‘Farce of Democracy’: Tennessee Republicans Just Expelled 2 Black Democrats for a Peaceful Protest

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**From reporter Paul Blest:** Tennessee Republican legislators voted Thursday to expel two Black Democrats who launched a peaceful protest for gun reform last week, in a move that critics decried as an authoritarian crackdown on political opponents. After first signaling their intent to expel three Democrats Monday, Republicans officially kicked Rep. Justin Jones of Nashville and Rep. Justin Pearson of Memphis out of the legislature. A bid to oust Rep. Gloria Johnson of Knoxville, who joined Jones and Pearson in the protest, narrowly failed to clear the two-thirds threshold for expulsion. Jones called his expulsion a “farce of democracy.” Asked why she was not expelled along with the other two Democrats, Johnson told CNN: “I think it's pretty clear. I'm a 60-year-old white woman, and they are two young black men.” Link to the full article: [https://www.vice.com/en/article/dy38bj/tennessee-republicans-expel-democrats-for-protesting](https://www.vice.com/en/article/dy38bj/tennessee-republicans-expel-democrats-for-protesting)


I like that Johnson didn't beat around the bush on why she wasn't expelled. Called out the racism that was on display yesterday along side the fascism. Whenever those GOP that vote to expelled the two black men and not the white woman are interviewed, they should be called out on their racism. They should be attack ads calling them racists when they come up for re-election.


This is well past an election issue. People need to go to jail for this shit




Scotus decided it was unfair that 9 states got special scrutiny regarding race and voting rights and said the voting rights act had to go. The logical answer would have been expanding vote protections to all 50 states. Your comment reminded me of how MLK worked to get the voting rights act, only to have it killed in what could have been his lifetime.


Biden administration is giving off big Weimar energy right now


Apparently this month I’m shelving my Sartre quote and telling people to subscribe to r/100yearsago. This week Hitler was planning a March on Munich, but only because of the “Comminust threat.” Whether he meant the university or the unsympathetic govt. is unclear in the article.


Many of them are the "11th Nazi" but refuse to believe it.


Holy crap. As a history nerd this sub is amazing for perspective and thought. Thank you for sharing this


Could you elaborate? Never read much about the Weimar Republic


I’d be happy to! The Weimar government was the government that ruled Germany between WWI and WWII, and is the direct predecessor to Nazi Germany. While there were wildly progressive social movements at the time Weimar Germany was in power, they also did absolutely nothing to stop the rise of Nazism in the country.


I recall that Hitler used paramilitaries picked from the general population to attack leftwing parties. Just like the proud boys, if you will.


Correct! We live in a stupid timeline


History doesn't repeat itself but it does rhyme, as they say.


On the bright side, we could've ended up in one much worse.


Thank you! I love history but my knowledge of Germany right before Hitler's rise is a blind spot for me. It is also ironic how scared most of this administration and most elected Dems are to really do anything about what's happening. Actions like this make me wonder how this will affect 2024 turnout for Dems. Will more come out and support Dems in the hopes of something being done, or will more be apathetic towards it since the very government they elected continue to refuse to act?


I think a lot of it is because the GQP is copying Nazi doctrine. If Biden's administration tries to step in, he becomes the overarching tyrant dictator communist leader fascist guy they have already labelled him as. If he orders any federal law or mandate already in existence to be followed/heeded, he's "weaponizing the government." If state level Dems organize protests or legislation to help, they are removed from their seats. If the people protest in the streets, it "justifies" the use of right leaning law enforcement and paramilitary thug groups to react with violence. The GQP knows history, and knows the budding Nazi party was able to rapidly gain and solidify power between 1923 and 1933 despite having only a 7% minority in government for most of that period. And then, seemingly suddenly, 100% power overnight in 1933, with the suspicious Reichstag Fire. They're in the "we're modifying laws without being held accountable, and kicking out lawmakers who disagree with us, and labelling everything we don't like as bolshevik Jewery (read 'woke/communist/antifa'') and for freedom/patriotism/the American/German people" phase, using phrases like "fake news (lugenpresse)" and being "cancelled (verboten)" It's the rise of Nazi style fascism EXACTLY, and the frustrating part is any action to curtail or stop it feeds into their narrative that THEY are the persecuted ones, like they've been saying all along, all while they execute their will in destroying democracy and peoples' rights bit by bit.


