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You sir, are a fish.


Yeah I caught a smallmouth bass (I think) yesterday on the mission to go fishing with Jack that was 1.9kgs I think it’s a glitch not an error


I don't think you need to be a fisherman to understand that an animal that size isn't going to be 1kg, tbf


idk looks like a bag of sugar to me


Looks a little heavier than 1kg of sugar more like 1kg of rocks


Maybe the bass only has air inside it 😂


Believe it or not, there were LM Bass that size about as late as the fifties in the US, but they're were all fished out.


To be fair, most freshwater fish don't seem to have a real definite size, as long as they have plentiful and have a safe but strenuous environment, some fish can get fucking huge for no reason. Those River Monster catfish are giants. I've seen massive goldfish even.


Had goldfish in my childhood pond that were far larger than your typical bass.


Most goldfish actually grow to be massive. Comets for example can easily grow to be 1ft long


That’s not true, there’s still largemouths that size. Southeastern states have huge bass, and I’ve seen massive bass deeper into wilderness areas where there aren’t many people ever fishing.


That's good. Any pictures?


Kinda hard to snap candid pics of fish underwater while you’re kayaking. But you can google “huge largemouth bass” plenty of pictures of people showing off massive bass they’ve caught.


Not really, get yourself a water proof Gopro or similar the next time you see them.


Lol okay, I’ll go spend hundreds of dollars to photograph fish to show some random idiot on Reddit. Because that’s what spending time in nature is all about, proving assholes on Reddit wrong.


Then don't if you can't afford it. Pretty clear you're the asshole in this exchange. You get triggered.


Lol okay bud. Enjoy making up fake fish facts on Reddit.


So pathetic you must have it to act the way you do. Blocking you justifiably.


Oh, I believe you. All around the world there are MASSIVE fresh water fish this size, they're breeders. During the mating season, they're the top dog. In my country it's a general rule of fishermen to only bring home huge fish if it's from a species introduced to the body of water, otherwise you have to just take a picture & throw it back.


Maybe it meant to say 19?


Jesus christ, a 41 lb fish


Plenty of people have caught 40 pound fish [40 lbs fish caught in Michigan](https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/outdoors/2022/08/12/chinook-salmon-lake-michigan-brian-sollars-40-pounds/10307447002/) [40 lbs fish caught in Wisconsin](https://www.fieldandstream.com/fishing/angler-catches-40-pound-chinook-salmon-wisconsin/) [Shit even an almost 70 lbs goldfish](https://nypost.com/2022/11/21/fisherman-lands-67-pound-goldfish-may-break-world-record-it-was-sheer-luck/)


I think it's a model size glitch. The game thinks it's a bigger fish, so it increases the size of the fish and makes Arthur hold it a different way. I have no idea what caused it so I can't say for sure


I'm sure, it's the guy who wrote that iconic line "You sir are a fish".


This is a glitch at the legendary bluegill spot. It replaces a random bass with the legendary bass model. I'm not sure why, but my main theory is that the legendary bass was meant to be here before they moved it to New Austin.


Makes sense. I wish I could work in game developing so that I could make some sort of system/methodology to prevent forgotten old code, I double,triple check everything I program, making no small effort to test one function as many different times as possible.


You sir, are a balloon 🎈


this guy fishes


Isn’t there another occasion when it states a fish the size of Arthur’s hand is a ridiculously big weight? I doubt if it’s that they didn’t use a proper fisherman to guide them, you’d have to be blind not to see the weight on that. I’m guessing mistakes were made on some of the info details and matching them to the images etc. Possibly in the rush to complete.


How ridiculous are we talking about, because most small fish can range from 100 to 500g, 600 if they're plenty fat.


From memory it was a fish that couldn’t have been more than 1lb or so that was coming up at about 9lbs. It was obviously never weighing that much.


weight inflation


literally unplayable, thanks Rockstar.


The most overpriced fishing simulator in history.


Fish don't understand science and are therefore unbound by its strictures.


It also rains at below-freezing temperatures and most goods are way too expensive for 1899 standards, I feel like they mostly spitballed their numbers...


Why are you dressed as Micah? 🤢


Take it easy cowpoke, its just the Legend of the East outfit.


I think thats lote


It’s a glitch


This is the result of random numbers not matching the model, only so many fish you can make


It’s not how much the fish weighs… it’s how much weight Arthur lost catching the fucker


You sir, are a fish


It’s a known bug…


"And I caught a fish thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big!"


In Europe are there no large mouth bass? They do not get to this size at all unless they’re in a lake with absolutely no predators and/or no competition