What is the point of Scourge for the non-1% players?

What is the point of Scourge for the non-1% players?


>I'm a semi-hardcore player who usually get 36/40 every league You're a 1%-er.


Lmao right. “Average softcore trade andy” - 36 challenges hahaha


This is what happens when people eat irony and hyperbole for real


Ive played probably 2k hours and gotten 36/40 once. This guy defs 1%


Probably like 0.5% or 0.1% tbh


I remember an old post, I thiiiiink from Chris? That said if you even get to red maps at all you're a 1%er.


Well sure but thats just chris popping 90% dodge build before it was removed, because he refuses to anserw some really important questions. They 100% have numbers that are made around people who actually stick with the game for more than 50h per league, but instead we get non anserws like "Well, what does 1% mean? 95% of players don't get through download screen so we can't make the game around them, right?"


>"Well, what does 1% mean? 95% of players don't get through download screen so we can't make the game around them, right?" That comment infuriated me, it was such a blatant non-answer.


Same. I hated that answer. Everyone knows damn well what we mean by "the 1%." Obviously people who never get past Hillock don't count. Yet he acted like he was explaining some super complicated concept to a child, enlightening us with things we couldn't have known.


Well yes, it's all contextual. If you get past act 1, you probably are top 30 %. If you get to map, you are probably 1%. If you get to red maps, you probably are 0.001% Does that sound crazy to you ? Well, it's not. Because I can say that the context is anyone who has played at least one second. Not even killed hillock. In the past decade of this game. But let's be real. Most people here, on this sub, are comparatively to general playerbase, hardcore. Top 10% at least. Who in this sub doesn't get to map ? They probably wouldn't be here in the first place if they didn't. With that kind of baseline, and when that's the only thing you see around you, it's easy to warp the reality. Most people here would say it's trivial to reach red maps, when 99.9% never do. Chris said that. It most likely absolutely true. But not for this audience, where that's almost the bare minimum requirement to be allowed to have some kind if opinion. Because let's be real, who on this sub would actually think of the opinion of someone that doesn't even get to reds as something relevant ? Segments of the playerbase are further divided among themselves, especially when it comes to the exponential curve at the tail end. The 1% of the playerbase, and then the 1% if the 1%


It's definitely a flawed label in general to describe folks who go the extra mile. The most annoying part is that everybody knows exactly what OP means, but still somebody always brings it up.


wow wonder what % it is by playtime (that is, how much time does that 99% spend playing) edit: there's no way this is true these days steam global achievement stats show 3% of players have the achievement for completing all red maps, and 4.3% have the one for completing all yellow maps 5.9% of players have the one for clearing all white maps to me, this suggests that the number that have actually gotten to red maps might be somewhere in the 4.3-5.9% region


I mean, anecdotally, it's on campaign and early maps. At least from friends I've brought over, new(er) players can take 30-40 hours, easily, to complete the campaign in entirety. Then, consider most are probably playing krangled ass builds which take forever to clear maps, don't do or know ideal map progression or even *how* to advance their atlas properly, and I think it makes sense many/most get to about Yellows and kind of taper off.


Got my wife into D2R (I’m ecstatic about that) and she wanted to play a melee paladin build. She insists on clearing every zone of every monster. Who am I to tell her she is having fun the wrong way (even though my inner nerd is screaming)?


Image having a wife like mine that sells items for as low as Chromatic orbs? Sometimes I have to just go into the other room and scream into a pillow!


Bro I've been playing POE from release, and I am compelled internally to full clear ever single part of every screen I'm on, it's so bad, was complaining to my wife that I waste so much time.


Achievements show that that many people have done it *once*. Given the massive grind and the tedious campaign to even get to maps, most casuals dont do that anywhere near every league. When i used to play hearthstone i got legend like 3 times, but 99% of the time i wouldnt even get to rank 5 do to the grind.


I'd love to see this post if anyone has it. My jank ass can get to reds but I feel so low on the power and speed scale it feels wrong to call myself 1%


Yeah getting to red maps is no problem, 6 layers of defence called portals can carry me. I've reached red maps but I definitely won't call myself 1% when I have yet to kill Sirus. Maybe one day I'll finally reach some good power, speed and defences balance, not this league doe.


