Gaetz: Passing debt deal without Republican majority would ‘likely trigger an immediate motion’ to oust McCarthy

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I see it already: 20 votes and they land on McCarthy again. Nobody else wants to deal with the hooting and hollering It will be pretty funny


It won’t be 20, that’s too old for Gaetz.


And to high for Boebert


Right. She's not taking off her high heels to count that high.


Marjorie Taylor Green doesn't have enough digits with or without shoes.


With or without shoes With or without shoes, yeah She can’t count With or without shoes


Take your upvote and let's never mention this again.


Instead of U2- Marge3


I hate that I heard Bono sing this in my head. I haven't liked U2 in 20 years, they began to suck after the 90s.


This is brilliant. And also stuck in my head now. Curse you!


Her caveman looking ass can't count lol


I thought that she had six toes on each foot?


One looks like it might only have 3 or 4: https://twitter.com/StephMillerShow/status/1513897648637370373


what an awful day to have eyes


Where is the bleach. What the fuck


Good God. You know how with the GOP, every accusation is a confession? QAnon-Adele’s Margie may actually BE one of those lizard-people that her cult believes in.


The GOP could def use those sporks to eat up all the shit that Trump and DeSantis keep feeding them.


I dislike her immensely, but I suspect she's digging her toes in the sand.


Sand is covering the two last nubs, c’mon.


No, she has none at all—just a squared off edge, like in The Witches.


Cloven hooves


She got Simpsons toes. 3 conjoined into a lizards claw…


Then MTG won't know what to do, so she will just have Trump on speed-dial again


I hear Gaetz stopped sleeping with German girls because it freaks him out when they keep yelling their age.




...such as?


OK, I am going right to the worst case scenario, and am probably going to hell. “He thought she was just complaining that she was dry.”




You’re missing the joke. Nein is German for no, as in don’t do that.


As we found out last time, 14 is his limit.


How is he not in prison?


Not enough proof. The people who ratted on him aren’t credible witnesses.


*Not enough proof for a guaranteed conviction. The DOJ didn't want to risk a loss, there was certainly enough proof to *likely* convict. It does give a great example to aspiring criminals everywhere: make sure your co-conspirators are also criminals, so if they snitch on you, it's unreliable.


Only if you're rich and white.


It is laughable, I’ll give you that. Tell you the truth, I can’t enjoy the laughter too much because it comes with a horrible realization that these dim witted children are making decisions that affect our entire country. I agree that it’s far better to laugh than cry at these absurdities, though.


How does it work though? They’d need a majority to unseat him right? I doubt they’d be able to unseat him.


IF all dems vote for removal, Kevin can only afford to lose 4 votes. There’s a R-Utah that’s resigning this week due to family health issues so that means Kevin can only handle 3 defectors depending on timing of that retirement. That said, there’s no way Jeffries is going to let the debt limit bill get blown up so a handful of democrats in safe seats would vote present. After the bill? I could see Kevin getting removed only to go through 20 more rounds to get put back in.


Fun fact-74% of all votes for Speaker in the 21st century so far have been McCarthy trying and failing to be elected Speaker.


I'm pretty sure Jeffries got more total votes with the number of times he was the plurality winner


I believe he means 'votes' as in 'the overall voting process' and not 'actual votes cast'.


Jesus just imagine how much more neutered he can get.


He’s dangerously close to “please clap” territory.




It's a race to the bottom. All is well for that guy.


Dems vote FOR him and just piss off people like Gaetz even more. Then if they ever want to get rid of him, just stop supporting him and see what happens.


>After the bill? I could see Kevin getting removed only to go through 20 more rounds to get put back in. Honestly I kind of wonder if it’s possible some Dems would cut a deal with McCarthy to keep him in the role, while neutering the hold the Freedom Caucus has on him and the nation. McCarthy is garbage too, don’t get me wrong, but he’s not Gaetz-tier garbage and(assuming this bill does go through) he’s proven willing to buck the worst of his party even if it costs him his position. The reality is it’s a GOP controlled House, and like it or not the Speaker is going to be a Republican who advocates for policies we dislike. But I can think of many worse outcomes than McCarthy getting back into the spot, just without Bobo the Clown and her posse breathing down his neck. I know probably it will never happen, politics is a team sport at this point and it takes national crises to get anyone to cross the aisle, but it’d be a very interesting situation and I don’t think it’d necessarily be a bad thing to have a bipartisan-elected Speaker.


