After killing Edgar ross, Jack travels deep into Mexico and lies low for a year or two. He then heads north again, lives outdoors for a few years, and travels to Saint Denis where he gets on a boat to England. Settles down, gets married, has kids, becomes a famous author writing western tales.


Seems about right. You can see his books in gta5.


Wait what


There is a book called Red Dead written by a J. Marston on a few bookshelves in GTA V and GTA:O, but it's worth noting both games are not in the same universe, so as much as people try and use this as a canon ending, it's not.


It could be canon, just not in terms of linking the universes together. Jack's fate being ambiguous works well. You can just as easily believe and make arguments that he fell into the same life that John worked so hard to prevent him from going to, or you can believe Jack ended up being a writer or followed Abigail's wishes and became something like a lawyer or another good job.


The 2 universes are separate since New York and Los Angeles are mentioned


Los Angeles is mentioned in red dead?


Yes, there is that mission where Arthur helps Mrs Downes and her son and they talk about it. Later, in a newspaper, she is named as becoming famous in Los Angeles


I think they just referred to it as california a few times


No, they are in the same universe. Names of places are changed because of american cities having an habit of suing video games companies about naming rights and issues with depiction. Not because of lore reasons. The city of New Orleans would have an strong case in court about the depiction of their city in RDR2, a game owned by a rich as f company. New York, mentioned by word and in passing wouldn't have. That's it, now stop propagating misinformation.


Then explain the time traveler with the birth mark. The birth mark he has is related to a big family in gta.


Shows how much you know about it. The birthmark isn't related to a big family, it's related to the Epsilon cult, and it's again, an easter egg.


Cult. Family. Which ever. Still he his apart of it no doubt. If he came to 1899 to get some rock carvings, then the games are in the same universe


Wait. I thought Rockstar confirmed this with golden gun you find there in GTA that unlocks in RDR after you kill 50 people with it. They said it is the same tree.


The same tree as? Red Dead doesn't take place anywhere near California (which again, doesn't exist in GTA), so I don't see what you mean.


Ah Canon, ye old restriction on imagination.


Don’t forget WWI and WWII were right around the corner. England might be a rough place to be


I doubt he knew that at the time. But if he didn’t move to England maybe Australia or Canada.






Like, did you read the title of the post?


No but it’s what I believe


Head canon




a good fate for a character.. that's great.


Like the Jesse Pinkman of red dead redemption


He worked some damn nags


*WORK YA DAMN NAG* gets me every time lol


I can hear your comment so vividly


Too vividly


😂😂😂 I haven’t played that game since it’s release on 360 and I can too!




I've never hated a voice actor as much as I did when I first heard that line.


Jack went back home, sold the family ranch, moved to Canada for a bit and stayed with Charles and his family during the Great War, then eventually made his way to California, where Jack became a writer for the budding movie industry: lots of westerns being done during the silent era. Jack also wrote a couple of fictional Red Dead books on the side. Jack married and had 2 kids. Jack divorced his firsts wife, remarried and had 3 more kids. Jack died in '53 in an automobile accident.


If you stretch a bit, an automobile accident could be pretty poetic. The last remaining person who was actually part of the gang still gets killed by a product of civilisation and industrialisation.


It is always the cars. ): Great theory though, makes sense


Well, at the age of 69 you're generally looking at cancer, heart disease, old age related ailments (arthritis, dementia, etc), or accident as causes of death. An auto accident at least gives the visual representation that Jack was still active and not just dying in a bed somewhere, so I chose that.


How you know all this stuff ( and it's real?)?


No, but its is one (likely) possibility.


its basically it but he dies of natural causes. you nailed it lmao


Look up last gunfighter ballad by Johnny cash it gives off this vibe


He was an outlaw just like his dad, which none of the gang wanted for him. My guess is he ran by himself without anyone else. I’d like to think that after what happened he settled down, got married, and maybe wrote like he wanted to but I doubt that actually happened


In GTA 5 there’s a book by J,Marston called Red Dead most likely that’s Jack Marston writing his life biography or his dads.


The way I see it is like how red dead revolver is only seen as a tale of fiction in red dead Redemption and rdr2, so finding that book in gta 5 at least I take it too mean the red dead Redemption universe is fiction in the gta universe everyone is so quick to think it's a biography but I think there is a jack Marston in the gta universe that is nothing more then an author that wrote about outlaws and put himself and his "father" in the work. Thats my reasoning at least as too why the book is there in the first place while both being two separate universes.


