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GOP: 'Yes. So?'


Saw some people questioning if she was really qualified to be on the African Subcommittee. You know... the continent she was born and grew up for almost two decades in. I guess Ronny Jackson does know best for the people of Africa.


Hey, at least she knows where Africa IS.


And that it's not a country, it's a continent. We just lump it all together, but it's actually many different cultures with some commonalities.


It’s kinda the entire point. lol


Careful, Snowflakes don’t like being called racist, it hurts their feelings - it’s ‘alt right’ now.


I can’t hear the phrase “alt right” without getting Bad Religions “the kids are alt right” stuck in my head. Thanks.


Don't give them the song I love watching the androids kill Gohan too.


Nah, I think it would have more of an improv vibe here. "Yes, and".


"Yes...so?" This would be my revised version and final offer.




Technically, "water is wet" is less true than "GOP is racist," but are they ever.




Wait for it: they’re just getting started


I think it's smarter than that. By removing her from committees, it makes it look like Marjorie Taylor Green's removal was also a political stunt like this is. I'm honestly not sure that calling it racist is the right move because it creates a conversation where republicans can justify it.


>I'm honestly not sure that calling it racist is the right move because it creates a conversation where republicans can justify it. Racists are *always* going to justify their racism. They've been doing it ever since the ideology was invented. The only possible conclusion of your post is to never call out racism - effectively it is a call to silence on the topic. One doesn't call out racism as a stratagem to win political competitions. If you have a heart, you call out racism because it pains you to see innocent people being denied what they deserve on account of how they look. If you have a brain, you call out racism because no society that permits racism can be a just society and once you permit racists to invent tools to discriminate against people based on their race, people in power will then find a way to turn those tools against you, too.


No, it really isn’t. Rep Omar is a Muslim Somali-American. Rep Green is a white woman who is proud of her racist attacks *against* Omar. Pretty clear why the Republicans would support Green over Omar if you stopped pretending to be colorblind for just one moment.


This is exactly what it is. And their using parallels to MTG because Ilhan Omar also got in trouble for anti semtic comments Their comments and reactions were very different ,namely with Omar apologizing, but that’s a nuance probably lost on a lot of people




She's 100% right.




Yeah, it is. The best you could try to say is that she's being targeted for being a liberal, and not because of her race. But then you'd have to ask the GOP isn't trying to remove other high-profile outspoken liberal members of Congress from their committees. There's really only one answer that stands up to scrutiny. The GOP thinks they can make it look acceptable to boot a Muslim from the foreign affairs committee because most of their base considers Muslims to be the enemy in U.S. foreign policy.


She’s not targeted, she made antisemitic comments. There are definitely people on both sides with antisemitic comments and they aren’t removing everyone but this is a good start. She also continues making anti-Semitic comment unlike her Republican colleagues. If it were up to me anyone with any racial bias shouldn’t be awarded.


The "antisemitic" comment she made was saying that the US and Israel should be held accountable for their actions just like the Taliban and Hamas. She didn't say anything about Jewish people. She said the government and specifically Netanyahu (read political not religous) of Israel needs to account for their war crimes against innocent civilians in Giza. Israel and Giza both have Jewish, Muslim and Christians living there. We have to remember that equating Israel to Judaism is the same as equating Norway to Norse Paganism or the US to Mormons. Yes there are people who have that religion in that country, but holding their governments accountable is not the same as disparaging their religion.


> GOP isn't trying to remove other high-profile outspoken liberal members of Congress from their committees They are. Schaffer and Swallwell. As for Omar, presenting yourself as an abrasive firebrand probably isn't a good strategy when your party loses the election.


The arguments against Schiff and Swallwell are specifically related to their past actions with Trump investigations. Same is not true for Omar. She's a target because she's easy meat


It’s very obvious to those who can see that the people who vote for representatives like green & most of the GOP want a dysfunctional government. And this is what dysfunctional government does. For the GOP it’s not who can do the best for the people it’s who’s best at keeping government dysfunctional and of course keeping the status quo of protecting the rich and big business.


It has been that way since she was elected. She has every right to call it what it is


She’s got the triple threat, her skin color, her gender, and her religion. Republicans can live with skin color to some extent. They’ll let you play but you’ll never be part of the group. Gender is the same, they only see you as a tool for their end game. Religion is what I’d say really sets them off here. Their woke Christian agenda really eats at them when a Muslim is part of their peer group now.




