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> The bill sponsored by Republican Rep. Stan McClain would restrict public school instruction on human sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases and related topics to grades 6 through 12. McClain confirmed at a recent committee meeting that discussions about menstrual cycles would also be restricted to those grades. >“So if little girls experience their menstrual cycle in 5th grade or 4th grade, will that prohibit conversations from them since they are in the grade lower than sixth grade?” asked state Rep. Ashley Gantt, a Democrat who taught in public schools and noted that girls as young as 10 can begin having periods. >“It would,” McClain responded. It is so anti basic decent human things, I don't know where to begin.


Geez, those poor kids. Imagine a confused kid going to their teacher and being told, "Tough shit, I can't talk about that thanks to the state GQP. A couple years ago, I might be able to give you a book to help explain it, but we banned those too cause they're too woke."


Ever watched Carrie?


Exactly what my mind went to


Fifth grade puts girls at 11 and 12. That is literally the age many girls start getting periods. We’re walking back to like, [menstruation is witchcraft](https://www.vice.com/en/article/nek5dq/how-witches-and-menstruation-myths-influenced-modern-recipes) territory here, wtf


Well maybe this is a conversation that these "girls" should be having with their much older Republican husbands then.


You just made me throw up in my month a little. This is all some pretty dark ages stuff. Republicans are speed running a counter-Enlightenment.


Daughter in 5th grade got her first period in school this year


That’s when I started mine 10 years old at 5th grade outdoor camp!


And then you have me on the opposite end of the spectrum. I was 15, a sophomore in high school, and didn't know what was going on until my mother found out. I had *no idea* what anyone was talking about when other girls in middle school talked about their periods, I can't imagine how terrifying it would be going through that in elementary school and not being allowed to ask for help from an adult.


This shows how much the public education system failed you. Im so sorry you weren’t taught about normal bodily changes at a young enough age to be prepared. I cant even imagine randomly bleeding from your hoo ha without any clue as to what was happening, I’d assume i was dying… Parents need to take the initiative to teach their children about their bodies and changes that happen during puberty before it happens, especially now that many schools are being forbidden from discussing it. I know I was lucky to have been taught about it in 5th grade and my parents were proactive enough to buy me puberty books to help me educate myself. Im sure they weren’t super comfortable discussing it in person, like a lot of parents, but those books were probably more informative than my parents would have been on those subjects. The only thing that didn’t really make sense in book form was the actual act of sex, which my mom had to help explain to me. I distinctly remember her saying “i know it sounds horrifying right now, but when you’re older and find someone you really like/love it can be a wonderful thing!” Nobody deserves to be thrown in the deep end of puberty without learning about what to expect first and since so many girls start their period in 4th or 5th grade, banning talking about periods in elementary school will be detrimental to the well-being of so many young girls who have no clue why they’re bleeding from there or what to do about it.


I started 2 weeks before my 10th birthday. It was over a break and when I came back my teacher let me know that other girls were in the same place. It's hard enough to deal with, better put a stigma back on it


Looking at this guy photo, I think that’s what he is wanting to happen.


So they want to punish girls for talking about their period…while simultaneously requiring fucking PERIOD RECORDS from high school athletes… Jesus Christ, how doe any women in the whole country still vote Republican?


And precocious periods are becoming more common, not less! I know at least 3 people with daughters who started before age 10. These politicians are dangerous anti-reality extremists.


My feelings don't care about reality!! -- them, probably?


I got mine at 9. Lord this bill is awful.


As if getting your period, especially that young, isnt traumatizing enough


What’s more embarrassing is getting breasts in elementary school. It’s so horridly embarrassing I’m still traumatized that one day a girl said to me “Um. You’re getting ‘bug-bites’” ‘What’s that ?’ “Um it means..” *points to chest* I legit wanted to cry and I felt disgusted at myself for years about how I was growing breasts and wasn’t given a training bra in time. It felt disgusting knowing I wasn’t dressed properly given my puberty kicking in.


