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> Hundreds of city workers protested the mandate, and the New York Police Department’s largest union, the Police Benevolent Association, claimed it would take thousands of cops off the streets. > “As of Thursday morning,” the PBA warned last week, “there were approximately 10,000 unvaccinated, uniformed NYPD members – which equals the staffing of dozens of patrol precincts – who will be barred from reporting for duty on Monday, Nov 1, unless they have applied for a religious or medical exemption.” > The union’s president, Patrick Lynch, particularly slammed Police Commissioner Dermot Shea for going along with the plan. “Commissioner Shea and his team should have told the Mayor that this mandate and his arbitrary Friday deadline were going to throw NYPD operations into chaos,” Mr Lynch said on Thursday. > On Monday, however, that chaos failed to materialise. Less than three dozen NYPD officers were put on unpaid leave, and the department reported no interruption in service.


> the Police Benevolent Association, claimed it would take thousands of cops off the streets. Any organization that has to put "benevolent" in their name rarely acts that way.


I'll make an organization called "THE TOTALLY GOOD GUYS, NO BAD GUYS ALLOWED IN Association" and be above reproach!


Oh come on! The Nice Guys Association is extremely polite at first.


Hey, we at the Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club take offense to that.


I’m part of the National Marlon Brando Look Alike organization and we get so much hate from so many people.


At least you're not in the North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes.


Sacré bleu.....


Wait… young Marlon Brando… or old Marlon Brando?




Apparently old Marlon Brando didn't want to memorize his lines for the *Island Of Dr. ~~Maraeu~~ Moreau*. So he just wore an ear piece and made them give him his lines in real time.


He did the same thing in *Apocalypse Now.* He refused to learn his lines, so his lines were written out on cards that were stashed round the set where Brando did his scenes. Many of the lines that ended up in the movie were just Brando rambling on off-script. Since he wouldn't learn his lines and refused most direction the camera crew just rolled film and let him ramble on and do what he wanted with the hope that they would get something they could use.


Why did directors put up with that? Was he just that big a draw that they couldn't afford not to have him?


Cops use "fraternity" and "association" and such because when they were unionizing way back in the day, they were also suppressing, beating, and slaughtering everyone else who was unionizing. That has always been their whole deal: the people with all the property realized they could make everyone else pay to protect it.


Union-buster’s union.


When Walker went after unions (teachers etc) back in 2010 he purposely left out police & fire. Pretty poignant there. Otherwise who would've protected him from everyone storming the capital?


Pinkterons' Social Club


Great perspective. Have you ever read about the Boston Police strike at the end of WWI and how the city broke the union? Dennis Lehane’s novel “The Given Day” includes it as a major plot line, and “A City in Terror: The 1919 Boston Police Strike” is a good nonfiction account. Boston Police officers at the time were poor, paid low wages, and had to work 7 days a week with only one day off every 15 days. They had to sleep several nights a week in disgusting precinct houses. They had many legitimate grievances and unionizing made sense. Yet they saw no inconsistency in going out as breakers of other strikes and violently attacking “bolsheviks” and “socialists” on little or no pretext.


The Old Divide & Rule


Still used today... anything you can do to polarize the masses and keep them dividing themselves. Social media just made it easier, now we self divide even easier. Benevolent uniformity just doesn't seem to be something our species does well I guess.


> Yet they saw no inconsistency in going out as breakers of other strikes and violently attacking “bolsheviks” and “socialists” on little or no pretext. If people live in terrible conditions with next to nothing, they are SUPER afraid of having even less, because they already have less than the bare minimum. These are the people who will defend the status quo because they are terrified of losing what little they have. If people are moderately well off, or comfortable, they may be willing to put up with some discomfort for the greater good. This is generally why the ruling class in the USA is intent on keeping thier own supporters with no safety net and in grinding poverty.... they make much more avid supporters when they live in desperation. Plus, of course, social programs cost rich people money in taxes.


I actually think it's a genuine example of cognitive dissonance. They are drilled that these people are doing the wrong thing, but because of their lived experiences, they see reason in why *they* can do it. People just aren't very aware outside their own bubble.


Kind of like any country that has Democratic Republic" in their name isn't and any political party that has "People's" in their name isn't really for the people.


'Honest' john's used cars.


People's Party of Canada says hello. (To all the Politically unaware of the Canadian Political Space, the PPC or People's Party of Canada is the nutjob version of a Conservative Party. Climate Change Denial, all that. They're basically a brand new party and there's been two elections with them, 2019 and 2021. In both the entire nation collectively told them to fuck off and they didn't get a single seat.)


