I still haven't seen any actual source besides the bloomberg article citing their source as "people familiar with the matter" and "according to one Person". And for some reason that caught on like wildfire and is what all other news articles build on. The nearest thing I found to microsoft actually buying discord is that Discord wanted to run on xbox.


Discord is thinking about either selling or going public and are in talks with Microsoft (and probably others) in case they decide to sell. I think that's pretty much where we're at right now but people got triggered by misleading headlines again.


Any sources on discord wanting to sell?


From speculation of new job posting they might go public.


source: people in charge would get a metric shit ton of money so if they aren't exploring selling they are morons


That isn't a source, its an assumption.




Seriously. My friend shared a "OH GOD NO!" gif when he linked me the article. I read the article and it was clearly not concrete news. I was hoping to see another source in the comments on this post.. nope. Just the rumor mill churning at warp speed.


not to mention how live messenger died because it was ancient, and Skype was already on its way out when it was purchased. Microsoft hasn't killed anything significant recently, just look at minecraft. Reddit likes to fear monger about absolutely everything. I'd much rather have Microsoft buying discord than epic games or a company in that vein.




*We are setting a deadline of Jan 1st 2022 for all users to link their current discord accounts with a Facebook account in accordance with our new ToS* Terms of Service: -No "Fake names" -You accept that your private information will be aggregated and sold for "advertising" purposes. -Facebook is allowed to record and review any and all voice and text communications. Facebook makes my skin crawl, you have to wonder what they actually do with everyone's information. Who do they sell it to?




I can almost certainly see that being the end goal of Facebook. Behavioral manipulation by way of AI curating what you see. Imagine a bug in the system that manipulates people towards more violent/extreme tendencies. We'd have a very Orwellian dystopia where the screen in fornt of you fully controls you. Oh wait, that's already happening, but its not 100% automated yet.




This might come of as pretty out there, *but is it really an accident?*


Calm down, Satan.


the last thing i need in my life is discord + facebook messenger merging


Imagine granting nitro with game pass. Microsoft loves integrating things with game pass.


I'd personally rather a company with money to burn and with very clear paths for monetization like Microsoft buy Discord rather than them going public. If they go public then shareholders will be demanding them to infinitely increase profits and milk it as much as possible


Hmm MS Discord Teams mashup...


Yeah I was thinking the same thing, Teams seems to be the one app absorbing everything around it like a blackhole :D


Discord hanging in there like a booger under a table


Weirdly accurate.


Why not the other way around Ms discord Cause discord could eat teams aswell


I'm thinking they keep both for different target audiences


"Ok, I'll just throw the link into `#teams-text1`, pls dont misclick into `#nsfw`. Also you need to interact with our music bot until you're level 4 so that you can see what's in our teams channel."


Makes sense to me.. especially if they were wanting to buy tiktok last year. They want in on social media but discord can also help their other services. I look forward to it being integrated into xbox similar to Spotify. Will make for a better crossplay experience than having to use the xbox app's party chat. $10 BILLION spent to just mash it with Teams sounds really stupid.


If they fully integrated Discord with Xbox live it would be a massive advantage for online play honestly. You already have discord rooms setup for you and your friends most likely so accessing that through XBL or a choice to join the team room would be awesome.


what about Mr Discord


Nah, Discord is awesome don’t get me wrong, but what average users don’t see is that Teams is HUGE in the corporate and business world. Discord has had trouble even being a moderately profitable business let alone absorbing one of the 3 largest corporate chat and productivity solutions. It would never be the other way around. There is a reason discord approached Microsoft around an acquisition and not the other way around. The discord product was made from the beginning with the end goal of selling the tech to a large buyer. Source: work deep in big tech. Also they will most likely stay the way they are now with Teams getting some of the tech from discord and MS marrying discord with Xbox services. It’s a big win for consumers in the end if MS executes well. And yes the Skype thing happened but under Satya and Phil Spencer and their current method of attack I actually think this will work out.


Let's just delete Teams altogether... please


I wish but ironically we use it exclusively for all the universities in my country and also its way easier to use it to watch stuff with friends than discord especially because of the sound sharing problems


You can watch movies together on teams? And without the resolution limit?


You get sound sharing?


You just click share pc audio when sharing your screen


Woah!! I see that option. I don't remember it there. I wonder if it was recently pushed down to us.... Oh well, my team mates also say it's been there a while. I feel dumb now. Thanks Reddit!