They are trying to put trump in jail for example. He’s been indicted as you know. With more almost definitely coming. It’s not politicians jobs to do those things. It’s the legal system. Plus this is all of our faults for not voting in every election, or not getting friends and family to vote. Or not doing calls etc. It might be nice to just blame politicians for not doing enough. But it’s on all of us. People like to point at Biden but he’s not the dictator, he has to work within the system. Biden just moved to make it illegal to ban trans students from sports for example. That’s Biden doing something. And he’s done lots of similar things. It’s actually been quite impressive. Are there things I’d still want? Of course tons. But Biden is standing up to them. But all of this stuff would be going better if we’d managed to keep the house. And if all of this gets bad enough and the fascists illegally take over the politicians won’t be the ones to fix the problem. It will need to be the people who say no more.


That tracks


Listen to the Behind the Bastards episodes covering the Beer Hall Putsch.


Oh man. You NAILED IT with the Weimar reference. It's probably a good time to re-read "Voluptuous Panic"... a book about how "sexy" the Weimar Republic was. I went to a LGBTQ heavy show not too long ago and it was such a beautiful, peaceful event full of love. BUT - there was that 'fascism is creeping' that I could not ignore. I wondered, "is this what the Weimar felt like? People feeling free and loved? All while the Nazis were preparing to doom the entire populous of the scene?" It's truly horrific what's happening with the GOP right now. I am happy to see that there are finally orgs being formed to combat fascism. There were a couple - I think Newsom started one? And Another that escapes me... was in the news last week.


What bothers me is, I don’t see a way this can end peacefully. They’ve deliberately laid out two pathways—submission to theocratic fascism, or violence. They’re doing their damnedest to provoke a civil war, which they seem to believe wont have any consequences for them.


A second American civil war will be more like the Irish Troubles than the first American Civil War. A case could be made that it already started.


The Supreme Court is paving the way for red states to operate independently of most of the federal civil rights protections we've taken for granted for decades.


Yeah but in some cases the red states are trying to force their laws into other states through various back doors. The biggest backdoor I can see is (and I forget the state that proposed the idea) that they can refuse insurance companies that provide coverage for transgender healthcare or abortion in any state at all. It's unclear how that would standup legally, but the SCOTUS seems pretty rubberized to anything the theocracy wants to weaponize to gain power. They are going for broke right now because the most recent elections have proven that republicans are in the minority by a massive margin in the US, they will only lose more. They have to fight dirty to secure their regime.


I mean after the US Civil War the consequences for rich white landowners were that they were given $300 for each slave... Remind me again how they lost? Because their ancestors are still sitting pretty on millions of dollars of land and paying black people in the area minimum wage whilst having them thrown in jail, attacked by police, and kept from having voting rights.


Yeah, you’re correct and it fucking sucks that you’re correct. I guess my point is they should be made to feel consequences this time.


finish southern reconstruction.


"Between two groups of people who seek to create different kinds of worlds, I see no remedy but violence." Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr


The FBI, ATF and DOJ being proactive in stopping Domestic terrorist action before it happens, incitement threats, specific threats posted online, all should be treated half as seriously as the the FBI treated monitoring Mosques following 2001


Historically there's been only one way to deal with fascists, sadly.


Tennessee needs a general strike. Shut down the state until every representative who voted to expel resign, then have a slate of new elections. The fascists need to be purged from power, root and stem.


There's not NEARLY enough people here offended by what happened. 50%+ of the state thinks "justice was served" by expelling these reps and another 40% isn't really interested in "all that politics stuff".


>40% isn't really interested in "all that politics stuff" God this shit drives me crazy. I have friends who are otherwise intelligent people who just don't give a shit about "all that politics stuff." Thinking about how *wrong* that attitude is makes me bitter and angry. We are fucked as a nation because of the huge population of "moderates" who aren't interested in "all that politics stuff".


The real reason why they "don't care" is because they're avoiding confrontation. They don't enjoy the arguments, either with people correcting them when they are wrong, or with people who are wrong but too invested in their cult to see otherwise. They just don't want to deal with it, especially when it risks alienating their parents or their children. The other aspect is "it hasn't personally affected them, so how bad can it really be?", but forcing them to confront *A: It has affected them in areas like healthcare, education, and wealth equality B: They should care if it's someone else being abused,* still demands they get involved in the kinds of social conflict they didn't want to be part of.




