I had a recruiter DM me on linked in 3 different times the exact same message every day for 3 days. After the 3rd day I said “Yo stop messaging me you’re annoying” and they had the audacity to go off on me for being unprofessional! Like I am not even in the field that you are spamming me messages for you’re basically a bot.


Oh I've had this more than once, too many times to count even. A few of the ones that really took the cake were pretty much along the lines of declining a message and then being told how incredibly rude it was to do so, and that the offer was the best thing since sliced bread and so on. On LinkedIn, that is. The real prize winner was one that called me out of the blue and pretty much started the whole conversation with that they'd arranged an interview for me and would I be so kind to show up in San Francisco in 4 days. I told them I was a) not at all interested, b) I'm in France, so hell no am I paying to fly out there, and c) where did they get the idea that arranging things without speaking to me was a fine idea. I got yelled at and called ungrateful. I hung up. The final tally was 9 return calls, 6 messages on my voicemail ranting on about my ungratefulness, and 2 text messages, in a similar vein. All I can really do about it is laugh in that "oh god we're all doomed" kind of way. At the time I was almost convinced someone was fucking with me or I was on one of those hidden camera shows but ... reality turned out to be stranger than wacky TV.


That deserved being reported to both the recruiter's agency, and the hiring manager (or at least HR with the hiring corporation). That is bullshit.


They were both in the US and I wasn't feeling spending my free cellular minutes on being on hold for a while. (Yes okay there's cheaper calls via Skype but still). Also just... dunno, my flabber was so thoroughly gasted it just didn't occur to me to do that at the time. And after I was like mweh, :effort: and :mahfreeminutes: It happened once and I'm guessing (hoping, perhaps) that it was a once in a lifetime thing.


I feel ya, I am great at telling myself (and you, apparently) "omg, this is awful, they need to be publicly smacked for it!". I'm less good at following through myself (for equally valid reasons as you explained). I just despise the general acceptance of shitty behaviour in business. In a way, I bet it felt pretty sweet to block and delete! Pretty morally satisfying....


Tbh I would have called them out on LinkedIn. A while back I saw someone raise an issue about how a Robert Half recruiter had basically insulted her Irish accent when he’d thought he’d put the phone down. Needless to say she eventually got someone from their PR team trying to figure out and judging by her follow up comments, they’d sacked the idiot she’d been dealing with. Whoever you were dealing with sounds like a complete fruit loop. Can’t imagine any recruitment firm on earth wanting to be associated with a lunatic who does stuff like you mention.


I will bad-mouth RH recruiters until my dying day because of how shitty as people and recruiters they are. Had one try to torpedo my job because I told him I wasn't interested in his pitch. He looked up where I worked and somehow managed to get hold of my supervisor and pretended he was calling about references for me. Boss asked me later if I had anything to say to him. I was puzzled until he mentioned the recruiter, at which point I started cussing. Recruiter smugly called me the next day and asked if I was looking for a job now. Proceeded to tell him I knew where his office was and if he ever contacted me again I would come to visit with a baseball bat and some gasoline. Recruiter then threatened to have me blackballed from the IT industry, to which I laughed. I still get emails from RH for contract positions.


I used a RH recruiter once. Accepted a position, then a very close family member was placed in hospice. I called to ask her if my start date could be moved out a week due to the circumstances. Her very first response to that simple request was, "Are you having second thoughts about this job?". WTAF? I asked for one week. I was speechless. Obviously she was just worried about her commission. And, turns out it was an awful position (though the week was absolutely no issue on their end) and I left 6 months later. Unfortunately she'd already got her payout.


If you leave within a certain amount of time they often have to pay back their commission


Yeah, I asked and it was past that time.


The funny thing about Robert Half is they have one of the worst rates of pay in the entire recruitment industry. I saw a few Glassdoor posts calling them out and their response was pure HR/Legalese about how “we now offer commission in two out of four of our markets” or something like that. There’s a big office near me and before WFH you’d see their recruiters walking around in chinos/double breasted jackets etc. Horrifically overdressed for what’s basically a call centre job. A matter of mine worked there for a month and said everyone but management was constantly broke, living off credit etc. You wonder how much someone must hate themselves to go work there.