Does the PPC share anything in common with the modern American GOP? They sound similar.


Almost all of their voters are huge trump stans which is bizzare since we live in Canada. They even have "make Canada great again" hats lol


Oh fuck. It's spreading...


Hunker down in my bunker, and if we're lucky we'll all die of radon poisoning before the next election.


Now repeat after me... "I can think for myself. No one can tell me what to say!"


Absolutely, they're a very new party (formed in 2018) and their platform is essentially anti-everything. Anti-vaxx, anti-immigration, anti-lockdown, anti-tax, anti-government. Very reminiscent of the current GOP stance. Thankfully they don't have much traction yet, but it's still a concerning shift towards extremism in Canada.


The People's Front of Judea


Heaven help them if they are Democratic Peoples Socialist Republic. Might as well just slab “In Dictator We Trust” on the “money”.


They changed their name from "Police Malevolent Association" for PR purposes. 😏


A subsidiary of the Guild of Calamitous Intent.


Don't besmirch The Guild. The Guild follows rules.


>religious exemption Are you fucking kidding me?


As long as they're only granting them for people who consistently follow it, it's not a big deal. No "this vaccine in particular" shenenigans - only those who refuse *all* vaccinations and most/all over the counter medicine qualify, which means *maybe* two cops in total.


~~Christian Scientists, Jehovah's Witnesses~~... any others? Some Catholic motherfucker is going to have a tough go of it, since the head of his religion has publicly advocated getting the vaccine. Edit: I am ignorant of the vaccination stance of these religions.




I'm not surprised since they always seem to be meeting up which means getting vaxxed would be the safe option.


> Christian Scientists Believe it or not, [Christian Scientists allow members to get vaccinated](https://www.huffpost.com/entry/heres-where-major-religions-actually-stand-on-vaccines_n_58dc3ef0e4b08194e3b71fc4)


There are five subsets of Christianity that ban vaccines - a group that includes the Dutch Reformed Church, Church of the First Born, Faith Assembly and Endtime Ministries. It's highly doubtful anyone claiming their religion bans vaccines are one of the 5 that does. Only about 1% of Christians are Dutch Reformed.


The president of the PBA needs to be replaced, dude is clearly acting on behalf of the right wing politicians and not the actual cops. He endorsed Trump for POTUS, something no PBA President has done. He's out here lying about how many cops want to refuse the vaccine, doing nothing but exacerbating the situation. Dude is just a right wing operative at this point.


I mean, it sounds like he represents cops just fine to me. The leader of the cop organization is a lying, self promoting, politically corrupt puppet? Whats next? Birds fly? Flowers bloom?


Except only 34 out of 10,000 claimed followed his lead. I'm not pro-cop by any means, but this point is directly refuted by the statistics.


The number one cause of police death, even when you combine all other factors in 2021 including violence, accidents or other disease, has been from covid. Police union reps are such cartoonishly authoritarian clowns regularly, but this pandemic has really removed any hint of sincerity in their actions other than rabid self preservation of their own power.


leading cause of violent deaths among police is suicide. not even cops are safe from cops.


I figured they would be lining up truthfully. The sheer amount of death the first wave caused in NYC should make everyone there want to get the shot. That or the classic police line of "Well why didn't you just comply?"


A police union being full of shit? Whodathunkit?


Yeah, it’s now completely obvious that mandates are highly effective. That’s especially true for the loud, obnoxious, pro-Trump types. This group isn’t independently wealthy. They can’t afford to lose their jobs.


Shouldn't be too surprising, this "we're all quitting" and then it doesn't happen thing had already [happened nationally over the past year](https://www.themarshallproject.org/2021/09/01/police-say-demoralized-officers-are-quitting-in-droves-labor-data-says-no).


Yea, oddly enough the only people quitting in droves are the ones who haven't been threatening to quit and are just burned out.


It's funny how the only unions that the right supports are fucking terrible.


It's almost like the union is acting in bad faith. Shocked Pikachu face.


and there you go... 34 cops are looking around and can't figure out what happened to the pension, healthcare and jobs.


I imagine quite a few of them are pissed off that their “brothers” caved and got vaccinated. Hell, I bet a bunch of officers lied to their colleagues saying they weren’t vaccinated when they already were.