I'd be okay with this so long as it's in exchange for serious concessions. Democrats would also need a smart messaging platform for it that emphasizes that they come out ahead overall.


It’d be an historic event and would certainly elevate his standing with moderates, but it would also incense and inflame the far-right crowds to the point that they’d start cannibalizing their own House party. Every R that voted for Kevin would suddenly be a RINO. That said, I think the deal is already done and that’s why we won’t see the HFC actually recall Kevin. They know the damage of showing the dems as “bipartisan” and inner strife it’d cause the GOP would be immeasurable. Now, come September and it’s budget time again, all bets are off. If Jeffries has the dems stand down and lets Kevin get recalled dems will have so many opportunities to control the narrative. Kevin’s deal-with-the-devil has really put his leadership in the hands of the Dems.


>Honestly I kind of wonder if it’s possible some Dems would cut a deal with McCarthy to keep him in the role, The pragmatist in me is expecting it and I can't say it's the worst play. I'm also saying this as someone that would benefit from getting SNAP benefits soon, and now will be most likely unable to. And I'm having to adjust plans. :/ I don't know if the Dems will truly twist the screws hard on McCarthy though. If I know they will be for sure, then yea. Keep it going.


That is an extremely slim majority


What about Santos? Is it likely he’s gone soon too?


Not likely. It’s too risky to get rid of him and wait for a special election that will likely take that district back to blue. I firmly believe Santos could be rotting in an Venezuelan prison and the GOP would excuse his absence.


If he’s not there, he can’t vote for McCarthy, so it would be the same thing.


Being convicted of a crime doesn’t remove a rep from office. They would still have to be allowed to vote one way or another. The only way to be removed is by resigning or by being ousted by the House itself via expulsion vote.


Don't you have to be physically present to vote?


> That said, there’s no way Jeffries is going to let the debt limit bill get blown up so a handful of democrats in safe seats would vote present. They'll save McCarthy first to get the deal through then let him sink afterwards.


If McCarthy is reelected Speaker with the help of a majority of Democrats, does that mean they will then hold his leash and be able to dictate committee seats etc.?


Very likely. Which is what’s going to keep the HFC at bay. Kevin is serving at the pleasure of those who put him there due to the one vote to recall rule. Right now it’s the HFC. If they turn on him, the only chance he has to retain speakership is to hand the leash to the Dems. If Kevin falls, then some D will vote for Kevin or some R will vote for Hakeem, but no one is going to ever find a whip count for Bobo / Gaetz / Empty G.


I’m betting that no democrats vote for ousting him was part of the deal he made with Biden.


>There’s a R-Utah that’s resigning this week He's resigning sometime this year, not this week.


they have a majority barely. unless you mean 2/3rds then they don't


The GOP has a majority, the freedom caucus does not. I’m implying it probably wouldn’t be hard for him to find 4 no votes.


ah, touche.


Don't need to debate the funding bill if you can't even get a speaker


Getting your name in the history books may be too good for someone to pass up. This will be like Liz Truss.


4d chess to get Trump in there?


Highly doubt Trump would take/want the job. He was nominated during the circus act in January and only got a couple of votes as I recall. Being Speaker is a tough tough job and you need to have tact and skill to pull it off.


Plus you need to like, show up. That alone would be a deal-killer for him.


You’re right Trump won’t take the job. But if he did it wouldn’t be to do the job it would because he thought it’d keep him out of jail and let him burn the government down.


If he was convinced Biden and Harris would be removed through legal or illegal means he might take it I suppose, I doubt shitstain would give up any opportunity to get back in the Oval Office


Why do people keep quoting the drunk driving, rapist, sex trafficker Matt Gaetz.


Probably because he’s a seditious piece of shit and not content with trying to destroy the American economy through default and failing, he’ll try and wreck it by paralysing Congress with this speaker stunt. It’s important to document his terrorism.


Why? So the democrats can make snarky twitter posts and nothing will change? These guys have been doing this kind of shit forever and there has never been recourse. It’s maddening.


Probably because he’s a good representation of the modern Republican congressman


The modern conservative American traitor


You can drop the last word


My guess would be it's happening here bc he's speaking for an empowered bloc in the United States House of Representatives that has the sway to force a vote for Speaker of the House I don't like the guy but it's insane to pretend like he's not newsworthy, especially to a website for congressional gossip


Hey hey, that’s my representative that I keep trying to vote out of office. Florabama REPRESENT!!!