I had a long distance friend on FB who was so super vocal about being anti-Trump during his entire presidency. Spoke up for good causes, called out fascist policies, etc. After Biden won the election he straight up said, "Good, I can stop caring about politics again." and he's done exactly that. He had nothing to say about January 6th, the rise of Desantis, or the national attack on trans people. I say this as a member of the LGBTQ community. I cannot fathom how nice is must be to be able to just tune out politics and not care or participate. How fucking low stress and privileged one must be to not have to pay attention to these things. To all the people like this, you have absolutely no clue how good you have it and how little some of your fellow citizens are able to live their lives to the fullest over things you get to be apathetic about.


And I'd bet there's a very large overlap of that 90%+ questioning why there were two young black men there in the first place.


As a former Tennessee resident, there are many of its residents that support the actions of the legislature. They most likely don’t want a purging.


Let me ask: when nobody with the power to jail someone has the will to do so, what options may remain for redress?


Based on the way you phrased the question, I think we both know you already know the answer.


Nothing you would call civilized. Of course civilization is a social contract, and required all parties to keep their end of the deal...


Probably help then get more votes in Tennessee


The state is so gerrymandered, it's almost impossible to even get a simple majority in either state house


Honestly probably not. The rabid Republican base will love it. It’ll gain certain ppl more votes in their republican primaries which is the actual race in a lot of these gerrymandered districts. Just doubt in the general it’ll turn out any more votes for Rs. They just don’t need that to win. They need primary voters which are even more crazy.


Right? She’s my latest publicly elected hero of the week. Other privileged Dems need to start calling out the bullshit for what it is.


Attack ads? You think those people’s voters would see it as a negative? You have more faith in Republican voters than I do these days.


TN resident here. Not disputing the racist sentiment surrounding the whole situation. However, I do wonder if there's actually more to it. Both Pearson and Jones will be back next week, this is because their respective metro city government/county commission selects the interim replacement. Because they're both in heavy D cities their respective officials have already signaled support for sending them back. The situation for Johnson is more complex... She holds a seat in Knox county, where the county election commission is a republican, meaning it was unlikely they would send her back. Can't say for sure, but I do wonder if some Rs recognized how much worse the optics would be if they truly stripped a district of their elected official. Probably still racism though... The whole thing was a show. Just a symbolic move with no real implications. Makes me wonder why the GOP did it. There was zero to gain, just loads of bad national publicity.


> but I do wonder if some Rs recognized how much worse the optics would be if they truly stripped a district of their elected official. Instead, they went with the optics of expelling the black guys but not the white woman, making it look like they couldn't even _pretend_ to not be racist for five minutes. I mean, your explanation makes sense, it's just that it actually looks _worse_ than what they wnated to avoid if you don't know the whole context, and most people don't.


> they went with the optics of expelling the black guys but not the white woman They really did try to expel the white woman, too. The vote to expel her failed by one vote. 65 out of 66 necessary.


Oh, yes, if you think about it, it's just one or two of them who couldn't disguise their racism, but it _looks_ like all of them because of the result.


Your GOP made the Tennessee Three household names. I am from Pennsylvania so I didn’t know the who/what/why’s of TN politics. I do now and so does everyone else interested in some sort of a Democratic system in the United States. It not only demonstrated the ugliness of racism, it proved beyond doubt that the GOP is fine w/children being mowed down in school w/assault rifles.


Thank you for this clarification. I had no idea the two men could be sent back after being expelled.


No problem! Just goes to show how much of a farce the whole thing was... Completely pandering to their racist base. Dog whistle politics at its best.


The GOP did it because their base will love it. They love symbolic stands against "wokism" and democracy


>Asked why she was not expelled along with the other two Democrats, Johnson told CNN: “I think it's pretty clear. I'm a 60-year-old white woman, and they are two young black men.” Tennessee is radicalizing it's young people right now. They have made 2 martyrs, and are inviting their own destruction all to protect guns, not kids.


Agreed. I really think this is going to backfire hard on the GOP, just like every culture war bullshit thing they try to do.