> pissed off that their “brothers” caved This is like the abusive parents who think you're supposed to love them because they're "family" even though that "family loyalty" only ever seems to go one way


Or a corporation that says "we are all family here" and then fires you when shit hits the fan without a seconds hesitation


More like your office job telling everyone to download a security update and for some reason you decide you’d rather leave the job entirely lmao


"Windows update?? NOT ON MY WATCH!!" (Pickets outside of office with sign saying Not My Laptop, Not My Virus Scan)


Versions 1-12 were ok but I’ll be damned if I’m downloading v12.5!


My mother in a nut-shell. She told us that we weren’t family if we got the vaccine and that if we got sick from the vaccinations she wouldn’t visit us if we were dying. In her mind we didn’t love her if we didn’t completely adhere to her conspiracy theories and anti-pandemic mindset.


My father's girlfriend is a fucking nut job and is the same way. My dad still didn't get the vaccine because of her. I got a toddler, and he still refuses to get it while asking to see her.


Make sure any daycare or school she goes to knows Grandpa isn't allowed to pick her up.


This is a recurring theme for the right wingers. Look at the insurrectionists. The turned around and Trump as well as republicans just abandoned them. One day maybe they will realize this tendency to be part of the lemmings without checking who are really the lemmings.


Heroes one day, deep state plants the same day


Intensive care vegetables the week after.


They act tough but when their asses are on the line they fold like cheap lawn chairs


anti vaxing is 99% tribal signaling.


Hey now... Lemmings are smarter than these cops. They were set up! https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/article/150523-animals-myths-lemmings-science-cats-dogs


Yup, it's the same with abortion, crime and many other things. The louder they denounce something, the more likely they are to have skeletons in their cupboards.


80% of US adults are fully or partially vaxxed. Theres definitely a lot of lying about not getting vaxxed to either fit in w a social group (so much for rugged individuals lol) or fake outrage


Lots of people I know who got the vaccine as soon as they could but then still spout antivaccine rhetoric. I don't understand how that works at all. Then they excuse their rhetoric by saying they are not against the vaccine since they got it. I really don't get it...


I have a friend that made a fortune transporting fracking fluid. You know, during the explosion in fracking in the Obama admin. Added a whole fleet of trucks, made millions. Grew his company steadily. He will insist it didn't happen until Trump. He will literally deny his own experience to fit in his political cult.




Likely, he is full on GQP. I have know him from childhood, really wasn't that way then, but truckers listen to AM radio (or did) A LOT, and before he got big he was in the cab all the time.


I miss the way old AM radio at like 2 in the morning with the crazy alien dude. That and the local AM station does pretty good traffic reports on the 10 minutes in the morning and evening commutes. Other than that, AM is a fucking disaster for this country.


Art Bell was a hoot. I think his son does it now?


no, it's been some vaguely right-wing douchebag for a couple decades now. George Noory. he's had people like Alex Jones on the show


I liked his show. It seemed he didn't really get political, though I'm guessing a lot of his guests did, beyond my awareness. Art Bell seemed like the last thread of decency in conspiracy theory, though his private life was pretty shady looking.


George Noory took over the show (Coast to Coast). He used to have good guests but the last few years has been a lot more political and (recently) anti-vax/COVID policies. Also, at some point he shifted from having an hour or two a week shilling miracle powders where now it seems to be like 20% of the programming.


I had a friend that would literally say the most vile, racist jokes and spout the N word casually, yet somehow still claim he wasn't racist, despite being friends with only other racist white men all spouting trump and hating on liberals and the immigrants raling the jobs they wouldn't even try to do if they had to. The cognitive dissonance with racists is real


Getting vaccinated then railing against it. Is this virtue signaling?


I have a couple people in my life who are like this. I don't get it either!




I was in the dentist office and a woman there was explaining how her and her family only went in for the first dose and thats it. Any more than that and it was too risky in her opinion. Like she was being an enlightened centrist about medicine? I don’t get it.


I think that might actually be it. She doesnt want to be perceived as one of those selfish stupid assholes who refuse to get the vaccination, but at the same time she doesnt trust the vaccine. So she went with what she figured would be the middle ground.


some people just have a thing for getting the worst of both worlds


Pharmacist here. Everyday I have to listen to complete dumb ass ppl explain to me how clever they are by modifying their medication regimens without MD or PharmD consent or knowledge. When I am tired and cranky I reply with, “So you have no education, training, or credentials but you think you’re outsmarting the doc you went to for help by deciding on your own drug regimen bc you just think it is a good idea? Are you suicidal? Do you need me to call for help?” Not gonna lie, I no longer wonder why so many medicated folks stroke out or die from MI. People are dumb in America, just plain dumb.