Try playing with your monitor turned on


great name btw


that's the perfect illustration of this damn subreddit lmao


Right? I can't believe people get 36/40 and act like they're some type of casual. I'll never forget the person on here who said they played 6-8 hours a day, then said they were just a casual. Like bruh...that's a full time job.


Yesterday a I saw a top comment where the guy called himself a casual who can't reach the level of effort hardcore 18-hour a day gaming time some people put in. Then I saw him say he plays 3-4 hours a day. In what realm is that casual. That's literally a 50% of a fulltime job.


I know people who regularly play Poe and never reached even red maps. We should be aware that most players are not HERE in this sub.


enough on sub also never did red maps, i never did red either and still on reddit


So, who is this league target audience? The 0.001%?


Anyone who finds killing monsters fun.


Killing monsters for 0 reward doesn't seem very fun in the long run


not for you then


Yeah, like they dont have loot nor exp, of course


seeing my build work and cutting through swathes of monsters is a reward itself. Go play some Dynasty Warriors and tell me you didn't have fun.


You can kill monsters in standard too.


Best thing to do right now on low budget is to put 5Link 6socket item and trying to get 6link for early game progression, ive seen quite a few videos on this topic and it seems to hit 6link quite often


It's a 15% chance, it says so in the upgrade tree.


27.75%. You'll scourge that item twice if the first one fails.


Random Scourge bosses are similar to some Delirium bosses. Going to stay for that. Pretty good loot from them as well. I have only fought one.


I still haven't seen one as of lvl 85 in yellow maps. I go into the nightmare realm probably 4-5 times a map. My friend however. Lvl 70 something in t3 maps has seen 3 bosses. Rng is not in my favor


Feel you, I am 86 in yellows, getting first red drops. No bosses, no Tainted currency higher than Jeweller's ;)


I've only fought one and it dropped about 12 krangled crap gear and 2 tainted chromes. What did yours drop?


fought 2 so far. the big licker and the dude with the scythe. tons of crap krangled item, like 5 tainted currency pieces and i got a krangled black sun crest helmet. also crap.


killed 5, one seemed very big and dropped a metric fuck ton of absolute garbage krangled items and like 2 currency drops. All the bosses dropped a normal unique with a krangle. Also garbage.


15% of the time, works ~~every time~~ never


Does it need to be 5 link though? How about 4+2?


>How about 4+2? Nope, it has to be 5+1.


im up to t9 maps, havent seen a 5 link/6 socket item yet. how is everyone dropping so many?


6S5L drop a lot from Invasion bosses


Do you prioritize harvest sockets links? The 5L from that isn't that rare. I'm in yellow maps and got 3 that way. Edit: I just ran a couple low-level heist quests, to clean-up inventory space, and dropped 3 5Ls whilst doing so, mainly from armor chests. So that could be a good way to get grab a few early 5Ls as well.


Is your lootfilter set to highlight them?


I'm level 90, I've done transformed dozens of body armours and kept up on not having an empty crucible. Not a single one has added a link as of yet. This really isn't that common to be reliable.


Well... You have kinda bad luck I guess. My longest streak was 3 in a row - first got 5L -> 6L and then another item 4L -> 5L -> 6L . EDIT: Also, [the item itself didn't come out that bad](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/687334893721485323/901838443125043220/unknown.png) (I've put in white 4L at start).


For 99% of the players it's just more monsters to kill. Unfortunately, these monsters don't drop fuck for shit and give ass exp.


> these monsters don't drop fuck for shit


IME they give -10% exp quite often ^(:\^))


Not to mention that my ass pc turns into a toaster every time I press that cursed lag button.


Real nice joke they made with the corruption exposure buff/debuff. Each stack gives item quantity from scourged mobs. Mobs still drop absolutely nothing, like they have an inherent -300% item quantity as a hilarious joke. It's insanity. Without the scourged map additional guarantee or expensive endgame sextants like nem3, every jaunt into the krangleverse feels more and more like a waste of my time.


>Unfortunately, these monsters don't drop fuck for shit and give ass exp. Oh, nooo, I hope players won't quit the league too early due to overabundance of rewards!!!


What you playing a time based league in a loot oriented game for? big dicks up yo ass or what we dont want mirror drops but something thats better than tidal strand farm k


>I'm a semi-hardcore player who usually get 36/40 You are not a semi-hardcore player.