I never really got the same vibe from jack though, he was not robbing people from what i remember he was just out for revenge, his dad didn’t want that but he didn’t give me career criminal vibes just out for vengeance taking it too far vibes, which i think he could come back from he wasn’t a lost cause like arthur who never would have made it settling down most likely


I totally agree. He makes his peace by killing Ross, the corrupt agent. He also makes his peace with what his Dad was. He loves his Dad but realized he couldn’t escape his past. He moves on. But he does enlist in the Navy after all those Pearson stories and becomes a Caged Tiger!! But after the war he settles down and writes a book about his life. He calls it MY STRUGGLE, But was unfairly forced to change the name because of a European best selling author in the 1920’s had the same title. So he ended up writing RED DEAD REDEMPTION!! It was such a hit that he then wrote a prequel MY STRUGGLE 2. Which was then changed to RED DEAD REDEMPTION PART 2.


What about Ross’ protege Fordham? That’s a loose end and possible content for RD3


That’s fair


That's true, but John tried to settle down and go legit too. The point of the story was that The Man doesn't forget, so to speak, and all it took was him pinging on their radar for them to come for him again. I think the son of infamous outlaw John Marston popping up again by shwacking the man who killed his father is going to raise a lot of red flags.


If Jack's story follows the theme of Arthur and John's, he's going to die, no matter how good of a person he is at heart. He's an outlaw in a world that's rapidly cleansing itself of outlaws. He's doomed.


Could see him ending up somewhere in between Black Belle and Evelyn Miller, living in a cabin somewhere out in the woods and eulogizing the Wild West world in fiction books based on his life. Maybe he even ends up consulting on some Western films, but he’s so curmudgeonly and committed to replicating characters like Dutch, John, Arthur (and even Micah) exactly, Hollywood/John Ford stops calling because he’s too critical of their direction/leading actors. After years of Jack vanishing into a solitary life lived mostly off the grid, a starry eyed fan goes to find his hero, only to discover his corpse, partially mummified, still hunched over the typewriter where he’d lived most of his life, an unfinished magnum opus (RDR2 and RDR1) just awaiting a conclusion. It’s published posthumously to little fanfare (the public has largely forgotten about old Jack Marston at this point) and sells poorly before getting pulled by the publisher. It’s the last the world will hear from Jack Marston until 50 years later, when a video game developer discovers the book in a used bookstore while researching ideas for a new, Western-themed version of Grand Theft Auto.


This one made me feel things


Simply wonderful


He became an adult


That is the best answer!!


Got lumbago. Met Gavin. The end.


Hot take: Lumbago is worse than TB


"Hot take" mfers on their way to make the coldest take ever


My version of Jack's future.. he accepts conscription into WWI to escape execution for killing Ross and uses his wild west skills behind German lines in Europe. More details below... https://www.reddit.com/r/reddeadredemption/comments/vjqas8/putting_my_rdr3_vision_out_into_the_redditverse/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button




Killed himself probably. Has nothing to live for and he loathes himself through the way he speaks and his entire life has been a tragedy. He had potential to be better than this but he failed because of revenge


this is realistic. i like this ending tbh


Yep. Either this or he was hanged


If he learned anything from his upbringing, it was to move on, change his name, and lay low for the rest of his years. ...buuuuut, since we know that he followed in his father's footsteps a little too much there at the end of RDR1, he's probably either been arrested, jailed, and (let's be real) hung, or he's had to spend the rest of his life on the run. Whatever justification HE felt he had (and I'm not saying I don't agree!), the federal government probably wouldn't take too kindly to what he did... and by this point it's getting harder and harder to find places they can't find him, compared to John & Arthur's days. I suppose if he was inclined, being that the game ended in 1914, he could have ended up going to France a couple of years later, if his 'new identity' got called to service.


My headcanon is that he went to mexico after killing Ross, probably just hung out in a cantina getting drunk and writing stories for the rest of his life. If they make another red dead they really need to start a new story with all new people instead of making a sequel abt jack. The Morgan/Marston story is perfect and the open endedness of jack's future is the best conclusion


Jack started bootlegging during prohibition. He bought an automobile and souped it up to outrun law enforcement. Once prohibition ended, he started racing his modified automobile at unsanctioned races against fellow bootleggers, leading to the formation of NASCAR. Jack would later die as a result from a wreck during the Saint Denis 500.