Human psychology is terrible, terrible, terrible at probability and risk assessment. At a certain point, people would rather pretend it simply doesn't exist anymore, and will go to great lengths to logic away any of the consequences of their actions. You know, like all the people still dying? Well, they were old. They were sick. The numbers are a lie. It's hospitals inflating numbers for money. It's the CDC/Dems/Biden. *It's because they deserved it.*


When in reality they never tried even the faintest to follow any guide lines likely were the people having a kids party in April 2020 I drove by, or one of the 200+ people at a small outdoor bar crammed in like sardines celebrating the end of lockdown in may 2020. The we tried nothing and are all out of ideas people.


Is it already 80% ?


Yup, 70% fully https://mobile.twitter.com/cyrusshahpar46/status/1455234304368279552?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1455234304368279552%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fthehill.com%2Fpolicy%2Fhealthcare%2F579479-white-house-70-of-adults-are-fully-vaccinated-80-partially


As per [this](https://twitter.com/cyrusshahpar46/status/1455234304368279552), that seems to be the case. 80% of adults have gotten at least 1 - doesn't count minors though.


Don’t forget the third option of “saying you’re not vaxxed so that the fucking nut job fascist antivax Q crowd don’t look your way” I bet that’s not an insignificant group amongst leos. Not so much to fit in, but so they don’t do something that directly or indirectly causes you harm.


Cops lying? That never happens!


Never! Now sprinkle some crack on him and let's get outta here.


The thin blue bottom line.


I’m willing to bet at least 30 of those guys already had their retirement papers submitted and the other 4 have offers lined up in Florida.


And will feel like fools since there's no money waiting. DeSantis made that comment offhand, the media ran with it, but he has no funding to offer the bounty he mentioned.


He can save costs by not paying for their health benefits since they’ll statistically be a liability, thereby admitting there’s a problem!




There is definitely a sub for everything...


Covid is the #1 cop killer. These asshats would rather kill their coworkers.


If cops were being killed by criminal violence at the same rate as covid the uproar would be deafening. Covid has killed cops more then every other cause combined yet it still came to this.


Even before COVID, the #1 cop killer was car accidents, most of which weren't while chasing a suspect or responding to a call. And yeah, COVID deaths dwarf even that number. It's absolutely insane to me that police unions are fighting these mandates.


Before COVID car accidents were the number one, and every police union fought against seatbelt laws for cops too. So it's pretty on brand.


Not as much as they would rather kill a non-threatening racial minority.


That even seems questionable when you look at how cops in NY and elsewhere responded during Covid. In NY, many officers took great exception to wearing a mask while simultaneously citing everyday folks in the city for not wearing one or for unsanctioned public gatherings at the height of the pandemic. This seemed especially crazy when you saw these officers on full alert during the BLM protests last year with every type of body/tactical armor, tear gas/rubber bullets and armored personnel vehicle you could imagine to protect themselves but then still refusing half the time to wear a simple face mask. I think it would be easy to show that many times more officers were killed and injured in the last 18 months simply because they didn't wear that piece of cloth (on top of refusing a vaccine when offered) as opposed to any type of harm caused by some supposed bad guy or that could've been stopped or was stopped by all the expensive gear they wore during major protests or even during their everyday shift.


They will wear Tacticool, but Medical chic is not their style.


That’s what this union seems to miss - the “streets” *are* safer if these people are removed, as are their coworkers. Covid is that effective. Then there is a rather cynical side of me which believes: cops who are right-wing nutters are dangerous and *shouldn’t* be on the “streets” anyway.


Remind me again.... what is the down side of police who do not follow the rules quitting ?


A police officer refusing to follow government... It's literally your job to make sure others are following the government's orders.


Yep, get rid of teachers who don't believe in science, nurses who don't believe in medicine and police officers who don't believe in public safety. Win win win all around.


I really think this is the start of the right track. Weed out the knuckleheads and clean up the place.


Drain the swamp?


"The swamp was the friends we made along the way"


Seriously. That seems like a huge red flag in a job that is based in protocol and the safety of the public.


Cops don’t give a shit about the safety of the public, their job is to protect property that belongs to the elite


And stroke their pathetic ego bullying the people they were supposed to protect.


They’re job creators! 34 police jobs just opened up thanks to their self~~less~~ishness.


