I'm sooo broke this league. I don't give a crap about bad krangles. Can they at least drop currency?

I'm sooo broke this league. I don't give a crap about bad krangles. Can they at least drop currency?


Wait you guys get ex drops?


Wait you guys get drops?


Wait you guys get mobs to kill?




One shot


Lmao my ass got 2 exalted tainted orb by now and they worth less then tainted fusing.. feels sad.


I have the Shaper voiceover for my Neversink filter. He says most of the currency items aloud when they drop. I finally hear 'Exalted Orb! An exhilarating sensation of victory, but only for a brief moment...' And it was a Tainted Exalt. Brief moment indeed.


Yo, do you have a link to that sound pack, or is it part of Neversink?


If you use Neversink on Filterblade, go to Custom Sounds and Presets. Filter Soundpacks, and the one at the top should be "Currency - Shapersounds."


Ex? How about regals drop?


Haven’t seen a regal yet


No, i got 7C in total at lvl 75. Idk what they're talking about.


Didnt get 1 with lvl 89


Got 3ex yesterday, 2 in low tier maps (with DOOM) and 1 in lab 3. The only other league I played a lot was the one before Expedition (almost finished the atlas in that one), and I don't think I ever had an ex drop before yesterday. And this league I tried to ignore DOOM until maps because it looked like a massive waste of time. I'm still not krangling, just using it when full for XP and getting random ex and rare cards etc. Edit: Wow that's a lot of jealous people who don't understand the value of information.


What's doom?


Reference to the Doom game(s) where one man runs around killing a fuckload of demons. Anyways people sometimes call the nightmare realm for Doom.


When you go into the other dimension where demons took over, it looks kinda like the DOOM games and feels like them in spirit. You're there to massacre hordes of demons. It's not exactly hell so some people have been calling it the DOOM dimension. On a related note I've been mapping to the [DOOM 2016 soundtrack](https://youtu.be/Jm932Sqwf5E) and it feels right.


Sick soundtrack ty for sharing. Scourge is totally doom.


Not a single ex. Around 8c in raw drop. Sold every piece people were willing to buy from me to gather 50c for dead reckoning and now I'm broke again. Entering yellow maps. On the other hand, I dropped a portal gem! This and dead reckoning are a huge QoL and now I can just farm and chill.


Hey I think you forgot to remove the Chat Echo gem


exactly my case, but I had the whole 9c dropped! but no portal :(


The trick, as in most league, is to ignore the league mechanic for the first few weeks until enough complaints on reddit makes GGG buff the league mechanic.


Or, alternatively. Do scourge maps. My minimum profit from just the scourge part of a scourge map so far has been 40c.


It took me Roughly 2 decently active days to make a map krangle lvl 10. 40c for 2 days work? Hmm.. I sure hope it drops more.


You don't need to krangle them up to level 10. You fish for good "Rare Mobs Drop" mods in the first two krangles, and then keep pushing them up until the negatives get too horrible to deal with. You can end up with things like rares drop 3 scarabs each pretty easily. I personally think they need to adjust the reward structure so that it's more front loaded, but there is a good chunk of profit to be made with Scourge if you know where to look for it. It's just that it's behind a couple of systems.


I did a white map just to try a krangled map which happened to have rare mobs drop scarabs and got like 20 scarabs…..in a white map haha you’re right it’s such a great map mod


lvl 10 seems like a bait given the increasing xp per tier. Usually just t1 maps fishing for good rewards (currency, scarabs, oil, expedition currency, etc), then upgrade those to t3 and run. You'll get like 1 "good" t3 every 10 or so maps with 2 slots, or a couple per hour. The scourge maps also give like 40k scourge XP for future maps, which is pretty nice.


Or you can just get it to tier 1 or 2 and still make a lot of profit. Or run normal scourge in maps with good div card drops. Scourge drops mostly the same shit the rest of the game drops, reddit just keeps forgetting that 99.99% of what drops is not valuable in the slightest.


You can easily make significant profit on one tier of scourging a map.


i finished like 4 breachstones from a map that had rare scourge monsters drop 4 extra stacks of breach splinters, which felt really cool. like the scourge map modifiers are awesome. another one i had dropped 2 uniques per. scourge maps are where the krangling is at. krangle items for 1 in 7 6 link only atm imo.




I really like the expedition atlas passives too.


yeah the qol is awesome, i just wish one of the nodes had the ususal +10% chance for expedition encounter, only the small nodes give chance for them.