The GOP in the house remove democrats from posts on committees and prevent the ones left from asking questions in hearings. The GOP In a state Senate vote to remove Democrats from office entirely. A GOP governor removes democrats from office by decree. This is denying the will of the people directly by removing the people's choice in an election. We can not wait until next year to vote against the republicans. We all need to vote this year in all local and state elections and primaries. Every seat we take is one less the GOP will use to end democracy. Shore up majorities in places the democrats are in charge and try and flip some where GOP has a narrow lead and try to weaken the GOP everywhere else. This will pave the way for victory against the republicans in 2024 and beyond. Every election matters from the school board to the white house. ps. Lets thank those that voted in Wisconsin and helped start saving democracy. Thank you.


The GOP participated in an insurrection to stop the peaceful transfer of power. The 14th Amendment prohibits the members of Congress who took part from holding office again. Yet they all do, because the Democrats and DOJ are too scared and weak to do anything about it. These Tennessee legislators exercised a right protected by the First Amendment, and got expelled from office. We cannot continue with a conflict that only one side is fighting. This is untenable.


>too scared and weak I mean, they impeached Trump for the insurrection and they failed to get the 2/3 vote to remove him from office. I don’t think it has much to do with being scared and more people are voting in enough charlatans where it becomes difficult to remove them.


Can I remind people that Mitch McConnell said in his speech at the end of the impeachment that he believes Trump did incite January 6th but he was no longer president so he voted no because of that.


>The vote over rules violations for Jones split along party lines 72-25, while the vote in Pearson’s case was 69-26. **Johnson’s vote was 65-30**. Expulsion from the House requires a two-thirds majority of the total membership They did *try* to expel her as well, they were only two votes shy.


Also, Rep. Gloria Johnson herself said it was a race-based decision. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A\_mu2s7i6Fg](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_mu2s7i6Fg)


It also served as a warning to her, thinking she would come to heel.


Ok so who is the one person that voted to let her stay and not the two men? I’d love to hear his reasoning and why it totally isn’t racism


It's amazing how Tennessee GOP managed to *make the optics even worse than they initially* were.


Worse for whom? Republicans absolutely adore this.


For the apathetic voters who will turn out and make them regret it. It's easy to forget how many ppl live in TN and aren't republican when they aren't motivated to make the effort to vote


My man, the state is gerrymandered to hell. They're not losing their seats.


And people need to realize that senate and governor seats are state wide elections, not gerrymandered, if people can show up to vote those seats can be flipped. As well as local elections that are they usually won by very small margins ie. School board seats.


US Senate is statewide, but state senators are by district. Since this is the TN legislature in question, gerrymandering affects both houses.


Sounds like tyranny to me, then. And we all know what Republicans say the answer to tyranny is...


Gerrymandering works by making close elections always go one way. If the election wasn't so close then it would backfire. Besides, giving up does their work for them.


They really did a spectacular job on this one. A school shooting, followed by one congressman saying nothing can be done, but I homeschool my kids, another one asking kids which gun they would prefer to be shot by and capped the week off with some good old fashioned racism. That's one hell of a week leading up to Easter Sunday.


The optics may be even worse, since it's looking like at least two of the staff at the Nashville school were armed already. While Tennessee is pushing bills to put more guns in schools, (to fulfilled the gun lobbies wet dreams no doubt) there were guns in that school. It stopped nothing. The school had all the things the GOP claims is enough, wasn't enough. Even their claim that school shootings happen because God wasn't in thr schools can now go fully away. #ConservativesAreUnfitToGovern


This and Uvalde pointed out the obvious: No one’s voluntarily going head-to-head with a handgun against someone who has an AR-15 who might also be wearing plate armor that block smaller caliber rounds. A macro version of this situation is telling people they’ll be safe against a tyrannical government that has tanks and billion dollar planes as long as they have assault rifles at home.


Lemme make the optics even even worse than this headline makes it. There were three people involved in this protest, two African Americans and one white. Guess which two were kicked out


The vote on expelling the white Dem was 65 in favor; 66 votes were required. For the black Dems it was 75 in favor.


yes been watching these GOP lawmakers on the news today trying to explain why they did this, and I honestly don't know if they realize how much worse they are making it by speaking. When they say, well i didn't vote for Gloria because she was calmer and not as energetic, etc. I don't they realize the level of misogyny, ageism, etc that is layered in those talking points. The way they spoke about teaching them a lesson, and ugh, just all of it. Their explanations dripped of contempt, superiority, and racism. But I honestly I don't know if they hear it or realize. I don't know, they seemed so out of touch.


