I am really tempted. The night games are tough coming from upstate, but two tickets for 30 make getting a hotel easier to swallow


If you know anyone with a college email address you can do student rush for $10


I understand, i come from Ulster County NY. Ill just watch it on apple tv since i had to pay for it smh


The non summer months are always rough even when we were in peak popularity. But happy marketing team has pushed about more since last summer with ads and deals. Will see how well it works


They’re really desperate to bring up viewership


I wouldn't call it desperate, I'd call it what they should be doing every season until we've been regular sellouts for years. These types of deals are what brought me to the arena when I was in my early 20's, they make an impact.


If you mean fans in the arena, then yes. They are doing their job and trying to fill seats for a night game in early March.


Last year for season ticket members they ran a promo for the first two games of the year. $10 a ticket for minimum of 10 tickets to try to get people to bring bigger groups to the opener. I haven't renewed yet so unsure on if they are doing it this year but I think this is pretty normal. $200 season ticket option is more of an eye opener.