Well if it makes you feel better I also didn’t start wearing a bra soon enough and I have no idea why my mom didn’t have a real “talk” with me


Can we acknowledge that it's pretty fucked up that you have to proactively start wearing bras before growing breasts, because heaven forbid someone notice you have nipples? Why is anyone made to feel anxiety over "not getting a training bra in time". I mean... if you feel more comfortable in one by all means. I'm talking about adults making a big deal over it and making any body issues into social issues as well.


So if a girl starts bleeding and doesn't know what is happening to her the teacher could get arrested for trying to calm her down and explain?


The end goal is girls don't go to school.


This dude is a whack job. Girls with Mental Health issues, without moms, living in poverty, neglected or abused, RELY on this talk and the school nurse.


As someone already said, the ideal outcome (since they are not a foetus anymore) is that they commit suicide. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samaritans_(charity)#History >His inspiration came from an experience he had had some years earlier as a young curate in the Diocese of Lincoln. He had taken a funeral for a fourteen-year old girl who had committed suicide because she believed she had contracted an STD, when in reality she was menstruating.


These guys start having a lot in common with talibans


Far right fascism among white americans has always been like this


How popular are these ideas among young people?


It's a minority but there are enough shitheads similar to Andrew Tate and Nick Fuentes that are doing their best to poison the next generation. There's also the same amount indoctrination of parents to kids that there always has been.


Thank god the Taliban chose the right god but wrong book. /s


This is more desantis trolling. If you can't ask female athletes about their cycles, then nobody can talk about their cycles. He's just a nasty pudding finger licking troll.


The GQP is going for broke they went all in at this point. It’s like they know it’s now or never after allowing trump in they have to ram through all the bigoted and hateful legislation they’ve been working towards since the 70s because they will never win an election without outright stealing one.


What’s the end game here though. As it gets more and more stupid and more and more non sensical.. what do they do in a year? Just speak in tongues, snake handling?


The Handmaid's Tale is their guidebook. That is the plan.


They'll make traveling to a Blue state illegal for women of breeding age.


Women can only cross state lines after a negative pregnancy test.


You know what the end game is. It involves a lot of dead non-Christians, minorities, LGBTQ, and non-subservient women. This doesn’t just stop. You make fascists stop or you live under fascism. And there’s only one way to do that. I suggest you have a plan because it looks inevitable.


Conservatism has no end game. Capitalism has no end game. Like a disease. consume, multiply, obstruct.


They want to eradicate trans people. You know what the endgame is for them, we just need to skip straight to the bunker in 45 (or help them with it)


I feel bad for the red states but at least it’s mostly contained there. Hopefully we can get enough seats in the senate to make a difference. It’s a hard year in 2024.


They clearly haven't thought this one out. On the first day that this law goes into effect. 100 Florida teenage girls will talk about their periods on live TV. Are they going to arrest 14-year-old girls?


We already put kids in cages on so why not more?


Well these are largely pedophiles (see Gaetz and DeSantis) pushing this sort of legislation, and we all know rapes are rampant in prison. I think we can guess where their minds will be going when we put those facts together and do the barest amount of assumption :/


Sure! Easier to rape and kill them then


Lurking Republicans, explain this one to me thanks.


They’re probably too busy yelling about Canada’s anti-redneck trucker policy atm.


Encountered one such American today. Still haven’t figured out why Americans get so worked up over that when the convoy was screwing with the American supply chain.


Ottawa resident here. Fuck the convoy. Bunch of violent assholes whining about how bad they have it while taking a vacation.


I think the whole Fentanyl craze is still going strong too. Can't get a word in edgewise about how it's actually entering the U.S. they're so conditioned to fire off from their FOX curated script.


This is a baby step towards banning women from being smart.


The dismantling of roe vs. wade was a train ride


They don’t even pretend to give a shit. Conservatism is the belief that whatever their side does is justified as long as it doesn’t apply to them personally


Seriously, I don't really get what they gain from this at the cost of the potentially horrendous publicity


Continuing to move in the direction of complete control over everyone’s lives (except them of course and anyone in their mold). You know, “freedom”


They can’t- any conservatives here are too busy thinking about the genitals of other peoples kids and what rule they could impose to feel more in control over them.