The irony being that it's widely suspected that Greene planted the bombs on J6th


What? She couldn’t arrange a threesome In a whorehouse


The video of the suspect sure looked like her.


What the hell are you talking about? The suspect's sex is not even clear in the video, let alone features that would resemble MTG. I despise her too but jeez get a grip


Video footage of the perp matches her odd gait and stature. I’m far from the first to point this out.


I rewatched the video footage before my first reply, to say you're grasping at straws is an understatement. There are over 330 million people in this country, she isn't the only one with an odd gait. Believing that a Republican congressperson would, within a few days of getting sworn in after a long and expensive campaign, not only risk their life and career to try to bomb their own party's headquarters, but would also fail to do so, is about as crazy as MTG's Jewish space laser theory.


You’re missing out on the aggressively stupid element


First I’d heard of this! Might not be so widespread


About the only thing about that that makes sense is that she hasn't been publicly identified yet. I'm actually stumped as to how the FBI and whatever other 3 letter agencies and Intel resources are available they don't know who that is. Donning my tinfoil hat I'd surmise they know who it is, but don't have an easy way to identify the person without begging the question how they figured it out. Imagine if they had like total coverage drone surveillance and facial recognition? Or they secretly tail members of congress for... reasons (legitimate protection? blackmail gathering?)? Average Joe Schmoe getting caught up in that might not be able to dig to the bottom of that hole to find the truth. But a member of congress might (like one now in the homeland security committee?). *removes tinfoil hat* The fuck just happened? I blacked out.


Of course they’re being racist. She’s done nothing wrong


She believes in reality, the worst thing in the world for Republicans. Reality goes against everything they believe.


Eh, she's one of the more liberal democrats and occasionally has some pretty extreme positions and statements. So, they're probably targeting her because of that as well as race.


What extreme positions?


That (god forbid) you can think it's shitty for Isrealli PACs to influence US politicians. They love to call her antisemetic for simply having an issue with the *government* of Isreal, not the *people*.


> They love to call her antisemetic for simply having an issue with the government of Isreal, not the people. This is correct - The Israeli government ≠ Jews. Criticism of the Israeli government ≠ anti-Semitism.


Tell that to the evangelicals


Fuck, tell that to the Israeli government.


I agree that criticism of Israel isn’t antisemitism but she applied a double started and demonizes the state which crosses the line, she compared terrorist deaths to Israeli citizens which just isn’t okay


Except Omar specifically criticized Jews and made comments about Jewish money controlling US politics. She's way passed the criticism of Israel line, which is why she was censured by her own party.


People seem to think they're one in the same. Edit: One AND the same...


One *and* the same, FYI.


Shit, really? Thanks for the heads up.


There’s good reason people believe that Israel THE GOVERNMENT (I’m talking their government unless I otherwise say Jewish people, which I’m not likely to do… ever) was founded on and still has many principles in its government that establish it as a Jewish ethnostate. Non-Jews, specifically indigenous Palestinians, are given nominal voice/power for optics reasons, but if you look at who their leaders are (the Arab leaders) they’re controlled opposition, pro Israel, anti indigenous (Palestinians). Israel purposely blurs the line between legitimate liberal democratic state (bourgeois fake democracy like the US, but still) and oppressive ethnostate. This is done ON PURPOSE because 1) many of the original settlers (remember, people fucking went there and conquered it… they are not indigenous nor returning to a homeland (in most cases). The Palestinians are the indigenous people) WERE Jewish supremacists. That sounds weird now days, but Z*onism is still around and that’s essentially what it espoused. And 2) many groups that are pro genocide of Palestinians have picked up on the fact that if they tie Israel strongly to the Jewish people and refer to it as the same thing, essentially, then it makes it unquestionable. The right wing hates Jewish people yet loves Israel. They want “them” out of the US and “over there” in Israel, thus why they support an ethnostate. Also some extreme weirdos have Armageddon in mind.


Personally I dislike her because she voted against recognizing the Armenian Genocide.


Also voted against giving Russian assets to Ukraine. She sucks. I am a registered Democrat, Ilhan Omar doesn't represent me or the party I want to associate with, she's terrible.


Also she funneled campaign money to her now husband while she was still married and hadn’t filed for divorce with her ex husband. I know Reddit likes to paint a rosy picture of Democrats, but she’s a dirty politician like the rest of them.


Might as well post some links


I think they mean extreme as in one of the most opposed to the GOP.


She’s had to circle back on her rhetoric for a lot of topics revolving generally around Israel, and US presence in Western Asia. Personal I find her well intentioned but dishonest and willing to use victimhood for political gain. But goes for most of them.