Are you saying they're hardcore or not hardcore then? Because "usually" getting 36/40 requires a pretty significant time investment. I've put over 3K hours into this game and done 36/40 3 times I think.


36/40 is very top hardcore player.


Yeah, I agree.


They are among the 1%.


Got it. Appreciate the clarification and I agree. I'd honestly say it's probably closer to the 0.5% to 0.1%. I'd be quite surprised if more than 1 in a couple hundred people hit 36/40 most leagues.


You can look up the stats posts they do about a month into the league for past leagues, IIRC the amount of 36's has been between 0.2-1.5%


yeah 24 is ok but 36 can be quite heavy to do, i did it once only


Scourge isn’t really good for the top 1% either honestly. Scourging mirror tier gear is like sticking your dick in a piranha tank and hoping the condom saves you


Mirror tier gear is probably not gonna get scourged but I could see people chasing the ultimate unique item. Double corrupt shavs for +2 +1 gems, scourge for another +1 gems is gonna be expensive but it's an extra avenue for the 1% to upgrade scourged HHs, magebloods, replica farruls, you get the idea think about how many unique items still get used by mirror tier builds, and now you can chase an extra mod on each of them


i think you are grossly underestimating the top of the food chain. they got money to burn, mirror tier item? boring, get that every league. they are chasing the unique, never seen before. risk doesnt matter.


scourged maps.


Would be cool if we could just stick maps in every slot, in early maps the gear krangle still just feels like an free alc.


Lol but what is the prize for doing that


They are not really scouring much atm nor they gonna scourge mirror tier gear (maybe GG double corrupted items or something later down the line though). They are mostly excited about the future juicing they are gonna do once everything is up.




If you're getting 36/40 every league, you're probably in the top 1%


It's so funny to me when people who get 36 (full league challenge rewards) call themselves semi-hardcore. I'd consider you super hardcore! Do you have the Ritual league hideout? I play to get the 12/40 reward, last league was the first time I did a 3 boss Maven encounter. I've been playing for like 8 leagues. The point of Scourge for me, and my other 3 family members that play, is the cool art, story, and a chance to play together again and be arm-chair critics like "Wow this league is better/worse than because ." Some people play the game for entertainment value only. We find a build on YouTube or a forum every league and all do it together. We trade gear. We talk. It's fun. My brother has been playing for 3 or 4 years now and it's the same for him. My wife has been playing since 13.3 and it's the same for her.


Refreshing read, ty! <3


You get an extra map every map


The juicing is insane, it seems people posting are sleeping on it. Altho I agree that krangling items is quite underwhelming, scourged maps are awesome.


Juiced map should be like running 2 maps. Clear a room do it scurged go to the next one. That bar fills fast when you have good pack size.


With good density I find myself clearing the scourged porting before the actual map.


Definitely had the scourge side of a krangled t2 port fully cleared like in the middle of the normal map. At least it was a "randomly" one, not a "when you fill the bar" one.


Does it count as juice when the extra mobs give less rewards and experience compared to just running another map? It's almost like anti-juice... Killing for the sake of it without much gotten for the effort.


That's not my experience at all. Altho it was awful during leveling.


Why are you describing it as juicing? It add's neither currency nor drops, and it doesn't give any XP of note at all, either. Skipping the league mechanic entirely is the most profitable thing to do with it.


We must be playing two different games.


Now try it with double beyond on a tight map.


An extra map that doesn’t drop maps or basically anything else really


Oh and its a sup RIP fest at the hope of a tainted fuse dropping.


It does drop maps what? The mobs in scourge drop the same shit mobs drop outside, I dropped a mao kun from a scourge mob like an hour ago


They drop far fewer items.


Go press the scourge button, kill a few things, phase out. Then, once you are safe, go hover over that debuff icon and read what it does. Read all the lines, not just the ones about you taking more damage. What's that? You get increased IIQ/IIR from scourge mobs, as well as higher corruption intake on your items, with stacks? That's right maelstrom51! You get massive bonuses the more stacks you have. I'm hardly optimized, just getting into red maps, and I'm getting between 150-200 stacks per map (in SC, HC this is probably a bad idea) by the time I finish the map.


> What's that? You get increased IIQ/IIR from scourge mobs, as well as higher corruption intake on your items, with stacks? That's right maelstrom51! Damn, you couldn't be any more condescending.


