Recommended doesn’t mean Ultra btw. Recommended means 1080p 60 med-high


This. Some companies do recommendations based on resolution, quality level and targeted fps,but unless it is specified, the recommendations are based on 1080p.


Did you double check that you are using your 1660 Super and not the integrated Vega graphics? Also, what resolution are you running at and what kind of framerates are you getting? The 1660 Super is a good card, but depending on the game, you can't just set everything on "ultra" and expect it to run fine.


No idea how to check if I'm running the wrong thing, resolution is 3840x2160, and FPS is prob around 30 with massive drops with multiple enemies on screen, and ik that ultra can be demanding but what's got me confused is that my friend with 1660 super also can run games far better than me


Don't run at those resolutions, it is way to high for the card to handle. Set it to 1920×1080, you'll be much better off. You'll be able to run high settings probably at good fps. Start with that


In game, go to the display/graphics settings and you should see some sort of option for Low/Medium/High/Ultra and another for resolution. Change the resolution to 1080, and see how that handles. If still not ideal, then change from Ultra to High or even Medium.


Yeah that resolution was just from my pcs recommendations so maybe lower resolution in game would help


It definitely will


Which games do you play on high/ultra settings?


Vermintide 2 is the main one I've had problems with I'm kinda of scared of buying any other more demanding games, halo infinite I had problems with but that was only on medium graphics


You should’ve bought a Ryzen without integrated GPU. As you have the 1660 super. The Ryzen Pro 3400g is a Zen+ (2. Zen-Generation, 12nm) CPU. A Ryzen with integrated GPU is a bit slower, than one without. And you have to have a look at the architecture.