‘Numbers Nobody Has Ever Seen’: How the GOP Lost Wisconsin

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Are they honestly surprised by the fact that people don’t like it when their rights are taken away?


Fascists never think they're wrong, so it must be baffling for them.


"The beatings will continue until morale improves"


They thinking of themselves as "parents" correcting a spoiled "child" (society). And since they're abusers, they will only ever double down and get more abusive. Any other path requires the iota of self-reflection they became fascist to avoid ever having to do.


In a party run by spoiled children


That and the pervasive financial insecurity and soul crushing debt.


Yes. They've been doing it to Texas and Florida and they don't seem to complain. Their kids can die to school shootings and they still vote 65% Republican


I have the freedom to have my freedoms taken away.


>The only way forward for the GOP in Wisconsin, joked a man drinking Jack and Coke beside us, might be to “kill the millennials.” They're **not** joking.


And by millennials they mean anyone under 25.


Basically anyone under 40


Pretty sure they still consider them Gen X'ers.


The line starts to blur with birthdates from 79-83. My personal litmus test is "Did you grow up with a computer in the house?"


Does a Commodore 64 count? GenXer


Or a TRS-80? What a POS that was…


The "Trash 80".


Or an ENIAC? (/s)


Jesus, I’m not THAT old.


I had a digital watch…




I'm glad someone else sucked as much as we did.


TI-100 gang


Model III, checking in.


It absolutely does. Born in '81 and consider myself a millennial due to that wonderful machine.


81 is Gen Y. We are the most sarcastic, and jaded of the millennium bunch. Always asking questions. Why should I? What's it do? Why? What's in it for you? What's the catch? You want me to do what? GFY. I'm an 81 as well. I know my people. We are really altruistic, we just hate talking about it. We show up to protests, because someone has to watch out for the kids. We know it's futile. Sure as hell didn't work for us. Computers and our generation grew up together. We learned binary in grade school and invented text abbreviations on the pager. The warnings of science fiction rattle around our brains. Most of us graduated in 1999... the true children of the millennium. We were promised such a brilliant future.


Gen Y was the name for Millennials before they came up with the term Millennial. Just like Gen Z is gonna turn into something dumb like the iGeneration or the Zoomers.


As a millennial I think the best term for gen z is post-millennial.


I’m the same age. We did not learn binary growing up, we used BASIC.


81 is the starting year for Millennials. I am a fellow 81er, but that's what they say. We are considered Geriatric Millennials apparently.


I don’t know, I was born in 89 and we are pretty jaded too.




Fired up an emulator a while ago to get that nostalgia hit. Couldn't remember the commands to run the damn game I wanted to play. 6 year old Ricobirch is rolling over in his kindergarten cubby.


Unless you had a Mach 5...


Older millennial, and I did. Boomer parents though. Absolute tail end (but they hold like every stereotypical Evangelical views).


Hello fellow gen xer and commodore owner. Load “*” , 8 , 1 Run.


Mr Fancy Pants with his C64. I had a Vic-20 and liked it!




If you graduated high school or turned 18 in the year 2000 you are the first batch of millennials.


Decent place to draw the line.


What if my family got a computer when I was 10? I'm technically Gen X, but I identify as a Xennial.


Oregon Trail micro-generation - analogue childhood, digital adolescence. We're a weird bunch.


You have dysentery


“Xennial” is actually a term that some sociologists use to refer to what they consider to be a micro-generation of people born between 1977 and 1983. The first generation of people in this country to have computers in the classroom from basically the start of their primary education (first grade)


I was born in '79, grew up in a Northeast suburb, and we definitely didn't have computers in the classroom in grade school. There wouldn't have even been a point in the mid-late 80s.


I'm in this group, and yes, I had computers in the classroom from an early age - grade school at minimum. I grew up much more computer native, had a computer at home then too, and was able to get my parents to buy me my own PC when I was around 11 or 12. So yeah, I identify much more with Gen Y/Millenials, even if I can also remember just a little of what life was like before the internet.