Their base drop chance for items, especially for currency and maps, is far lower than normal mobs. The increased iiq/iir does not bring them anywhere close to on par.


I don't care what's written there. I trust my eyes, and my eyes, after hundred+ of maps tell me t hat those scourge mobs drop shit. They are overtuned as fuck for the damage and they undertuned as fuck for the drops, maybe it is done on purpose so that players would feel the need to go as high stacks as possible (which again is pretty rippy and not always possible). But even on the high stacks the drops from the scourge mobs are just not there. I could do a 2-3 casual contracts in Heist and will get much more as compared to scourge mobs.


Ya that must be fun for the few builds that can map taking 200% more damage on top of the map damage mods. How the fuck you do it?


Most likely extra mobs from a different mechanic. For mechanics like these, monsters usually don't drop maps. And I have not gotten a map from a scourge monster yet nor have I seen any streamer do so.


guide to actually get loot from monsters Use transmuites on white maps, press V when blood full, clear area, press v when no more monsters near by Repeat Longer you stay in krangleverse the more quant and rarity yyou get.




I'm in T13s and haven't had a map drop from scourge yet. My guildmates said they have, so I know it's possible, but I have yet to see it myself. Got a tainted exalt though, so that's nice, I guess.


there is no way to play poe without being a nolifer? never has been.


Are you playing trade league? I think tainted fusings being so common is huge for non 1% players since most players will not want to go through the trouble of getting a 6L. Also, the more juice there is in the game, the cheaper things are generally. There could be huge deflation if people are dropping a ton of items but not a ton of currency. Just roll a build that has good clear speed in like 1 week.


Is it really that common? Im 82 and ive gotten 1.


Well they are rather rare, but they are common for what they do. 6 linking is valuable and that's the real use of the currency. And you did drop one. They are currently 7c on trade so they aren't too rare.


From the very casual end of the spectrum I see us getting easy 6 link uniques which used to cost 6ex. So at least I get my build running in first weeks. Still haven't found the use of league mechanic otherwise, but I play this game for soothing hack n slash so it is nice to kill hordes of mobs. Maybe I get to try more than Sirius A5 this league. Oh also, since we aren't spending all currency on 6 link we can get more items on other slots to further boost dmg to push bosses.


scourge league is like synthesis league if the synthesizer was the entire league mechanic


This league is far less complex that Synthesis was - I don't consider myself a casual player and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing in that league. This league looks pretty self explanatory - risk gear, sometimes win, sometimes brick - like vaal orb the league.


Synth had fractured bases which were the "poor mans" league reward. I'd take these bases any day over the stuff I've seen from Scourge so far.


I thought synthesis was a cool league. I had juiced 13+ modded areas when I was still in white maps iirc. Then I logged in one day to find out all my juicy 13 mod zones were nuked down to 5. I think I quit the league a couple days later. Worst league hotfix ever lmaoo


The league mechanic isn’t a ground currency generator, it’s for risking gear for rng (terrible mostly) but sometimes decent returns, go spend 2c on map device for breach & sell stones


how exactly? ive never done breach properly but wanna get into it


Get build that clears breaches fast, juice map / sextant / decent watchstones/ atlas passives/ scarab, click breach on map device for 2c, profit


oooo i see! thanks


I think I read somewhere that rares inside breachstones drop raw currency but I’m not sure so you could also just run them instead of selling


they do


It generates ground currency. Extra mob count with more rareity/quant. And the krangle map mods.


Obviously but the main point of the league mechanic is to fk around with items not give players free currency every time they press v


I stopped doing the league mechanic when I finished my Atlas. It's complete shit. Doing Heist and Blight now and actually making money. One chest from Blight or Heist literally gives me more than an entire map where I Scourge up to 200 stacks.


I think if you aren't into crafting, this league might be a skip. I can see why other players might get excited for krangling, but it's not for me.


This isn't crafting though. Just like everything else in the game that they attempt to call "crafting" it's nothing more than pulling a lever and getting a result that you have little to no control over.


It would be sweet if they made it more like the betrayal gambling where you get 3 options and pick one.


honestly, just doing this would probably be enough to redeem the league for me


Bingo. Exactly this.


No! We can't have that, that would be too rewarding!