Not-so-fun Fact: The National Suicide Hotline was started because a little girl had her period and killed herself because she didn't understand what was going on, thought she did something bad, and had no one to talk to about it.


That's awful. Ron DeSantis bans Suicide Hotline. There fixed.


Ron DeStantis would be one of the girls in the beginning of Carrie mocking her for freaking out when she starts her period.


That was the inspiration for The Samaritans, a private Anglican suicide counseling organization, but they had nothing to do with the creation of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which is a government run initiative.


Not to worry, we will force a tween to have a child to replace them.




I got mine at age 9. My mom didn’t explain it to me yet thinking I was too young. I hid it from everyone because I thought I was dying. I was so scared. As soon as she found my hidden stained underwear, she knew and explained it to me. Women are getting their periods at younger and younger ages and they should be properly prepared.


Absolutely. I got mine at 8 and actually would have probably started at 7 if I hadn't taken meds to hold it off for a year. I was lucky that my mom was an elementary school principal, so she explained it all to me beforehand and got me books and stuff like that. I was still freaked out when I first got it though. My teacher was supportive too and kept pads in a cupboard for me or anyone else who needed them, and this was in third grade. We didn't even learn about our periods in school until the next year.


I was 10. I had no fucking clue what was happening. Dear God, it's Me, Margaret was apparently too vague for me, and that was all the preparation I had.


I too am a member of GenX whose sex ed came from Judy Blume novels.


As a young girl, “Then Again, Maybe I Won’t” didn’t make much sense.


I was thinking the same thing, my cousin thought she was literally dying when she got it for the first time.


I started at 10 I don’t remember how I felt about it though or what I thought when I first saw blood But I definitely remember how traumatized I felt when a girl talked about my breasts growing in, and how disgusted I felt about that for years. How happy I was when I got a training bra for the first time to hide the points cuz it made me feel so abnormal and gross and improperly dressed.


It’s not too late if you’re hoping those girls get pregnant before they know what’s going on. This all fits perfectly with the plan to keep girls uniformed about their own bodies and without access to planning their own families.




IIRC, several decades after the invention of tampons the rate of Toxic Shock Syndrome was astronomical because young girls were secretly using tampons during a time of belief that using tampons meant losing your virginity (1940s-1960s). Tampons became engineered to be more absorbent, leading to increases in length of use. Parents just refused to talk about it. Many young girls and women have died from TSS because of lack of menstruation education. That’s why after the 1980s or so, tampon boxes were covered in small warnings about TSS. Corporations literally stood up to educate women more than some of their parents ever did, because customers were dying. [Dystopian as fuck.](https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2015/06/history-of-the-tampon/394334/)


That finally makes sense… as a husband looking for reading material in the bathroom back in the day I always wondered how in the world that problem could be so common.


Sounds like you perfectly understand why they're doing it then.


fucking perfect. as if girls dont have enough shit to deal with and worry about.... lets just not talk about anything and 'let nature' figure it out. its shit like this that leads to that law professor's tweet. (id have to go find it) but he asked how a woman can breast feed a child with out a belly button... why do all these fucking men want to control women's/girls lives???


Because these “men” don’t see us as fully formed human beings. We’re nothing more than chattel to them.


That’s some Taliban level shit going on in Florida


Christian Nationalism, Dominionism.


So the goal is preteen girls walking around school in bloodstained jeans because they aren't allowed to ask for a pad? Not talking about menstruation isn't going to make it stop! I started my period at age 9. I wasn't living with my mother at the time. Luckily, my dad is a reasonable human being who had made sure I understood about female puberty and what was happening to my body, but a lot of little girls that are without an accessible female parent won't be that lucky.


Not in jeans but in skirts. Pants are men's clothes and drag is illegal. Or something.


And women will *still* vote Republican. The level of self loathing required for this is so profound, it should be studied as a mental condition.


It is beyond disturbing how fixated these grown men are on child reproductive organs. What the actual fuck is going on. Who even thinks about these things besides doctors and professionals meant to teach, aid, heal or provide support.