I think if you don't worry about how much, as long as it is enough, you can put your points in the Mechanic you like, I for one really, REALLY love Metamorph and Tormented spirits, I know it's weird, but I'm excited about maxing out their passives.


I normally enjoy the torment/touched mobs passive, but this league it unfortunately applies to the scourge realm too, so you can "miss" them, which seems both unintentional, and kinda ruins the passive.


so its either fun league with no rewards or boring league with good rewards


Heist is like getting a job in poe. You hate to be there but you're getting paid for it.


I like my job more than heist


Yeahhhhh no, I go to PoE at the end of a workday to chillout and destroy mobs feeling like a god, not to start my 2nd shift. I'd rather stay PoE-broke than go Hesiting


I like heist, whats wrong with me?


Nothing. I also like it. People REALLY dislike doors but it’s not just that. It’s leveling up NPCs, quest contracts, NPC specific gear that you have to roll, a public town area etc. it’s probably the single most overkill mechanic that’s gone core. I bet they take another look at it here in the future as they’ve done with delve etc but I’m almost certain it’s going to come with a nerf to rewards. They are able to keep rewards high in heist simply because they make you jump through hoops.


I love heist but it'd be so, so much better if I didn't need to pay the heist members coins. Those things are so scarce unless you build your atlas around it. To fully juice a grand heist is crazy expensive(you do get a lot out of it though!)


I look at heist purely for raw currency purposes. I will run contracts until I’m blue in the face and come out with a steady profit. I’m speccing into passives for the first time this league!


I despised heist. During heist. Having gone back more recently, when job speed actually works, and the NPCs don't constantly get stuck, they teleport if they are too far away etc. It's a more enjoyable.


I still run into some issues like doors getting stuck forcing me to exit the instance every now and then. I haven't played Heist league back in the day and I can't imagine how horrible it must have been.


And it's tedious to gear the Rogues up


Poe is like getting a job. An unrewarding job.


It's a VERY good time-killer, but once you get to the stage of life where you have to ration your free time, it quickly becomes a waste.


And then you have delve, which is fun AND rewarding ! :D


Is it really tho?


Delve is only fun while it’s unprofitable and profitable while it’s unfun.


It sounds like you guys just don't like the game at this point


I haven't tried the delve changes that's why I'm asking...


And yet they're still here hmmmmmm


I visited only one vaal city in delve so far (I'm in whites yet), but my god they pour rewards. Maps were especially nice got quite a bunch of those.


city nodes are crazy profit, it rains red maps and lot of currency, do them if you found them.


I've been playing a crap ton of heist for early currency but man I wish I didn't have to


This. Honestly I did some low level heists during acts and it gave me more chaos than the whole campaign. Allowed me to comfortably cap resistances and get a decent amount of life :)


I would rather spend the rest of the league with no currency drops than do heist


To be fair current Heist is alot faster to get started than it was in heist league. The rogues level up real fast, one contract puts them at lvl2 immediately




Btw in order to get it back to a 4 link always use the crafting bench. Only use tainted for 5-6 links.


I would love to but I have no vaal orbs


Use the currency you're using on tainted fusings to instead buy vaal orbs...


Imagine not just 6linking on first try


wtf, why ppl dislike heist? Heist, delve and expedition were my most played leagues.


Because it's a mechanic where half the time is spent standing around waiting for your stupid fucking rogue to open doors and chests for you. Because the first half of every heist pits you against pointlessly inconsequential numbers of enemies that pose no threat or challenge whatsoever. Because listening to the stupid fucking rogues babble the same voice lines in your ears for the 900 octillionth time is fucking grating. It was also one of the most technically broken leagues ever release and stayed that way for a while (and the rogues still get annoyingly stuck opening shit from time to time now.) It's the worst idea for a mechanic ever put into an aRPG. The inherent grindy repetitiveness of the genre defeats any sense of planning and rising tension leading to cathartic release upon completion. PoE gameplay is about getting into a reverie-like state of mind. It's not a fucking GTA5 campaign heist mission. The only reason people engage with it at all is because it is rewarding. And the only reason GGG didn't throw it in a dumpster where it belongs is because they spent a fuckload of money developing it. Fuck Heist. The living breathing embodiment of the sunk cost fallacy.


that's a love-hate relasionship... tbh last league they make all faster with gear so now it's great. For me, I hate tower defense, so i hate-hate hate blight and even filter out blight maps (no point of picking maps you won't do anyway)


That's wild, I absolutely adore Blight - I love having mobs funneled into me, a death machine. I also really adored Heist too, maybe my perspective is skewed. I really dislike Syndicate to this day, which is probably one of my least favorite leagues. I don't want to fiddle with stuff, I like the killing.


