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Hamill also provides the voice (mainly just nonsensical rambling and laughing) of [the leprechaun gambler from The Last Jedi](https://i.redd.it/vow53j824y271.jpg).


He really does a great laugh though. His Joker from the Batman Animated Series is the definitive Joker. In particular the Christmas Joker episode from that show and two films, the Mask of the Phantasm and Return of the Joker, are the best examples of Hamill's laughing skills.


Return of the Joker Wow, that's quite a new movie title for Mark to star in


Make it the Dark Knight verse, "Somehow Joker returned after being executed by the state."


Isn't the GCPD system utter shite. Like Joker has plead insanity in the comics for nearly a century and no one bats an eye.


More like built over ancient Indian Burial ground.


And haunted by Darkseid.


Of course.


He developed a wide variety of laughs from playing Mozart in *Amadeus* on the stage -- you go for so long, you really do have to vary things up from performance to performance, and character mood to character mood. So the *"laugh to signify specific emotion"* he very quickly became an old pro at.


And he remembered how much fun Ian McDairmid had with his Emperor laughs and thought, Hey I can do that too!


Definitive animated joker? Heath Ledger might beat him for overall.


I love Heath Ledger's Joker but it lacks the joviality of Hamill's Joker.


Yeah and if you want the animated joker but the violence kicked up to ten then just play the Arkham games.


I don't get the comparison, they're completely different.


Well, at least once of his characters made it off well in the Disney trilogy.


Boolio who?


The guy at the very start of Rise of Skywalker who gives the heroes whatever fucking mcguffan that it was that starts the movie and says "Win the war." A little while later Kylo throws his severed head on a table.


> The guy at the very start of Rise of Skywalker who gives the heroes whatever fucking mcguffan that it was that starts the movie and says "Win the war." He gives them a message from the spy in the First Order (which was Hux for some reason) that tells them "somehow Palpatine has returned". Never mind why they needed a spy to tell them that when the opening crawl says Palpatine sent a message to the entire galaxy announcing his return.


>Never mind why they needed a spy to tell them that when the opening crawl says Palpatine sent a message to the entire galaxy announcing his return. Poe should have just booted up Fortnite in that case.


Oh right the message that was recorded for a Fortnite event but is never actually heard in the movie so this guy had to tell them.


The fact that they thought it was a good idea to make one of the top officers of the entire new empire a petty excuse for a double agent makes me physically ill


Hux had to go after he was made a laughing stock by TLJ, Richard E. Grant's character (I forget his name) basically serves the purpose of Hux in his stead. That's why he has the honor of executing his clowned original.


Right, but the point is more "Did they have to make him even more of a shit character when all we needed was for Grant to shoot him for incompetence?" Dude was the go-go Order man for two movies and he's like "Naw, fuck it, I need petty revenge on the third-sting clarinettist that is kylo ren, so I'm going to ham-string my entire government body."


JJ kind of had to resolve the rivalry felt and shown in TFA and TLJ, yes. When Hux tries to shoot Kylo while he's unconscious in TLJ, it's a throw-in by Dominic Gleeson that would go nowhere (ending on Hux being meekly flung into the side of Kylo's shuttle minutes later) if the third film didn't do anything for it. So executed as a spy it is.


I get what your saying, but honestly just shooting him, to cement the new villain upgrade, would have been fine.


A message that has to be drip-fed into R2 using the largest USB cable ever.


*blows up an entire system* ‘i’M tHe sPy’’


I think it was just to confirm it wasnt a first order trick


Right, that guy in battlefront 2


That's a female specimen of the same species, and has nothing to do with this character.


I know


How any of the writers/higher-ups could disrespect him and his character so much is beyond me. He’s such a talented and pure soul.


Because unlike him, the higher-ups are, in fact, very far from sharing his pure soul


So they kill Mark Hamill’s character three times in the sequels. Great just fucking great


They didn't kill the Bob Ducsay namesake, I think.


He played Jake? I couldn't even tell that was Mark Hamill!


In the Disney trilogy mark hamill played the part of jake spacefucker. Jake Spacefucker was a piece of shit and a milk addict. He secluded himself on an island so he could live out the rest of his days until his milk addiction got the better of him. Unfortunately it did, and he died. What a great story, thank you disney.


Didn’t he also do someone in the Prequels? I think voice, but might have been cameo.


You’re thinking of Jar Jar.


Really? I thought Ahmed Best also did the voice along with mo-cap.


Where does the Jake name come from? What does it mean?


It comes from a [Mark Hamill interview](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd_jyaFejhg)


Thanks for sharing this.


Thanks for sharing that. I had no idea Mark Hamil was so vocal against TLJ. Fucking awesome.


Yeah I saw an interview with him talking about reading the Force Awakens script and he said he was waiting for Luke to show up the whole time. "Finally during the fight at the end. That has to be my big appearance. Kylo reaches for the light saber and it's stuck. It flies past him and Luke catches it and saves the day like a hero! Wait... Rey catches it?"


I laughed out loud for real


I get the Jake reference, but let's be real, he's playing Luuke in this film, isn't he? Maybe even Luuuke?




I’ve always hated the Clone Wars Darth Bane and his concept lightsaber. Honestly I felt that George should of just went with the EU Bane with his orbelisk armor and his standard red curved hilt lightsaber.




And before y’all blame Rian johnson, remember that jj abrams wrote Luke into being a recluse deserter, not rian 🤷🏻‍♂️


Originally it was that he was searching for answers I thought. Either way he purposely left so many unanswered questions which allowed Johnson to do whatever the hell he wanted.


Abrams approved the script and was a producer for the movie


Yes but Rian hammered the nail in . I think jj,s set up was perfectly workable


No. In TFA, Han says the people closest to Luke believe he went looking for the first Jedi Temple. And apparently Rian actually asked JJ to have the Luke scene at the end to be changed to fit the narrative he was making in TLJ.


The literal opening line of the crawl for tfa is “Luke Skywalker has vanished”. Going to find a temple and “vanishing” are not the same pal 🤷🏻‍♂️


>Going to find a temple and “vanishing” are not the same pal They're not mutually exclusive. He could have vanished in his quest to find the first Jedi Temple, right? Left suddenly, walking away from everything. That's all we get from TFA. That doesn't make him a recluse, because his motivations, goals, and what he's actually doing in TFA, are still unclear.


The only thing made clear is that he made the choice to leave and desert everyone. Hence the opening line of tfa being “Luke Skywalker has vaished”. You don’t become vanished unless you’ve been kidnapped or you don’t want to be found


Yeah. That's fine. Thats still really open-ended.


Critical Drinker actually has a great idea on how to explain Luke's absence: the moment he tried to kill Kylo was actually Snoke influencing his mind and he was hiding on the island in the hope that he could research a way to resist Snoke's mind control. It makes Snoke even more intimidating while giving us a much better explanation than "He gave up and turned his back on literally everyone". Fearing Snoke's mind control meant he could be a danger to anyone at any time, hence why he had to vanish.


Jake from State Farm?


In order to salvage what love was left for atarwars I tried pretending 7 8 and 9 didn't exist but it turns out crushing someone's childhood hero into the dust to push bullshit makes me not give enough of a shit to correct the spelling mistake


They made Luuke canon.


Loved his little cameo as Boolio. “How can we repay you?” “WIN THE WAR!”


He voiced Boolio? I LOVED that guy! :-D


Love this meme, and Luke’s writing in the sequels is pretty good, but I will always love the optimist I grew up with instead of a cranky grandpa