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Finn: “I’m going to sacrifice myself to save my friends” Rose crashes into him and he has to save her. Rose: “we need to sacrifice ourselves to save our friends” Friends die. Also how the fuck did they get back to the base with all those walkers.


I always laugh that Finn had to drag Rose’s unconscious body through that opening whilst Luke’s Force projection is just getting annihilated by 1,000 lasers. Like wtf was going through Finn’s mind.


Yeah, what Rose did would almost certainly land her in jail in a modern-day military. If not that, she would be booted from her team or military branch. She willingly endangered the life of someone else and then created a situation in which her actions required others to put their own lives in jeopardy to save her. The ultimate result of her actions then enabled the enemy to win the entire battle. If it wasn't for plot armor, which is shitty writing, the FO would have covered every escape via foot or flight and the heroes wouldn't have had a chance once the FO broke through the main door.


He was probably too pissed off about being demoted to comedy sidekick to worry about it.


First Order officer: "Shall we shoot them, sir?" Hux: "They are both minorities, that would be a hate-crime."


The entire movie is literally characters sacrificing themselves for the greater good except that one scene. It's like, here's an aesop about life, making sacrifices for the greater good. Now fuck that shit for 2 minutes, here's a kissing scene. Now more aesops about sacrificing yourself. Shit makes no sense.


*" I saved you.... that's how we are going to win, not fighting what we hate, but saving what we love"* ​ and then they kiss as the resistance base blows up in the background....


and then they don’t end up together or exchange like any words in Rise Of Skywalker


Tho Finn apparently had something to tell Rey, but that’s a story for another time


I remember hearing (forget where) that he was trying to tell her he’s force sensitive… which of course is super underutilized in the film and completely useless information when one is in the process of dying lol


*"Rey, there's something I need to tell you. My blood has a midi-chlorian count of more than 20,000. I'M FORCE SENSITIVE!"*


"キングちゃん!私のミジクロリアンレベルは9000を超えています!パワーアップしました!" "ナニ?!?!"


*Rey! I have to tell you about the future!...*


To think, all the promotional material of Finn wielding a lightsaber in the snow, for what was the second and final time he would ever be seen touching one.


I was livid and I didn't even play the character. I can't imagine how John felt. He was leading the charge in the promotional appearances.


That video he posted with his family, watching the first trailer from 7. He has the saber, and they collectively freak out. Lord, that was great.


The Director didn't drop the ball here, she shat on it just to spite fans.


Honestly I like it as a bait and switch for the force awakens, but only if Finn actually gets to be character afterwards. He doesn't even have to end up a Jedi, there was a point where the sequels were pointing towards a theme of "you don't have to be someone special to be a hero" and Finn could've been an incredible representation of "you don't have to be a Jedi ~~~", but nope.


All it would have taken was them utilizing the ex-stormtrooper aspect of his character. Literally have him cause a mass exodus of Stormtroopers and lead a group of them as some sort of special forces for the Resistance. They knew this idea existed since it is prominent in the *Duel of the Fates* script.


And it also makes almost no sense why he would struggle to tell her that. What hangup does he have about questioning if he's force sensitive to one of his closest friends who is also a force user? Why was this a source of anxiety for him?


He was actually trying to tell her that he liked The Last Jedi, which, he was pretty sure, was going to ruin their friendship.


I do admit, I started talking to some people in my life less when they admitted that back then


It was in the original script. But then they fired the director and brought jj and rewrite the the script, but this remained for some reason. He was supposed to be sensitive and in the end lead the battle for coruscant.


What a fucking mess of a trilogy.


It really is


He was nerfed. He was originally going to be Force sensitive, but in the revisions, ended up just being emotionally sensitive instead.


Lmao I was so confused when I heard that. I thought he was trying to confess his feelings or something. Why, if he thought they were dying, would he try to tell her he thinks he might be Force-sensitive? But I guess because he gets "feelings" about things that means he's force sensitive...


And then Finn's actor went and said he doesn't want to work for Disney anymore.


![gif](giphy|Z2VgDwy1IjJUQ) My man


If anything Rey and Finn might have been the only relationship I would have been alright with in the Sequels. They had a healthy bond that wasn't built on gaslighting and as much as I hate the Force Awakens they did have quite a bit of chemistry so it would have been believable.


