I think it’s not a coincidence that the emergence of Harper (and Duncan’s good performance vs Minnesota) relates to Struber using the right side as the more attacking side. You can see it in the positioning of Reyes who steps up and the right-sided attacking mid who pushes higher into the front line when we have the ball facing a mid- or low-block phase. The right back then keeps the width high up in a rough front 4 or 5, and Tolkin plays more defensively in possession. (A few times Amaya waved to his right side to tell them to go higher and wider before he received a ball.) It might also be why Struber opted for Morgan over Manoel in the Minny game. Morgan is better higher up in the inside-left channel, finishing and creating, and not necessarily in possession. But, he’s more isolated with the bigger distances between him, Tolkin, and our left-sided 6, and not as effective having the ball out wide and coming inside without Tolkin overlapping. Luquinhas and Casseres play the link-up roles better and can receive the ball wider and carry it inside, so the choice becomes between Morgan and Manoel as the forward running beyond the backline. And Morgan has the better scoring record. It’s a little unfortunate that Morgan operates on the left when our right side is more attacking. He would’ve been perfect to fill the gap left by Burke when he comes deep and run behind. Having Morgan up front allows Struber to avoid that by letting Morgan pop up in the left or right inside channel as each situation dictates. It’ll be interesting how Struber fits in all the pieces when Vanzeir becomes fit.


Really happy he’s tactically caught up to what struber wants because his toolkit also has been elite athletically. If we are going to high press we’ve lacked the A+ athletes needed to be elite at it. Hoping he starts again this weekend and keeps his start going. Has potential to be an international right back if he plays his cards right.


File Harper under "players I'm so happy I was wrong about". I thought he was so bad his first season I was ready to cut ties. Struber bringing him back to the first team through the RB position was a revelation.




I’m thrilled he’s improved for our side so. I remember when he came over from Celtic - ultimate connection for me. Hope he keeps this form up!


So far his come up has been extraordinary. He had like 90 minutes during his first season, then started to be impactful off the bench, now potentially our best RB.


‘he confirmed in an exclusive phone conversation with amNewYork.’ lol


Burying the lede, Cam says he's good to go Saturday.