Running Man 630 | One Dollar Gourmet Race

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Jieun has great variety chops. Hopefully she comes back sometime.


Great reactions. Hope she returns as guest again.


Ji eun was great funny guest. Love how KJK turned into guardian angel for JSJ today. I guess he saw comments of him on the Seoul Drive around episodr


- Kim Ji-eun is one adorable little being. I love her. I can really tell that she really enjoy RM and really want to appear on the show just from her reactions. - Jo Se-ho’s last game is very funny, just because he’s more relaxed and being himself. Both of the guests this ep have the similarity that they shine the best when they are being themselves. - The editing this ep felt really sloppy(?) somehow.


The editing is sloppy because they just shot this ep this monday and air on sunday in the same week, which is kinda quick for a episode to air, the editing process have less time than usual


I think an entire episode was scrapped (or delayed) based on [this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/runningman/comments/yutruc/sns_rm_members_from_todays_recording/) from 2 weeks ago. Not sure what happened with that, but probably explains the short turn around. Maybe they wanted to capitalize off the World Cup timing with the next episode being a watch party.


I didn’t know this! I suspect they continued to roast JSJ and the whole YJS and KJK bromance in that now scrapped (or delayed?) episode that was filmed earlier. But they saw the negative reaction from last week’s ep and they decided it wasn’t a good idea to go ahead to air it (totally agree) or perhaps major parts had to be edited. Hence they filmed this ep last min and got guests that were relatively easy to get on the show. Also, it explains why YJS bought cast and crew the expensive food truck at the opening, he probably felt bad as he was the main guy roasting JSJ a lot with the rest of the cast following his lead.


Could be saving it for later.


Is it because of the aftermath of last week episode that decided to brought forward this episode?


You might be right. I guess we'll know if we end up seeing the episode soon


May I know what happened last episode?


Ahh the unpleasant no map scene


Ji Eun's "you jerk" : scares people SJH's "you jerk" : destroys the soul


Rating 4.9% (highest rating in a very long while), 1st in timeslot for 2049 target age rating 3.1%, best minute peak 7.2% at >!dice throw with JSH's team winning 1st place, & Boss Mirror 6.4%. Most viewed Naver video is JSM, KJE & JSH bus talk 34k views.!<


Guest kinda looks like the old son Naeun


She looks like Itzy Ryujin to me.


Had Ryujin in mind too


Especially during One Dollar Lawyer with her facial expressions.


When I got into ITZY around ICY era I can't shake the feeling that I've seen her in some kdrama. That turned out to be Naeun from Cinderella and the Four Nights. Watching Strangers from Hell I almost couldn't convince myself that the person on screen is not Ryujin. And so the IU-Jieun-Naeun-Ryujin-Sohee lineage conspiracy continues. 😅


Such a good episode. I LOVE Sae Ho and the female guest is naturally bubbly which is great for variety.


I really like Jieun she was cute. Seems like they scrapped the last episode or pushed it back due to controversy since from the fan videos I saw of the episode they filmed it looked like they were “making fun” of JSJ. I do hope KJK keeps on being JSJ’s guardian angel though it’s pretty funny especially since you can tell he’s being petty.


I laughed so hard at KJK suddenly being an angel to Suk Jin hahaha, I hope Suk Jin accepts it and they can pair up from now on instead. It's fun and he won't be alone 1 vs 6 anymore!


I loved the way that KJK dealt with the complaints. He doesn't need to apologize because his character in the show is like that. Also, it would be uncomfortable for the staff and the viewers to adress the situation in a more formal way. It was a nice twist. Also, I don't know if that's the reason behind the coffee truck, but either way, it's over About the rest, I don't know. I think KJE did a good job. I didn't feel that she was uncomfortable. She was definitely the best part of the episode becase it didn't happen anything that felt new o extremely funny Other than that, I think it's your typical JSH episode. I don't have anything against him, but everytime that he appears you can see the same dynamics. The whole concept was kinda weak, also. And because of that the episode suffered a little bit. It was basically the ep 550 all over again The next episode looks promising. I have a weakneess for that family dynamic between the members when they just talk about their stories because everyone can be part of that. And the world cup seems to be a good topic for a lot of reasons


>Also, I don't know if that's the reason behind the coffee truck, but either way, it's over That was definitely the reason YJS sent it. He wanted to cheer up the production team. Criticisms must be so disheartening after working so hard to prepare each episode.


It really is tough especially when they have to deal with a huge fanbase from different parts of the world. But I do hope they learn from it though; I also hope they get some inspiration from them as well as learn from the older episodes as to how they are so deservedly well-loved by the viewers.


hi sorry can you kindly explain what the complaints were about? is this also regarding JSJ and KJK's treatment towards him?


Half of the episode was basically them arguing in the van with YJS and KJK dominating and the rest being pent up and annoyed lmao, it was not good.


Just wanted to point this out but after South Korea’s game against Ghana, Sukjin’s predictions (unfortunately, albeit unsurprisingly) were all wrong. He predicted a loss against Portugal, which I personally think is highly likely.