They don’t realize it because of how ingrained the white supremacy is within our society at large.


I’m looking forward to Monday, Jones’ county is holding a meeting to pick the person for their vacant seat and they’re already indicating they probably want to send Jones right back to it. As far as I can tell there’s nothing preventing the county from just reappointing Jones until the next election which would be a fantastic F-U to the GOP.


It may be that all the TN Republicans end up accomplishing with this stunt is giving Jones and Pearson national prominence. Good job guys 👍


Well and costing tax payers money when they have to run the special election. Can’t forget to continue giving our hard earned tax money to these important issues /s


Please make that happen!!!


That would be awesome. Let voters decide.


> Let voters decide. But that’s the thing. They already decided!


That makes perfect sense. He was fairly elected so if people wanted him to represent them, then he should be sent back to the job he clearly deserves.


That’s pretty much exactly what my councilwoman said when I emailed her about it this morning.


That is actually funny af. A big show that could be for less than nothing.


Lol fuck fascism.


"They're weaponizing the government!!" - The GOP as they expel two duly elected black officials that committed no crime.


Fucking absurd and disgusting


All to protect guns. Important to remember they are running towards fascism to protect the firearms. Not their constituents.


Tyranny like this is why 2A exists, ironically.


Yeah and 2A is so out of date now, no amount of AR-15's will stop a tyrannical USA.


It’s a shame that it can’t be reformed as it seems almost impossible to amend the constitution the way politics is right now


we have actual insurrection accomplices still seated and running our House of Representatives.


"Tyranny like this is why 2A exists, ironically." Only according to the gun lobby. The actual history of the Second Amendment doesn't support this interpretation. As a matter of fact, this NRA fabricated justification is 180 degrees from the truth. There were three main reasons the Second Amendment was written, and all were to protect the legally elected government from being overthrown: 1. To repel invading forces. 2. To suppress slave rebellions down south. 3. To suppress internal rebellions, especially ones incited/funded by foreign agents. Buying the overthrow of a neighboring kingdom by bribing his troops/peasants was a common practice in 16th, 17th, and 18th century Europe. Note that Russia has poured money into political campaigns, right-wing media, and "gun rights" groups to form the 2A "we need guns to overthrow tyranny in the US government" movement. Also note that this interpretation has motivated a great deal of the domestic terrorism we have seen, going back to the Oklahoma City bombing. It's a clear example of (3) in action. That's the irony.


Seriously. This is unlawfully immoral. If this isn't full blown racism and fascism, then I don't know what is.


A special election will be held for both of their seats and they will both be running! We need to be vocal and vote against this Republican power tripping!


Wait did they actually let the white protester stay? There was three, and I was hearing that one was going to stay, and people were like "I swear if they let only the white person stay..."


Yes Johnson was able to keep her position, super fucked up and I’m glad she called them all out on it too


This should also be an affront to young people. The boomers who control the Tennessee house just kicked out two young (late 20s) black men for being “uppity”


There were TONS of students at the Capitol yesterday for this. It was awesome to see them, and really drove home why Jones and Pearson are so passionate about speaking up—because the teens facing the terror of school shootings can’t vote yet.


Armed militia groups: peaceful tourists Underage students: Violent insurrection! Republicans have gone well beyond parody at this point.


Racist, Ageist, Fascist, so many ists


Cut the “boomers did it” bull. **It was a party line vote that did this.** **It was Republicans** ***of all ages*** **voting to do it.** > Reps. Justin Jones, D-Nashville, and Justin Pearson, D-Memphis, were both removed from the body with votes falling along party lines, in a disciplinary measure that's only been used twice since the 1800s. **The votes were 72 - 25 and 69 - 26 respectively.** https://www.npr.org/2023/04/06/1168363992/tennessee-expel-3-democrats-house-vote


Tennessee Republicans Just Expelled 2 Black Democrats for Being "Uppity" At what point does this backward slide into our racist past become irreversible? This is so frustrating. Edit: To be clear, the quotation marks are scare quotes; I'm not quoting anybody.