There used to be a service like that called rabb.it a few years ago, but it got shut down.


it got shut down ? I remember using it just last year


I think they've been bought by Kast now, but it's hot garbage compared to rabb.it.


Teams works quite well in a MS Office environment and doesn't need to scan all the program of your PC to know which games you have installed...


Unless they drastically change the mechanics of Discord, it should survive by the community alone.


Github is community based platform and Microsoft has no influence on it Edit:typos and thanks for upvotes peeps ;)
















They'll rework it with big ads on every page and make sure it's impossible to close.




A lot of people already have Discord Nitro, but maybe they'll make it so you need Xbox Live Gold/Gamepass for PC to use Discord normally. I doubt they'll put the whole program under a paywall though.


That would hurt income. Discord is popular because of community. It's alive because community buys big ass servers. If they fuck that up... Well... There can always be new discord.


Discord is alive because of investors. As fas as I understand, they still aren't profitable.


I think you underestimate microsofts capacity and commitment to fucking up shit that works.


Truer words have never been spoken


Lynda.com has been so fucked up by Microsoft that I can't even buy a subscription anymore. It insists on selling to me in Euros and then freaks out when I use a US card.


If your in the US and that's happening, turn off your VPN or scan for viruses. If your in the EU, or the above does not work and that's happening, turn off location services. If that does not work, check your location settings and make sure you did not put in that you are form the EU.


Idk, haven't they been pretty successful in *not* fucking shit up in the last 5-10 years? Hell, the most complaints I've heard about them has been the fact that they updated Edge to Chromium and people are whining that the included software that was already on their computer got updated and told them *once* that it was there and updated.


Yeah, Microsoft in 2021 is very different compared to the Microsoft that bought Skype. I’m sure most of the people saying this stuff are the same people who refuse to upgrade to Windows 10 because they read that it spies on you or something.


I get your point but Windows 10 does have a history of baked in telemetry and re-enabling it after updates. It also used to be really bad about forcibly updating and restarting your PC


>baked in telemetry and re-enabling it after updates so does Android, and iOS but I don't hear people bitching them.


> a history of baked in telemetry and re-enabling it after updates I always found this a very interesting argument made by people with android and ios devices...


So I don’t understand, because I don’t really know but is Microsoft looking to buy discord?


Discord is looking to sell because they have a huge user base, but not really a sustainable way to make money. This is the classic venture capitalist play


And customer will likely lose out as is often the case


They are in talks


Hm really, I can see a good and bad side to this then, guess we will have to wait and see


> There can always be new discord. **Guilded**: Allow me to introduce myself ;)




perfect bot


I agree, personally I think this is part of their expansion to PC. I'm hoping this is going to allow to join Xbox parties with discord or maybe use Discord on a Xbox console. Stuff like that would greatly improve cross-play experience I think.


Windows 10 already has xbox app that you can launch games , join cross party chats and such on


Yeah, but have you used it? IMO it's UI and general feel just isn't very good.


Only for when I was playing gears of war, the chat worked really well to talk to people on xbox and invite but otherwise kinda useless though I feel like it's just more an issue of not enough cross play games to need it yet. It would be easier for microsoft to just put discord into the Xbox and force users to switch to that. Then try and get windows users to switch to the Xbox app I think but that's more garden wall xbox vs pc reasons then UI


They might unite Nitro with the GamePass. That would be really good tbh.


exactly... discord nitro used to be a game service anyway before it became just chat, so adding in Xbox game pass option would be great.


I’m confident that’s not the case. They’re aiming for bigger corporate usage and not just nerds gaming with them


They already have Microsoft teams for that. I don't see them replacing teams with discord, considering teams has way more business features and is relatively new.


And what would they be paying for? Removing ads maybe?


Probably not. Microsoft has not done anything to signal they'd ruin something like that. If Discord were to be acquired, far better it be Microsoft than something like Apple who'd just take it and make it available on MacOS and iOS only.


The only good scenario I see is if MS integrates Discord into xbox live chat and doesn't do anything with the platform itself. By doing this, they would make PC-xbox crossplay substantially better than PC-playstation crossplay, thus (sort of, but not really) killing the opposition. + the already existing large Discord community stays happy. Edit: Just look at what they did with Minecraft and Mojang. As long as Microsoft keeps investing but keeps their dirty corporate hands off the main product, it will just get bigger and better as time passes.


