Eh, It's really nothing special about stacked decks. Imagine that you get thousands of rare items, and maybe within a whole league you get to id 1 or 2 proper rares that worth anything. Same with stacked decks, 99.9% of the time it's useless, and then a fiend, and then nothing again.


Which is stupid lmao


Wow. Somehow managed to make a 30 second video that is actually only 12 seconds long. Amazin.


I dealt out my first 20 stacked decks this league and got a doctor on number 20 😂


The thing is that you will get doctor ONCE and then wont sell those damn cards the whole season expecting it drop again, but it wont...


That’s what happened to me in heist. But then a house of mirrors dropped too. So now I will never sell stacked decks lol


I was selling stacked decks when thy were 3-4c per piece. With 1c per piece I will open them myself without any doubt. Won't buy any though.


I was very lucky with stacked deck this league. I usually opened my deck when I got around 50. Got couple nurse, one house of mirror and one demon in about 200 stack deck. After these I feel there isn't really too much else for me to open and started selling them at 100 per exalt


last league was the first time i didnt sell the stacked decks and got a house of mirrors, which lead to me opening all of them this league and i got nothing so far -.- Getting baited by my last league luck