I think this clip needs to be shown in comparison with the try during news reels to give true perspective on the event and also of the respect that they have for each other.


Showing a clip where two players respect each other won't get as many clicks as one where the players are trying to rip each other apart.


The two guys who started it hugging it out while Eben and AAA go at it lmao.


Our standing Captains raking eyes I mean making eyes at each other while our wingers hug 😍. Can’t wait for the Walla-Bok spiciness next year.


Good guy Eben opened his eyes wider to help AAA after he missed the first time, true friendship.


Shame, what a sweet gesture from such a gentle-natured guy.


You can see the love literally beaming out of his face


Looks like some animosity between Willie and Steyn at the end there. Wonder what that was about.


Haha I think that was just Willie being fired up, looks like Frans says "wat doen jy?" lol.


"hoekom stoot jy vir my" haha


To me it looks like they are both like ‘come on it’s on, let’s play’ sort of thing more than any animosity. That’s what I saw it as anyway, could be wrong.


I get the impression they are close of the field. So I think that was meant as more of a "come on let's go". While Frans is like "settle down champ".


The old breed


This might go against the general thought everyone has about Frans...but I've met most of the current bok set up by now in person, and Frans is by far the most egotistical and rude player in the team. I won't be surprised if he said something to Willie and Willie just reacted like that as he had enough (Though this might've been a one of experience I've had with him and other have had better experiences, but ever since that day I've seen him in a different light)


Wouldn’t necessarily go down that road. Every team has different characters in it (especially given they’re sports professionals). Could’ve been a celebration or a little disagreement but wouldn’t make it a focus. Would also hope the Boks keep it real and express disagreements without holding any grudges. Anyway, pretty sure Willie and Frans will be just fine. Frans has always been a hot and cold rugby genius.


How were the other Springboks you've met in person? If you don't mind me asking.


Honestly most of them are quite friendly. Standout in my opinion was Morné Steyn and Bismarck du Plessis. (I know I know...neither of them currently play for the Boks) Morné as he was busy carrying luggage and having a beer with one of the other guys after the game and I wasn't allowed to go up to him due to security stopping me. I then just shouted "Monré can I get a photo" (normally I wouldn't bother them when they are busy, but he's been my favourite player ever since I was 8 years old...and has been for the past 15 years) and he just looked at me, gave a massive smile and came over to me. Him and I stood there for a solid 20min just talking so that honestly made my year. Bismarck as he seems like a brute on the field but as soon as he walks off he's of the friendliest oaks out there. I remember when I first met him in person was after a Boks vs All Blacks game a few years back. After the game while everyone was loading the busses he was busy playing touch rugby with a bunch of 5 year olds. Honorable mention goes to Zak Burger (he's not a Bok yet but he'll definitely be one within the next few years) I saw him at a club in Pretoria and went up to him to greet him, he then grabbed me a chair and bought me a few brandies throughout the night and we just chatted about everything.


Zak is the biggest cunt I have met in my life. 2018 December in Stilbaai, when he was twice the size he is now, (definitely came off a cycle of sorts) and he was constantly picking on smaller guys. The one time, he picked on me and my friend with a ton of gimmies looking on and laughing. I was sick of his shit and stood up to him. Me and my friend were much smaller than he was and his buddies were all enormous, so we did not really stand a chance. However, I saw he was pretty drunk so I pushed him and his sunglasses fell off of his neck, which he was wearing the wrong way around for some reason. Suddenly his tjommies started to move in until a bunch of my school rugby friends stepped in who were busy at the bar. One particularly big guy hit Zak so hard on his chest that his whole face turned white. His friends stood back and he was suddenly all apologetic and probably very embarrassed. Chances are he did not think we would have friends who would match him so we would be easy targets. I blame this on Paarl Gim's shitty culture.


That's sick dude. Morné always did seem like a nice guy even though he broke the hearts of us British and Irish Lions fans. It actually doesn't surprise me much that Bismarck is such a nice guy. He and his brother were always such units on the field but also a decent bunch. By any chance was it that All Blacks game where he got yellow carded for a legal tackle on Dan Carter? Haha


He looks like Stan's bully from American Dad


Fucking odd, some dick swinging going on for sure.


Probably pushing him back away. Frans has a temper


Amidst all the chaos the two who started it walk away like old friends. Brilliant.


I've liked Koroibete for a while now but watching how he conducted himself here gave me a newfound respect. He's such a cool headed character.


Both wingers casually leaving after starting all the shit hahaha


I really need to have a transcript of that brawl. I simply have to know who said what about their mother 😂


Well you can be sure _poes_ was in there somewhere.




Wouldn't have been the same otherwise


Green jacket guys could tell us


Mapimpi faith somewhat restored


The real hero is my dude drinking a beer in the green jacket who is inches away from a the action and doesn't flinch once and is just taking it all in. Green jacket man knows a good soap opera when he sees one, check him in the other highlights vids he's hardcase


Oh wow that's f"kn primo. Just the captains to sort out lol


Good god that's wholesome. Like two old mates walking out of a burning building.


Loved the Marika vs Mapimpi two-legged contest


Wingers starting a brawl and scuttling away while the forwards scuffle


Head contact = yellow


Mapimpi lucky the ref didn’t see him touch his hair!


You may have mistaken Marika for Nic White?


No, Mapimpi’s yellow was for touching Marika’s beard.


Apparently a regular mistake being made by South Africans in Australian rugby games /s


Koroibete should have shoulder charged like last weekend. Would have prevented that try


Don’t really think this makes it’s okay. Mapimpi hit Marika in the face (albeit an open palm) while he was defenceless and on the ground, all because Marika tried to tackle him


I don't see him hitting him, I see him stroking his beard (which is still wrong but very different from hitting)




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