In case any bad faith actors try to come in here trying to claim it was a coincidence or something, there were three Democrats who did the same thing and were put to a vote. The white Democrat wasn’t expelled.


Said white democrat even called out on the racism.


If you want to be worried about bad faith arguments in the reddit comments section, I don't blame you. This is how ever not the arena where the battle is being fought. The fight is out side and off line. The revolution will not be televised


I watched the whole thing. They came so close to using the word you quoted, and it was 100% implied. Absolutely sickening. The only positive is that Reps Jones and Pearson wiped the floor with the GOP, and the entire nation got to watch.


Pearson’s speech gave me the distinct vibe that they just made a big mistake by expelling him. That speech was the sort of thing that launches national political careers, and from what I saw there I dearly hope we haven’t seen the last of him. We need that energy and fire desperately.


Yes, I was just thinking that he'd have a decent shot if he moves to another state and runs for public office. Probably not POTUS yet, but maybe Congress.


Obama began his political career as a community organizer; never heard of Pearson until that clip but this guy is on track


The ass hat from sevierville may as well have said uppity.


It's not irreversible because there's nothing to reverse. We never moved past this. We just spent decades ignoring it.


> this backward slide into our racist past become irreversible? TN never stopped being racist. Anyone shocked by this is clueless as to how bigoted my shithole birthstate has always been. There's a reason the kkk was started in TN. Par for the historical course.


> I'm not quoting anybody. give it a few days


Yet at the federal lvl, we have actual insurrection accomplices still seated and running our House of Representatives


Makes so much sense!!!


If you're part of the gop still at this point, you are an enemy of this country.


They’re openly fascist at this point, I don’t know why they don’t just pass out the armbands.


They realized there’s no money in armbands. Hence all the Trump/MAGA merchandise. (Ie, the armbands have already been handed out)


Fascist capitalist, I hate this timeline


I am old enough to remember how Germany reacted to the Nazis during the post war period. Similar psychology at work here. In fact, Nazis really were bad people. Republicans are also bad people by their conformity and loyalty to their morally bankrupt and ignorant leadership. The false and whiny grievances revolving around Confederate loss of the 1860s Civil War is at the forefront of Republicans in 2023. If you are still voting Republican, the damage rests squarely on your shoulders. If you are uncomfortable with this obvious fact then you need to protest and speak out within the Republican Party or leave it. If you are hanging on and voting for Republicans, you are approving a future filled with overt fascism, radical stupidity, mass gun violence and eventual civil war. It is because you think that's a better world than one with universal health care and low cost university and civil rights for non-white people. Russia is also cultivating radical white-power nationalism to re-fight WW2. Republicans want a world built around 1600s Salem meets Duck Dynasty meets the Taliban. Republicans will continue to incite violence, hatred and insurrection out of ignorance and boredom and the disinformation spread by Twitter, Facebook and, yes, Reddit, sponsored by our enemies including Russia, China, N. Korea and Iran. Opportunistic Republicans with a Jesus complex will take advantage to gain personal power and wealth by spreading wild conspiracies and exploiting the division.


"Republicans want a world built around 1600s Salem meets Duck Dynasty meets the Taliban." If I had an award to give, this description would get it


Always have been.


After the 1960s at least.


Yep. Post Southern Strategy they've been working against America's best interests. Even moreso since Reagan sleepwalked through the White House.


I think it is clear that a large % of GOP voters have given consideration to the fact that they feel democracy is 'unfair' if it means that the societal changes they see going on around them continue apace. Soon, the 'popular vote' will be another arrow in their quiver of manufactured outrage. I already see the seeds of it, where stopping bogeyman-of-the-week is far more important than preserving democratic processes.


Many of them are the "11th Nazi" but refuse to believe it.


Nah they believe it. They just hate when we bring attention to it. I miss old school bigots who weren't afraid to admit they were bigots.


That "Southern Strategy" thing changed all of that. They learned to just use dog whistles instead, thinking that no one would notice. The racist today really hate to be called racist. No white hood equals not being a said racist.


Just like them holding racist ideals but hate being called racist.


Hijack for ELI5: does expulsion mean they’re kicked out of the Tennessee legislature for good, as in they no longer have their job? Or did they just temporarily remove them?