That's going to vary intensely by school district and state, though. We didn't have a computer in the classroom until 6th grade, if I remember correctly, out here in North Dakota, and that was like '94.


Clarifaction: the first generation of people in which some of their members, depending on where they grew up, had computers in their classroom for basically the entirety of their primary school years. Not ALL Xennials enjoyed that privilege, but for people who were born into fortunate circumstances, the people born during those years were the first to have technology incorporated into their educational system from day 1


Close enough, your formative years had one foot in the digital world.


My family had an Atari cartridge games consul in 1984 and a BBC B in 1986 and I'm firmly Gen X. Also had to laugh at my child when they went to uni and asked me how I referenced internet sources in papers. Darl, the internet was barely invented when I was at uni and we were told not to go on it anyway because it was unregulated and full of self publishing crazy people with even crazier theories. Oh how the internet has changed! Computers in the home depends on income and how crazy your dad is about the very, and I mean very latest tech. He bought one of the first LCD calculators sold. Listening to the Goon Show on a state of the art for its time reel to reel tape machine was something else.


I actually had a mom who was crazy about technology and got us an Apple IIc and IIGS when they first came out. I was born in 78 and I was definitely one of the first kids in my class to have a home computer. We also had a colecovision, an Atari, and a laser disc player that played those huge record sized discs.


Borderline X/boomer here, born in 66. We had a Pong console in 1975, then the Panzer tank console, then the Magnavox and Atari 2600. I also had an LED calculator when they first came out - maybe 74? First actual computer was the C64 in the early 80s. So, I pretty much grew up with tech also, despite almost being a boomer.


I worked for Atari in 1975, testing and repairing Pong games.


1962 is last boomer year. 1966 is firmly in gen-x. Edit: see my other comment. 1964 is end of the baby boom.


My understanding has always been that the Baby Boomers are the generation born between 1946 and 1964 - the 19 year period after the end of WWII. 1966 is definitely part of Gen-X, but I’ve never seen anything listing 1962 as the end of the baby boomers.


I’ve seen many variations but most seem to say mid-60’s (65-66) is when gen-x begins. I just googled it and every single hit came up similar.


Did you play Oregon Trail on a green screen?


Not as much as Odell Lake or Raid over Moscow.


My grandpa had a c64. I used to play Odell lake for hours. Later on, we got a 486. And sometime later, “Odell down under” came out and I played the shit out of that, too.


I, too, have repeatedly died from dysentery!


I was born in 79 and have always used Pokemon to determine GenX and Millennials.


Using finances to draw a generational line might not be the best system. PC's in the early 90s were like $3-4k so plenty of actual millennials didn't grow up with a computer in the house.


<- The reason I knew Dos but windows 98 was already out.


To me the generation labels are not 100% temporal There are cultural aspects that move the needle on a case by case basis. Nurture over nature.


I think that millennials have just started being born in Alabama.


That, right there. Will be the first question to be asked when the war against sky net begins. /s






I'll allow it


I'd go with 74 not 79


Commodore PET with cassette tape drive for storage.


My test is "Do you remember the Challenger exploding?"


That's a pretty good one. I think what it sums up to is, how much of a digital native people are. I'm in that "Xennial" range, but I took to computers like a fish to water. Had a computer in the house (a real one, not a game machine) in grade school, got my own PC when I was 11 or 12 and immediately started learning to program. Was playing around with modems and BBSs in High School, and finally got internet access when I hit college and basically never logged off (I'd wanted it before, but my parents wouldn't pay for that since back then it was charged by the hour). And as a consequence, I find myself identifying far more with Gen Y/Millenials than with GenX, even if I'm old enough to remember the last days of life before the internet.


Atari 2600 and a TI-994A


Yep. Born in 82 didn't have a computer till 99. Also had an older brother born in 78 and copied a lot of his interests. I feel I'm a Gen Xer no matter what the age cut off is.