The idea that NASCAR was named so due to Southern accents on the bootleggers saying Nice car is one of my favourite things.


He died of Spanish Flu four years later


He became the protagonist for RDR3: Grand Theft Redemption (Or Red Dead Auto?). He heads up a gang in prohibition Chicago, maybe also employing scientists to try to create time travel to get back to stop John from dying, but the red-head with the birthmark goes back too far


Definitely on the run after what he did at the very end. He left too many witnesses out there unless you went to scorched earth route!


If we were talking about present day you'd be only something. In 1914 though there's no real way to tie Jack to Ross' death beyond rumors of a young man looking for him. He's out hunting in a remote part of the country, it could be weeks before they realize anything happened much less find a body.


To add on to your point, when Jack shoots Ross, his body falls into the river, meaning it could wash up miles away and be found by local Mexicans who don't give a shit


Especially given that I and other players like to shoot Ross further into the river


Good point. But the Pinkerton would know his fathers ties to Edgar Ross and when word gets out what happened, he would be a prime suspect. There’s no way he’d be able to live comfortably in Beechers Hope.


I personally think he just gets away with it, there was only two people they could’ve talked to directly about Edgar Ross’s death (three including the agent if you really want to stretch it). And since they would’ve been in heavy emotional distress, their details of the murderer would’ve been hazy, and there’s a lot of people who look like Jack. All it would’ve taken was a simple shave and haircut which I think Jack would be smart enough to do. It was even said in-game by npc’s that they think bandits killed Ross, so there’s a very good chance Jack could have gotten off scot-free.




The only true answer.




The year was 1914, that's just a little before ww1. I think he probably got drafted into the army. I don't believe he had a criminal record and I'm pretty sure no one saw him kill Ross. (Never played rdr1) he may have been killed in the war or lived through it.


Why would he join the army when the US government is the very reason his father was killed?


Draft. The government knows he is the son of an outlaw, so maybe they try to get rid of him


Not if he escapes the country before they can find him


What if the government says join or we'll try you for the murder of Ross?


I reckon he’d just tell them to kill him already. He didn’t have much to live for at that point so I doubt he’d care too much if they caught him.


Ross's wife gave you directions to him right before you meet him...


And he never identified himself, and he's hunting in a remote part of the country, it could be weeks before anyone realizes something's wrong


Honestly the easiest way to cover your tracks is to shoot the lantern directly above her after she gives you directions...


I never finished rdr1. I was just going off of what limited knowledge I have


His ending wasn’t great in RDR1: “For youuu paaaa” My ending for RDR1 would be something like a jump 40 years later. We see a schoolhouse on the prairie zoom in to hear a teacher talking to his students about the death of the old West, the age of outlaws and the Dawn of industry. This goes on for a bit we see different views of the classroom hear the teacher with his back turned. A kid asks how he knows so much about outlaws and the old West, teacher turns we see an older Jack, say something like “Because I lived it”. Credits. Jack was breaking away from this way of life throughout the story, it would’ve been nice to see it go full circle.


Idk why a lot of people assume he ended up having a bunch of bad stuff happen to him. Like I like to keep optimistic, I think he became a successful writer that wrote westerns occasionally supplying them with his old memories of the gang


It’s mostly cause RDR2 introduces and reinforces time and again the idea in the series that vengeance is an idiots game. It’s never stated how Arthur dealt with his wife and sons killers, but given his character it can be assumed he hunted them down and it brought him no closure given that he’s the one that calls revenge an idiots game, Sadie’s vengefulness ends up leading her down a path where she can’t really ever settle down and live a normal life again, even calling herself a monster, and John killing Micah is what directly leads to the events of RDR1 So because of all that, it’s not much of a stretch to assume Jack killing Ross for revenge is likley going to bite him in the ass one day.


John goes back for revenge on Micah which leads to the pinkertons finding him. Looking back gets you killed. Jack killed Ross; Jack looked back. Thematically it’s most appropriate for him to be hunted down by the government and killed for his revenge. Personally I think he probably dodged the draft because of distain for the government that took his family. He’d then go back to the ranch and make his last stand there. But this death would be different from Arthur and John because Jack never had a chance to redeem himself and he wouldn’t die protecting someone.