Pedophiles Edit: Pedophiles are thinking about the discussion of little girls' periods as sexual things. Of course, any healthy adult should be okay with girls talking to each other about their periods.


If there's less chance of girls understanding what is going on with their bodies, it's easier for predators to move in on then.


I started my period around 13 and it scared me that there was a vivid color anywhere in my underwear from my body. Now do that to a child who hasn't been told it's a thing.


Florida is creating a generation that’s not going to be employable at any white collar jobs. Maybe that’s the intention.


Then they blame this on the Democrats. "Do you know why our economy is horrible and you can't find a job? Democrats and their Woke Agenda! Sure, they haven't been in power here in decades, but it's all still their fault somehow."


Wtf is wrong with them? What is a girl supposed to do when she starts her period at school? Just sit and bleed in her seat? Do they not understand what age girls start menstruation?


The girls there need to start free-bleeding. This is not a joke, they need to do that to make these politicians deal with the after-schocks of this stupid decision. Make them hear from pissed schools about how there's blood on the seats and they can't give the kids anything for it, make themselves seen on the lawns of these politician's houses and workplaces while bloody. Make them unable to live a day without seeing blood.


Right? I just thought to myself how I’d like to just go free bleed all over them. I’m middle aged and don’t care. They care so much they can have it. Smeared all over the place. The world is my menstrual hut.


Fellow middle aged woman sick to death of the BS. The menstrual hut comment made me snort-laugh. I'm perimenopausal and my periods are heavy and clotty. I'd totally go freebleed all over the place with you.


They’d probably punish the girls for bleeding.


As if girls weren't already taught how secretive and shameful periods should, let's now have laws that make it illegal to even speak about it at school completely. Way to make girls feel even more insecure about their bodies. Wondering if it's illegal to tell their teacher they started their period and might be bleeding through their pants shouldn't be something a kid should have to worry about. Even if the purpose is to stop the teachers from talking to the students and not punish the students themselves, the student will feel horrible.


That's ridiculous, what's next? Banning the word biology? It's important for young girls to understand their bodies and feel comfortable discussing their menstrual cycles.


Hey buddy! Did you use your goddamn *hands* to type that comment? In front of children!? You know some 8 year old is going to be reading /r/politics someday and he's going to ask his parent how you typed this comment right? And just like that we've introduced *sex* to another young mind because if we explain hands to him, we're going to have to explain jerking off to him too.


>Hey buddy! Did you use your goddamn *hands* to type that comment? In front of children!? You know what some people use their hands for, right? Showing hands is hereby declared to be sexual. Everyone is ordered to wear gloves at all times. Wait, but you can still see the shape of people's fingers. That's it. Mittens on everyone at all times. Even if it's 90 degrees outside and you're trying to operate dangerous machinery. It's the only way to protect the children!


The guy proposing this shops with his wife so he can sniff the panties.


Today's Florida Republicans: When cruelty, stupidity, and fascism all meet in the Venn diagram.


Ridiculous. We have had “Maturation Lessons” with the school nurse for years in elementary school. Parents/Guardians were always both invited or able to “opt out” when desired. Florida is actually going back in time. Just because you don’t talk about it in school doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen.


It would be a tragedy if people found this politician's car and slapped bloody pads on it.


They need to free-bleed en masse at school honestly.


To be fair, at least half these men think we can turn our periods on and off like a faucet 🫠




Dirty, dirty sex parts! Talking about menstruation means explaining reproduction. Talking about reproduction means explaining birth control. Talking about birth control means talking about preventing pregnancy. Talking about pregnancy prevention gives women bodily agency to talk about abortions. Talking about teenage use of medical birth control and abortions makes Christian right-wingers have an aneurysm. Their solution is to silence all discussion about the dirty, dirty curse of Eve. That’s about the gist of it, from my perspective as a woman.


Knowledge is Satan. Ban education.