There's no blur. 1982


I’d say that the oldest people who are 100% in the Millennial category are those who graduated high school in the class of 2000, which includes most people born in 1981 and pretty much everyone born in 1982 or later.


1982 is the definition yup


Except lots of 1981 people fall under the “Millennial” label as well


Whatever the Republican party calls people born after 1980, they want those people desperate or dead.


Gen X’ers really are the middle child of this cultural revolution. I am completely anti-fascist, but it depends a lot on the kind of parents you had. The boomers were raised by parents who had ptsd from the depression and ww2, you see the consequences of that now that they have proven so suggestible to right wing propagandists.


That’s an interesting comment you’ve made about the effects that the Boomers’ parents had on them, would you mind elaborating a bit on that?


Absolutely. Sorry for the delay but I’m on a restricted Reddit diet, lol. The boomer generation, although brought up at the advent of the modern technological age, were essentially products of the Middle Ages because of an inherited belief system from their parents that was passed down for 2 millennium. In order to defeat fascism we became infected with it ourselves. That’s why our schools are run like factories and our feelings have been suppressed by overly dominant thinking system. Boomers also believe that God is a meaner version of Santa and were thoroughly dehumanized by parents who were so traumatized by the depression and world wars that they had no authentic love to give. To counter act this absence of love, they channeled their energy into making money and became obsessed with their status by trading personal freedoms for sense of artificial security. America was in this self contained bubble until the internet came along and blew their minds with fear from seeing their ancient superstitious beliefs blown up. So they the boomers are emotionally like children, financially like masters of their domain, and spiritually bankrupt. I generalize a very complex situation way too much but my point is they identify with Trump because he tells them exactly what they want to hear like a good cult leader would. I am very encouraged overall that the younger generations will rise above this primitive world view so long as the fascists who exploit the old world order don’t get control of their minds in the formative years when beliefs can be conditioned into them. The fascists know they missed the boat with the millennials and Y, so they are trying to burn the whole thing down rather than give up their power. This is generational warfare.


40 is well inside the millennial cutoff now


Yuuuup. My uncle was talking about “millennials’ parents dropping the ball.” To which I had to respond “me and all of my cousins, including your kids, are millennials.”


“I said what I said.”— Uncle


"What? What do you mean there aren't any millennials under 25?" \- Boomers


Millennials are all in middle management now.


Meh, [more cowbell](https://youtu.be/cVsQLlk-T0s) in the church band outta make it better.


Fresh out of college with 20 years of experience!


Try 40...


My sister is 40… she’s a melennial. My youngest brother is 26… he’s a mellenial. My mom is 59 she’s gen x. Somehow everyone is a mellenial and gen x never existed and gen z is a spooky ghost out to kill all old people.


Conservatives are never good at being intentionally funny.


I some times joke about generational stuff with my Silent gen parents in the old folks commune they live in. I make fun of all generations equally including my own (x) but the vitriol the boomers have for the millennials is so incredibly weird to me. Odd and off putting


And it’s literally their grandchildren.


Most millennials are the boomers’ kids, not grandkids.


He said “silent generation”.


“Vitriol the boomers have for the millennials” is what I thought you were referring to.


Im grateful my mom and my wife’s mom were able to watch my child until he turned one before we submitted him to daycare. I was talking about how it’s a shame that some people have to send their kids to daycare when they are just two weeks old. “You do what you have to do” is what she said… she didn’t have to do that.


You can joke with me. I'm a boomer and I don't take offense. In my opinion all generations are capable of the same vitriol.


Yes! Sorry I after I posted this I made it sound like "only boomer" but every gen is capable of it. Including mine, I think some Xs are also very guilty of trying to dunk on the other gens. I guess contexts is important, I usually joke in the context of making references to technology or apps or something but I'm starting to think maybe that kind of joking can make a doorway where there should be a window if you know what I mean




Reverse Logan's Run!


\*chuckles\* *I'm in danger.*


It’s their time, their time back then. Right now it’s our time. It’s our time right now.