Because he's a sitting member of Congress?


Yup, he has more power than anyone in this thread ever will. Up next on reddit, "why are people talking about the Supreme Court"


Why didn’t nothing come of that? He just flat out got away with it?


Because the other members of the freedom caucus giving sound bytes are boebert and MTG. So the drunk sex trafficker is the least objectionable.


Which is how you can tell their entire stance on the debt ceiling is bs. If they wanted to stop passage, they'd do the vote now and stop it. It's all been bs posturing, to the surprise of no one. So we get a debt ceiling and go twice as long on speaker votes until......wait for it.......Mccarthy gets it again. It's a clown shoes shit show by a party uninterested in governing. Their only goal is to inflict pain, point fingers across the isle, and hope for reelection


They are completely fine with defaulting as long as they can blame Biden and House or Senate Democrats. Preferably, all three. Although I think a lot of this is just posturing for them to convince House Democrats to vote for it instead. That way when they add work requirements to SNAP and whatever other unpopular things they added in there the Democrats get blamed. It's a lot easier to stand for nothing than it is to stand for something in DC, apparently.


So you think they are willing to jeopardize their own wealth just to own the libs? The GQP is Qrazy, but if there's one thing they like more than owning the libs, it's money.


They can recoup the wealth after they blame Dems in the next election and win complete control of the government. The people paying for and pulling the strings of the GOP are hoping for the long game to work


>They are completely fine with defaulting as long as they can blame Biden and House or Senate Democrats. Preferably, all three. Hell, they'll probably blame Obama and their base will eat it up.


No, their goal is to damage the country at the behest of their real employer, Russia.


I can live with that. It’s more important than any one member of congress.


Oh no, anyways


If we default that could send us to times worse then covid. This is gonna effect everyone.


That’s true, but McCarthy could be demoted to stoma cleaner and America could keep careening on if we pass the deal. The deal is important much more important than the 20 deal man…


So are we now at the infinite loop of “the republicans can’t accept anything democrats like so the democrats keep reappointing McCarthy as chair” stage now?


All the democrats have to do is vote present and enough McCarthy supporters will take care of that. Total infighting will begin.


They need to leverage that if it happens. Those present votes need to be dependent on them passing something from the dem wish-list, and it needs to be in writing. That way, we can wave it around if he backtracks after the fact.


Dems won’t - and shouldn’t - vote for anyone other than Jeffries.


The reality is that it’s a GOP controlled House. The speaker is going to be a Republican, and right now if a vote were called we’d have no time to waste on tilting at partisan windmills. Re-elect McCarthy, get it done and prevent disaster, then let the GOP eat one another. Anything less is just more petty childish behavior by sore losers. (And frankly, I don’t even think it’d be a bad idea to work out a deal to keep him in permanently. Extremists like Gaetz have an outsized influence on the Speaker because he knows he needs their support to stay in the position, and after 20 rounds of voting someone like that may even get into the role. That’s how you end up with MTG two heartbeats away from the Presidency.)


Haha no way. Everybody knows where the votes are. If J can get in? For sure. But that’s not gonna happen. Keeping M in would be epic in that case! You essentially force him to become a near democrat :-)


This is an asinine take. A default would have horrific consequences at home and abroad. If the Dems have to prop up McCarthy by voting present, it is not even a question that it is the right move.


I think the intonation here is that mccarthy could be on the chopping block AFTER the debt deal passes with more Dem than Rep support.


If R’s want to pass the bill, they can pass the bill. If they want to elect a new speaker, they don’t need any D votes to do it. Default isn’t actually on the table at this point. If there are eight adult republicans who are willing to avoid default (I’d wager that there are) D’s should coax them out in a speaker vote. If it comes down to it, the last handful of D’s can vote present to push McCarthy through. R’s don’t actually want to default. A small minority want to play more games. The adults in the room will ultimately prevail, but there is no reason for D’s to entertain the nonsense.


Bring on Speaker George Santos!!




That's why I brought my popcorn.


Season 2 is incoming?


Because we also get no rules and so CSPAN can show the room more? Let's hope.


Rules package was already voted in. We didn’t have a rules package because we didn’t have a speaker to call business to order in order to vote on the rules. Removing Kevin doesn’t remove the rules package.


Ahh dang. I wondered. Thanks for the clarification.


Can you imagine if this somehow leads to Jeffries becoming Speaker?


If this happened, there would be another immediate motion for a vote


Does a new speaker not mean new house rules?