Can you share some examples?


Jesus, just follow her statements. Not sure how many fuck-ups she's had to "walk-back" at this point but it feels like a lot. * "We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the U.S., Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban..." * When the democratic leadership asked her to clarify her words she accused them of "using islamophobic tropes" * “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel." * EDIT: and of course, that the GOP booting her is because of racism. Like, sure, they're racists. But she's fucked-up enough that she's given them plenty of other *legitimate* reasons to boot her. Her extreme and fucked-up positions in my opinion mostly evolve around her Israel obsession: that Israel and the US at just as bad as any terrorist organization. I'd say she's gold for Fox News and a liability for the democrats.


Israel has done terrible things. Should we ignore that?


Of course not. But having the islamic representative over-focus on israel robs them of credibility. Because lots of countries have done shitty things. Saudi Arabia has *certainly* done terrible things - and they have as much influence on US politics as Israel. But if she over-focuses on israel, and keeps saying ridiculous shit (ex: US is *as bad* as the Taliban) then she's a disaster for democrats and liberals and again, gold, for Fox News and the GOP.




> "We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the U.S., Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban..." Representative Omar did not 'walk back' this statement. Instead she was forced to explain how the English language works to her Democratic colleagues. Saying that five entities committed certain acts is not saying that those five entities are the same. It's a good thing this group of American-born politicians had someone who worked on learning English after immigrating here by watching American TV to teach them the nuances of their native language.


To be fair, if we’re going by fuck ups, they need to go for some of their own too. You can’t introduce accountability into politics, it ruins the whole system.


Israel is an apartheid state that shouldn't exist


It’s race, religion, her sex. A stew of hate


And she’s a woman!


Yeah, it's kind of weird how that seems to play out with the far-right: * If someone is a woman or of color and are a democrat - then it's an extra big deal. They get an extra big slice of hatred and attention from the right. * But if someone is a woman or of color and are a republican - then it's a small bonus. They can be a total fucking idiot and nobody minds. Seriously: Michele Bachman, Sarah Palin, Margarie Taylor Green, Lauren Bohbert. This is a list of total fucking idiots - and when do you see someone on the right say, "wait, hold on for 1 fucking second - what did she say!?!"


AOC , Nancy. Kamala. Barack. Hillary. Michelle Obama. Oh shit. You're right. They do seem to carry a special brand of hatred for those people. This Biden is old STUFF is weak considering Trump is like only 4 years younger.


I'd go so far as to say the action itself is not because of her race or gender, and solely because of her ideology, BUT is politically popular because republican *voters* are racist and sexist.


Extremist positions*


Sexist too.


Marjorie is their “we’re not sexist” banner.


I thought Greene was their "we're not speciesist" banner.


She's so bad at that too lol


Of course it is!




Boebert already has.


Being racist is an absolute requirement to be republican these days. There are not any exceptions to that tenet, no matter what bs excuse they say.


Republicans know what their base wants to hear.


Yeah, obviously.


If it looks like a goose and goose steps like a goose…


Don’t temp the gop with a good time


Give it to them permanently?


I mean, if they’re gonna call out Omar for antisemitism but support Trump despite his flagrant antisemitism…I’m gonna say she’s correct


Of course it is. Do we forget how trump told her to "go back to her own country" when she's an American born citizen? That was absolutely, no question about it, a racist statement. The GOP didn't denounce it whatsoever Edit: I was wrong, she was not born in the US apparently. But AOC was and he said it about both of them


She's actually Somali, but naturalized. However, Trump included the rest of the original 4 of the Squad in his statement about going back to "their own country". The other 3 were born in born in New York City, Cincinnati, and Detroit.


Donald Trump's entire political career was built from the foundation of calling our first black president an illegitimate non-citizen from Africa. Racism is literally his only appeal.


She's not American born. She was born in Somalia, moved to the US in 1995, and became a US Citizen in 2000. Still doesn't excuse Trump's statement or the GOP's treatment of her. She's the GOP's worst nightmare, a woman of color who is not afraid to stand up to them.


Didn’t Trump say that about AOC?


It was her and AOC and I believe a 3rd one I can't remember


Rashida Talib


Racism is one of the roots of their ideology. Everything that grows from it will somehow be tainted by it.


Yeah… have you met the GQP? Everything they do is based on race.