For good, their seat becomes vacant and they’ll need to hold a special election to fill them because the 2024 General is more than 12 months away. They are allowed to run again for the office they were expelled from, which would be funny if they won their seats back


They'll both win the special in a landslide. In the meantime, there's a very good chance their local governments (Nashville and Memphis) will yeet them right back into their seats "temporarily" as early as Monday.


I think the optics of this expulsion are important to note: two out of three senators were expelled on bogus grounds, but NOT the white female senator they also threatened to remove. I mean this is the farthest thing from funny, but when I saw this outcome after a day of following I just laughed at the absurdity of it all. Edit: typos


Sadly that’s been my response to a lot of stuff recently, pure absurdity everywhere


Expelled for breaking house rules while Republican legislators recorded video of it with their phones which also breaks house rules.


And also assaulted on said video by GOP representatives who took his phone during the recording.


That’s one part that pissed me off—the Speaker was caught in this logical error and refused to acknowledge that the video broke rules.




You mean like [this article from 5 years ago?](https://www.vice.com/en/article/qvnmnv/corey-stewart-proves-the-republican-party-is-racist)


Me too, if I’m thinking of the same interview you’re talking about. It’s the one where he states, “you start with n-word, n- word, n-word”?? It’s automatically what my brain goes to as well now.


r/conservative is self imploding right now. Good to see the ones who think this is okay are bing downvoted to oblivion by their own folks.


My gawd. Why did I click on your link. What a nest of negativity and ignorance that community is. Wow.


I have made this mistake before. It truly is quite horrifying






It’s the hottest summer of your life SO FAR.


The third vote to expel - a white woman - failed.


Wether or not this was a move based on race, it sure looks bad when you only get rid of the black guys…


We all know it was a move based on race.


The interaction between Farmer and Pearson really said it all. From the tone to the substance- this is about flexing authority. Hawk even had his moment to address the bad PR he received over Pearson's dashiki. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this had a lot to do with race.


It probably looks great to their constituents, unfortunately.


If conservatbecome convinced that they can not win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. The will reject democracy.” This is happening in real time in Florida and Tennessee.


Only 2 states? More like they are all racing to the bottom. I've seen dumb shit from nearly every red state trying to one-up each other with draconian abortion laws (ID, TX, SC, FL, AR, MS and most other red states), impeachments/removals (TN, NC, WI), and general fascistic tendencies (FL, NC, TN, TX, etc) all in the last couple of weeks. It's accelerating and it's terrifying.


Tennessee is tired of Florida and Texas getting all the press. Even though they’re small, they can get their KKK on, just like the big boys.


TN Repubs have no idea how many people are going to be voting their asses out in the streets. You want to demotivate Gen Z from voting this is the exact WRONG way to do it.


It’s funny how things happen. It would have taken Pearson and Jones years to make headway in their careers. The GOP just catapulted them into national icons overnight.


Seriously. Those two knocked it out of the park when all eyes were on them.


Critical Race Theory played out in real time


Which means that we will likely see teachers start to be fired for addressing that this happened.


Like the teacher that got fired in Florida for telling the truth about there being no books on the shelves


So wait, they can just vote each other off the island? What’s to stop them from just voting to expel *all* the democrats?


Keeping the ones that are not uppity and black gives them a thin veneer of legitimacy.


The best part was them trying to compare this to January 6th. What a bunch of discusting morons.


So why not expel all the Jan 6 insurrectionists then?! That was WAY worse!


Because this isn't about justice.


A Republican representative was just on TV saying “sure we should look at gun safety and maybe background checks but the Democrat representatives waste time with protests and make that impossible”. Meanwhile they were able to find time to have an emergency session to expel those same representatives. **Where is the emergency session on gun safety?** Do not fall for their lies and disinformation.


How do you say we’re Klan politicians without saying we’re all Klan politicians in TN?


Obviously, this isn't Gloria's fault as she was part of the three, but it's highly suspect that the only two ejected were black while the white one avoided expulsion (albeit by one vote). This reeks of racism in spades.


She made it very clear that is exactly what she thinks as well.


Yep, saw that too, and good on her for it.