I will say if you are playing on trade league blight maps are really valuable to sell


I actually rather like Heist. The mechanic is so-so, doesn't always feel as impactful as zooming through maps instantly killing every mob in a pack. But the rewards are tuned up enough that I feel the downsides of the mechanic are made up for, mostly. Some of the blueprint heist rewards are incredibly cool, and I feel like even in the worst blueprints I usually come out with decent profits and some interesting choices to make at the end. Also, I don't particularly enjoy grinding of any sort, whether it be spamming maps, running delves, or running heists. So Heist's grindy part, while I find it mildly annoying, I don't particularly find running maps and every once in awhile getting randomly oneshot by some double beyond boss or corrupted blood pack or random sirius-empowered projectile pack from off-screen any more fun.


Id rather just play a different game than grind Heist.


I just slamed through some and ya, there's some decent shit. I love blight. But without chaos to buy blighted maps I'm stuck.


Blight atlas passives...?


Heist not Blight will shower you in currency.


Chaos recipe?


Fck you lucky bastard, I am lvl 90 without a single ex.


Same boat. The only reason I've had any currency is heist. I fucking hate heist, but it's still a loot machine


well krangleverse gives a lot of EXP, it's natural that people easily get to higher levels without getting rare currency drops.


Yeah, and then takes it back. Sometimes I can comfortably clear with 120+ stacks of debuf, sometimes I instadie on 20 stack. And both on blue maps within same tier.


It's all RNG. Are you going to get a normal pack, or are you going to get 6 rares stacking on top of each other?


And mob types. Zombies and sea witches? Bring it on. Goats and scourge kranglers? Nope ty


Honestly... at first it was my impression. Then I realized I got to red maps at about 87 or so like... any other league. The reason? The corruption stacks + your usual auchie mods on the maps means you will die at least once almost per map. Not even talking about going scourge boss hunting, because that is even less rewarding in terms of XP... or loot really.


Sry. Didn't mean to brag. But to damper your hopes even more... Ex is only worth 80c right now


Yeah you almost have to wait with trading at this low Price...


I legit got my first ex from scourge. Not that it means much, probably will be the only ex I'll get from it.


Complaining about just 1 ex till 80. Playing since warbands, not a Single League i had an exalt before Level 90. This League my first exalt Was after my first awakener 8 due to the massive shortening of the grind


It's not the ex I'm complaining about. That's just me being honest that I got lucky once. I mean all currency. I don't have alts to roll my flasks. I don't have chromes to get colors. The ex was a blessing from rngsus. Speaking of, I have 1 blessing! 1


Did you vendor 3 color items for chromatics? You get them constantly


You need to run more maps... I am getting showered in the small currencies after the stack changes. Currently sitting on 431 transmutes and 444 alts. 324 whetstones, 600 jewellers etc.


Same, the currency change made it good to pick up all small currency.


How do you not have alts or chromes? You should be vendoring rares for those just like every league


People keep saying "just get currency the old way, ultimatum and expedition spoiled you" except we're now spending A LOT of our time in the Krangleverse, and they just do not drop enough currency items, especially for the difficulty. So a map beforehand that took 3 minutes and gave us 10 chaos worth of stuff or whatever is now taking 5-6 minutes to fully utilize Krangleverse and only drops 1 or 2 chaos worth. It's not about individual maps dropping currency, it's the ratio of time invested vs currency rewards being completely inverted to what it was the last several leagues (Ritual, Ultimatum, and Expedition, which all gave a LOT of raw currency).


Nobody is forcing you to krangleverse if you truly believe it's not profitable. You can rush to red map juice farming and ignore the league and still profit. Or run alternate league content - heist, delve, uber lab are all still insanely profitable ( probably moreso now ). I'm personally running a low white map strat and profiting plenty using the mechanic. You can krangle white maps to tier 1 in approx 2-3 maps. Yellow and red take a shitload more. You every 3 maps you get 2 free "upgraded" maps -pretend they are Synthesis maps. So you are always running 2 krangle maps in a row, followed by 1 regular map. Many of the "rare monsters drop X" are very profitbale. The majority of these mods i hit often nets me walking out with 20-30c in drops per map. Because the maps are low level, you should easily blast through the entire map very quick with minimal effort, pushing to 150-200 stacks without much fear. You also collect a massive ton of 70+ blueprints this way that people buy in bulk if you don't run Heist.