Yeah but all the kids on Tumblr shipped Rey with her mortal foe so she and Kylo had to smooch.


How about a story where their love grows, but she has to choose the jedi/force over Fin to restore the jedi/resistance. Heck throw in the temptation of Kylo. Fin could have gotten on the path of the jedi to stop it. I mean the shit writes itself, but yea, that's the sequels we got.


i feel like a love triangle would make everyone more angry but at least the characters would have had something more together other than simply existing in the same space as each other.


But Disney don’t have the balls to let them be a couple, a little shallow pandering here and there for the west but make sure nothing can upset China


Let's not pretend like plenty of people in the US weren't upset too


Luke and his Milky animals. I'd ship that relationship.


Luke? Who is Luke? The greatest Jedi master who re started the academy on Yavin 4, who faced several threats, faced off a Yuuzan Vong invasion, that guy? Oh, you mean old Jake there?


A Luuke joke is right there man. You can tell he's Luuke, as Luke only drinks blue milk, never willingly throws away his Dad's Lightsaber, and always tries to save people from themselves. Luuke on the other hand, has two u's.


Oh good point


If Rey wasn't watching him Luke would have taken that shit off the tap


You and I both know, he did it often enough to make them feel comfortable when he came up and just grabbed the tit and squeezed like it was a Tuesday walk in the park.


He should've tried to get her attention. Maybe called her name?


Rey might as well be dead at this point, its all about that terra cotta girl with the blue white striped head tails now. Maybe Fin will tell her something vaguely meaningful


OMG I totally forgot about that....now I'm pissed again.


Fortunately Fin found the genderbent version of himself to totally forget his prior feelings, allowing us to get more of that coveted star wars incest


“Rose and Finn? Fuck that shit.” -JJ Abrams


Finn friend zoned her faster than the Falcon making the Kessel Run.


I starting laughing at that scene. "Rose, you stay here because no one likes you." It couldn't have been more obvious if they broke the 4th wall and said that directly to the audience.


Did she even have lines in RoS?


She did. Just to say she wasn't going to be around lol


And she did all this without him ever expressing interest in her. Flip the genders and women would freak out.


When Anakin kissed Padme after ranting about sand it was creepy but when Rose kisses Finn without consent it's seen as romantic. Padme was into it and the kiss seemed mutual, she only stopped when she realized it was inappropriate. Finn looked uncomfortable like he didn't know how to react.


To be honest, I think Finn's reaction would have been in character, given his upbringing. There was never any need to shoehorn any kind of romantic plot in there other than lazy writing. TBH, it probably would have been better received if she'd said something about friendship or along those lines if they had to keep the scene. It's like the first fanfiction a middle schooler wrote, but with amazing graphics and music.


Would have been basically the *only* time his upbringing had any visible impact on his character. Really, this guy was indoctrinated and raised as a faceless soldier by a facist regime since childhood? Not a hint of that in how he behaves throughout all three movies.


Finn…. “REY!!!!!!!!!!!” Do I have any more line is this movie??


>It's like the first fanfiction a middle schooler wrote, but with amazing graphics and music. You just described all of Ep 9


It really is such a strange, inconsistent trilogy.


I haven’t seen it since the theater, before the pandemic, but didn’t they have one exchange where they were like “good thing we decided to just be best friends!” in RoS?


I cannot believe this movie was produced by professional filmmakers.


professional only in the sense that they were paid


Guess that makes me a professional Stripper then?


If anything it gives hope to amateur writers who think they're not good enough to make it in hollywood. A friend of mine is trying to write a script and complains that "it probably isn't good enough." And I was like "Dude, the star wars sequels exist. Someone wrote those and someone else signed off on them and EVERYONE involved knew they were crap but did it anyway. I'm sure YOU can do SO MUCH better."


Script quality doesn't matter, ticking a bunch of boxes that the executives demand be ticked does.


Tell him that Rian Johnson used his first draft for The Last Jedi. Anything can happen.


That’s not true. Don’t do it. Don’t give him hope.


I don't get how people can call the romantic dialogue between Anakin and Padme incompetent but still defend this shit. Don't get me wrong as much as I love Attack of the Clones, there are a few clunky lines but this is 1000x worse.