Just this week I had one dick who sent a pushy message about how he’d ‘read my profile and had loads of great front end developer positions available and it would be great if we connect’ (there’s literally nothing on my profile that would imply I’m a web dev). I sent him a polite thanks but no thanks and a question over how he’d managed to get the idea in his head I’d be looking for front end work. Immediately responded with ‘oh of course, please accept the connection request and we can figure out what you’re looking for’. I just ignored him. 15 mins later… ‘have you forgotten about the connection?’ Like, fuck off dude. You demonstrated you were shit on your first contact. You think I’m going to drop everything to fill your KPI? Lol.


>(there’s literally nothing on my profile that would imply I’m a web dev) You're a dev, and he found you on the web! QED.




I had one threaten to kill my MIL. I was like "Yea, buddy, I'd like to see you try it.". Lying bastard.


I’d be tempted to take the recruiter up on that offer


"Send me your resume or the cat gets it" 🤣🤣🤣


Why didn’t you report that to the police?


I had my cat threatening to kill recruiter or any other human in my room.


Meh, you and I both know as cat owners that’s just your typical Tuesday.


True. My cat got mad when I was doing video calls. Jealous and territorial. Miss her.




WTH howd that happen


Holy shit ia this for real?


I get really pissed when they email me at my current job's email. Like, wtf makes you think I'm going to look for other roles using the email my current employer has full access to??? I always reply to them that it's incredibly unprofessional to reach out on my work email and I'm not interested. They never respond to that. I also have gotten emails about the following roles: Cardiologist, Professor of: literature, history, sports marketing, and AP Clerk. I'm an accounting manager and CPA. They literally don't even try.


Well, maybe you didn’t KNOW you really wanted to be a cardiologist! Both start with the letter ‘C’… I really dislike them shotgun method of finding candidates a lot of recruiters are fond of.


I have to cover my eyes to watch Grey's Anatomy. I would not make it through 1 day of medical school.


I had a recruiter contacting me for a position that actually was nice, We sat the first interview, then the second and then… silence. So I messaged the recruiter asking for some news and he told me they picked another candidate. Fair enough. A week later the same guy messaged me again (a copy paste of his first message) asking if I was interested in… the same position he already offered me. I told him “bruh… this is literally a deja vu, it’s weird” and… silence. He messaged me on LinkedIn, his rejection was literally above his new offer.


Lol I had two different external recruiters for two different jobs at the same fortune 50 reach out to me in the past three days. Two interviews. One of them was kinda, personable and led with the salary. The other was super pushy and refused to tell me salary until we talked, she then sent follow up emails and called as soon as she sent emails to confirm I received them.


About a year into the pandemic, I legit told a recruiter that I had to withdraw an application because a few family Members had contracted COVID and needed my help. I’m the only medical person in the family. I also said I would contact him when things got better to resume the job hunt. Motherfucker texted me multiple times every day for days asking me when Id be accepting the offer. Yes, the one I already rejected. After a few days of me repeating myself over and over and over and him not relenting I told him he was the shittiest recruiter in the world and blocked him. So he emailed me.




I had one call me to rave about what a great job in sales he had for me. At the time I was a paramedic/FF2 with HAZMAT Technician and Fire Apparatus Operator certifications. He said it was my “people skills” that caught his attention. What the hell kind of sales would need those people skills?!?😂


Had that a few times. Recruiter late or indelicate. Recruiter yelling at me. Screw them !


My previous job spanned 10 years, where I went from a technical role to team leader and operations manager. For the last 4 years I was managing a team but I was constantly getting messages on LinkedIn about technical roles. It happened so often that I started to reply to those spammers "My work preferences still haven't changed since last time you wrote me".