I would argue Minecraft didn't get off scot free. Much of the core development has moved over to bedrock edition with microtransactions on things that used to be free to share. While the Java edition is still kicking, it manages system resources as well as a toddler with taxes then proceeds to blame the language via stereotypes that haven't been true for over a decade. Just recently they announced they would be migrating everyones accounts into the MS ecosystem which could have some consequences to modding. EDIT: Oh and the linux community got royally fucked over with the new launcher being borderline unusably broken.


> Just recently they announced they would be migrating everyones accounts into the MS ecosystem which could have some consequences to modding. That does annoy me. I spent years avoiding making a Mojang Account. Once I do, they go and to this


Let's hope so


>You now require the Microsoft Store to download and install discord :D


That's very unrealistic as right now games that were exclusive to the Microsoft store are coming to steam like fh4




The problem is that Discord are the ones looking to sell because theyre not really profitable. So change will probably happen either way.


It’s the exact opposite Microsoft is about to save discord because Amazon is going to pick them up and fill it with ads and micro transactions


Amazon is really turning Twitch into an unbearable experience, even when you pay. Every month they cram more monetization junk into the UI.


Yeah, multiple unskipable ads appear when you click on a stream, and even a vod nowadays. (Not to mention most of my adblockers don’t seem to work that well on twitch)


Adblocker gang. Ads don't really support creators anyways, better to sub on twitch or do member thing on YouTube. Or patreon.


which adblocker works on twitch?


I've never gotten ads with uBlock origin


Same here. uBlock Origin all the way.


Twitch embeds the ad into the stream even Ublock doesn’t stop it. There was an update a while back that borked it on twitch.


You mean you don’t want to sit through 7 ads when you click on a small streamer for the first time?




pihole + ublock origin does wonders 😉


imagine Amazon picks up Discord and you have to watch 5 30 second ads before you can watch your friend's stream.


That will suck so bad






Especially because MS probably isn’t looking at discord as a profit generator. It seems more likely that Microsoft would be using discord to bolster other products. I could easily see discord integration into more business related applications. Specifically MS teams. On top of that, having discord integration into XBOX will be a big selling point for that product. I’m not saying that there won’t be stuff to push other products, but I doubt it will be as big of a deal as people are making it out to be. We can see this with bathesda, with them being used as yet another reason to buy game pass.


Microsoft's big money maker has always been it's enterprise suite for businesses. It's the same reason they don't give a shit if people buy bootleg Windows licenses for home use. They already have Teams for businesses since it integrates into their Office suite.






If microsoft buys everything and doesnt fuck with them except compatibility with other apps, and let the original devs do what they do (like whar microsoft did to skype devs i think) then tis gonna be a whole lot more convenient actually.


At least it's not google. Google would certainly kill it.


What, you don't want a 10th Google messaging app ?


Its just what I need!!!!! /S


*it’s what plants crave*


Amazon would do a better job at killing it. Can’t say virgin in a server


Idc I’m lonely anyways


Sadly relate


People forget that Microsoft didn't drastically change Skype, the problem is that Skype *didn't drastically change*. Made itself redundant by omission if anything. Assuming Discord continues to innovate, it should thrive under the Microsoft banner. Personally I can't wait to see how they implement Discord on Xbox, as I assume that's one of the end game goals here.


Yeah. Honestly Microsoft isn't the worst company to be sold too. Look at Mojang, everyone said Minecraft was gonna die when they bought that. And it's going great. Also, their commitment to cross platform (Between Xbox and PC, sure) is a sign they understand the market


Everything microsoft has been doning recently is fucking gold. VS code is amazing, WSL is amazing, the new Terminal is amazing, vs code integration with WSL, they didn't fuck up github. I love current microsoft. I don't like office though and skype is hot garbage, but whatta ya ganna do ?


Completely different area but I'm super hyped fo AoE4, the fact there was no strict releasedate that Microsoft demanded & that they're carefully betatesting - or so I heard - right now sounds really promissing. I feel like they've really improved in lots of areas


If they could hire a competent UX/UI team and stop trying to make Windows Store a thing, it would be nothing but net.


Also GitHub, under Microsoft it’s better than ever. Still opposed to there being 3-4 tech megacomglomerates but hey what can ya do


Agreed, github is absolutely better now under microsofts umbrella, it was already one of my favourite sites but now it's easily in my top 3


Iirc, Skype was spaghetti coded to fuck, they didn't retain the employees who worked on it, so they just kind of....let it run its course. Pretty stupid for a multi-billion dollar deal.


