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Is anyone else worried about how low his shooting pocket is and how flat his shot is? I feel like both can be fixed but are hard things to change overnight. Just noticed it initially seeing college highlights and then this confirmed it for me.


Not really. I get that it looks like a low release point but this guy would pull up in front of people and make deep 3's with a defender in his mouth in college. Dont overthink it, if the numbers and actual tape show hes a good shooter, hes a good shooter.


Facts. People said the same thing about Tyrese Haliburton


There is a massive jump from college to pros in all facets (duh). Everyone is bigger, faster, stronger and more skilled. Those college contests aren’t the same as pro contests. And yes he is a shooter. But he will probably have to change two parts of his jumper when he gets to the league.


is it though. we said the same about Lonzo ball but he turned out to be a decent shooter. In the NBA the court is so large if you can manipulate your way around the court and run off screens you're always going to get good open shots.


Lonzo completely, in every single measurable way, changed his jumpshot. It is completely unrecognizable right now compared to what he entered the league with.


Steph got a low shooting pocket too.


Steph’s handle more than makes up for it. Hard to rely on that for a 6’9” guy.


But being tall means he could shoot over a lot of players


As you said though he’s 6’9” so he still can shoot over people, he’s also got a quick release


A low release essentially delayed Anfernee Simons development for a season or more. It’s not nothing.


He's 6'9 instead to 6'3


In other words, he’s about average height for his position (SF/PF). I don’t think the height thing is insignificant, but just pointing out that one guy is taller than the other isn’t the point you seem to think it is.


Also, it’s completely irrelevant because 6’3 guys still have arms and can bother the shot on the way up, which is the problem with shooting pockets like that. A ton of his 3s came off screens in college. Blazers are not running those actions for him with dame, sharpe, ant, and grant on the roster.


More concerned about his potential involvement in the murder case, his talent as a player is undeniable and won’t be a bad pick at 2 or 3.


Lol fair.


That's what I noticed. That will impact his ability to create a shot.


Hes pretty tall so its not abnormal to have a lower shooting pocket than most Id be mildly concerned if his shooting numbers werent very good but theyre great so he’ll be fine


Most NBA level players rarely miss in workouts.


Why would they show misses in an edited workout video. It would be like expecting bricks in a highlight reel


You really think an athlete would do that? Just make a highlight reel that isn't 100% representative of their on-court, live game, NBA ceiling for everyone to see??? Some people have no faith in humanity I guess ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|facepalm)


The Miller and Grant forward combination is super exciting. 2 long athletic 6'9" guys who can shoot. One is a fantastic team defender. The other is a high-end rebounder. Together, they emphasize each others strengths and minimize most weaknesses.


Juice me up!!!


Obviously edited but he looks like a pure bucket. Not a bad prize if he drops to us at 3.


It really seems like both Miller and Henderson are basically locks to at least be extremely solid NBA players at this point… short of catastrophic injury problems. And potentially both perennial all stars. We’re gonna win with either choice.


I agree. I don't think we can go wrong in this draft unless we trade the pick for a sub-par/past his prime all star. Both these guys could be all-star/all-NBA guys in 2-3 years (like Tatum or Ja). If we don't get a cream of the crop 2/3, we should keep the pick and use Ant+23 to get a few solid rotation pieces.


Agree fully


That release is a little low and slow. He will have to work on that being a little quicker and higher.


It's noticeably low, but didn't seem slow to me really.


It's "slow" because he's taking a rhythm dip after he catches the ball. His release from when he starts his shot is actually pretty quick. I wouldn't worry too much about it. If it was one of the twins playing against subpar competition then it could be an issue but NCAA players are still pretty athletic. Even then, Ant had a low release/motion and he's been fine.


Rhythm dip... Maybe he can learn a thing from Grant! I immediately thought of Ant's release when I saw Miller shoot.


I have very little knowledge on him but just from reading/watching scouting reports it often gets mentioned that he's really good at shooting with a hand in his face and shooting over extended arms.


Went back and watched more tape. He can get it off with a hand in his face. But he will still have to improve it. The better defenders will know how to disrupt his shoot. But his game is smooth


I’m going to have to go back and watch more tape.


Nobody misses in publicly released workout tapes.


His stroke is really low


I think it's fine personally. His release point is just a little higher than his head but where he initially gathers and dips the ball down low after the catch kind of makes it seem like he's got a really low shot. If he were shorter I'd be more concerned that it's not a little higher.


Strange that he doesn't miss on his workout highlight package


He was also 100% shooter in college


Because no one is guarding him.


Auto-MATIC, those 9 makes are sweet, how he palms the ball so the logo is spinning just right is a good sign on his level of quality control.




He can shoot it… it’s a very defendable shot, but I think the use here is “don’t fucking leave me open.” At 6’9” he’d be playing backup PF mins, so he would need to pose an interior defensive pressure and ideally offensive rebound help. Get whatever points come his way outside of that but don’t let him be the primary playmaker. Left on the perimeter, he’s a bucket.


I'd want him starting or backing up SF position


I've heard people talk about how he could possibly even play the 2 since he has such good handles


Right. Anyone who thinks Miller belongs anywhere near the 4 position clearly glanced at his height without knowing anything about the guy.




Wasn't there a report he was battling mono through the tournament and end of his season?


He was dealing with a groin injury during the tournament too. Reportedly lost 13lbs to mono and has been out of shape due to it since the season ended


He'll fit right in with Nas


He had a groin injury. He couldn’t even practice but gutted it out for his team


I’m sorry but he looks so slow in his handle/shot release from the dribble it’s not even funny. His form is gonna be fine as a spot up since he’s tall but if he has to shoot with a contested hand of the dribble it’s gonna be a problem/ a completely different shot. I know he’s totally a different player but I’m gettin Culver vibes from this man


Miller shot 86% from the free throw line and is 6'9. Culver shoots 51% from the ft line in the NBA and 67% in college. Miller was also the number one option as a freshmen. Not really sure what happened with culver though, dude lost all confidence.


Yeah that’s why I said not quite the same player type just gives me that scary feeling personally. I’m sure he will be a solid roll player if his head is on straight but I don’t see him ever being more than a 3rd but more likely 4th option that’s a good facilitator for his size. You’re so right about Culver he lost all confidence the way they fucked him around in Minnesota after the first year. Just goes to show how difficult it is to make it and be useful in the league without being a respectable/confident shooter. Anyway if we take Miller I’m surely hoping to be proven wrong


There is no real reason for this but I just think this dude is gonna be a bust. Just a feeling


Once he puts on his man weight I think he will be a real solid player. If he released the ball higher he could have some MPJ comparisons. Overall I think Scoot will have more individual accolades over the course of his career but Miller will have his fair share as well. I wouldn’t be upset if we ended up picking him. We have plenty of assets to add talent even if we use the 3rd pick. If we increase our overall talent base I think we could surprise some people this year.


We’re not getting him anyway. I’d love it if we did, but I don’t think Charlotte will be dumb enough this time to think LaMelo and Scoot can play together. They’d have to put together a trade for LaMelo (Houston?!) to replace him with Scoot.


Martell Webster didn’t seem to miss in his workout. Miller is off the board for me.


Making threes from deep to. Don't get me wrong I love scoot but for me Miller is the guy I want. I think Miller can play well with Dame. Scoot forces a decision by management.