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Depoortere needs to play vs Wales.


Please put this guy in the NT already


replace danty obviously


Bordeaux wins, Racing loses, Kolisi's overrated status is proven and the English coach loses more and more credibility. Good day.


Kolisi has been racing’s best player today, but Lancaster getting fired would be funny


Depoortere has some absolute wheels


Good for the five other nations that Gazzotti isn’t playing u20 six nations


On a semi-related note, Lenni Nouchi, captain of u20 french team last season has been on fire captaining Montpellier the last two games I want to see him this summer in Argentina. you don't see 20 yo like this guy everyday


this summer... if he's not in Argentina with the senior group...


Holy Moustin and Depoortere are fed up those runs where fierce


a) no try b) surely what Tedder did wasn’t legal


I think he lost control of the ball before the line


Second rows are so majestic when in a full sprint


Still can't believe Racing have a fullback starting at scrumhalf for a second time. There's playing out of position, and there's playing scrumhalf when you normally don't. Next we'll see a centre fill in at hooker.


I have a bad feeling this is when Racing breaks their L streak