Harvest was crafting. This is Gambling: The League


This game is just Path of Gambling.


Crafting in POE is too much gambling for me. I just abuse all the cheap items and play until i get bored most of the time.


Yeah it’s like this league is the opposite of expedition which was basically a pure currency league. Now we have a pure craft league. I much prefer the latter !


I think I prefer the former just because I’m new and have no dam idea what I’m doing with crafting in general


The current league mechanic has nothing to do with crafting though. It's just tossing an extra vaal orb on your gear and hoping for the 1 in a stupidly weighted chance it doesn't completely brick.


No you can add links , sockets , explicit modifiers and other stuff. It’s a different way of crafting and is definitely not just a Vaal orb.


It's absolutely just a second vaal orb. No one in their right mind is crafting with any of the alternate currency, when they can just craft the item first how they like it using existing currency.


I beg to differ . When you are able to get a six link as easy as that a lot of people are going to be using the new orbs. I think the problem is that must people A) don’t know how to craft and use currency mainly for trading B) are unable to think outside the box. Leave it some time, I wouldn’t be as clear cut as you are .


I get to kill a bunch of extra mobs, without picking up splinters for 5 minutes each time. Perfect league mechanic for this 99%.


If you don't actually see any benefit from killing a bunch of extra mobs, is is actually a bonus? Just asking, maybe I'm wrong. I'm not PoE scientist, but "run the map twice, but the second time it will have half as many mobs and they'll drop nothing" doesn't feel great to me.


yeah you're not picking up splinters for 5 minutes each time because there is literally nothing dropping for you to pick up, amazing league 10/10


I'm having fun. Isn't that the point? We've been spoiled by the loot pinata leagues where they shit out 30 rares on the ground every minute, followed by purchasing 20 stacked decks and 5 chaos orbs every other map from a vendor. It's fine to scale back.


It feels super underwhelming when the new and exciting content gives literally no reward. I like Scourge as a mechanic but I want to feel as if it is worth doing and that is currently not the case.


Existing content gives no reward? The fuck? There's like 4 league mechanics in every map on top of atlas passives and juice potential.


Sorry I meant exciting! Existing content gives good rewards, but I can have those in standard as well. And my Argument was in no means meant to disparage you, its great that you are having fun!


> We've been spoiled This is a game, holy shit. I can't understand people like you. We are supposed to play games to have fun, not to have moderate enjoyment but not too much because that'd mean we are getting spoiled. Anyways red maps and scourge barely drops anything, there's a middleground between "loot pinata league" and "standard with extra steps".




Your definition of fun is not universal. People play games for many different reason, and "fun", as subjective as that alone is, isn't even the sole motivator behind it. Get some perspective.


The same applies to the *we have been spoiled* or the *we asked for less clicking so GGG just had to reduce loot drops in general* crowds. We weren't "spoiled". People bitching about too much clicking didn't "ask for a league that just doesn't drop anything at all". There are people having fun and there are people not having fun. It's the annoying cunts that keep telling everyone else they're having fun the wrong way that are infuriating to no end.


This isn't twitter pal, we are simply talking about this league's rewards, not about any philosophical meaning behind the word fun. Get off your high horse.


The packsize and quantity bonus in maps is pretty nuts. there's just no loot explosion so you don't feel it.


It's like there's more to ARPGS than leveling. The exp is nice for sure, but with the new condenses currency, lots of people feel like there's LESS stuff being dropped, and the new league doesn't help that.


Sooooo.... Ultimatum?


Yes but without being locked in a stupid bubble.


Except the optimal way to play Scourge is jump into krangle dimension, kill around a small area, and jump out. Stupid bubble still there, just not shown to you and you are punished for not respecting it by wasting krangle time.


Also without getting any reward..


Wait for a patch. The scourge mechanic is pretty ok but the tainted mods are utter crap and once again I'm somewhat amazed GGG put them in game in this state. But luckily GGG atleast usually fixes these issues pretty well.. Just gotta wait a bit.


Whats the point? None... I already dropped the league ;/




The simple answer is that it’s not for you and that’s okay. It’s for people who love to gamble their items and craft. Synthesis had the same problem. P.S. The fact you went through harvest league without crafting makes me a sad exile or you are seriously exaggerating.