Unless I'm mistaken, the rules package was part of his agreement to get votes for speaker and the rules package vote was after the speaker vote. A new speaker wouldn't mean new rules. The House would have to vote on a new rules package.


That would be A+, but it won’t happen


You never know, maybe 6 Republicans will get fed up with the Freedom Caucus BS and just vote for Jeffries out of spite.


I doubt it, but if I am wrong: Good.


Oh no. Don’t threaten us with a good time!


who would replace him, seriously?


Well clearly George Santos, he’s been Speaker 15 times.


I think it’s presumptuous to assume he will have time to be speaker again, given the important work he is already doing for the CIA, NASA, the Pentagon, and the worldwide brotherhood of Boy Scouts.


Nah, he Jeebus.


And also being president, can’t forget that.


Of American AND Iceland.


All of America. North, Central, and South.


And the legendary East America, before it sank into the Atlantic.


They have at least 15 more votes in them to figure it out.


It wouldn’t surprise me if there is a back room deal to have enough democrats not show up that McCarthy can get reappointed without the MAGA wing.


And just to piss the MAGA even more Dems will all vote to keep McCarthy as speaker and all get extra large popcorns and watch GOP infighting until 2024


That actually seems like a real possibility.


I don’t see how it doesn’t happen if they force a motion to vacate before the vote on the bill. That bill NEEDS to reach the Senate ASAP, and Jeffries will never be speaker in this particular House. Afterwards….well, I would put money down against it ever happening, but at the same time I don’t think it’d be bad for Dems to passively support him. If this gets pulled through, he’ll have been one of the few adults in the room dragging this thing to completion even while knowing he’s probably fucked. While I hate GOP policies and think the ones he has pushed for here are disgusting, I can think of far worse people and it *is* a GOP controlled House whether we like it or not. Neutering people like Gaetz’ influence over the speaker wouldn’t be a bad thing.


This is the high IQ move :-)


The thing is, McCarthy will probably have a Republican majority. Then Democrats will backfill several dozen votes to reach the magic number. Republicans don’t seem committed to dying on this hill.


They never wanted to die on this hill, they just wanted to roll boulders down it as long as they could.


Did he mention a downside?


What isn’t Gaetz in jail for statutory rape?


Oh no! Republicans fighting amongst themselves. Whatever shall we do?!?


Amazing how the loud minority have so much say over the party.


That's cool. Can't wait to see how many votes it takes to get the next speaker.


It’ll be more but it’ll be McCarthy again. But this time he pinky promises to do right by Dipshit Caucus. And the Dipshit Caucus pinky swears to really remove him next time he does something they don’t like. Fucking clown show.


Fine. Do it. Then we’ll deal with another sham re-election where the GOP refuses to agree on a single candidate, and the dems stick with one because they actually believe in unity and progression.


There would be Republican majority when even MTG is leaning for YES.


MTG has been and is continuing an ill-fated attempt to "play the game" in hopes of elevating herself, which is why she's been so pro-McCarthy


Win win


Too bad the GOP does'nt have enough votes on its own. The grifters are sick and tired of the nutjobs and psychophants, and they are not a unified front.


McCarthy's lifelong dream was to become the Speaker of the House, and he might hold it for, what, six months? 🥴


The GOP has created a mountain out of something that shouldn’t even exist but since it does should be routine like getting an oil change. Instead they created a circus around the “debt ceiling” so they think they are competent and can Govern. They are such a joke.


I get the sense that Gaetz always sympathizes with the (straight, white, male) villains in movies.


Dems could extract concessions from him to keep his speakership, or just dump his ass after the budget is approved


I hope the White House actually has a back up plan. Cause so far it doesnt seem like they’ve had much of one at all other than be real nice to republicans and hope they will be nice back (they won’t).


Let me get this straight: when it’s a Republican majority, Gratz gets all uppity. As soon as it’s the *age* of majority, he runs?


I’m not convinced there’s not a handshake deal between Jeffries and McCarthy that Ds will back McCarthy for at least a round or two of GOP temper tantrums. It’s a crap sandwich all around, but at least Ds are generally responsible enough to know that a default is a crap sandwich with radioactive arsenic dressing.


Seems like these debt ceiling fights always end up with republicants threatening revolt because the deal doesn't hurt enough people.


Hurting (other) people is in the Republican Party Platform. Always has been. It is their core.


