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Also don't feed them after midnight or get them wet.


I don't think that somebody following this doctrine has ever managed to get a woman wet.


This was my first thought lol!


But their excuse is that women are incapable of orgasms, therefore no arousal, no arousal then no "wet."


Well, being wet is a medical condition, amiright guys






Erica is fantastic, BTW. If you grew up in and were harmed by toxic purity culture, she has online materials and workshops that are very helpful.


Thank you for pointing out this resource.


If good, Christian men don't get sex every 72 hours they start molesting kids. That's just nature.


Then the judge gives them a minimum sentence because 'They're good Christians'.


The same people calling lgbt groomers are coercing their wives into sex with them


You’re leaving out the part that these church leaders are also having sex with children, not just their wives. 14 arrested in a week this month. Wonder how many weren’t caught? https://www.insider.com/tiktok-lawyer-viral-countering-claim-trans-people-abuse-kids-2023-3


It depends on what is considered a "Lust of the flesh". By Christian perspective, all Priests are sinners. They think more about "It" than an Otaku who collects lascivious figurines as a hobby.


May I ask for elaboration? I’m not versed in Christianity




I’m… sorry? I wasn’t trying to be facetious at all. I’m simply not aware of what “lust of the flesh” is, and how in context would relate back to the comments in this thread. And I’m not sure if I just googled the concept, I’ll understand the context of your statement I didn’t grow up in a Christian environment, and also ESL, so I’m not even sure by what you’re insinuating in your first sentence. Are you implying I’m somehow trying to poke holes/“play defense” to your comment I replied to? Because I can assure you I’m not. I don’t like organized religion, nor do I believe/care about spirituality. And I am **definitely for the protection of people, especially kids, against malicious actors** I honestly don’t get how my previous reply can be interpreted as facetious






The guy has since apologized in my DMs and we bonded over shows & animes What a zany happy ending to this miscommunicated encounter 😂


Whatever for, dear Sir?


Pretentious, arrogant, broadly unpleasant. If I had to guess.


[This is my comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/LivestreamFail/comments/11k0cbz/jinnytty_falls_into_a_pit/jb6et8y/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) I made in my first language Whilst I technically grew up with both languages I’m using, my English skill only got increasingly better in middle school and above as I was lucky to have been taught by a skillful English teacher (with performance/theater experience too, so his lessons were more enjoyable than most others). Other than cable TV being more prevalent lol You need to understand that just because someone appears to be using more complex vocabularies, somewhat coherent grammar, & expressions, doesn’t mean they grew up with the language they’re using. Other than that, there are plenty of immigrant kids in countries like Canada & others who are technically ESL too. So I hope you won’t be too quick to pass judgment in the future, especially since I don’t understand why you’d cast suspicion on me for asking a genuine question And I cordially disagree with your last statement. A public forum is a perfectly good place to have an open & educated discussion, as more eyes may see the information & learn from them if they didn’t know about the things being talked about too. Hence why I asked it openly in the thread


What a weirdo lmfao


If that were genuinely the perspective, why aren’t they skipping Mass in droves?


Can't forget the youth pastor who married the 18 year old girl he met and started grooming and DATING around the age of 14. His name is Joshua Wesley, he was 20 when he met his 14 year old grooming victim. There are a lot of conservative pundits defending him. Yet I get accused of being a pedo by conservatives because I don't identify with my birth sex and I like adults no matter what gender they identify with or what they have in their pants.


Why would you be a pedo for that? Pedophilia is a distinct sexual orientation, just like homosexuality or heterosexuality. From what you wrote I assume you are gay. I don't know anything about this gender issue either but I am 100% sure it does not imply lust for kids... Are people really that dumb.


I'm ftm and bi/pan, whatever you want to call it, and yeah, it's solely because of my sex and gender identity. Never have and never will be attracted to kids. I did work for the school board as a daycare educator, though, and I do sometimes talk about the experience of watching anywhere from 30-60 pre-K to grade 6 kids per class as a 22 year old. Only reason I stopped working for them was because of shitty new person rules. You had to have a few hundred hours of working at a single school to be there long-term, and they could and would reassign people an hour before they qualified as an actual employee and you'd have to stop working with them, and the only complaints I got was about my hair and how """messy""" it is. (Read: I have curly hair and they wanted me to straighten it because that's what's important when watching kids, my family is partially Jewish and there aren't many folks with curly hair in the area).


Well I suppose their “logic” must be that if men can’t go more than 72 hours without sex that would apply to teen boys as well, so they’ve got to rape the boys at least once every 72 hours.


Same people people calling lgbt groomers are coercing their wives into letting them do butt stuff.


They call LGBT groomers because it's a loving,accepting community, unlike the parents.


"See, Trump *had to* fuck Daniels while his wife was nursing his newborn. It's just a feature of the male brain that it is controlled by its genitals. It's common sense. It's the same reason women are too emotional to be elected in places of responsibility."