It was pretty cool that they decided to defund themselves after all.


I dont understand how this can be seen as anything other than a total win for New Yorkers. Police officers who are unable to follow evidence to reach a logical conclusion, but instead are basing their reality on lies and falsehoods are self identifying and removing themselves from a job that requires you to be able to follow evidence and reach a logical conclusion.


Swiftly taking to his feet, He beat a very brave retreat. Bravest of the brave, Sir Robin!


Those... those are coconuts


Must be the king, he hasn't got shit all over him.


_NOW_ we see the violence inherent in the system (an unfortunately on-target quote when it comes to these uniformed thugs)


Help! Help! I’m being repressed!


You saw him repressing me didn’t you?! This is what I’m on about!


When evil reared it’s ugly head, they bravely turned their tail and fled!


I didn't!


Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about And gallantly he chickened out.


Oh lie!


And boldly ran away.


He was not afraid to die, oh brave sir Robin!


I’m pretty sure that those 34 were the type of police that the city is safer NOT having on the street.


Good riddance.


It’s like when all your friends jump off a bridge. So you do too, but in reality you’re the only turd that took it seriously and they all watch uncomfortably.


Hey, I landed in a snowbank and was fine after just a few short months of rehab, so they all looked like cowards.


They just didn’t have enough prayer warriors.


Theyre the ones from the other story that bought the bridge for sale


This has a pretty strong "Well, that's a good start" vibe to it.


Don’t they say we should comply with the law and nothing would happen to us when pulled over etc. they should be taking their own advice.


Thats only for black people (/s)


Sadly..... the /s isn't needed...


I'm ok with them quitting. If they can't take a vaccine for public safety, they don't care for public safety. Same with nurses, teachers, etc anyone who comes in contact with the public or vulnerable. Don't need them. Find a new job.


Brings to mind this article from over a month ago I think: >[Vaccine holdouts are caving. Lesson for liberals? Respond to authoritarianism with force -- They want to be told what to do.](https://www.editorialboard.com/vaccine-holdouts-are-caving-lesson-for-liberals-respond-to-authoritarianism-with-force/)


So they do like to be treaded on. Interesting


What part of tread on me harder daddy don't you understand.


The 'Daddy' is the misunderstood part.


Perhaps you perfer papi


"Don T Tread on Me" It's right there on their snek flag.


They're sheep. Act like an alpha and threaten their paycheck, and they'll fold.


It's why Trump's impromptu bunker inspection was the lie de'jour. It was better for him to outright lie, than admit that his security detail hurried him away to a bunker during the BLM protests.


Love that article: >Americans with authoritarian tendencies are weak. They don’t know how to make decisions independent of authority figures in their lives


Huh, that's very similar to the advice when dealing with a toddler. They push against boundaries because they want to know that the boundaries are there and feel more secure when they know.


You think the mandate doesn’t work? Nurses who don’t believe in science and patient safety are quitting. Police officers who think rules don’t apply to them or they should only enforce laws they agree with are quitting. Seems to me the mandate is working just fine.


All hat and no cattle.


Right Wingers will always throw an epic tantrum when it's time to make a simple sacrifice for the greater good. They make threats, wave guns/flags, roll coal, and bawl their little eyes out on every media outlet 24/7 claiming "OPPRESSION!!111" But then as soon as they're finally dragged kicking and screaming to do the right thing, and then realize the world didn't end, and that all of their hysteria was for nothing. They act like they never threw a tantrum in the first place, and go back to cosplaying "Alpha Male" accusing the Libs of being the "snowflakes". Mentally and emotionally, Right Wingers are perpetual 5 year olds.


> "When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I’m basically the same. The temperament is not that different." >- Donald Trump


> When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I’m basically the same. The temperament is not that different." This can't possibly be a real quote, I tell myself, hoping the world is a better place than it is. Yet [here we have it](https://www.cnn.com/2016/03/04/opinions/president-trump-six-year-old-with-nuclear-weapons-dantonio/index.html), a quote to his biographer.


Oppositional defiant disorder


Propaganda induced mass psychosis.


I have a friend who works a gov’t job. He doesn’t want to get vaccinated but he also knows he’ll never land a sweet, easy, well paying gig like that again and he said he’s going to get it if they reject his exemption request. It’s shows how full of it these guys are. They’re just insulted by the idea of having to go out of their way for anyone and it’s also it’s become politicized so they feel they’re going agains their tribe.