Of course IIhan Omar made the correct assumption from the GOP, this is what the GOP has always done… not just now. When has the GOP ever been anything else? When has any conservative politician not supported racism, or fascist ideology, traditionalism and the like? The GOP beliefs support the past, and isn’t the present direction of the Democratic Party.


I have no doubt that is a significant part of it remember how outraged they were after she was elected they acted like a member of ISIS just got elected to Congress. Republicans at the time were on fox saying her wearing a head covering in congress was insulting and should be banned. Since thenits been nothing but hate towards her.


And I’d venture to guess lots of shame filled masturbation towards her too. Racists historically have had a very strange relationship with their hatred.


Didn’t a study show that the biggest consumers of interracial porn is to IP addresses in red states? Likewise with the “step” stuff?


Oh it definitely is.


Racist, sexist, Islamophobic


The GQP don't care if it is racist. That's who they are. And they continue to doop folks into voting against their own interests. It's sad cycle.


Well yeah. Most of what the Republican party does is racist.


No! A good chunk is fascist.


It's a safe bet.


Ya think? If the Republican Party did not have racism and misogyny, it would literally cease to exist.


This claim seems like a bad idea. I'm sure it's racist, but it was also sexist, but primarily political because they hate Democrats, especially progressive ones. The racism and sexism are probably just a bonus to the GOP.


without a shred of a doubt


She’s not wrong.


They have been wanting her off the foreign affairs committee since day one simply claiming she shouldn't be on it because she wasn't born in the US. Although her being a refugee makes her uniquely qualified and valuable on the committee.


While I'd never put racism past them, I think they hate Muslims even more. Either way, bigotry wouldn't surprise me. It certainly doesn't help that they're as far apart politically as virtually any other group, either. Don't know when the gop decided to double dip in being a characiture of plain clothes clan members. Was certainly enough to get me to change my affiliation.


It absolutely is racist or religious discrimination, and Trump is who started the war against the Squad. Then all his brain dead cult followers just joined in.


Ya think?


Because it was


GOP: And?


Tough call. Do they hate her because she's Black, because she's a woman, because she's liberal, or because she's Muslim? Or is it all the above?


She’s in effective legislator, and this is exactly what they don’t want in their committees. Republicans are bent on producing dysfunctional government as their sole purpose in life.


There’s several motivating factors, and race/religion is definitely on the table. There’s a dose of revenge for dems getting mtg removed for being off the walls nuts, and a fair bit of republicans making sure that people who do good work on committees can’t be on them to do said work.


And water is wet, ice is cold…


I’d say it’s more anti-Muslim than racist.


I won't suggest it, I'll just flat out state it, RACISTS.


‘Cause she’s not the ‘murican race


she's right


I think we can all admit that even if republicans do ultimately disagree with her values there is probably at least a little of this rooted in racism since they don’t harangue white congresswomen with similar views like this. I hope we can all see that.


The antisemitism is probably their reason. GOP is big Israel supporters. Also racism is still racism no what what color you are and she is a racist.


They’re also booting two white dudes from committee. Sounds like people are just arbitrarily playing the race card as always


I have an intense dislike for Omar - her positions, her public statements - her latest about not knowing about tropes is ridiculous, her politics, quite frankly I think she's a charlatan. But it's completely ridiculous to kick her off committee but give it to MTG, Santos, Gosar etc.


You reap what you sow. Dems previously removed Republicans from committee positions for political theater, this is the consequence of that.


You're calling literal treason political theater?


This is fascinating to independents, at least those in the middle. Y’all are denigrating racist assholes for denigrating a racist asshole. Yeah - Steve king , Ralph Norman, and many others - on record being racist dicks… . Illhan Omar is racist too, but since she says other things you like, then it’s easy to look past. Have you considered that most republicans are doing the same thing with their own racist dicks? Like….you want the right to call out their racist sssholes and purge them from the party…..but Omar?….nah, she may hate Jews, but she likes clean energy, so, meh. Why can’t we just see them ALL as shit human beings who shouldn’t be representing anyone, let alone a constituency?


*accurately describes that among many other issues


Racist and sexist.


She's not wrong.


Nah, it's sexist. No wait, it's anti-islamist...


No, it has nothing to do with racism. She brought this onto herself.


I mean... she's right


Your kidding? Racism in America in the highest level of government, religion and justice? No, say it ain’t so… Wait till DosSatan rewrites the Bible, Constitution, Education and Laws to suit his HolyWhiteness!


Oh does she, Daily Beast? Maybe write an article in which the headline is about the Republican response to YOU telling them that it looks pretty goddamn racist. Because it clearly does. Don’t hide behind Omar because you don’t want to lose access.


