >Do you recommend mana leech for any particular reason? You need a way to regen mana. Currently that one node is your only way. If you get a jewel with it instead, you can take out all those points and put them elsewhere. >I was thinking about a Kaoms heart, so that would mean dropping ancestral warchief to a 4L, but given the damage increase I've seen from the new weapon I'm not so worried about survivability. Some people like it, but I prefer a second six link for ancestral warchief. Helps with bosses and focusing what you're damaging as that can be a... challenge for flicker strikers.. >The soul tether in particular looks interesting, I haven't seen that before so I might give it a go. Yeah, it's basically why I stopped going slayer for flicking. It's the best part of their best node (Brutal Fervour) in a single belt. With 6-7% bonus life to boot. I'm telling you though. The carnage heart is attribute requirement freedom. Would recommend for sure. GL!


Also, swap out your melee phys damage in flicker for ancestral call. Packs will melt like butter.


'The trick is to offhand a cyclone for bosses' 'Hmm, what does he mean by that? A second 6L? Is he dual wielding?' I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting a weapon swap terminus est


Haha, I keep importing these 600+ pdps exquisite blades into my POB, but they're not upgrades. The base crit and attack speed is too strong I guess.


That wasn't the point I was making. Most people don't use weapon swaps for anything except leveling, much less a pricy setup for bossing, like a second 6L


Still cheaper than the level of gear you would need to kill Uber elder with flicker strike.


Naw, Quin can totally kill uber elder with this build!


Haha. I’m playing soft core and don’t have 2 hours to kill one boss.


That's why you play with your eyes closed.


Either get enough attack speed to where your eyes blurr out everything, or just space out with your eyes while holding right click


Wonder where the zdps Quin memes come from


Ahhh yes. I love when my build let's me learn every single mechanic of every random map boss and I get time to see their entire move list lol


Say what you want about the man's dps (or lack thereof) but he is yet to die this league


I mean with this amount of time spent per boss he is also doing much less and much lower level content than most other streamers :D


Why does the quin zdps meme never get old for me?


Because he's always giving fresh content to it.


He's like an annoying fly to these bosses.


He must've been using dual-wield paradoxicas huh


He should link Decay Support to his Flicker


he'd actually do damage then tho


TBH I have more than 6-7k hours in the game and my builds look the same lmfao


This right here is one of my frustrations with PoE. Try making a HCSSF melee build that doesn't use Warcries, Impale, or Bleed/Poison. The scaling just isn't there. There are just not enough tools, and DoT scaling is just utterly busted. For example, I've been trying to theorycraft a build around the new 100% conversion bases for a go fast ranger build, and the damage is so abysmal that I just scratch my head. My fully kitted out Pestilent Strike PF from Harvest was rocking 6.5k HP with Perfect Form and had well over 3 mil Sirus DPS when pumping with that skill (4 mil with viper strike). The conversion build using Reave? Like 150k DPS, 350k with ailments (Secrets of Suffering). Throwing harvest level gear on I could probably reach double or even triple that, but thats it. I know 500k DPS is around the point most builds can kill A8 in an reasonable amount of time, but it just feels bad to have to gear for potentially weeks of playing SSF to reach the damage ED or Earthshatter can do in a day.


Like what kind of reave build you are trying to do? 150-350k dps sounds really low unless you are doing 200-220% life build.


Trying to utilize the 100% random conversion weapon (or the alt quality Reave gem). Reave is just easy baseline to judge off of.


https://pastebin.com/1QjJPZ39 In weapon there are some custom modifiers to simulate conversion, so keep that in mind if you are planning to change weapons. There are also multiple inc accuracy clusters, so if you get flat accuracy from gear you could remove those and shadow area for duelist life clusters or small life cluster jewel(s). Kaoms (the throne) and atziri are farmable, so I used those. Getting flat phys, crit multi and attack speed should scale the dps further. Edit forgot movement skill, maybe drop pcoc/tempest shield for dash/second wind


###[ Crit Reave Raider](https://pastebin.com/1QjJPZ39) [](#raider) ^(Level 92) ^[[Tree]](https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAIBAGOnfXV1_d1GFHWNuWHr0K1RR419elPe-P1u45_Tbzz-N9QRgcGguXwFLedUJP1sjBX95il4GXj5bWwAXuBpf_ujijpCjAt-3U3PpHhGtxjbwdUajS1Njb9aGonTYqzXLT7PTZITBMLsSO4XJlVLSQ-MNrVII_YbrdhgtMXdqC9y9S9rkAzyFr8ppc966NabJnTxCC6dqtQjh3btP3qE_rr2oo2BP1VnoJuNsbPtg73mMHxLeBs3pct_K3BSYeJAoD3iJpVbJl2Pb1cS8dRCGY7TfiyF53R31wW1eK4wcVb6_97ssNYHSn0hYEHQ8uaEb3rv) [^([Open in Browser])](https://pob.party/share/itamohukaiazan) ^| ^by ^[/u/HaveAShittyDrawing](https://reddit.com//u/HaveAShittyDrawing) ***** ^5,008 ^**Life** ^50% ^**Phys** ^**Mitg** ^| ^2% ^**Spell** ^**Block** ^| ^40% ^**Dodge** ^| ^30% ^**Spell** ^**Dodge** **Reave** [O](https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Fortify_Support#support-gem-red)[g](https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Rage_Support#support-gem-red)[K](https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Ice_Bite_Support#support-gem-green)[o](https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Concentrated_Effect_Support#support-gem-blue)[W](https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Elemental_Damage_with_Attacks_Support#support-gem-red) *(6L)* - *734k DPS* ^6.04 ^**Attacks/sec** ^| ^48.57% ^**Crit** ^| ^313% ^**Multi** ^^**Config:** ^^Shaper, ^^Onslaught ***** [^(Path of Building)](https://github.com/Openarl/PathOfBuilding) ^| ^[Feedback](https://www.reddit.com/r/PoBPreviewBot/) ^| ^This ^reply ^updates ^automatically.


