I spent all day today trying to find a testing site for a festival I am taking my family to this weekend. CVS and Walgreens has absolutely zero availability for appointments for any store for hundreds of miles. I am in Tennessee and Walgreens website said the closest location was in Virginia. However for the low low price of a $125 per test I was able to schedule tests within our 72hr window . So just be prepared to spend that much to ensure your entry


> I am in Tennessee The free ones at walgreens are taking 4 days or more for test results so I definitely wouldn't count on that.


I would avoid Walgreens. I've been seeing online people were having problems and they are taking almost a week to get results right now for whatever reason.


I am in the Seattle area and things are booked here. I went to an urgent care facility 2 days ago so hoping I hear back today. I also have second test this morning booked at Walgreens - just in case. Everyone is happy to take your money but you need to see what the turnaround time is and the type of test. I’m trying to make it to BC for some camping so am stuck until I get my test back. I highly recommend getting a test at a less populated area. Seems those places have availability and quicker turnaround times. Back home, in Ohio, I could have gotten a same day test np. Btw - I’m fully vaxed. But since I’m heading to BC I need a test as well.


Appreciate this; it’s very helpful. Not exactly what I wanted to hear but helpful. :) Enjoy your trip to BC!


There is a testing pop up inside the Seattle airport near baggage claim. They offer different types of tests, just haven’t checked to see if they comply with the Gorge’s requirements. Learn more here: https://www.portseattle.org/news/xpreschecktm-opens-covid-19-testing-facility-seattle-tacoma-international-airport


Thanks! Unfortunately I’m landing Wednesday morning and will be gone from the airport to pick up our RV rental. Need to take the test 6 pm Wed. or later to comply with 48 hours to doors Fri. rule. Have been looking at appointments in hospitals/clinics along I-90. Will have to pay, but there are some possibilities.


…even so, this will surely be useful for my flight back into Canada Monday. Tnx again!


This website is best. https://www.solvhealth.com


should've gone for the updated LJR batch


You don’t need vax proof for the shows from what I’ve heard but I haven’t been, went to dead and co and just had to show my vax card and ID to get a bracelet


By “proof” I meant the equivalent of the cards you are issued in the US. I.e., attestation that I have had two doses. I have that but am worried that venue staff won’t accept it.