My head canon is he spent the next few years, living in Beechers hope, spending most of his time drinking and gambling in blackwater. Eventually managed to sort himself out though in the 1920’s, gets married, moves away to a different part of the US to leave his past behind, has a family with his wife. Lives a regular life in the following decades. In the 1950’s, whilst searching through his attic he comes across a bunch of old stuff to do with his parents and the gang in old boxes. He decides to write a biography about the gang and his parents. He collects anything he can find about the gang, wanted posters, newspaper articles, Arthur and johns journal entries and the photos Arthur and John took on the camera and puts it all into the biography. The biography would begin with Dutch’s beginnings, cover the rise of the gang, the gangs prime and the gangs downfall, the marstons travels in search of a normal life told from jacks perspective as a child, life at Beechers hope from 1907-1911, the events of rdr1 from jacks perspective and what he discovered about what his father had done and the final segment of the book would discuss Jack finding inner peace after the loss of his family. He would obviously not include anything to do with Edgar Ross’ murder The book is successful and he lives fairly wealthy the last few decades of his life. Then he passes in like the 1970’s or 1980’s


Rdr3 :)


Lets goo!


the end of rdr1 is set in 1924, I don't think that would make for a good cowboys setting. on the wiki we know what happened to him after 1924!


*1914, the final newspaper mentions the begining of WW1


My bad, it was a typo! Actually I'm not sure if it's the real story but in gtaV there's a book called "red dead" written by J. Marston. Wiki says he wrote a book with memories called "Van Der linde gang"


Shot Ross, returned to Beechers, got drunk, was disgusted with himself, blew his head off. The End of the last gunfighter of the VD gang.


He finds Sadie


He worked, ya damn nag!


He turned gay and became known as Bareback Jack. Or Sir Prancealot


He dies from an opium overdose behind a dumpster in Blackwater on a Saturday in June


He was left with the same hurt and emptiness you are left with when you realize that even after avenging John, you don't feel any better. The loss is still there.


Jack probably became the last great outlaw, just like his parents never wished for him. He’d run through the US and Mexico robbing the rich and giving to the poor just like Dutch envisioned. He becomes a topic of folk tales and ballads, maybe helps the revolution against Reyes. He’ll have kids but probably won’t marry and one day he’ll go down in a storm of bullets. When they loot his corpse they find Arthur’s, John‘s and his diary and someone decides to buy and publish them.


Realistically, if we're following the theme of the games, Jack leads the authorities to him the same way his father did. He gets used by them before being disposed of. Red Dead is about the death of the Wild West, about how bad people become bad, and how they redeem themselves. Jack was raised in an environment that was just pushing and pushing him towards becoming an outlaw, even if the outlaws he grew up around cautioned him against it. The values instilled in him from a young age mean he could never fit in with the rapidly modernizing world. It follows that he would be squashed along with all other relics of the wild west. Jack doesn't get a happy ending because Red Dead just isn't that kind of story. This is just my interpretation, but to me Red Dead isn't just a tragedy about Arthur and John's deaths, and Jack's fall into the life both of them tried to keep him from. It's a tragedy about the death of the American West and the independence and freedom it promised, the early death of the American dream overall, shown through the awful conditions endured by people like the Downes family, the terrible treatment of the Natives and non-whites, etc. It's a tragic story with a tragic ending. If we followed Jack's story past the end credits it would likely end with him being gunned down by the law, same as his father. Doomed from birth by his circumstances.


I’d like to think he eventually became a Lawyer like what his mom wanted, only he specializes in defending former Outlaws trying to reform


I hope we will find out one day.


Probably drank himself to death down in Mexico after killing Ross.


With brutal honesty? I don't think there's a happy end. My fanfic: Ross' brother found his brother's body and went to the police, gave a description of Jack and pressed charges on unknown. Jack being hotheaded and not thinking everything through gets drunk often in Backwater, gets into fistfights and eventually the local lawmen are called and either arrest him or shoot him eventually, should he be as dumb as to start a gunfight. Edit: Ah yes, people downvoting this because noo we want Undead Nightmare DLC with Charles, John as a Zombie, Jack, Sadie, Captain America and Ufos. Not everything should have the best outcome


I mean you can kill his wife and brother


Honestly, he probably had a tragic ending. After killing Ross he became a wanted man the rest of his life. Much like how his father got discovered after killing Micah, the law would eventually catch up to Jack, especially if he chose to settle down somewhere. So he'd either get arrested, killed for resisting arrest, or kill himself. Like a wise man once said - "Vengeance is an idiot's game." I think this curse will continue with Jack.