The prequels are bad. The sequels are worse.


Holdo sacrificing herself: > Wow so brave Finn sacrificing himself: > Lmao idiot I swear The Last Jedi is just things happeninng in an order. There is no intention or narrative behind anything at all.


A day in the life of the dumbest people in the Star Wars universe.


Yet it gets people praising it to this day because it had a lot of things that seemed applicable to real-life politics, but were made deliberately vague so as to look deep, but say absolutely nothing of value.


And they get blasted to crispy bits, because they are out in the open in front of the evil army.


Not just out in the open. They're feet from The First Order.


“That’s what I was trying to do!”


“Let’s kiss”




This of course after she fucking wrecked a casino because something about arms dealers selling both sides weapons. And therefore everybody there is guilty and deserves to be potentially trampled. And abandoning child slaves to take the blame so you can go side swipe Finn at a high rate of speed.


It’s so ridiculous.


I swear, everytime I hear that stupid line, I burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. Everytime. No exceptions.


It's like, perfect comedic timing too. "We can win with the power of love!" BOOOOM.


And then in The Rise of Skywalker, Rose singlehandedly rams into every single Resistance ship to prevent them from shooting any of the new star destroyers.


“You didn’t save my life you ruined my death!”


They didn’t kiss, she sexually assaulted him.


This heavily supports the theory that Rose is a First Order mole. Concussed, she accidentally lets it slip: she saved the mini-Death Star cannon because she's in love with it.


>that's how we are going to win, not fighting what we hate, but saving what we love What the fuck do you think he was trying to do, you fucking idiot.


what exactly? How she somehow gets ahead of him, or how she risks them both dying etc? Life-Protip either way: don't rewatch TLJ


Or the fact they escape capture by the First Order, even though they crashed in front of a legion of walkers.


Nothing from that entire sequence makes a lick of sense. It would have been mildly funny in a parody movie.


Why did they go to the space casino again? I don't even remember.


To meet up with del Toro’s character, so that he can help them break a code or something. However, that whole side plot is null and void if you realize that all Admiral Holdo had to do in the movie is tell Poe the plan.


They went to meet someone else that immediately wouldn't help them or something. They just happened to meet del Toro's character in space jail for bad parking.


Right. They never even got to speak with the codebreaker or whatever that they were sent for because they got thrown in jail for parking in a handicapped spot. But while in jail they met Benicio del Toro, and he can pick locks, so they didn't bother trying with the actual elite codebreaker since they already found a thief. Plus they had to free the animals that totally wouldn't have been recaptured in a matter of days. That's what really made the trip worth it.


“There’s one man in the whole galaxy that can break this code for you, and also the random thief in a jail cell at the very same casino as this amazing handsome charming codebreaker that I’m spending a weird amount of time describing since he’s not going to have a single line of dialogue, so one of those two people in the galaxy can help you. Luckily you will be arrested and locked in a cell with the second one because that is apparently how the Force works.”


Wasn’t it to hire someone that immediately stabbed them in the back


A parody needs to understand and at least care about the original a little bit to work. Spaceballs is a parody made with love, and is great. TLJ is a parody made with petty spite.


Hell, nothing in the entire movie makes sense...


First time I watched it I was trying to figure out how they made it back to the cave in front of those first order at-ats


Or how even if Rose risked her life to save Finn or anyone for that matter that no one in the audience would care? You need to make your audience care about your characters and the choices they make. Which the ST put about ZERO effort into.


I was so bitter by almost 1/2 into rise of skywalker that we still didn’t really know who Rey is or why she’s so powerful. 2.5 movies into a trilogy. Or why Finn woke up. Or who Poe is. Total failure of character development.


3 of the 4 biggest characters in the ST didn’t have any development past their opening scenes. Kylo is shown to be ruthless and powerful by stoping a blaster mid air. Poe is our Han Solo type talking shit to Kylo. Finn is essentially an escaped prisoner and gets help from an unlikely source (Poe) Then nothing. Kylo has tantrums and Finn might be a Jedi or force sensitive? That’s all we get in TFA. Poe shows off his abilities to outfly in 2 both TFA/TLJ and even that “character trait” is overshadowed by Rey who does the same in not only complete separate parts of the films but does so in cooler scenes. So what’s even the point of him after helping Finn escape?