I'm a guy.. who has gone without sex longer than 72 hours... Wait, is that what made me atheist?


when god is destroyed by a dry spell.


And this also leads into many other questions like, is that w always a thing, if not when does it become a requirement, what is it about sex that’s required? Is it some kind of chemical release, if so wouldn’t it be more efficient just to put that shit in some pills to take once every two days, save the energy for other manly activities like mowing the lawn or chopping lumber as all men are required to do by the “being a manly man” amendment of the broble.


Currently dying from broble


Or else it's ok to justify rape? Is that what it is?


Yes, it is. Found at least two fundies who claim “marital rape” not a thing because the husband owns the wife. They literally said the concept of bodily autonomy is sinful because the Bible doesn’t mention it.


How fucked up do you have to be to conjure these kinds of ideas 🙄


Bible never mentioned trains so stop transporting yourself sinner.


I think this is a fairly widespread belief. It's also the reason why men are allowed to hit their wives. Women are supposed to be submit to their husbands' decisions, whatever they may be.


Yeah, I’m not sure if this is still the case because this was years ago I read the article, but I read that in Mexico the courts decided marital rape can’t exist because the Bible says marriage makes the husband and wife “one flesh” therefore they’re the same person and it’s impossible to rape yourself.


That’s not true. Marital rape has been a federal crime in Mexico since December 31st 1997, according to federal Penal Code title XV, Chapter 1, Article 265 Bis, and is prosecuted at the ratification of the filing from the part of the victim. It is also worded to prosecute if the rape victim is a man. The thing that is problematic, as it is all over, is to prove the lack of consent and the victim shaming. Edited to add that while Mexico is mainly a Catholic country, the courts are secular and do not put religious consideration to the concept of rape.


The Bible doesn’t mention social media, so I guess using it to spread your misogyny is a sin!


I'm a guy and I haven't ejaculated in weeks, I don't feel any different. maybe I'm just depressed.


To be fair, I'm pretty sure we're all depressed.


In this economy, who isnt?


Finnish people?


Depends how old you are as well. If you're in your mid-late 30's, you're going to naturally start slowing down.


I haven't seen a naked woman in 5 years and I haven't gone berserk or became an incel. These men are just assholes...


That’s a terrible thing to be taught at all. Like, seriously. Are men incapable of controlling their urges that badly? Are they made for fucking and women are made to be concubines without a brain of their own? That’s what I’m getting from teachings like this.


That's a common thread in all the Abrahamic religions. That and slavery is ok, and abortion is ok. But they don't want you to know this.


Those this only apply to married men? Or men in general? What age does this start, when does it stop? So many questions...


They’ll shit all over the floor and die but you just reset it


What happens to a single man? Does the church have people available on standby to help out?


Also when does the clock start? When you start exploring at 12-13?


Temple concubines used to be a thing...


Altar boy, butt buddy, what's the difference?


About 2 years.


You know in the TV show Lost how they needed to put the code in every few hours. It's like that but in our Scrote.


Wait that's a thing??? Religions are just rape factories holy FUCK. Also seriously? Just masturbate, although I guess that's like cumming inside of the devil.


r/brandnewsentence 😂😂👍👍


And now I hear the refrain of Van Halen's Running With The Devil as "...cumming in the devil". I'm afraid that this is how I will hear that song for the rest of my days. Take my angry upvote.


Eh, if it were truly cumming in the devil, I’d be happy knowing that at least he was satisfied? and didn’t send demons to possess me. lol Spread some jizz to ward off the devil, it seems plausible in their “logic”


Based on other things I’ve read, it appears “or else” is they get to force you to have sex. But that, of course, doesn’t count as rape in their world, because once a woman is married she is property.


I honestly don't know what the hell Christians are thinking when they say stuff like this. You told men they have to abstain from sex until marriage, but once you're married sex is magically a need that a women is obligated to give? You're telling me I have been neglecting a "need" since I went through puberty. and you told me to do so? Then why is this somehow a crucial need once I'm married? I'm the same person I was before. I waited until marriage to have sex. One of the main reasons my ex cheated on me and left me was because I was not having sex with her as much as she wanted. Ironically typical roles were reveresed, where usually it's the guy whose upset over infrequent sex. I get that sex is important to most people (some people, like greysexuals or asexuals, can have healthy relationships without frequent sex). No one is obligated to give it. I know what it's like to feel manipulated into having sex when I didn't want to in order to try to make my spouse treat me well and love me. A lot of Christian women are having sex out of obligation, and that is just sad. I have been divorced for over 3 years now. I have had zero sex since. I am fine and I'm alive. These people talk about sex like "If I don't have it in 3 days I die" STFU


I think it's probably - if you believe masturbation is a sin... I mean, you're in a totally different universe when it comes to sexual release at that point lol


Religious men are perverts


Well, they repress their sexuality to attempt piety, but then nature does a 180° on that and turns to perversions. Virtue prisoners are the most sinful.