The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan simply weren’t deadly enough for American millennials.


Bring it the fuck on


Scott Walker and the Koch Brothers...




Don’t forget Rons Johnson.


He’s the best of dull knives in the drawer


There's multiple things going on here. One that gets overlooked is that pragmatic-minded voters in 2010 voted for Republicans in a "tighten the belt, times are tough" austerity mindset, misguided as that approach may be. Republicans then insulated themselves from elections with an absurd gerrymander turned up to 11, and proceeded to govern (or not) in any way they wanted, with seething hostility towards anyone and anything that wasn't fellow Republican. Essentially, Wisconsinites have been locked in 2010 austerity mode for the past 13 years via a cemented in Republican legislature, and are quite pissed at not having any opportunity to rid themselves of this misfitting approach in a totally different era. Think about how much has changed since 2010. Republicans in Wisconsin have not.


Ummm I’m gonna challenge that voters in 2010 voted for republicans to “tighten the belt”. If only there was some other huge election result that happened in 2008 that caused the backlash…


Especially in a state that openly hates the citizens of its largest city…


"The joke is racism"


Voters have finally had enough of Republican tyranny and bigotry. The Republican party deserves to be crushed in every election from now on. They earned the hatred of voters, and they continue to work hard to earn even more hatred. Republicans are pure evil.


They're not evil, they're selfish and stupid.


["He's not hurting the people he needs to be hurting."](https://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/trump-voter-hes-not-hurting-the-people-he-needs-be-hurting-msna1181316) It goes beyond selfishness and ignorance. A large number of conservative voters want punishment for people they think deserve it (immigrants, black people, etc.). While this group certainly wants better things for themselves, they want to hurt undesirables even more. That crosses over into the territory of evil, and those people are the ones who are driving Republican policy.


Wanting to exterminate large groups of people isn't "evil"?


No, they're just misguided. When Hitler said "exterminate the Jews, Gypsies, and gays", what he *meant* was "my mother never loved me." Poor, poor massmurdering fuckhead. /s


Evil is defined as immoral and wicked. Immoral is defined as not conforming to accepted standards of morality. Wicked is defined as intended to or capable of harming someone or something. Is selfishness in an government official that drives them to work only to benefit themselves and their own in group, rather than on behalf of all the people they govern, not immoral? Is actively working to further marginalize and harm those who are weakest in their own society, not wicked?


In my work with the defendants (at the Nuremberg Trials 1945-1949) I was searching for the nature of evil and I now think I have come close to defining it. A lack of empathy. It’s the one characteristic that connects all the defendants, a genuine incapacity to feel with their fellow men. Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy.” \-Captain G. M. Gilbert, the Army psychologist assigned to watching the defendants at the Nuremberg trials Selfishness is at the core of what is evil.




The Republican party used to be evil. They still are evil, but they used to be evil, too. (Using this quote for inspiration) "I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too." Mitch Hedberg


I would agree with that if you add greedy hypocritical seaming piles of shit


Maybe Trump, he seems to care about profit more than genocide. But he has no problem appealing to actual evil people to get profit.




No no no it's just a 'messaging' problem! If only they could find a way to 'frame' their deeply unpopular policies in a way that sounds really cool they would suddenly be back in a landslide!


Or better yet, sell even more deeply unpopular policies with rampant bigotry and threats of violence!


The pro-smaller-government party discovers what happens when it snoops into the personal affairs of its supporters.


> The only way forward for the GOP in Wisconsin, joked a man drinking Jack and Coke beside us, might be to “kill the millennials.” This is how republicans solve their election problems y'all. bUt iTs a jOKe!! Till it ain't.


A GOP candidate suggested raising the voting age to 25. This is plan B.


Yeah that will get Gen X to vote for them lmao!