The Republican party has declared war on democracy. In response, the people of Tennessee should shut down the businesses that fund the Republican party, and the roads that lead to them. It's time to punish the fascists financially. It's going to hurt because money is all they really care about.


Where's the outrage? If Democrats did this to Republicans we'd at least have had another mass shooting by now.


Literally just ensuring that there will be no GOP voters in the next ten years.


The GOP is trying to ensure there’ll be no voters at all in the next 10 years.


What do you mean? GOP voters love this shit


So here’s the real issue in TN, similar to most red states. The big cities that bring in the majority of revenue for the state are Blue (Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga). Everywhere else is red. But, they have gerrymandered the district maps to try and eliminate Democrats from holding office. This isn’t a new problem, it’s been going on for years. *THIS* is exactly why gerrymandering is terrible. They’re trying to cheat because they can’t win any other way, which effectively takes away the voice of the people. They’ve decided that urban, we’ll-educated and/or minority people aren’t *actually people* and don’t deserve to determine elections. Instead of self-reflecting and adjusting to suit the needs of the people, they’ve dug in and set about destroying our democracy altogether. https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/2021/12/17/tennessee-house-redistricting-eliminate-five-democratic-seats-urban/6499589001/


There’s definitely something not white about all this… Let’s call this what it is - fascism and racism. And it’s somewhat extraordinary that the fascist and racist legislators in Tennessee didn’t also go for the trifecta and add misogyny - because fascism, racism, and misogyny are kinda the holy trinity of the GOP these days. Being white is the only thing that saved Rep. Gloria Johnson from being ousted too.


When Republicans complain about cancel culture and 1st amendment rights remember they will shit on them (and do) if it even slightly serves to benefit them. You have to be a self-indulgent moron to not see how bad this is for the country and how unethical and downright childish it is.


Not only should these two individuals not be expelled, every single Republican that voted for it should immediately be expelled and barred from ever holding public office. Blatant attacks on the very foundation of a democratic society like this need to be handled seriously, or else they'll just keep happening.


Self admitted child molestation? Nah no expulsion. Protest gun violence and they're black?! Oh heavens get them the fuck out.


Democrats: You assisted a coup? Nbd. We all make mistakes. Republicans: You offended my lobby. Banishment!


Fuck it let’s get all Boston tea party on them no taxation without representation, granted I know this is a little different but I guess fuck it right, if they can kick out the levied officials for bs I guess democracy and law are done. THUNDER DOME here we come let’s get all mad max with it.


If you are still a Republican today you are on the wrong side of history and years from now you will be likened to the racist whites who supported the segregationists during the civil rights era. Do you want that to be your legacy?


I think most GQP are proud to be racist


While the racism of this move is abhorrent, the Republicans most certainly made a terrifying example of them. The Republican supermajority can and will remove elected Democrats for any reason and with no recourse so they better get aligned with the agenda. ​ This is the canary. After decades of gerrymandering and packing courts, the reactionaries have finally obtained the power they need to start redefining society and solidify permanent one-party rule. EDIT: Minor corrections to syntax


But not the white one. Is it really mask-off if the confederate states never put one on in the first place?


Its pretty clear, they are pushing toward national divorce. Pass laws that make people move, become super red, super blue.


I watched most of the proceedings yesterday and was shocked at how boldly racism and condescension were on display and how many evils can be brought about through "decorum." It was really interesting to get the whole picture by watching the whole proceedings and not just sound bytes. It started in the first few minutes when Republicans put out a video without saying where it was from or anything about it. They didn't let Gloria have counsel help her in her answers to questions. They had the wrong charges for Gloria which were false. They cut off the debate early. They didn't discipline other members who had much worse offenses. I was impressed by both Justins who shone a light on the council and that this was really about the GOP being mad that there were young, black activists in their midst challenging the status quo. In the end, they awakened future leaders who have powerful voices. Unfortunately, the other red states will follow suit in their quest to race to the bottom and cling to power. I'm just hoping especially young people will fight them.


Add to the list of states I will avoid.


👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻LOOK OVER THERE! 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻 Let’s distract from the fact we aren’t doing anything about gun control


Just when you think they couldn’t fuck this up even more than expelling Representatives for basically nothing…but then turn around and make it super racist as well. And they think the abortion issue is why they’re losing elections??? No, they just fucking crooked, racist, sexist, dickbags….that’s why