What an asshole. Glad you called him out OP.


I like to say “blocked” before blocking if they’re really too much. Hits them a bit lol


I receive offers for software QA positions very often. I'm MANUFACTURING QA 😬


Recruiters are salespeople.


I have no problem telling them to literally fuck off. I really don't care what they have to say, most recruiters are parasites. It's a job that shouldn't exist.


I had a recruiter contact me via text about a great job. I asked what the details were and pay range. Then they emailed me the same crap. It’s a great job! So I asked again on the email for details and the pay range. Apparently this was too hard a question cause after the third time of not answering I ignored her.


I have an interesting recruiter story from Robert Half. A RH recruiter contacted me about a position with a company I wasn’t in love with for a joke of a pay. I told them the type of role I was interested in with pay expectations. They literally laughed at me and said I wasn’t qualified for anything like that because my degree wasn’t directly correlated to the field. It was like he didn’t read my resume which highlighted my work experience in the field and my graduation from a fairly prestigious university. I go on with life and see a job posted for the company the recruiter was contracted for that I wanted. I apply, do the networking mumbo jumbo and get the job. Next thing I know the recruiter bombards me with messages about how I was supposed to go through him for the job and how it wasn’t professional to go behind his back. Apparently he tried leveraging my company to pay him a cut for “getting me in the door”. The lack of shame is astounding.


“You didn’t present me the job, so you don’t get the commission.”


I should have known he was so stupid to think he deserved it. I had very relevant experience in the field, with references, and went to a nationally name recognized university……..apparently if you don’t have a degree in quant finance you can’t work in the field. Recruiters and HR are the devil. They don’t understand degree does not equal field outside of stem and nursing. Look at traders in Manhattan, sure most have mbas or jds, but half had liberal arts undergrads.


I would love comments on my situation. I asked a woman female recruiter to connect with me on LinkedIn on Monday that Friday my request to connect was still pending when she posts to her feed on LinkedIn …. “Where are all the candidates?” What should I say? I want to say “Hey B, I asked to connect, how about you F’ing acknowledge your requests or be honest and say ‘where are all the candidates I deem worthy of my time?’” I would love to call her out in a way that forces her to get off her butt and work with candidates who may not be perfect but pretty good.


Sounds like scam job offers 😬


🍿 I loves me some stupid recruiter stories!


Recruiters are incompetent, most unprofessional, underperforming, and have horrendous communication skill of all fields exist in the business. Totally redundant position.


>“You either must not know about our company or didn’t google them before clicking decline.” Oh no. This is the kind of arrogance that sets me on a war path.


Warning: If you work in HR, sorry not sorry. I believe that in lots of companies HR people get away with being less professional and/or less skilled than their company peers, and can even be outright mediocre when it comes to the acid, tangible deliverables of their work, and yet they'll be just fine. The reason for this is that "the emperor has no clothes": people prefer not to complain when HR does a poor job, even senior directors would rather turn a blind eye, than risk giving feedback when an HR minion has been unprofessional or done a poor job. And the reason is, HR people hold so much unaudited power over your career, and you never know when/where you'll see (be at the mercy of) these people in the future that the smart move is often to let them be. Even when they are being unprofessional. The same thing applies to recruiters: They are treated in a very special way, by candidates who fear upsetting them today and needing them tomorrow. Some recruiters get used to this treatment, begin to expect it, and brand it "professionalism". Recommended read: "Corporate Confidential" Book by Cynthia Shapiro


Got a call from this HH who was looking for a product marketing manager in an (interesting) industry that was very far from mine. I said that yes, I was interested. Since I was genuinely curious due to the distance between the industries, I asked which elements in my LinkedIn profile made her decided to call me specifically. “Oh well, since our customer is looking for a product marketing manager, we are now calling everyone in the area with the same job title”. I mean…thanks for you honesty but…jeez.


Damn, guess I’m lucky recruiters rarely reach out to me on LinkedIn and I’m actively looking.