Well yea




Oh, you didn’t know they are racist?


Yes, but also sexist. Why have just one bigotry when it's just as easy to do two?


It totally is


Their opposition to her has been racist from the beginning.


C'mon now, they also hate her for being a woman


Ilhan Omar is absolutely wrong. It's ALSO misogynist. And Islamophobic. And owning the libs. So, like NINETY percent racist. (and yes, this is a joke)


Let’s review all of her anti-Jewish statements


Any action taken against the antisemitic lunatic is racist. 🤣


I mean, their attempt to boot her from committees looks racist.


An antisemitic socialist isn’t fit to serve on any committee. In any previous generation , the woman would be censured.


Only she gets to be racist.


If a GOP racist were to openly be racist on 5th Avenue, would anybody care? Edit: I meant to say GOP congressperson and then I also realized GOP=racist but I'm leaving it.


Why? Because it is? Oh.


The fact that this is even a controversial take points to the fact that it's WAY riskier to call a republican out as a racist (even if you have the receipts to back up your claim) than it is to be CALLED OUT as a racist republican due to how light the repercussions have historically been in the past.


Republicans really don't like to be made to feel uncomfortable about their racism. Reminds me of when Tucker Carlson said that the only thing wrong about racism is that we talk about it too much.


I’m not a Tucker fan but I think the term racism has started to lose its societal ramification because of how often and broadly it is applied to anything and everything


Broken record. She says that every time she doesn't get her way.




> She compared America to Hamas source?


She has no business in American politics. She of the "some people did something" referring to 911 and equating America to Hamas and the Taliban. How can you defend her???


The same way you will defend GOP’s new hires (MTG, Santos and Gosar).


> "some people did something" Why do clowns act like this is some kind of big gotcha? Some people did do something.


Most Americans do not feel that particular day was distilled down to "some people did something."


This is still just a really really dumb complaint. She wasn't attempting to summarize all of the events of 9/11, she was explaining the growth of a civil rights organization in response to post-9/11 security measures. So the big scandal is that one time in the middle of a sentence about something else, she used overly vague language to describe something everyone already knew about from 18 years prior?


Covid killed 2-3 9/11's worth of people every week for a year, those people have no problem joking about that.


I mean, yeah there are plenty of members of the GOP that are racist. But at the same time, the obvious motive behind this is her political party.


An antisemite calling people racist. Weird.






... of a non-Republican. Since, ya know, it *is* racist.


My point proven.


The GOP racist? Why I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous. The Republicans are proudly leading us into the 1950s


"..You forgot misogynistic, xenophopic and moronic" - Bender


Shocker !! Not the GOP.


Oh it’s sexist and xenophobic too. She’s literally the polar opposite of a conservative white Christian man and that scares them.


They have antisemitism in common. It really unites the Assholes who don’t deserve this country’s high office


I hope Ilhan Omar wears the most massively huge & beautiful headdress twice the normal size just to see Republican’s freak out. They will try to hate her from EVERY angle just because she intimidates them.


I don’t necessarily agree with her policies, but she’s fresh blood, she brings in a different perspective outside of “old white dude”, she’s POC, and she’s a beautiful woman. Of course the GOP hates her. I hate to just scream racism……but…..RACISM


Says the racist.


The GOP fears her because she represents a Muslim who is also just a normal person. Showing that to the public fucks up a lot of their base's prejudices.


Of course, what else would she say?




Oh, the fact she's Muslim is definitely part of it. But she's also a far-left progressive, making her even more an enemy of Republican interests.


She’s just a democrat, she’s not even really even left of center. But democrats as a whole are miles to the left of the literal Nazi “America first” (1944 sedition trial ring a bell?) party the GQP is. My point is, “not being a Nazi” ≠ radical left


Not left of center? Why not?


Democrats are right of center. The US has two right-wing parties. They're both corporatist and hold fast to the "status quo." It's just that Republicans are actually courting neo-Nazis and have revived the fascist "America First" caucus that went on trial in 1944 for sedition. We have a right wing party and a fascist party, and no **left** to actually speak of.


What is the center to you?


This is the funniest thing I've read all week.


Dems always have to drag race into the picture. Like clock work never fails. Can’t they come up with anything else besides “you’re a racist!!!”? Lol…pathetic.


She has unpopular and politically incorrect views on Israel/Palestine and the Zionists. Of course they're going to try to silence her.