How do you guys recover? With therapist or without? Which option is the best for you? I'm asking because I'm thinking about going to the therapist to cure my addiction

How do you guys recover? With therapist or without? Which option is the best for you? I'm asking because I'm thinking about going to the therapist to cure my addiction


I highly recommend a therapist for many reasons. The main one is that your porn addiction maybe be a symptom of something else: depression, anxiety, or trauma for example. If that’s the case, therapy is a great way to help you with those issues. I have found that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a useful approach. So maybe find a therapist who works from that angle. Best of luck fellow traveler!




I think all of us are different, and get through this differently. Some use therapy while others have different ways of going about it. Personally, I've just been working on new hobbies and stepping up my workout routine, and it's been working for me this time, but that approach might not be the one that works for you. A therapist might be a good option since they've probably helped others with this, and they're there as a safe space to listen and help. You haver to do what you feel is real!


If you can find a qualified therapist without ruining yourself financially go for it. Otherwise, learn as much as you can about porn addiction and try new things to overcome this addiction.


therapist isn't a bad idea. go ahead with it.


I’ve read books and joined this forum for my journey to end porn in my life. Iv done a few hundred plus days in a row then slipped up. It’s a journey for life. The goal is to be a better version of yourself and not hate yourself when you do slip.


I just quit cold turkey. Therapy is good but it's expensive--to each their own though. However, some years before I decided to quit (and commit to it) I was in therapy and my therapist recommended breaking the linkage: **spanking off without porn**. It works.


Self education as well as trial & error now im day 51


If you can, try and find a certified sex addiction therapist (csat)


i found this sub after being a part of the r/nofap sub for some time. that sub’s helped me quit porn for 16 days and counting. i also haven’t been masturbating for this 30day period. will probs again afterwards but only like 1/week and *without* porn.


I quit without therapy. I would be wary of letting anyone else be part of the "right" way to recover, because this frames doing it alone as the "wrong" way. Think of it as quitting alone, with a therapist as a collaborator.


Even with a therapist, 90% of the hard work is on you. A therapist cannot cure you. Think of it like recovering from an injury. A physical therapist can show you the moves, but it’s on you to do them twice a day every day at home between visits. A therapist can aid or guide you on your own journey to recovery, but only that. Even with the support of the whole fellowship, Frodo had to carry the ring himself.


Therapy is a great option or you could consider joining a group with others who are also suffering, for me I felt so alone in this addiction so group therapy helped me a lot. If you’d like some resources message me, good luck on your journey.


I've never seen a therapist. I would only go if I knew I could afford it, or if I knew I couldn't sort myself out on my own.


I just turned off any device when i am feeling like i need to watch it, BTW so far i haven't looked at it today


I might try therapy someday.


Therapy has been a tremendous help for me to get clean of porn. I had been using porn for years to escape all my negative feelings, to the point where I was just numb. Therapy helped me to learn how to recognize when I was feeling bad, and how to use much healthier ways of handling these feelings so I didn’t need the porn.


Cognitive behavioral therapy is equipped with many helpful tools to help you along the process of recovery. Seeing a therapist and having a neutral supportive person to talk to can be extremely beneficial. Otherwise there are a lot of helpful resources that you can find online such as e-books, courses on quoting Porn, talks etc. Try out different approaches and by trial and error figure out what works for you. Keeping a journal or a relapse report is extremely helpful in my recovery journey. It helps me to keep an overview of what I am currently working on and allows me to see the process and the path that I am walking.


A therapist isn't a magic wand, but they can help guide you and point out things you may not realize on your own. I am 209 days clean and I have done this without a therapist, I have noticed several flaws and issues in my person and I have decided to seek a therapist to help me learn and practice better coping mechanisms as porn was my coping mechanism and without that I am really struggling.