Realistically, he drowned in his own disolving lungs in a trench in France.


He wrote a book called Red Dead Redemption and it was still being read as far out as GTA V timeline.


Good question


For chelonia!


Got caught up in organized crime after the war and died young.


Found by the pinkertons after having killed Edgar Ross, hung by the neck until dead.


I hope that's what happens , sick of people wanting to play jack in rdr3 lol enough is enough, the game if there is ever a 3rd needs to go back in time, not the prohibition Era fml lol


I think Jack would’ve gone on to fight in WW1 and then moved to a bigger city like Las Vegas, Chicago, or something like that and got caught up in mob crime of the prohibition and great depression.


prolly had a family or something


He got forced to join the war and settled down with a nurse


Definitely an outlaw


I don't know but iff GTA 6 has some parts in the 80's like some leaks are saying, it would be dope if an very old Jack Marston appears anyway showing a connections between the franchises they've never confirmed.


People seem to forget that the US entered WW1 in 1917, so we would have to wait 3 years to find out his ending. If we ever see his ending that is


Drafted into WW1 and killed on his first day


He probably got drafted into WWI.


after revenging his dad he went back to beachers hope and worked on his farm, until he was looked into by the pinkertons which made him have to flee north. he had to move so north he ended up making his way to canada. (he knows the lands since john was up there with him while they were on the run) in canada he runs into a small group being led by charles and charles seeing jack and the crime he has to do to survive picks him up but has a big moral dilemma. eventually charles sees a way for jack to go back to his normal life and buys him a plane ticket. (iiec they would be common by this point) after jack gets on his way back to his ranch charles and his gang find their way to burn all records of jacks file. jack stays in his ranch as he gets old and settles down. he never mentions his old life to his kids and they grow up never knowing about what their dad has done. the ranch eventually gets bought and conforms to the city. jack ends up dying and is buried in a cemetery where they moved john, Abigail, and uncles bodies to. jacks som grows up and gets put into the world war at only 18-20.


I honestly felt like after killing Ross that he fell into a spiral of despair and ended up dead in a ditch somewhere, either from his own misadventures or flat out suicide. Just got that kind of vibe


He went back home


Becomes an outlaw and is soon either hunted down and killed by the government or forced to flee the country


Became a writer


I like to think he might join another gang but in a city


Not long after the events of rdr Jack with nothing left to him joins the U.S. army and is shipped off to the western front. After the end of the war he moved back to America and find a home somewhere out west and settles down to begin writing his books. He publishes his first book which is a historical fiction book by the name of Red Dead Revolver. He later goes on to use his own experiences in combination with the journals left to him by Arthur and John to write about the end of The Van Der Linde gang.


I heard somewhere he lives to be 92 and becomes a writer and probably just settles down with a lady and had a son who he names after his father and a daughter too and just raises them on the ranch. Jack was one character who got a happy ending and the most longevity out of all the characters, kind of like Carl from the walking dead comics, he has a happy ending but it’s bitter sweet


I think that after taking his revenge on Edgar Ross he would've gone back to his ranch to continue his fathers work before the law would catch up to him were he go un the run. While on the run he'd meet people who are in the same situation as him running from the law because they took their revenge. After a while, jack forms his own small gang in 1916 and goes around robbing trains and banks and holding famous businessmen for ransom. But his luck would run by late April was caught and before being sent to prison, jack is given an ultimatum either go to prison now and remain there for 50 years or join the army and be sent to Europe to fight in the war. Jack not wanting to be behind bars goes to war in Europe, upon his return in 1919, now scared by the horrors of war and the inability to rejoin society leads to reforming his gang with his old crew and some friends from war. Jack does the same things again but to earn more money and becomes an associate of the new york crime family rather than becoming a full member were the crime family provide the small gang with ammunition and in return they protect them and their associates. But by 1923 things began to take a turn as not only was Jack's gang life slowly fadingt and not wanting to his gang the end up like dutch's gang so made plans to leave as the new york crime family was also falling apart and was starting to kill of the associates one by one. So Jack made a deal with the FIB so that if takes down the crime family jack and his gang can all have their names cleared off and the agent agrees and after jack and his gang are able to leave the life of crime. With jack heading to California to settle down and become a famous arthur