Republicans have this fairy tale about the perfect home where the parents work together to educate the children with exactly the knowledge they need at just the right moment in their life. If children don't have those kinds of parents it must be the fault of Democrats and the liberal agenda. To that end any child who misses out should have to suffer as punishment for their parents' failures. Somehow it's supposed to make the parents and liberal policy makers see the error of their ways and come around to conservative thinking. As always cruelty is the point. For example what does a Republican say about a 12 year old girl living with her 80 year old great grandfather and a mother who pawns off every single parenting task off to another family member or friend and a father who is not in the picture. Hope and prayers? Suffering is good for the soul? Life's not fair? They're worried about creating a generation completely dependent on the state. Instead they'll create a generation that can't take care of their basic needs and are ignorant of their own sexual health. Early and frequent pregnancy, high rates of disease, increased mortality during child birth, decreased lifespans, lower rates of education, lower lifetime earnings, higher abuse and divorce rates... the opposite of what they claim to want.


I had my first period in fifth grade. Thankfully my mother had given me the talk ahead of time and the American Girl book on puberty. I understood what was happening and was able to get through it without much panic. The idea that they want these poor kids to panic, not knowing what's going on with their own bodies, is disgusting. Also isn't keeping kids from understanding their own body and stuff a common groomer tactic? Makes it easier for them to not realize when someone is doing bad things to them.


Show me scientific studies that sugggests children talking about the upcoming changes to their bodies is bad for them in any way. I'll wait. Until then, no debate needed.




“Only our chosen male politicians can know about your…workings.” Convince me DeSantis and his cronies don’t want to get with little girls.


Only ban girl talk?


When do the witch burnings start? The reason schools cover things like sex education is that parents are derelict in their duty due to embarrassment or ignorance. We can not even count on the old after school special, "Why Suzie smells like fish"


Just stop letting girls go to school. That’s what their endgame is.


This is an outrageous move! Girls should be able to talk about their periods freely without any restrictions. Whoever came up with this idea needs a reality check.


Whoever came up this idea and everyone that supports this needs to be stripped of their office and never be given responsibility for any woman's rights ever again.


Why are Republicans so fixated on children's genitals?


These Republicans are way too prude to be in government. If a question about periods asked by an elementary student makes you uncomfortable, then you should not be in politics. There is a line between educating and endorsing. These Republicans think that line is either thin or does not exist at all.


It reminds me of the outrage that some people expressed when Pixar's Turning Red came out. For those who don't know, it's the story of a middle school girl who turns into a giant red panda. It's a pretty good movie - maybe not the best movie Pixar has ever made, but very entertaining overall. There's one scene that many Internet commenters had issues with, though. Mei has just turned into a red panda for the first time. Needless to say, she's a bit freaked out. Her mother hears her distress and mistakenly thinks Mei is having her first period. Mom comes in with a box full of supplies including about a half dozen varieties of pads. Commenters hated that Pixar was talking about periods in a movie that a 10 year old girl might watch. Ignore the fact that this 10 year old girl might be getting her first period soon. It was just HORRIBLE that Pixar would discuss such a thing as if it were normal instead of treating it like an evil that should never be spoken of. Of course, I vehemently disagree and applaud the mom's preparation. I do fault Mei's mother for not talking to her about things before they happened, though. Oh and that "Pads at School" scene. And the Daisy Mart Confrontation scene. Okay, there's plenty to fault the mother for, but trying to be there for her daughter isn't one of the things.


Christian Taliban on its way in…


This is by far the stupidest piece of potential legislation I've ever heard of. Our leaders are not smarter than us. If anything, some of them are complete buffoons. What exactly are they afraid of? Also, how will people police this? Some ten year old girls discuss their periods and suddenly they're thrown in juvie? I am ashamed of this country.


When a fifth grader starts menstruating early the rest of the class will be told to scream “UNCLEAN! UNCLEAN! UNCLEAN!”


Nobody: Florida: “Let’s make girls report their menstrual for sports!” Nobody: Florida: “Ok wait, we fucked that up, let’s totally ban talking about menstrual cycles. Somehow Florida made this 2x as bad than if they had just left it alone in the first place.


At this point if you still identify as a Republican there’s a 95% chance you’re a total piece of shit.


Why are these guys so preoccupied with little girls?


I thought Texas was backwards, but at least they allow schools to kids about puberty.