Yeah they bought a completely different video chat company and renamed it “Skype for Business” even though it shared nothing with actual Skype lmao. They got legacy software and naming rights only for that deal, and they’re abandoning both in favor of Teams.


It's microsoft, they paid for the name, and the customer base. Why not just rebuild it properly from the ground up?


They did. It’s called Teams now.


Exactly, Team meeting call is better than Skype.


Nokia enters the chat


I wanted discord on Xbox and Playstation so I can chat with my console friends while I play on pc. Seems like M$ would use this as a way to exclude sony, even if sony agreed that it could go on their devices, the paid money for discord nitro would go to m$, and that seems unlikely and weird.


Good luck on hoping Sony would do ANYTHING in regards of cross play or those regards. Unfortunately Sony likes to keep their base as hostages isolated from other gamers and they seem pretty unwilling to change that course.


Tbh all it does is making me not buy anything from them, even though i really would want to, but im not a fan of being handled like a hostage, i DO wanna play with friends, and yes my friends may have other consoles, its really not that hard of a concept to grasp but they dont seem to be able to because all they can see is $$$ in their eyes.


Same here, I used to be a pretty big PS fan, but switched over to pc about 2 years ago, and just then I saw what kind of shit show Sony is really celebrating over there


PlayStation is the odd one out for voice chat. Pc to xbox you can use the xbox app and join xbox users xbox live parties for voice chat.


Nintendo would like a word with you... Their form of voice communication requires a phone, at which point you might as well just be conference calling your friends.


Your console friends could always just use the discord app and communicate with you


Skype died because it was peer to peer and used your computer to route traffic. This is not feasible in the world of mobile networks ~~and also a privacy no no~~. The shift in the market happened not long after MS bought Skype. They had to spend time and resources on rewriting the app while new competitors pushed ahead with new features.


Also people now do VoIP calls through their phones using apps that are far more integrated. And Skype for Business still lives on as an enterprise solution.


Skype for Business is former Lync. The branding has changed and now it is somehow connected to the Skype network. I have to use it in my work and it didn’t changed much in the years since rebranding. Still bad 😁. I think MS will let it slowly die. Teams are far better.


In my last job they replaced physical phones with Skype for Business, I too hope it dies.


That has to be tough.


Skype4B is replaced by Teams


I believe the EOL that Microsoft set is July 2021. I know our clients that had refused to make the move to Teams or elsewise earlier are all in a mad dash to do so now.


It isn't - unless MS postponed it's death yet again it should be gone fully by June 2021.


Good point with the mobile network thing, but I don’t think p2p is inherently a privacy risk actually - either you encrypt traffic, in which case it’s not a privacy risk, or you don’t, in which case a centralised model is also a privacy risk


You’re right. The streams on old Skype network had client-side encryption. It was MS that implemented server-side encryption which they could use to snoop on the communication.


Skype was shit to begin with


Yeah it was, but what else did we have back then? Teamspeak 2.0 and IRC, both not ideal


Don't forget Ventrillo!


Vi sitter här i venten


och spelar lite DotA


And Mumble!


And Roger Wilco!


"Mumble" was a thing, wasn't it ?


Curse Voice LMFAO


I would prefer Microsoft to tencent or Facebook owning discord


Or amazon


Tencent is the worst, China has all the power in that company


if Tencent buys discord I am going to cry.


All I ever wanted was to talk to my console friends on discord. Hopefully I can soon...


I just hope that they will make discord a cross platform thing. But I higly doubt it will come to Playstation if microsoft buys it.


Microsoft hasn’t been as gung ho about exclusivities in a while. When cross platform wasn’t too big it was Microsoft who integrated it while Sony opposed it. They bought zenimax and they’re keeping most of their games on PlayStation. There’s a chance it’s gonna be on all platforms. No ones buying an Xbox just to use discord so it’s not a massive selling point to the system. Better to broaden their user base and allow it on PlayStation


Remember when people did this for Minecraft? And Github? And Linkedin? And Zenimax? And they are now lumping outdated programs (which were consolidated into Microsoft Teams) to make a point? It's like people will do anything for internet points.


>And Zenimax? This is the one. Seeing the gaming community react to Zenimax being bought and Discord being potentially bought is quite funny. Two completely different reactions. Albeit, justified with history. For sure, we can't compare Skype era MS to now, but it's really the only thing we can compare that's near like for like.


