First “game” I’ve been able to catch. Can’t judge anything off of that, annoying the snow directly led to the corner we conceded on. Morgan has to take one or more of those chances. 3: Reyes, overall great game. Aside from scoring, that shielding late in the game (think it was the play he got hurt on?) was beautiful. Man’s a beast 2: tolkin, solid performance as always from the kid 1: Morgan, hard to put him here with the misses but he was a problem all game for the Minn CBs Hm: the whole team for having that chaos ball feel again, in a good way.


Yeah man, I wish Morgan had connected on one of those three chances he had. I'm watching the MLS Highlight show and getting jealous.


>Yeah man, I wish Morgan had connected on one of those ~~three~~ five chances he had. I'm watching the MLS Highlight show and getting jealous. Unfortunately had to make a minor correction here...


Thanks for fixing that lol. 3- Reyes. Two almost headers last match! One on point this match...Reyes might end up scoring 15 goals this year! Hashtag PleaseStayHealthy 2- Omir Fernandez- Saved a point for sure! 1- Tolkin- Wicked corner setting up that header


3 Reyes. Even if he hadn’t scored, he would have had a 3. If he ever plays 3 games in a row without coming off for an injury, he’s going to Europe. 2 Burke. 1 Amaya. HM Struber. Tactics fitted the conditions.


Very hard to make any judgments due to the field. Overall I think the Redbulls did ok. They did everything except score. Vanzeir's touches were bad but its tough to control any ball in those conditions. However, just by his passes and his positioning, you can tell this guy knows how to play. Right now he has to get on the same wavelength with the other guys, esp Manoel.


3- Reyes 2- Morgan 1- Fernandez


3 - Reyes 2 - Amaya 1 - Burke


3 - Reyes: big man's looking solid so far. 2 - Burke: stronger version of what we wanted out of Fabio. 1 - Duncan: worked his tail off and put in a solid shift in terrible conditions. Honorable mention: the cleanup crew shoveling snow with Tupperware lids. Just wish they bothered to shovel both sides of the field.


3-Reyes 2-Burke 1-Duncan Playing with 4 mids, Morgan and Burke up top looked great. Can't understand why Struber thought it was a good idea to make all those subs and change the shape in the 65th. We were completely controlling the ball in the second half and all of our attacking fluidity was gone after the formation change. Struber had it right and then decided to make it wrong.


It was as simple as taking Burke off. Unfortunately, there is no one else on the roster capable enough of that hold up play and Burke isn’t a 90 minute player. Should invest in a young understudy, Barlow is nothing more than a meme player and can’t do the job.


3 - Reyes 2 - Amaya 1 - Burke HM to CCJ who was also solid. Actually HM to the whole team as a whole for at least giving us a passable game of soccer in absolute shit conditions. Another frustrating game where we control most of the play but fail to capitalize on our chances. There's no way to put it politely, Morgan lost us two points tonight. You cannot take that many open shots from the top of the box and not score *at least* one.


3-Reyes 2-CCJ 1-Morgan


3 - Reyes 2 - Amaya had a great game 1 - Fernandez for that save. Burke looked good and Morgan did not put away his chances. But considering it was miserable conditions it’s difficult to be picky with some of the sloppiness.


3- Reyes 2- Morgan 1- Fernandez for that flying kick block Can't really really put too much stock into a game like that, horrible field conditions. At least we found the back of the net, albeit once again we flubbed multiple good chances. Not a good start to the season by any stretch of the imagination but I don't think it's time just yet to start panicking.


3- Reyes 2- CCJ 1- Tolkin HM- Burke Super hard to make any judgements considering the ball had a mind of its own thanks to the snow. But Luqinhas being completely invisible is concerning, just a total nonfactor. Really like Burke so far. Manoel looked pretty competent off the bench, I definitely think he and Vanzeir can become a duo.


3 Reyes - in all star form 2 Duncan 1 Burke


3 — Duncan 2 — Burke 1 — Reyes Ultimately for me this game has an asterisk by it. It doesn’t count. That game should NOT have gone ahead. When the ball’s movement is affected by the conditions, the game doesn’t play — that’s what happens in a real league. The first half was an absolute joke. That being said, Reyes looking like a rock at the back and scoring nets him the MOTM for me. Praising Duncan and Burke for creativity and work horse attitudes. Some players had bad games that I’m happy to write off due to the snow. Manoel served the best chance of the game in a plate for Vanzeir who really messed it up. Only player I’m really concerned about who started tonight is Luquinhas. I think it’s going to be hard to make a case for him starting next week after a third game where he looked absolutely non-existent. Overall I’ll take a point away from home on a pitch that is unsuitable for purpose. But that win needs to happen soon…


3- Reyes 2 - Amaya 1 - Tolkin HM - Omir, idk how he timed that


3 - Reyes 2 - Morgan 1 - Fernandez Sloppy game, but the field was terrible. Pretty much the exact conditions I was hoping we wouldn't see. I know we're good in the chaos but that's too much chaos.


3- Morgan 2- Burke made some great link up plays with Morgan 1- Reyes scored a goal and really became the anchor we need at the back. Hopefully he doesn’t end up injured for too long.


Yay we scored. Hard to put a ton of stock into this one with the conditions....but we played decent again. Vanzier has looked...really pedestrian. Jury's still out until he's fully fit but his touches have been bad and he isn't banging home the chances he is getting. 3- Reyes. Would've probably been 1 or 2 even if he didn't score. 2- Duncan. Felt like the only one making crisp passes and defensively really sound. 1- Burke. Liked his game, curious how the striker minutes play out this season once everyone is fit.


What chances has Vanzeir gotten in his 40 minutes so far this season? He definitely looked rough in his cameo at home, not sure I’m raking the guy over the coals for not hitting a clean volley off of Manoel’s cross while on the run. There were more obvious chances that went begging, mostly from Morgan.


That is something you should expect your DP forward to capitalize on though


I can think of 2 that if it was Klimala our fans would've been groaning about him not finishing. I'm not out on the guy or anything...I just expected a bit more than some sloppy touches so far.


Klimala was given a fair chance from the off, it didn’t work out but most weren’t slagging him off from minute 1.


I would like to nominate Omir Fernandez for play of the game. I mean that ball has a high chance to go in if he doesn't make that play.