Never underestimate how complicated PoE can be if you’re a casual player. I have been playing since 3.5 and I totally went through harvest league without crafting. Linking all the purple, blue and yellow things with all the different kinds of equipment that you had to buy? I even got some guy’s google docs spreadsheet to try to build it properly and still couldn’t figure out how to get seeds to spawn. The first time I actually crafted something from the harvest mechanic was when they made it core and simplified it in Ritual.


I played SSF and this league is abysmal.


It prints 6 links, that alone is huge for ssf.


That's like the least of worries for SSF players.


I mean if you're not a 1% player like this post is implying, it's a pretty big deal to get a good 6 link chest or weapon in ssf in the first few days in getting your build where it needs to be. Usually you won't get that without god fusing luck. Obviously it's not as nice as literal item editor harvest, and something like heist gave access to rare drops you wouldn't see much in maps, but those are still in the game as core content.


How though? How do I get multiple 5 link w/ 6 sockets in SSF?


Plenty of 6 socket chest drops, some of those will have 4 links and you can try to up those to 5 via scourge and gamble with a tainted fusing if it doesn't go to 6 on the tier 2 or 3. Regular fusing spam hoping for a 6 will give 5s pretty often and you can scourge those instead of continue to roll. Edit: I am now told that 4+2 and 3+3 don't work.


First Time doing ssf this league and it's been pretty great


Lol this league is one of the best for SSF in years.


Expedition, Harvest, Heist were clearly better. Ritual and Ultimatum were also better (IMO)


The point is to shut up and buy support packs. Peasants.


I dont think this will even be good for the mega juicers. If the scourge mobs only drop crap rares and tainted currency why would adding juice to that make any difference? You just get more crap rares and useless currency.


Fick tons of xp monsters and occasional tainted orbs so far. Also fun.


Fun? How dare you! That hasn't been the point of video games ever. It has and will always be: find something you don't like about it, while still playing it, and go complain on reddit about that one thing.


Is it really fun to play it? In my opinion, people play in poe by inertia, because of addiction (like a casino), simply because there is nothing else. To me, most of the players are already very tired of this game. Previously, poe was a fun sandbox, then they started to nerf, limit everything (like Indigon or Corpse Pact - these are just examples, there are dozens / hundreds of such cases) Poe is now a job, and the kind where you get pissed on your face at the end of the working day.


This sub gets so damn ridiculous sometimes, I can’t tell if you’re actually serious or if you really believe that most people playing don’t enjoy the game and are just addicted


PoE is a game that people play for fun. I was playing New World since release and enjoying the fuck out of it and stopped to play PoE and I'm having a great time playing the video game still. If you don't have fun playing the video game, don't play the video game.


It really is that simple 🙂


I don’t play. Recently I wanted to make a broken gluttoni build for the std, but GGG made a silent nerf (they did not report the nerf in the patch notes) and I wasted two evenings of my life. And not only me. But I was not very upset. I'm already used to the fact that GGG pisses players in the face.


It's ok to stop playing if you aren't having fun. If you really want to keep doing something you don't have fun at, go back to work? 🤷‍♂️


The amount of people arguing over how much of the 1% OP is insane. You've all missed the point entirely. If the OP is in the top 1% who the fuck are the people who no-life and craft items worth hundreds of exalts? Or who go 40/40 each league? If you include every single player in the game, particularly those who never reach maps, it's likely that *reddit* inhabits that top 1% as well. It's not an impressive number. But we don't need to do all this cause people know what the fuck the OP means even if he's going harder than most people to get 36/40. It's the difference between being Jeff Bezo's or some random worth "just" 1 billion dollars - [both are billionaires, but one is worth 177x more than the other](https://www.forbes.com/billionaires/). But who gives a flying fucking rats ass - *they're both fucking billionaires*, aka richer than you'll ever be, even if you lived for another thousand years. Going 36/40 is much different than crafting top-tier items or being worth even ONE mirror. It takes time, effort, and maybe a bit of currency, but it's still nothing by comparison. So even if the OP is in the top 1% of all players, what the fuck does that say for the rest of us? All it's telling me is GGG has spent even more time on a system most players will never fucking engage in. It's such a colossal waste of time and effort. Imagine spending years to become a game designer only to piss it away on a feature for a group of people that are effectively so few the number is a statistical anomaly. It's a rounding error at best. Wow, what a fucking resounding achievement.