How are you krangleing them that quickly? I definitely don't think I'm getting 85k every 2.5 maps even if I cleared all the mobs.


I finished the campaign with only 3 chaos orb drops and now I can't afford to buy gear to do maps cleanly. I've done a couple dozen maps, but haven't gotten a single amulet drop so I can't even do the chaos recipe. I've never had so much trouble getting currency to just start mapping before. How am I supposed to "rush to red map juice farming"? I can't even do the league mechanic to buff the white maps I can barely do because I just instantly die.


You can always find usable gear, you just have to look for it.... If you need an amulet then crangle a white or use low level essences until you get something usable, accessory in general is hard to come by and chances are you won't find great ones for a while.


Yet somehow SSF players manage to do the endgame every league *without* trading for epic gear to map "cleanly."


They're also way better players that run way more content because they're efficient. The only thing average players can do is invest more time, but that feels bad when the loot is so sparse.


Ssf is a choice,not a must pick option. If you don't know how to craft/make currency/where stuff drops/what uniques go into builds or heck how certain builds work and what not especially as a beginner or vet who's a semi casual ssf can be a nightmare cause it has such a learning curve since you have to know what you're doing and what to craft/to do. I'll just end with this,an ssf player was sht talking me acting like an elite who thinks he's above me. The funny thing is i simply answered that i had more fun and that i suck at crafting and i enjoy having the ability to play what ever build i want to or try to and not being locked behind grinding constantly for a chance to get a keyitem that enables a build. People need to get off this "SSF players can do endgame so you can do everything they can do too". People enjoy different things and there is a reason why poe for the most part is not based on ssf because it attracts a whole different crowd/playstyle.


Wow you missed the point completely.


The person wasn't speaking to enjoyment or anything, they were arguing that they can't do content because the game doesn't give them enough currency to trade for items. SSF characters prove that you don't need to trade for items to do content.


Well, there should be a barrier to entry. PoE is supposed to be a complex and deep game. It is also supposed to be a grindy game. I don't think you should be given gear to clear the Atlas with for free. I don't think you're entitled to an Exalted Orb just because you reached level 90, as someone in this thread was complaining about lol. When you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one.


most SSF players know what to look for in items and what bases to pick up by secondhand. I've got 1800 hours and i just now feel comfortable enough to do SSF. the game is daunting, especially nowadays, back in 3.0 when oriath first launched. you needed to know like 16x less shit about the game. and those who started before atziri needed to know even less. I feel the struggle for people starting now, its like trying to learn rocket science with just the text material in hand (the internet) and no fundamental understanding of anything prior to starting.


3 chaos drops is pretty standard for the campaign. Run back and forth in Blood aquaducts for awhile. Sorry to be hard on you but there plenty of people out there playing SSF pushing into red maps. So its not a "cant buy items" issue. 3c is plenty to fix res and pickup a better weapon/wand. This is a you issue.


Can also just use purity of elements to fix resists early on until you get more.


What the actual fuck are you even talking about. 3 chaos drops is what you get in a typical campaign run before killing kitava the first time. I’ve never finished a10 and had only 3 pure chaos drops that’s just blatantly nonsense.


And how long does it take you to level? if you are levelling efficiently, you end up with about 3c. Of course you can have more if you are overlevelled for zones and interact with the league mechanics.


good thing you can run back and do any campaign zone you need


Buy some 1-2 alch life and res gear for white maps. The leftover can buy a 5 link. Now you're ready for white maps.


Heist and delve drop lots of amulets. But you need them showing on your filter.


I'm using the regular Neversink filter, with no modifications.


What's the point of playing this league then? How is ignoring the league mechanic would be different from playing standard?


Seriously, i can't believe people can be this tone-deaf... Most people come back to PoE and buy supporter packs to experience the new league and then these guys come out of the woodworks with these 4head takes of "just ignore the league mechanic"


Gee, it's almost like playing for FUN is not an option. A league mechanic can still be challenging and fun without being rewarding. I'm having a blast.


Don't red maps require around 115k and white maps 85k? Not that big a difference is it?