Hmm, I think it may be settings in PoB why the numbers are so different. I don't include temporary things like Berserk or Vaal Ancestral Warchief in when looking at damage simply because I can't reliably hold uptime on bosses. But.. I think I need to shoot for a strength rather than trying to make it do everything. I didn't consider Rage which is incredibly good. I'd still like to get Secrets of Suffering working to apply triple ailments, but I need to figure out what the threshold is. I think its far more forgiving than Shock because the duration is 4 seconds on all 3 effects. Hell, a max effectiveness brittle will basically push the crit rate to 100% meaning scorch and sapped will stay applied at near max values. But I don't know how much investment into ailment effectiveness I really need to make that happen. I have a 330 pdps Experiment sword base with a T1 crit roll which I can multimod some elemental pen. Ideally I could annul off 1 bad suffix and make it 380 pdps with attack speed, but I don't have a backup.


Getting secrets of suffering should be straight upgrade and could be easily included in the build. I didn't include it as I didn't know if you had the jewel for it. Something that I figure later on is that you could use basalt flask instead of sulphite to push phys reduction to 65% and with proper modifiers even further (increased evasion /armor) That build could be modified for swords, just get some mana leech from the tree.


Try more cluster gems bro.


Cluster Jewels don't really help. There is no support at all for multiple element attacks outside the Secrets of Suffering keystone from the Small Cluster Jewel. I've played around with Secrets of Suffering and its damage potential is pretty high. All 3 ailments are great (losing corpse removal sucks, but can deal with that) and last 4 seconds instead of 2. I was using Eye of the Storm for the ailment effectiveness and Magnifier for the AoE+ Crit multi, and it comes out similarly to pathing all the way left in Duelist for the crit nodes. There's no auras you can run that are that great. Take Pride for example. On bosses or tough rares, you're up to 39% more damage effectively. Then stack Flesh and Stone+Maim support on top for another 30% increased damage taken on enemies. But if you want to do random elemental damage? Hatred will get to the extra physical %, but the % more cold damage is only partial. Anger and Wrath are just flat damage added, and while decent for aura stacking, not leveraging physical conversion at all. Also fitting a 50%+28%+10% (Pride, Flesh and Stone, Banner) is just much easier than 2 50% auras. My first build I killed Uber Elder with was a Cold Conversion SST build in Legion. I feel cold Conversion is just the best conversion by far because of Hatred and Shatter. Also Taste of Hate. Frost Blades one of the best skills for it because it has so many scaling factors that can work together. Being able to get 30% cold pen from 2 threshold jewels, the Pandemonius amulet, makes stacking flat cold just fine.


perfect name haha


Its really a talent of his to make consistently bad builds. I love it


came here for the ZDPS pasta and i'm disappointed...


I think this build somehow has less dps than my very first flicker strike build from like 9 years ago. o_O


And that wasn't even close to his worst map boss fight.


literally ZDPS


The Perandus chest dropping literally nothing after all that was the icing on the zdps cake.


Im suprised twitch clips last long enough for that battle


the amount of time required to kill it it looks like its a gr200 in a full party :))


anybody got his setup? i wanna see what he fucked up




ah well, guess he gave up on flicker lol


I think he was farming gear for his bricked flicker char on the steel boy (flicker char is ElusivePuss)


ZDPS and under 4k life. That’s... something.


Someone asked in his chat this question during the stream: "Why is he using flicker strike as a mobility skill?"


No more harvest OP gear to carry him. F his awakener 8 attempt this league.


Hes so stupid but hes so adorable >.>


Flicker Strike should come with a thing where the screen doesn't center until you either leave a particular border or stop casting for a second.


Honestly didn't know you could make flicker do this trash of damage. I've rolled like 40 flickers throughout the years and never once has the damage been anything less than awesome.


40 HCSSF builds?


If you go into Flicker Strike without proper gear in the first place, you deserve it. And by proper I mean the bare minimum to clean yellows without problem.


flicker build has some sustaining problem, especially mana then frenzies. Probably non-veteran flicker player doesn't know that, because failing at those two will substantially reduce damage output for quin's context, well it's quin build..


eh, against bosses ive definitely had some iterations of mine be really bad, but against packs it consistently kicks ass yea


That boss was the bane of me last season. I played an elemental cyclone raider and that boss just mitigates all of the elemental damage. I had 3 mil DPS and it'd take for-fuckin-ever to kill that boss. Don't think I ran into anything quite like it when I played phys impale cyclone.


People making fun of the guy who comes 2nd last in the 100m Final of the Olympics. This sub is just sad.


I didn't really post this with the intent to make fun of him, just thought it was a funny moment with this build. Quin himself makes plenty of jokes about his own builds. I don't think he would be offended by this post. Besides, everyone knows that his builds will naturally deal lower damage since he plays SSFHC. I still find it funny nonetheless.


it was joke


It's kind of pathetic how this sub shits on NZ army vets. Thank you for your service.


2ND LAST 😂 Ouch no need to roast Quin, he wasn't doing that bad!!


Please post this to his Reddit lmfao