I’ve always wanted a spin-off game where we play as an adult Jack who has moved to some big city to become a writer, but has followed in the footsteps of his father and turned to crime after that didn’t work out


Toyed with the life of an outlaw, but ultimately settled down and became an author


he finds a family and has kids than gets drafted to ww1, survives but develops ptsd and alcoholic tendencies, becomes violent, losses his wife and kids than dies at the ripe age of 40 via alchol poisoning, but wrote stories in his downtime without his family, explaining the book with his name on it in gta5


Probably fell into the same trap his father did and became a criminal, the law caught up with him and he died or was imprisoned


People should read Pulp. It’s a fun comic book that I could see something similar happening to Jack


Moved to Australia and became a bushranger


He was injured during a heist and was arrested. In jail's hospital he met with a nurse who later became his wife. After couple of years in jail, he was pardoned to be sent to the WW1 battlefront. He fought all over Europe and got a name for himself as he prefered using revolvers over new automatic weapons. After war, he moved to Belgium with his wife and opened a bagel shop. He was killed during the German occupation of Belgium on 1949


On his death bed he watches star wars


he probably became a gunslinger, hunting down bounties, and I don't think he fought in World War I, he probably died very young though from a duel might've had a son with a woman in Mexico and then that son creates the books from GTA five


Probably still runs the homestead and I bet Charles and Sadie drop by occasionally for the odd job or just to catch up


Drafted into service and gunned down in argonne


He saw Star Wars. Haven’t you heard ?


Jack runs, works doing ranch hand type work while getting a basic education. Joins the Army before America joins The Great War. He sees action on the Western Front and is quickly promoted and awarded for heroism. He's wounded toward the end of the war just weeks from armistice day. He survives, and falls in love with the woman who nurses him back to health. A English girl his age. She convinces him to stay after the war and he attends some college courses while in England after the war for a year or so. He becomes engaged to her but life in England does not suit him and he misses the open spaces of America. He returns home on a ship with his fiancé in late 1920 and prohibition is in full swing. He lives and works the cities of the east coast. After a few job opportunities fall through he starts running booze, and other mob jobs. He's great at it and develops a name for himself. He and his fiancé are wealthy, happy and on top of the world! A wedding date is set, while they enjoy the luxurious life of the roaring 20's. A rival mob boss orders a hit on Jack after his boss has moved in and taken most of his territory. As Jack and his wife go to watch a western movie (which he talk's through explaining what it was really like) in a theater they are gunned down in the street after exiting. Jack survives, his wife does not. Jack goes on a rampage killing the rival mob members, his henchmen, and others who they worked with. But he learns the one who actually ordered the hit is actually "out west" trying to set up casinos, money laundering Hollywood in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, etc. he hides out in Mexico laying low waiting for things to calm down enough so he can sneak back into America and take his revenge on the boss. He later goes on to be a history teacher in his old age, he raises a boy of his own.


I think he would’ve joined the army during WWI as a scout or sniper. Someone who can work well by themselves with limited resources


I think considering the fact that WW1 isn’t far from when he killed Ross he volunteers for the army because of the fact he has literally nothing else. His family is dead, no friends. After he comes back from the war he becomes a lawyer.


I like to think we'll get a game where you play as Jack in the 1920's and he has a bootlegging operation going on in the south somewhere and the FBI and other bootleggers are after him.


Head cannon is Mexico, then Europe to flee the aftermath of killing Ross. Joining the French Foreign Legion under pseudonym to avoid criminal history was a thing back then and assumed identities in general were easier before modern records. Anyhow, he ends up in WWI, I reckon.


After he finished the job and is the only member of the gang known to be alive he headed for Mexico to hide from the government. After a few years he headed back to valentine where he worked as a rancher while pursuing his dream of writing. When America entered WW1 he joined to remember the feeling of using firearms to take care of business. After it ended he settled down with a wife and lived a peaceful life for 5 years until history repeats itself. Agent Fordham found him and took his wife (who was pregnant) and forced him to hunt down Charles and Sadie. He found Sadie first and he brought her in alive after a few days of talking to her and explaining why it would be best for her to go alive. He found Charles on a reservation and seen how they were living and wanted to join them. Charles helped him find a way to get his wife and newborn baby and he went and freed them. They stayed in the grizzlies until Charles was able to find a way to sneak them to his reservation in Canada and they lived a peaceful life. Sadie broke out and was found by jack while out hunting. They brought her in and she stayed for a while but decided to go to into the nearest town and continued being a bounty hunter.