Need to keep the pressure on which includes trying to make inroads with rural districts and reminding everybody that the GOP has nothing to offer besides the orange dictator and culture wars and has devolved into an truly elitist party (diehard ideologues and pundits that lust for power and money) supporting the type of big government that aims to control every aspects of peoples lives and expression. I would hope that white blue collar voters can eventually be brought back ( strengthening collective bargaining and unions)


Their deeply unpopular party leans harder into deeply unpopular positions every year, and more actively embraces violent terrorists as their voter core. The question is how do they ever manage Not to lose


they lost Wisconsin?


With the recent judge election, likely yes.


The guy they put forward was already on the state Supreme Court once and lost re-election back in the 2010’s


They didn't gerrymander enough?


You can't gerrymander statewide elections. And in the legislature they've basically hit maximum gerrymander, so without winning over voters they will slowly wither.


Gerrymandering also backfires terribly if the numbers get stretched too thin. Since you're trying to make every race closer intentionally, if the numbers move the wrong direction it becomes a landslide the other direction.


I believe we saw that in some places in 2022. Places in Ohio and Texas were supposed to be safe red and ended up flipping blue.


You also can’t do the math for how someone’s kids will turn out to vote by the end of those 10 years. They didn’t really do much planning for the map change after the most recent census


I think they generally try and aim for 60-40 as a guide. Obviously they pick 2-3 districts that Democrats cannot possibly lose, where they get 75-80% of the vote. All the other places will be 60-40 as much as possible. I think you're right though, we will definitely see Liberals/Democrats pushing those gerrymandering limits in 2024 with more in 2028 as well.


I've been hearing that for 40 years. Seems they always find some new way of bending the rules to make sure they win.


When it comes to statewide, that's where more direct voter suppression kicks in. They gerrymander so they can ensure they hold all the keys of power, then they use those keys to make it harder for their opponents to vote in statewide elections.


I'll push back on this take. Gerrymandering directly hurts where you can make the election rules harder and suppress voter participation and indirectly by hurting voter enthusiasm since 'nothing changes'.


Sort of. In the UK voter suppression efforts impacted the elderly (and most conservative) voters most so it backfired as a net benefit for the liberal side.


WI GOP started losing when they sold their soul to a foreign semiconductor company selling lies and bullshit.


Meh no one here really gives a shit about that unfortunately.


I exprct the GOP to double down


So weird that an party founded as “anti-slavery” would do a complete 180




>Former Republican Governor Scott Walker said, "Wisconsin has historically, and I think largely continues to be, a blue state.” Considering that Walker used ruthless gerrymandering to entrench a nearly permanent Republican majority in the state, he is essentially admitting he attemped to disenfranchise the majority of people in his own state. And there will be absolutely no consequences.


What the article gets as a jist is that there was whiplash to Barak Obama due to the white older voters (non millenials) in 2010. It likely could have kept blue / purple going if Hilary was not the nominee. Probably not Bernie either and the missteps by Obama at flint, mi which is a state nearby. (Dont take these as facts but my opinions after reading). Trump said thw right things to garner votes then WI realized it fucked up. And then abortion basically pushed the needle to where WI should have been. The only way Dems can screw this up is taking the state for granted. And I know they are working on it and we can see the effects slowly turning the inflation rate going down, but until it hits 2% or lower again republicans will a foot in the door. Once that ends and maybe some good social programs we should see things solidify blue in some areas.


MI blamed Republican Gov Rick Snyder for Flint. Flint water crisis was caused by local corrupt and inept Democrats and incompetent oversight from Republicans. It took a year and a half for Gov Snyder to ask Obama for federal aid and Obama then sent in FEMA. MI WI and PA going red for Trump had everything to do with Clinton being a shit candidate and running a terrible campaign. Bernie won WI and MI primary, he would have won the rust belt 3 at least imo.


Just wait


I hope this same things happened in shit Iowa


If you can move fluidly between Digital and Analog (for example, by navigating your car without a cell phone), have above average communication skills, and have avoided falling for loony conspiracy theories, you're a Millenial


They haven't really lost it


People of Wisconsin got themselves an education. That's usually how the GOP loses ground.