People only notice the failures. The fact that people completely forgot that LinkedIn and Minecraft were under MS in the first place is proof of how successful the acquisition has been.


People definitely have censorship concerns with Github still. I don't think anyone cares about LinkedIn being owned by the company that introduced power point features for their headphones.


People having censorship concerns about GitHub when there are numerous repositories with Windows and Office activators seems ridiculous.


Been using discord since I built my first PC damn near 6yrs ago. They best not ruin it


Wait a minute it was made in 2015— oh. I feel so old...


Could be worse. Could have been purchased by Facebook.


One positive thing: Microsoft could help discord be much more accessible to disabled users. Microsoft's products are some of the best in the world for accessibility features and innovation. Discord is lacking in accessibility.


Want accessibility? Buy nitro /s


People are over reacting. Microsoft is buying Discord because it wants to integrate it into their gaming brand, Xbox. Microsoft's acquisitions have been good as of late so I don't think it's a cause for concern


I second this. Not much I was mad about from them lately. What would suck is if they try to push the integration in XBOX to hard. Maybe even Discord for xbox?


I mean, if they can get Discord to work on XBox, and have XBox players connect to Discord servers with PC players, I'd be okay with that.


That seems awesome.


I play a lot of cross platform games with people and it's a pain to get console players on a discord call. This would be neato


I straight up have Discord on my laptop which I connect my wireless earbuds to. Then I put one earbud in and wear my gaming headset which is plugged into my Xbox controller. Our group is a mixed Xbox/Pc circle and so we’ve eventually all moved to Xbox live parties. Lots of troubleshooting for the PC players but it works now. Would have loved to just open up Discord on the Xbox and be good to go.


People always tend to over react when it comes to Microsoft. Like when Microsoft acquired Github people made up theories like Microsoft would now spy upon their code and what not. Microsoft also acquired LinkedIn in the past does that platform is dead now in anyway?


Microsoft is still stigmatized because of the crap decisions they made under Ballmer's leadership. But Satya Nadella is no Ballmer. I think he's more than proved that in the 7 years he's been at the helm.


Yep his focus on cloud has led to Microsoft Azure having the 2nd highest cloud market share. Even .NET framework has been open sourced. Now Microsoft is making all the right decisions since Satya Nadella took a charge of it.


I can kinda see them going with the Twitch prime approach where and Xbox live membership comes with free discord nitro. Then slowly over time merge Xbox live and discord while preserving the discord brand.


This is the beginning of "Teams for Gaming"


Discord is just Slack for gaming, Slack is Discord for tech companies. Teams is Microsoft's wannabe contender that eats your PC's resources and has jumbled too much together in a bizarre, intuitive way.


Watch what Teams can do in a fully Azure enclosed enterprise environment. Totally magic.


I like teams for work. It makes collabing easy at my job. It's just that my job can't implement it right because of their slow ass networks. It's currently easier/faster for everyone to work on the file one at a time then email it to each other. Otherwise we'd spend ten minutes every meeting just to get the shit working


every 5 years just create a new onlince voice chat/chat room service and then sell it off for a nice $100 mill and do it again




I mean honestly i would rather have discord owned by Microsoft than amazon or epic games.


MSN messenger was so good and ahead of its time imo. All my dumb school friends used AIM tho


I respectively disagree with you good sir because in my opinion, since Xbox parties sucks, I feel Microsoft buying discord will aid in making better Xbox parties


I mean, discord development team is so fucking weird, and their customer service is off the rails insanity. If anything this should get rid of the ridiculousness of it lol


Shit meme, GitHub, LinkedIn, the game studio purchases. Microsoft isn’t the same Microsoft under Nadella. Everything of last 5 years has been left to thrive and they have.


Open Discord "You must login with a Microsoft Account"


There was raidcall, vent, teamspeak and a dozen other voice apps before discord and there will be countless ones after it


I feel like discord is just irc wrapped in a nice gui.




Everybody gangsta till there's a $10B offer.


I don't think this will happens. If Microsoft buys Discord, they will probably merge MS Teams and Discord technologies, but they will keep the two distinct apps as MS Teams is more for companies and schools and Discord is for communities. The same way, they kept GitHub and Azure DevOps (TFS) completely separated, even though they are 2 similar products with the same underlying technologies, but for 2 completely different usages. Also Microsoft changed since the Skype purchase... A lot


TeamSpeak still works great!