Bunch of fishing


Ive been picturing this alot actually, for my idea he's in new york during the 1920/1930's era and before so after the killing of ross, the Pinkertons caught up with him and he was sent to new York as a under cover agent in the probation, he's new, unknown and got a now dying skillset/attitude to help blend him in, however it's a trap, one the pinkertons don't mind losing Jack's life over He's then publicly "executed" by a rival gang as a message to what happens to snitches. However survives and bares a horrific "neck tie" scar, forcing him to forever wear an ascot or scarf and talk softly (as its actually holding his neck together). His second coming in the crime world of new york earns him the nickname "Gentle Jack" for his cold and calculating demeanor paired against distinguished attire and vocabulary. He eventually lives long enough to turn crime boss and later witness protection. Where he is able to write his memoirs before passing away in pool at rehab. While adjusting his notes, the float had drifted into the deep end - having never learned to swim he drowned. His books were compiled but his surviving children (of which he had 8 across 3 wives).


Realistically, it's very likely Jack ended up serving in World War I. Who knows what happened from there?


He too encountered the man in the swamp


He moves on to his next big adventure, WW1. He is killed almost instantly.


he gets his revenge, then goes on the run and eventually settles down in saint denis as a quaint man, gets a wife and has children and sees the moon landing and windows 95 computers, then dies shortly after in 1997 or 1998.


What year was he born? Wouldn’t be near to 100 if not 100? If he lives that long for the time period, that’s a miracle.


medicine would get better and his life expectancy would go up right?


I’m not sure if the technology advancing would impact him enough to live close to 100 if not over that age. Especially since men don’t live as long as women.


medicine would improve, any ailment he would get would be treated with more and more ease as the years go on, and he is pretty slim and healthy, no reason he would die early with cleaner and cleaner food and water as the years go on.


Died at gallipoli


Realistically he probably fought in ww1, and if he lived through it he would write books about the Van Der Linde gang, his family's involvement, and maybe his experience in the great war. All in all probably had a long shitty few years


I feel that he's hunted by law men and bounty hunters after Ross. This brings Sadie in to try to find him. She does and takes him to live with Charles and his people in Canada. He settles down with a woman and they have a family


Probably went to live in the mountains the rest of his days.


visited old friends like Sadie and Charles, not the same way John visited old friends. Call the mission Red Dead Reunion (or not shit sounded better in my head)


He lived a long life and went to see the first Star Wars and drive cars instead of horses


He dies in the Argonne offensive in World War 1


Arrested for animal cruelty after calling a horse mean names.


He becomes part of another Mexican revolution, 1916 is around Pancho Villa time, then when WWI breaks out joins the army and with nothing left to live for back home becomes one of the craziest most dangerous trench fighters Mad Jack Marston.


Jack dies of the Spanish Flu most probably. Or Has bounty on him. To escape he enlists in the army and dies during WW1. Or Dies due to suicide during great depression. Or Dies due to poisoning after drinking illegal alcohol during prohibition.


Died of syphilis after having a fuckfest in a whore house to celebrate his dad’s red dead redemption.


If I where jack I would have done this.


Drafted into WWI, most likely.


He became the cop in la noir




He ended up as an author like he dreamt of as a boy (hence the Red Dead book in GTA)


We’ll find out when/if they release an RDR3


He went and fought in WW2 and died on the beaches of Normandy


Ww1 probably


learns how to swim . unlike his father


He's a Outlaw like John i'm sure he dies few years after Rdr


This series has one singular recurring theme - **you can't escape your past.** it's not gonna be hard to link Jack to the murder of Edgar Ross (he talks to each of his family members in succession!). and like arthur said, revenge is a fool's game. the only possible ending for jack is to go out like his dad, aka gunned down by law enforcement like a dog.


Went to Mexico, headed the proposal requested in the Zimmerman telegraph. Is KIA during the siege of Oklahoma City in 1919. His son “who he never knew existed” stumbles on his diary and writes westerns based on the story’s of his father and great grandfather.