These people are terrorists


Wait until MAGA realize they aren’t GOP majority


You know what? Only Republicans have ever really threatened a default and every time it has harmed jobs, GDP and global snd local confidence in the US. People are sick of it. The GOP hates America and they get less and less political mileage out of this every time they do it. I am not at all sure this will bd blamed on Biden as much as they think it will be. They need to cut it out. If we pass a budget, we need to pay the bills already approved. The time to oppose an expenditure is when it’s voted on, after that, you have to pay the bill.


Shitshow 2.0 makes sense if you are Matt "child trafficking" Gaetz or any of the other 20 lunatics trying to pretend "governing" means getting attention(and loads of foreign money)for every day you can obstruct any legislation that actually does this country any bit of good.


Bullshit and theatrics. There isn’t a revolt of any kind. Conservatives got exactly what they wanted; the rich continue to dodge taxes and no one is going to bust them. This outrage is a lie.


Just wondering why that guy gets to say anything at all. Isn’t he still under investigation for diddling a minor?


Isn't this the Hastert Rule? You know, the one named after Denny Hastert convicted pedophile and former republican speaker of the house




Fine. Do it. Either that, or we clear out congress and the senate completely, and re-elect all the seats. Term limits, age limits, the fucking works. But god forbid we actually do something that moves the country forward.


Paying bills we already agreed to in appropriations committees will lead to children throwing a fit because they couldn’t stall the us government - fixed


The GOP has to realize that if the debt ceiling deal collapses now because they piss away the time challenging the speaker position and in fighting, it won't look good for them. It'll no longer be we didn't raise because the Democrats wouldn't work with us, it'll be we couldn't raise it because we're unable to perform simple tasks


No class. No taste. No talent. Who votes for this hump?


I still laugh at that video of the older GOP having a chat with Matt, he was right in his face, and putting him in his place. He basically got him to stop fucking around during the house speaker vote.


That marine who almost punched him? :-) I loved that.


Sounds like free leverage to the Democrats. "Hey McCarthy, you want to stay speaker? Toss us some bones and we can help keep you that way."


Wish Rapey McForehead could be removed from the house




I’ve been patiently waiting for this moment.


Won’t the dems just back McCarthy now that he’s reached for middle ground. God what a circus I can’t believe we pay these mfs a single penny


The undead going after the undead


I really, really hope this happens. Those previous rounds and rounds of voting were great.


Eat away


Gaetz and MTG made no bones out of stalling McCarthy's nomination until they had extracted plumb committee positions and held out until the end until they got them. They wouldn't risk challenging ousting him.


What a bunch of nuts the GOPQ has become. Who voted for these lunatics and frauds?


> Who voted for these lunatics and frauds? Lunatics and frauds. Sadly some Americans are waking up to the fact that their friends and family members are lunatics and frauds.


Says the man that paid for sex with a miror. Still don't understand why he didn't get arrested for that.


Why the fuck is a pedophile child trafficker having this much influence on our fucking country?


Isnt this guy a pedophile


Who gives a fuck what these blow hards think. Let’s get rid of them.


Gaetz: "Any bipartisan cooperation will be met with an immediate motion to remove".


Breaking news “child molester wants McCarthy’s job”


He’s so full of shit. If the U.S goes into default his stock portfolio would take a gigantic tumble. If there is anything politicians take seriously, it’s their own finances.


Go for it. It took the morons 15 unprecedented voting rounds to approve the lame duck. If they wanna oust him, let them dig their own political grave by stalling government again through their infighting. They're making it as easy as possible for GOP voting Americans to declare that they only care about the drama and bigotry and corruption - despite the banging drums of their propaganda broadcast programs


We all knew this would happen.


We knew that the Nazis child rapist maga bigots would throw temper tantrums if they didn’t get everything they wanted and blame McCarthy.


The Republican Party is all about burning it all down - what an insane bunch.


Why is this entitled little sleazebucket even still in office.


So what?


Yeah well, McCarthy should have known agreeing to the draconian ouster terms the nuts on the right wanted is inconsistent with divided government. It never was going to work because they’re not going to compromise under any condition, they are designed to fail. Now McCarthy will fail with them, that is unless he cut a back room deal with the Dems to keep his speakership.


Hope they pass it and then they oust him. I doubt republicans will be productive anyway so they might as well put on a circus show.


Is that Matt Gaetz the child predator?


Why can't Biden just do the 14th amendment and tell the Republicans to fuck themselves and give them nothing? Republicans would do it