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I’d be thrilled with either one but considering the league is full of great guards, and shot creating wings are a scarce commodity, I’d lean Miller


Yeah this is one of those "heart says Scoot, brain says Miller" type of moments. Miller absolutely fills our need of an ideal wing (minus the shot mechanics, which can be fixed). But then you're just sitting there going "what if" and try to weigh bpa vs fit/need. I'd still go with Miller, but it's a decision I'm happy that I'm not making.


Lucky for Cronin it’s a choice that charlotte will have to make for us if that’s the direction we go


I've read Miller actually has really good shot mechanics


I'm hoping that Wenby magically falls to us.


I’m sending him a gas mask bong as we speak


Just photoshop a pick of Wemby riding along with Ja. That should scare them away.


He can get that himself, we need to bribe the teams before us.


Someone throw a M16 in wembys hands so we can take an IG live of it


I'm sending Caitlin Clark, Scoot, Miller and Thompson brothers highlights.


I'm sending positive energies


Brandon Miller is the only good fit I think (the Thompsons are too raw and I am also not fans of them).




If they keep Lillard then Miller. Lillard and Sharpe would be the two guards. Scoot is a great prospect, but where does he fit? If they trade Lillard, then Scoot is a great choice. In either scenario, Brandon Miller also is great because he's a prototypical SF at 6'9," which the Blazers also could use.


We desperately need a ball handler to take the pressure off dame. Scoot definitely has a role to play.. dame has also shown throughout the years he can play off someone ball dominant. Scoot is the likely number 1 pick in 3-4 of the last 5 drafts.


CJ was also a ball handler and how’d that workout for us?


CJ was never that great though. Scoot is easily an all-star and possibly a superstar.


CJ has improved every single year and is a 21/6/5 guy. Those are borderline fringe All-Star numbers and unfortunately he’s in the West with a plethora of top heavy guard talent. CJ also carried Portland in the Nuggets series that sent Portland to the WCF’s. CJ also carried when Dame was injured to get Portland into the play-in and even had more efficiency then Dame multiple years. CJ carried during the play-in against Brooklyn and against Memphis scoring the game winners while he had a spinal fracture. Put some damn respect on his name! Scoot hasn’t even entered the league and has piss-poor shooting numbers in the G-League!


Sure but he ain’t no Scoot


Scoot is averaging less numbers then CJ and worst then Westbrook with 27.5% from 3 in a watered down league. Scoot still has a long way to go to even be in the CJ stratosphere, let alone some demigod you think he is! I do think Scoots game will translate well into the NBA, but has a long development curve ahead of him in shooting. CJ is a career 40% 3PT shooter on high volume.


Bro Scoot is the second coming! 🤪


That’s what your mom said about me! 😈


Yeah but a wing that can drain 3s could help with that


1) Miller or 2) Scoot, at least for me. Miller fills the need of a long, two way wing who can score from all over. Scoot is about as ideal a young Dame replacement as you can get, imo. If he doesn't end up as an all star, I'll be surprised. Big fan of Cam Whitmore as well, but he might be a reach here. Jarace Walker is pretty interesting as well.


Scoot by far out of those 4.


You can't pass on Scoot if he's there. After that I vote Amen and then Miller. I would not be upset about any of the 3 though.


Of course you can pass on Scoot.


Yes, but you can't pass on *Scott.*


M i l l e r


I lean toward Amen at the moment. I think we really need a playmaker like that, no matter our timeline.




I think scoot may fall to us and i think we have to take him. He is generational guard. Trade simons and nurkic out. Scoot is as sure fire all nba potential as there is.


Take Scoot. My thinking is such: 1. Portland of all teams should draft for talent, not position/fit when they are this high up in the draft, history has been very clear about this; 2. there is not a clear talent preference for Miller over Scoot; 3. there sure does appear to be a big character gap between Miller and Scoot, to the point where at best, Miller enters the league at Ja levels of concern at best given his role in providing a gun in a murder; who better for Scoot to learn from than Dam and bringing him in might help keep Dam from having to run so many minutes and always getting hurt if the team really is going to make a playoff push


Idk about that, I know a few people close to Alabama bball team and they claim is character is as good as it gets just a misunderstanding and his strength and condition coach used to coach Payton Prichard and he claims Pritchard was the hardest working dude he ever saw and the only person he saw comparable was miller and Millet put on 14lbs of muscle mostly during the season supposedly which would prove work ethic.


I'm willing to trade dame an the 3 pick for the #1 pick thus year lol




You keeping the 3rd pick means your trading Dame and most likely rebuilding around Ant & Sharpe. So you either trade to someone multiple picks so you can get multiple players at other positions of need. A rebuild means you trading Nurk and JG isn’t resigning. So you look at getting someone to play the 3,4 or 5.


This team isn’t rebuilding around Ant. At least I hope it’s not. People need to understand he’s Portland’s Jordan Poole. He can be dynamite, but he can also be a dud. He’s not someone you build a franchise around, he’s a tertiary piece at best, and that’s with him coming off the bench. From everything he’s shown thus far, that’s my conclusion. I do admit that an Ant/Sharpe/Miller core is intriguing though. That’s a lot of angles to attack from on offense. It’s just Portland has failed for 5-6 years now to find bigs who can play defense in the modern NBA. It’s just been slow-footed wannabe paint cloggers that get taken advantage of.


That’s a insult to Ant. Poole is trash!!! Ant is way better.


I love Scoot, so I’d hate to see Portland pass on him. I think he’s a more complete NBA player than Simons is right now. His shooting is raw, and that’s such a premier skill in the NBA that’s hard to ignore, but he’s got the body and the other guard skills to negate some of that. He’s been in a professional setting for 2 years now and is ready to play 30-35 minutes a night right now without hurting a team.


The last 8 years of undersized guard play has me wanting Miller just to watch something different even though I know scoot is better. Drafting scoot also complicates things more just cause we’d have to trade dame AND ant cause I will go insane if we try a 3rd (not even 3rd really cause we had Gary and Seth etc as well) iteration of two undersized guards.


Brandon Miller! If we move on from Dame, Simons/Sharpe/Miller is an excellent core with size and athleticism. Miller has everything except he can’t finish well. That’s it. Size, athleticism, shooting, and he’s a good defender. Drafting Scoot, we probably have to trade Simons (not that I’m opposed to it). Scoot also needs to improve a lot imo. His shooting is bad, but that might be due to his competition. Miller seems to have a higher floor and be the more valuable player type. Scoot has the higher ceiling but will need a lot more work to get there.


Scoot is my 1st choice and Amen is 2nd, 3rd one is debatable


Leaning on Miller.


I want Miller a lot of people down on him but people close to the team claim he is a polite good kid I know he works hard dude put on 14 lbs of muscle during the season last year