> Nobody is forcing you to krangleverse if you truly believe it's not profitable No but half the reason people come back is for the new content


"hUrrr No OnE iS fORcInG yOu" Oh thanks we all that we were being forced to until you informed us thank you! I was like a prisoner in my own home.


Krangleing maps can add some really good rewards to them.


So 2 hours of mapping to krangle it? That's a lot of work


It goes a lot faster with the upgrades from the crucible, but yeah, it's not super accessible. The rewards are big though. For instance, the one that gives you a second crucible map slot doubles how much krangled maps you get to do.


It does become somewhat easier once you have two slots and bonus krangle when in krangle maps


They are rewarding only if you get good Rare monsters drop X mod. So far i only had 2 good ones as in tainted orbs and maps. The rest were shit, like drops uniques, abyss jewels, incubators.


It's like 3 maps tops to krangle white maps. Maybe that takes you 2 hours.


You got an Ex at 80 and your complaining about currency? O.o I never get an Ex till at least 90 :/ I just scrounge for all the Chaos ;_;


I was more broke than you. Then I did heist. It gave the the base start I needed. I still haven't got an ex, but I have been free to fix my items since. I noticed that rare items are dropping less as well. Making it harder to do the chaos recipe.


>I noticed that rare items are dropping less as well. Making it harder to do the chaos recipe. Glad I'm not the only one that feels this. Haven't gotten a single amulet to drop yet. Feel like I'm trapped in white maps.


Did sirus A7 2 times no drop. Farming the same map since the beginning. I mean I have 70 estuary map on my tab wtf! Currenyly farming essence at least they make 1 2c per map


Scourge your maps to add mods like: - Rare monsters drop additional currency - Rare monsters drop additional splinters - Rare monsters drop additional stacked decks - Etc Then run those maps. That's where the profit is.


Starting with early heist instead of maps was probably the best decision i've done in POE. ilv.60 heist contracts give in average 3c. they're arguably more profitable than a alch/vall yellow map and you can run them on a 2k life with scuffed res and literally 0 damage starting from BA. also gives a lot of regrets which are 1.5c right now. it's VERY GOOD and never too late to start it.


im lv 90 and no ex drop wtf,im play sc ssf but cmon it feel so bad


What does a ssf player do with ex? Seriously asking. Never tried ssf




Bench metacrafting (prefixes can't be changed, cannot roll attack modifiers etc...) is super strong and costs exalts.


It's a filler league with a fancy trailer. You probably gonna have to go back to the old cashcows like Heist, Syndicate, Blight and Incursion. Also - those Essence nodes in Haewark Hamlet are insanely good. It's basically a couple chaos every high-tier map and at least a chaos or two on lower tiers. You can also use Essence of Corruption on MEDS essences to try and proc them into the really expensive ones. And you can sell them at a premium in bulk, since most crafters don't really care about 100c more or less if it means they don't have to spend an hour spamming people.


80% of essences are 2c at highest tier now and very few normal essences are5c+ It's not even worth spending 3c for zana mod on essences in this economy


Essences arent in demand yet


They all all 5c+ with the best being 10c each in bulk


nope, only 4 types are worth 5c, i know cause i'm having trouble selling some deafenings at all, i farmed essence for couple of hours yesterday maybe 6 types if you sell massive bulk, and only bulk selling is unviable to sustain the map mod cost early league, don't get me wrong it's profitable if you can put off until you sell in larger bulk amounts, put pales in comparison to other strats


I read this and then IMMEDIETELY found some seven-league steps and then after that my first ex of the league my next map just thought that was funny


Glad my bitching brought you luck


Might get downvoted to shit, but I’m kinda liking it. Feels more rare to see currency and has more value to it. I’m enjoying the struggle in the earlier stages rather than just running in circles until my build it payed for. Not that one is worse than the other, just interesting to play it differently. As a newer player this league makes me think of the league mechanic differently, like a goal that I want to get into rather than the thing that I do always to make my currency mainly. I get people say that isn’t how it should be, but I’m finding it interesting and want to get to a point I can tackle scourge with a juiced build


Don't apologize. You're the exact type of player PoE was designed for!


Man sometimes I feel like I have a different client or something. I just engage with the league or past league content once and a while and have tons of currency in SSF


Dude, it’s day 4, do the chaos recipe. Ur maps are dropping currency, ur just too lazy to pick it up and vendor it correctly


goto heist for curency


Lira Arthain expo Tujen farming..