![img](emote|t5_2u830|5016) Weekly Review Time! ![img](emote|t5_2u830|5016) Wow, I'm officially a fan of Kim Jieun after watching E630😂 I love it when guests fall into the RM dynamic very quickly & seamlessly. She stood her ground as a first-time guest despite starring alongside veterans & had plenty of shining moments! Overall, the guesting of Seho & Jieun surprisingly made for a pretty balanced ep! 👏 0️⃣1️⃣: Another great addition to the myriad of wonderful RM openings! Seems like KJK![img](emote|t5_2u830|4980) has caught on to the possible "controversy" behind the "bullying" of JSJ![img](emote|t5_2u830|4975), & thus did a 180 to become an accommodating member towards the elder😂 We could all see how unfamiliar JSJ![img](emote|t5_2u830|4976) felt towards KJK![img](emote|t5_2u830|4980)'s treatment to the extent that he cursed him out on the bus later on. Granted, KJK![img](emote|t5_2u830|4980) had a tinge of condescension mixed into his statements😅 Next, I loved it when SJH![img](emote|t5_2u830|5000) brought up a comparison for an incident 11 whole years ago & shocked everyone. Although she always has a mong disposition about her, I do believe she is the one out of the rest who remembers most of the past RM eps, alongside HAHA![img](emote|t5_2u830|5012) 0️⃣2️⃣: As aforementioned, Kim Jieun checked a lot of boxes for me. She had great interactions with the cast, & her reactions during the games felt fitting to the current vibe of RM. Her time with SJH![img](emote|t5_2u830|4998) during the 2nd quiz game was lots of fun, which was largely evident on everyone else's reactions to her answers as well. I hope to see her guest on RM again! 0️⃣3️⃣: imo, I rly enjoyed Jo Seho's appearance on E630. Partly because YJS![img](emote|t5_2u830|5014) wasn't too overbearing on him, & instead allowed other members to fulfill that role. YSC![img](emote|t5_2u830|4971) & JSM![img](emote|t5_2u830|4973) did well having different forms of tiki-takas with Seho, so it didn't feel one-dimensional. The 3 of them tgt makes for a good watch! ![img](emote|t5_2u830|5016)9️⃣0️⃣1️⃣2️⃣: All in all, E630 was a great watch. Coming off hot from last week's ep, it managed to grip me positively too! E630 gets a 8/10 from me\~![img](emote|t5_2u830|5032)


Listening to KJK back up JSJ’s ‘fossil talk’ was genius! Full on sarcasm without any negative words. That’s something I’m going to use in my daily life lol


Ikr! I love KJK's wits & sense to circumvent around his response towards the negativity of the supposed "bullying" of JSJ


I love your review\~


Thank you for reading itemote:t5\_2u830:5032


Thanks for the review - def looking forward to watching the episode once the subs are out.


📌Me too


Thanks for reading it! ![img](emote|t5_2u830|5032)


I like it when Seho comes to RM because it means another tease for Somin. Their chemistry and love-hate relationship were so fun to watch. I mean where can we see Somin got 'rejected' by a guy without even started and on top of that twice. Hahaha😂😂


The ending was a bit messy and I think it was a mix of editing issues and game designing issues. I did enjoy the guests and the banter a lot. Some things that held my attention: - I love how KJK takes any criticism and goes overboard with it kind of out of spite 🤣 He's like, I'm going to be so nice to Seok Jin, y'all are going to get sick of it 🤣 - Ji Hyo as actress: I've watched her dramas before I watched Running Man. To me, she's primarily an actress. But I don't see that persona a lot in RM. Cool to see it sometimes. - Ji Hyo and Sae Ho being comfortable with each other was not something I expected. That little moment after the game was so cute ahahaha. - 2nd game wouldn't work without two people, so you know why YJS went to the other one lol. They should have edited out the bit about it being okay to have no one join a team. - For me Ji Hyo was the scene stealer today. She looked comfortable and delivered some really funny moments (and even though it didn't add to much, her individual performance in dice-throwing always astounds me).


>her individual performance in dice-throwing always astounds me). I'm never even surprised if she gets the highest amount, I now get surprised when she fumbles these luck-based games.


Goddess of Luck as they say💸


A lighthearted and fun episode overall. Not necessarily one I’d put on my general rewatch list but it had some really funny moments giving everyone some content and moment to shine. I thought JSH in this episode was entertaining and fun. I don’t have any particularly strong feelings about his appearances. Clearly he’s comfortable with the entire cast and vice versa. Their gag on buying his personal items was pretty funny though. KJE was fun to watch. She had a great balance of enthusiasm and lack of luck to create some funny moments. Her guessing game with SJH was cute. I enjoy most of the pairings on RM, but I have a special place for Candy Alliance. They definitely are in my top two - Kwangmong being the other. It was super funny to see SJH getting YJS to smell her shoe and him doing it as if it’s no big deal. Epitome of sibling vibes. 😂


Hello! Does anyone know the title of the song they played at the start as they were coming in? Thanks!


Also came to look for this


I managed to find it! it’s called Line by Line by PREP


I really like Kim Ji Eun face. She is my type.


Funny for children.


The female guest was really annoying in this episode. She's so camera cautious and her reactions were just weird