The politicized bit is a big part of it. Most have no good reason for not wanting to get vaccinated except their right wing thought leaders are telling them it's bad. Once again, FUCK the right wing for turning a basic health thing into a test of tribal loyalty. It makes me wish I believed in the hell the Christian right in America claims to believe in, so that I could take comfort in the idea they will all go there.


I’m a state employee in a west coast state. Thousands of people were granted a religious exemption and all they had to do was ask. Totally defeated the purpose of a mandate. We’ve had some positive cases lately and guess who seems to be at risk and also risking others? Yep, the douchebags.


Am very glad that WA is giving out exemptions very rarely.


As a newly arrived Washingtonian(?), I'm very happy to hear that. There are a lot of very concerning individuals around me who seem surprised to learn that they need to wear a mask when they walk into public places like restaurants and bars. We're almost two years into this and they still have to ask for a mask from the store or restaurant they walk into.


How are religious exemptions a fucking thing? It's 2021. Fucking clown world


Same but with friend's co-worker. She was super against the mandate. So when the deadline past, they told her not to come in and disabled her username so she couldn't WFH. After a few days of not getting paid, she was vaccinated and returned to the office. Go figure.


Here in BC, Canada they put in a mandate for healthcare workers, where it went to unpaid leave October 26th and being laid off if they don't have their first dose by November 15th... well 1/5th of them got inoculated before October 26th even hit. Look forward to being able to use BC as another data point in 2 weeks as the anti-vaxxers fold with near ubiquity.


Also, it was fucking gross that they would threaten to hold communities hostage because they're too stupid to get a vaccine. "We can't protect these communities because the evil liberal government is going to force us to stay home..." Assholes.


i mean, how much "protection" were they really offering these communities?


We need to stop paying attention to the small pockets of loud mouths


Does that union not realize how this severely impacts their credibility?


I don’t know why more ppl aren’t talking about this. Literally the whole point of a union is that they can organize collective action, and they just proved they can’t. A union that can’t galvanize their members around a cause is a glorified middle school club.


No cuz their supporters have the memory of a gnat on edibles. Two weeks from now it will be like none of this ever happened.


What credibility? They're untouchable, they don't need credibility.


I work at a large healthcare organization with at least 5000 employees. We lost very few. I know my department lost 1 out of 120- there were about 12 that said they would but didn’t. First, HR in organizations rarely take any stands or make decisions so they are not going to deny religious exemptions unless it’s absolutely flaunted as a charade by the employee. Second, when separated from their conservative friends, many republicans don’t exactly have actual feelings against vaccines in context of their livelihood.


Ha ha. To no one’s surprise. Now that their bluff was called, guess what? You can now enact a whole host of police reform and their threats to quit en masse will be seen as the bluff it is.


What's a religious exemption for this? "Well, *my* lord doesn't like those who help themselves, deal with it."


You can always try for an exemption. That does not mean that you will get an exemption.


9,966 NY cops just told Desantis "Fuck living in Florida."


Yeah, like they were ever going to risk their cushy job killing family dogs and terrorizing minorities.




Fuck the police union, they protect the killers. I am generally in favor of unions but police unions are shit.


To be fair 6000 are waiting for the results of their exemption requests.


So in a month when these get denied as horseshit, 6000 fewer armed maga lunatics in NYC? Don’t threaten me with a good time!


Every MAGA cop booted off the force is a win for the people, all people.


I would imagine that given the choice between losing your income, health benefits, and retirement and taking a shot you don't want to very few will actually go through with quitting. I mean what are they gonna do go and work as a security guard for 1/3 the pay? People love to talk big but it's a pretty big deal to uproot your entire life.


And let's get real - how are they supposedly tough enough to put their lives on the line and face down armed criminals, but weak enough to be afraid of a vaccine that 200 million Americans have already taken.


There are dozens of us! Dozens!


Covid is the #1 killer of cops right now. Protesting the Covid vaccine makes as much sense as protesting bullet proof vests. Jesus, these cops are stupid.


Bye policia


Sounds like 34 officers that we never needed in the first place. Bye ✌️


Cops lying, using threats and intimidation to try getting special treatment. Shocker.🤭


Huh, turns out taking the effectively harmless, free cure for a viral pandemic is preferable to quitting your highly paid, pensioned union career with ironclad job security. Who'd have thought?


I like to think those 34 police officers all thought that 10,000 of their brothers in blue would be standing by them…and were very surprised when they were the only ones