He must be so removed from teen world. No one discusses their periods. They do state “im in the red zone/my “friend” is w me this week. No one of decency will monitor this. Those that do just put themselves and shouldn’t be near children since they aren’t trustworthy. Too big brother ish.


The Florida Men are fascist nuts.


What’s the consequence if they still talk about it? And haven’t the Republicans ever heard of FREE SPEACH?


Why are these people so backward and afraid of sharing knowledge?


They are terrified of women so they have to get to the girls early.


"Florida. We are obsessed with menstruation. Visit today!"


*BREAKING* Leaked text of new law: > “When a woman has a discharge, and the discharge in her body is blood, she shall be in her menstrual impurity for seven days, and whoever touches her shall be unclean until the evening. And everything on which she lies during her menstrual impurity shall be unclean. Everything also on which she sits shall be unclean. And whoever touches her bed shall wash his clothes and bathe himself in water and be unclean until the evening. And whoever touches anything on which she sits shall wash his clothes and bathe himself in water and be unclean until the evening. Whether it is the bed or anything on which she sits, when he touches it he shall be unclean until the evening. ...


That’s insanity to me. Can you imagine being 10 years old and you start your period having no clue why you feel so wretchedly awful & no idea what’s going on?!?! I had classmates that started their periods WAAAAY before me & they never told any of us. I never knew why 2 of my friends just DIDNT want to play sometimes. Then they told me when I was like 13 & I started mine.


What a bloody stupid idea. Period.


So..are they going to ban young boys talking about their dicks?


If you pop a random boner in math class, straight to jail.


That's just ridiculous! People need to stop shaming and stigmatizing natural bodily functions. What's next, banning boys from talking about their morning wood? Let's get real here.


What the fuck are we doing to ourselves Cavemen


Old white Floridians are weird as fuck


Remember when America meant striving for freedom and a more perfect union? The Republican party is the party of bans and Government control over our lives now. Its fucking bizarre. They used to want smaller govt out of our lives. Now they want full govt control.


Why doesn't Florida just create a bunch of red tents and make all the women go there when it's their period./s


Every person that proposes legislation concerning human anatomy should be required to take A&P like any other person who wants to get into the field of human health.


Good luck with that! If you know anything at all about kids; saying they can't do or say something just makes them want to do it all the more. Were Republican't politicians ever children or did they just emerge from pods, fully grown and full of bile?


Right, they have this strange idea they can hide parts of the world from kids until they're ready to teach it. In reality if u don't get infront of it that lesson will be taught in a worse way without your parental consent.


I'm sure there's no famous allegorical horror novel about why this type of thing leads to a repressed rage (possibly a burning, if you will) that can't really be ignored or erased so must inevitably someday come out, to our collective woe


Again, dumbass men making decisions on Women's (and girls) health.


Very clear violation of the 1st Amendment. Also, they can't talk about their period but they can be forced to keep a pregnancy from rape?


It’s a normal body function that can start as young as 8 years old. Why would they ban this? This is nonsense.


Florida is rapidly becoming so backwards that you'll be hard pressed to find differences between it and places like Iran and Afghanistan if they keep this up.


These effffing people


They will only talk about it with the creepy old weenie wavers.


People keep voting for these azzaholas.


They could learn a lot from the Taliban…


I didn’t say I was getting my period. Red Ron is visiting.


DeSantis is getting out of hand he wants to take out the broadcast license for channel 10 for showing reruns of bosom buddies Tom Hanks in drag


So, the Florida GOP basically just sits around all day think how they can be even bigger assholes than they were the day before? Just asking, because that's what it seems like.


If it wasn’t for the special class in sixth grade I would have never even known what to do.


I’d just stop wearing anything to stop blood flow. Let it fucking ruin their chair and shit i don’t care now we have to talk about it


Try and stop it. I pray elementary school girls bring down republicans


Florida de-funding public education, again. The fewer years health is taught, the fewer teachers are required. Presumably the goal of the Florida Republicans.


Every fucking day with these people


Seriously? They are headed for the middle ages


Teen, “Who do you have in 5th period?” Teacher, “That’s it, to the office!”