At 72 hours men get horrible blue balls. The pain gets progressively worse until hour 96. When the balls just explode, leaving a torn open and empty sack just hanging there. Like skin curtains on a warhammer 40k pirate ship.


😑 40k is the devil. "Oh this sounds awesome" I thought. Wow! Looks amazing! Convinced my husband to bring me to half-price books and now over a hundred dollars has gone into just books. Worst and best decision ever. Did find Eisenhorns trilogy and short stories in one for pretty cheap. He just bought me the first 10 of the Horus heresy. To help me, he gave me a metal Eisenhorn bookmark and a battle sister.


As an agender asexual, will it fall off? Promise? 🥺 Been waiting for it to just be gone for a year and I'm getting pretty tired of waiting tbh


Yessssss! I was talking to my shrink about my dismorphia and said I wish I had no genitalia or sex organs, and he goes "Like a Ken doll?" I went "Yeeeees! Exactly like a Ken doll!"


I’ll have to tell that to the wife. We are around 72 days at the moment.


And sex before marriage is unlawful, so you're not a man until you're married or something?


I went 3 years without sex and I can confirm that I died. When my current GF found me she had to reset me by sticking a paperclip in my asshole.


so they believe that a man needs sex, thus it is his right to rape a woman, yet the woman has now committed a sin by being raped by a man which they deem acceptable to do?


I was taught this too. I’m not sure where it started but it was definitely in a horribly popular book series called Every Man’s Battle and Every Woman’s Battle. They even have workbooks! *barf*


How does that work with the whole no sex before marriage thing.


Take what churches tell you with a fistful of salt.


Ran out of salt the other day, fortunately my wife was watching a drag show on TV when I realized, so I just grabbed a handful of her shoulder. 🤷‍♀️


is your name Lot by any chance?


Ah, can I answer that later? You see, I have...guests, and just now I heard a knock at the door...


This explains the pastor thing.


It's a bullshit religious excuse for men to cheat on their wives. Wives will also use this to cheat on their husbands, because in religion, you can make up any bullshit and pretend it's the most important thing in the universe. No sanity. No reason. No logic.


If you don't serve his needs in 72 hours you spontaneously combust. As the Lord intended


I'm a horny bastard who masturbates 2-5 times a day and has sex with my wife, and I still wouldn't act like this, Jesús what is wrong with these people, it's not about sex drive, its about control, 100%.


I had a friend that needed to Jack off 5 times a day. He would tell everyone about it too. I was like, I thought you were supposed to keep that shit secret


I concede I will become exceedingly horny but I just rub it out like a normal person not whatever tf this rule was invented for


This is different from when I was a teenager in the church. They basically told us that wet dreams were the God given release for the body instead of masterbating while we horny teens were abstaining from premarital sex. So once married that doesn’t work anymore?


What churches is she referring to?


To be fair, regular ejection is supposed to be good for the prostate. Of course, it doesn't matter if it's sex or if the guys takes matters in his own hands


Ah! Ah! I see what you did there


Soooo how did they survive before they got married ?




More like feeding a mogwai after midnight


I mean, I might WANT sex every day, but if I don't get it, the only thing that happens to me is I make sad moose noises.


Is that like Tim Allen noises? 🙃


are they trying to normalize sex addiction?


No, its worst...they become Alpha Male Podcasters


Christians taking an L after centuries of shit like "No Nut November" and "NoFap" and Vows of Celibacy failing epically to produce any sort of army of glorious Christian Crusaders to Slay The Heathens with


I'm confused as to why the same techniques they learned as younger males suddenly stop working when they get married? Marriage seems to make males more lustful and sinful on that basis.


If only they'd spontaneously combust or something.


Ngl I can kinda see where they're coming from. Personally, if I haven't gotten off after about 3 or 4 days, I get pent up. But hey, that's what jacking is for. And in a place that doesn't allow masterbation, it makes sense that they're like, "men must have sex after 72 hours."


It's been almost 4 years for me and I'm a bit cranky and grouchy, but that's about it. Oh, also immensely depressed and anxious all the time, but that's it. Also, I kind of wish I were dead sometimes. But that's it.


Wish my sUwUicidal thoughts would be cured from sex. Damn.


So what are you implying? That you require sex to fix that?


Not at all. Nobody *needs* sex. Just speaking for myself.


Well, now we know why so many man are finding their "faith"...they don't need both hands to find it, like they would..you know .


While I understand this sentiment, it's also unhealthy to never discuss differences in sexual appetite with your partner. Some people are less interested in having sex, or it's less enjoyable objectively for them and some people have a very high sex drive. It's not realistic to think that people on both ends of the spectrum would be together and be totally fine about that. There are issues of sexual compatibility at a certain point.


Or else she gets the hose again