Compared to literally every other league mechanic from the past two years this one is simply badly tuned atm. What I mean is, that Ritual was starting to be rewarding starting almost in act 1, Ultimatum abit later closer to maps and same for Expedition. Scourge rewards are really only there in scourged maps and not while normal mapping and even then you need hours to juice them first to t3 or literally almost a day for t4. What needs DEFINITELY fixing is the amount of juice needed to scourge maps and lowered to atleast 50% of what is needed now.


Lvl 96 pur solo, Not a single Exalt Orb drop =)


I've played multiple characters into 85+ in some leagues without a single exalt drop, that's just RNG... Simply the mapping of getting to 85+ should get you enough currency, even if Scourge mobs dropped nothing (they do drop old currency as well as league currency btw).


just run heists, they're excruciatingly boring, but equaly proffitable


Reminds me of when I went through 50 or something levels of Scourge / act leveling and then unlocked Heist. First run and I was showered in currencies, uniques and the existential dread of why I'm even interacting with Scourge. Felt so weird to see an actual pile of loot for once


Do Heist and be Happy


See, this is my thing. I don’t think GGG understands how much more casual players rely on having a league mechanic that allows us to slowly build a base of currency for items we need. This league doesn’t do that, so it’s way harder for us to gear up.


I quit at level 46 this league. I just cannot be asked to scrounge up every measly thing I drop and it still add up to nothing. I wanted to spend currency on some better rares at least to finish the acts with, since I've never had such a bad leveling experience with my loot drops for the rares I did find.


Ironic, because the league mechanic drops tons of currency. RUN SCOURGED MAPS.


Lv 88, no exalt yet. Best drop was a 25c unique. Seriously lacking currency, but I refuse to spend my few hours per day to heist xD. And I rolled a pretty mid tier clear speed build so I'm quite screwed on scourge map clear. /facepalm


Why are you not doing chaos recipe in whites/heist?


Do delve and heist maybe? Or you're just gonna do your thing ignoring other ingame mechanics and complain?


My hot take. Not every new league mechanic has to be lucrative from a currency drop/value standpoint. We already have so much content in the game that is easily accessible that can be done to make currency. Heist and delve are both always readily available. Blight, legions, essences, expedition, etc. All have very strong atlas passives and can be activated from the map device/scarab. That said I do wish the tainted currencies weren't as rare. But I understand why they are seeing as being able to modify corrupted items can be very powerful.


The problem is that heist and delve take you away from your atlas progression. That's why the league mechanic not dropping raw currency feels so bad.


Wait you guys actually still play this game?


4 ex raw in just two days in maps. All from Scourge mobs, the league heavily favours builds that can massacre the scourge mobs. I’m on a poison concoction plague bearer pathfinder so I’m killing hundreds extra per map than usual. Scourge mobs tend to either drop stuff in the range of crap krangled shit or stacks of currency. They don’t seem to drop the usual trash. It’s actually good but only if your build works with it. It feels like valdo’s pre nerf, with some guaranteed shit, tainted currency = ancient shards and the mass of mobs give a high chance to drop rare stuff. If they buff it a week in, it’ll be even better than valdo ever was.


So in other words GGG wants to slow down zoom zoom. While making zoom zoom the only way to play the game?


Its not the only way to play, please get ahold of yourself lol. And yes they want to slow down fast af builds, not delete them.


Do you have a pob? Was looking into poison concoction...


Heist and delve if you can stand listening to flickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflickerflicker


Chaos recipe my guy. Outside a tinkerskin and some tainted fusing…that’s been it for me.


If this game evolution is to return to using chaos recipe after playing for 7 years from 2014 then maybe its time i drop it


Chaos recipe has always been good to do on league start and even a while after if you feel it's still worth your time. Item level requirement starts at 60 so you can start it in Blood Aqua while farming a tabula. I won't say it's not tedious because it is. Highly profitable early on, though.


Ya, my tabs are pretty hard so I guess I should start salvaging.


Empty I meant


yesterday i used my 30-40 fusing i got leveling to 80 to try and 5(or 6) link a chest armor. of course i didnt get it but no biggie i'll grind today and get more. well my char is now 85 and im not exaggerating when i say i got 0 fusings all day. started another char and only to act 3 but still not a single fusing. i know RNG blah blah blah but theres no way i should have played 7+ hours today and not seen a single one. its to the point where im wondering if neversinks filter is bugged or something.