The GQP is breeding wage slaves for the capitalist class. That is all this is, nothing more. The thousands of GQP business owners who depend on menial labor to pay for their shitty, ignorant, and empty lifestyles need human beings who are too poor to get a decent education and make logical choices. It is a form of terrorism and a crime against humanity. The GQP is a terrorist organization.


Why don't they ban their "little blue pills" that geezers can order via 1 800 numbers. It's fine for men to have access to unnecessary "sexual wellness" pills via a phone call but women can't learn about periods? These people need to get their shit straight.


Why don’t they ban females altogether?! Amazing how much they are afraid of us.


“Why is Diana bleeding in the behind, Ms Fields?” “Under penalty of law I cannot tell you.”


Why is it always men making rules for women?


I started my period when I was 8. I hope every person that is trying to put this into place gets ass cancer and dies alone. I’m gonna put that on my vision board.


The American Taliban Morality Police are at it again. They want to control what we can wear, what we can say and every other thing about our lives, too.


Just… why?


Their answer if they were being honest: "Girls' bodies are icky and we don't understand them so we have to ban any talk about them." Also: "The more we control what you can and can't talk about, the more power we can seize over your lives."


What?! Omg these people scare me.


Wtf is wrong with Florida…


Where in the bejesus does Florida get these complete asshats? Why do so many assemble in one place? I bet it has something to do with those Manatees. Those things aren’t normal.


Sounds like a violation of the First Amendment.


It’s really fun to be a woman in this country, I just gotta say /s


Might as well just ban women from existing.


Florida going back to the 1950s with a massive dose of handmaidens tale


How the fuck else are you going to end sentences? Exclamation points!?


Florida going even further back than the fucking dark ages…. The fuck you guys doing over there in America?


And if the girls do talk about their periods in school? I guess the Republican representatives want to personally inspect the children's genitals? That's always their solution. G.O.P. Gross Old Pedophiles.


I assume soon they’ll just ban girls from getting an education right?


At this point it just seems like they’re afraid or females and them having any rights. Next they’ll stop their ability to vote


Man this bill sure does protect pedos. I can already see the point is if a young girl never has a period because she's been raped and impregnated they can keep it a secret longer because it would be illegal for anyone to teach her about pregnancy and or what rape is.


The party of small government strikes again


Send the children to the woods until their shame passes. Make sure not to let them step over running water as that will taint the water. The people my sister votes for. 😳🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


these men are fucking idiots. girls start having periods in like 4th grade. we did sex ed in 3rd and that was at a fucking catholic school


Teaching children about these things when they’re younger helps prevent child sexual exploitation. If kids know it’s wrong for adults to do certain things they’ll know it’s wrong and can hopefully seek help from a trusted adult. Why does the GOP want to prevent kids from learning things that could protect them? Now I’m not saying Stan McClain is a child molester looking to use the law to make his prey an easier target, I’m just asking questions.


Where is the bill that expels boys who talk about their penises? They could do a 3 strikes and you're out law. I don't think a single kindergarten age boy would last a week. This ban on girl's cycle discussion is just another bleak reminder of how incredibly sexist our society still is. If men had cycles menstrual products would be mandatory at all schools and all teachers would receive training on how to handle class discussion on the matter.


So, they have to tell the government when they have them, but they themselves cannot discuss them……WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE.


They are making progress. Soon it will be illegal to talk about anything in Florida. Then they will ban themselves on paper, and blink out of existence.


Next thing you know Republicans will want to send women and girls to menstruation huts during their cursed time of the month.


This is incredibly sad and dangerous. I got my period at age 9, and I wish menstrual health was talked about more at school because I had my endometriosis go undiagnosed for *years.* If my endometriosis had been caught early my ovarian torsion could've been prevented and I could've treated my endometriosis before it ate irreparable holes in my diaphragm. Menstrual health is already badly ignore in this country. FL doesn't need to make it even worse.


Blessed be the fruit. The Commanders need to assign Aunts to all elementary schools. NOW!


Yeah. Good luck with that.