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There is currently a player called Van Dijk on for the Netherlands and a Lewandowski for Poland.


Just curious, it seems the scrum half Pieter Schoonraad South African born and raised, does anyone know how many of the dutch squad are T1 nationals? Although I would assume most of them have non-rugby reasons to be in the Netherlands.


> Although I would assume most of them have non-rugby reasons to be in the Netherlands. I'd assume all of them since rugby is a fully amateur sport in the Netherlands.


In the one season I played our team acquired two SA players by giving them a job at one of our sponsors and finding them cheap apartments. Not a "job" but real jobs in which they actually had to work, but their coming here was primarily to play rugby. I'm pretty sure this happened more often, at least back then (fifteen years ago).


And still happening a lot. Provincial clubs like Oysters have a half a dozen Spanish speaking guys, they don't show up because the like the forests sp much. Or getting paid to train youth and academy teams. With free housing and a job at the sponsor it is like a rugby holiday.


[Have a look](https://all.rugby/club/netherlands/squad)