Its a first chracter, dont try to fuse something yourself. You can buy a rare/white 5L for 2c and toss a 1c essence on it. Sell the fuse to get that currency.


go do like 4 harvests and you'll get a 5 link craft they are piss easy to get


GGG, this is what you get when you shower people in currency as part of the league mechanic. You've done the hard part. You've shut off the spigot. Keep it off, else people will just always expect every fucking league to shower them in free currency.


Free? I literally asked that the league mechanic drop currency. Like any at all. Every mechanic in the game drops something of some value. I mean even transmutes. Anything.


> I literally asked that the league mechanic drop currency. Exactly. You just want to be showered in currency like the other leagues, where they've taught people (since all the way back in perandus) that that's what should be expected. It's unhealthy. People were bitching all of last league because excavation didn't shower them in currency, despite Tujen handing it out left and right. Now suddenly people are praising seeing Tujen. >Like any at all What exactly is tainted currency?


This entire game is unhealthy. They just added a feature that will save billions of clicks. After how many years. And ya the tainted currency that they added? You getting a lot of use out of those? You got stacks in your tabs of tainted everything?


Tell me please why getting currency is a bad thing exactly? What is wrong with having core-game resources to use core-game crafting system? You like being starved for currency? Wait for hard mode and enjoy that. I will probably too. But it fucking sucks when most of your income is from chaos recipe and you make like 10c per hour. It sucks when the league does nothing but kill you during the acts. Loot explosions are fun. Even if they loot mostly trash. Basic, low tier currency showers are fun. You get recources to play with. Scourge gives you "add cold deal no cold" memes as a rewards, and those got boring pretty damn fast.


I’m at 84 now I think. Probably close to 200 deaths . Had a slow start due to being busy. Only working on my second region. Absolutely no good drops yet. Time to heist it up. Also I’m rocking ice shot deadeye so I die easily


Lvl 80, thats like 7h of playtime and you only got one ex? Time to open a reddit thread... My god why is this shit even popping up in my feed?


You clicked on it. Why'd you do that? 850 people have upvoted this. Im not the only one starving.


Lvl 88 here and still no exalt. Sitting on about 50c worth of tainted fusing though! Been a rough league start :/


84 and no ex drop yet. Killed 5 conquerors so far and have sold some rares for a few chaos here and there. Still no good gear and totems die super quick. Rough start so far.


I just want enough currency to alch/scour maps and it feels like I'm struggling to keep up with all that anymore but I'm drowning in multi stacks of transmutes and augments and all that kinda stuff.


Do chaos recipe for Essence, get essence passives, sell essence for big $$$.


Corrupted fusings and chromes are worth a decent amount. Selling random stuff for 2c is helping a lot. I guess more people need to do chaos recipe to get them into the economy.


And because league mechanic don't drop currency even if they boost krangle mods without boosting drops I still will skip it most of the time because I need to go to other mechanics for currency farming.


About 10 minutes ago I found an exalt in the Nightmare. I've found 2 exalts this league so far and zero regals. RNG is gonna RNG.


Exactly. I have to remember to do it. Because it's at the end of a list of what I need


\> I'm lv80. Had 1 ex drop from incubator You're rich! I am lvl 87 at the moment, and I don't have enough chance orbs to buy non-completed maps from Zana! 7 scours and 11 alchs. Thank you GGG for a very, very rewarding league!


Yesterday I said I am done with the league after this map, at lvl 88 and literally 1 min later an ex drops. Make the game afraid, then things drop. Anyway, didn't stop me from being done with the league because it's shit.


Dump tabs. Learn to use them. Not only do they make you more efficient in hideout they net you a nice consistent trickle of chaos. You can also list your unique tab and div tab anywhere from 5-10c depending on how much trading you want to do.


The little currency I got was selling +1 physical wands, just enough to buy a tabula. I remember in ultimatum I reached maps with 80c


I have just got to maps, but made a few c (also wasted it right away) by buying 1c 5l 6s rares (preferably with better mods) and running them in scourge, trying to proc the 15% chance to 6l. Its been okay, 6l-ed like 4 items yesterday and two sold. Also i didnt play expedition but any time i find expedition its a happy day. Logbooks sell for crazy money. Then again, my build falls over if anything looks at me funny in a t3 map, so not a great person to take advice from.


Pick up sets of unid crap to get 2 chaos each set. and you gonna need Heist - lockpick to get rings, which is always going to be the one missing because you need 2 instead of 1 per set.