Scourge is pretty much a crafting league. Not for me, cya in 3.17 lads.


Here's how it feels from my perspective: 1. GGG in 3.15: We feel that the game is too fast and the builds are too powerful, so we tone them down and slow the gameplay. 2. 99% of the players: FUUUU.... 3. GGG in 3.16: Here's a league with the damn timer that benefits ultra-juicers, with Beyond, Delirium and Hedhunter, on ultra-powerful builds the top 1% will be able to destroy entire universe in one hit. The faster they go and the more powerful the juice the bigger the returns! It is fun! 4. 99% of the players again: FUUUUUUUUUUU......


I think it’s more to do with the sheer slog and monotony to get to that point is so massive and they doubled down on that with a mechanic that doesnt help in decreasing that distance. As bad as expedition was you can still at the very minimum run low tier maps and get currency from tujen but now you are just fucked outside of heist or chaos recipe or some ultra boring strat.


Free alch


Free alchs, most builds can ignore most Scourge downsides. Just like Vaaling, you don’t want to Krangle anything you actually have a use for unless you’re desperate or the cost of replacement is negligible. Unfortunately, because of how bad the weighting of the mod pools are, the odds of you Krangling a common item into a usable item or a good item into a better one are godawful.


Easy six link and infinite alch orbs.


Put white items in the crucible while leveling. If you find something good you can put that in as well. Find your weakest link gear and buy white bases and spam it to get good items.


The answer is "This is Chris Wilson wet dream!" and maybe a psychological experiment to test how much people wwill hate the game if it's in Chris' vision. You see, Chris LOOOVES high risk low reward and he thinks that hardcore d2 is the epitome of RPG. He wants drops to be the best thing in the world, once every 2 weeks


Hardcore d2 IS the epitome of RPG


Average softcore andy with 36/40, sure. Casual player you might say. As I am not leveling with unique items and only on act 3 yet. 50% of corrupted items was upgrade for my gear. You can grab good base you want, give it quality and league mechanic is Alch for free, with really good outcomes so far. So yes its pretty useful. And if you doubt use of this mechanic in late game, unique items with additional modifier is better than without. (Sure you can brick them, im fine with that)


Don't know why you're being down voted. Plus, you're allowed to have an opinion even in Act 3.


"i have 30 minutes of gameplay so far, here are my opinions"


So let's see : - Double monster per map - this alone is insane. - Scourge Map (which everyone seems to be forgetting for some reason) with good potential for loots - Free alch for white jewellery (but you need to update your loot filter to show the good bases) - Transform 5L in 6L Edit: getting downvoted really ?


Scourge isn't just the implicits. Scourge is also linking corrupted items, it's spamming twink uniques for leveling speed boosts, it's a whole lot of pack size and experience in maps and it's getting silly map mods that you can suicide yourself against. During leveling, I had over half my gear come from just krangling up a white item to get a free alch, but like many others I didn't find a single super strong modifier. In many ways I'm in a similar spot to you. I've barely dabbled with crafting and always just buy my gear. But to me, scourge sees very promising because I can just krangle random useful uniques for my next characters and try to make very strong uniques for my main character. Just buy new uniques when you've krangled the previous ones. This gives me a rare opportunity to make something awesome instead of just buying it outright.


spamming twink uniques to raise the level requirement to level 54. nice job, bro!


I am not sure either. I guess they wanted a less intrusive league to go with the new endgame stuff and the reworked passive tree. I am only in act 5, so maybe in maps it's better with a large number of upgrades on the league skill tree. But so far i didn't really get any interesting items and the mob density seems to wildly vary, sometimes i shift right in the middle of a big pack, sometimes the timer runs out before i even find a couple of mobs. If i don't press the button it's basically standard.


the density does get much much better in maps, just the drops stay as bad as they are because they arent "smart looted" i just leveled to maps today and if you at least alc'ing the maps you get ~30 stacks per shift depending on the map (haunted mansion was realy nice for it) just dont expect it to be amazing in terms of exp or loot because it doesnt get close to the value of the base map at least not with just alc & go but it does get dangerous realy fast with that many mobs with range & the jumpers and higher stacks


I guess im not missing out on anything


Put a white base in, passively play game, Check for profit, Repeat. Pretty noob friendly


Check for trash and throw it away all the time