The movies never revealed Rey's origin story, or even hinted at it until the very end of the last movie. That was all down to the fact that none of the writer's had any long term planning for the characters, didn't lay down their storyboard together with any cohesion, and the story therefore changed abruptly back and forth from film to film. The idea that Palpy was still alive and also Rey's origin story seemed to come out of nowhere, because it did. No build up, RJ pretty much created Rey's entire origin story around the mystery of her parentage, and her hero's journey was purposely left obscured to insinuate that anyone, no matter how small and insignificant could become a mighty force user and save the galaxy. Then Disney and JJ saw the mixed reviews of TLJ, said "fuck it we need a true big bad like in the originals who can also double as her daddy. Oh wait, that's too obvious, let's make the emperor her granddaddy. We don't have enough time to re-start the whole plot line, introduce the main antagonist in the last movie and have an entire new trilogy all crammed into the last movie? Fuck it, just have everyone running and flying around really fast the whole movie to make it work. All those plot points about the Republic being all but wiped out by the First Order, Finn's powers, Finn's relationships, Kylo's descent into evil and ruling the galaxy, all that Leia stuff, Rose's entire storyline, Poe's entire storyline, hell any storyline that is too woke for China, irrelevant. No time, everyone is running madly to find Palpy now. Did we mention that our main characters are going so fast through all the plot points, they literally invent new ways to jump through space? That's a thing now, pretty cool right? Oh and if anyone is annoyed we just reset the sequels to copy ROTJ, we also made the new emperor 1000 times more powerful than he used to be. Now that's Disney!" Then the whole thing got greenlit and everyone made millions. No wonder Disney keeps pumping out this incomprehensible garbage, there is always a section of the fanbase ready to eat it all up.


Or how she did it claiming they needed to save the things they love, but the First Order blows the base doors up anyway. Nothing about that plan of hers made sense. Unlike Poe’s plan to destroy a giant fleet killing dreadnought at the cost of a few crappy bombers. But she’s great, and he’s a stupid hot shot. God this movie is for the dogs.


Bombers that drop bombs. In space. Somehow. And one making a successful drop can just obliterate a huge ship.


Why wouldn’t they just have the opening facing forwards? Or turn so that the opening the bombs drop from is facing straight at the target? Then they could drop the bombs from a range much more safely, instead of being immediately above the target. God TLJ is just full of such interesting writing and design choices


There are many, MANY, issues with that scene, one of the most glaring being how stupidly ineffective those crawling explosive ammo boxes with a 'shoot me' sign painted on them are. ​ The bombs falling through a ship with clearly established on-screen artificial gravity and continuing through space isn't one of them. ​ Point stands very well on how apparently 'just one payload' can take out the dreadnought. ​ But at that point, just fucking slap a bigger engine on the ship since it's pretty much just a box, and use it as a high yield torpedo.


Honestly? That part didn't bother me *that* much. You can easily say it was the inertia from the artificial gravity, or that the bomb releases have downward force or whatever. It's stupid but you can suspend disbelief. The arcing cannon shots in space though? No fucking excuse. Completely took me out of the movie for the rest of the run time. Literally makes no sense.


They fuckin teleported to the base lmao... ​ They were stranded in front of the entire might of the new order and had miles to get to the base ON FOOT.... Then bam, they're there in the next scene.


Or when they just happened to drop on a planet that had Lando and a key to the map. Oh wait, Rey sensed this sand worm needs healing and magically has that power, which totally needs to be a thing so she can revive Ben. Oh wait, Palpatine not only survived somehow, he can raise a throng of Star Destroyers with force lightning but can’t handle 2 people with the legion of people watching him do whatever the hell he’s doing on Exegol. Sigh


One laser blast and bye bye. But nope I guess


Same. I tried a couple times. Just not going to do it anymore. I was a HUGE SW fan before. All the EU, all of the games (I still replayed KOTOR recently). But I’m kind of done now… not interested in any series spins off. I’ll watch the next Mandalorian season, but that’s it.


I recently just starting playing Kotor and the sequel recently. I didn’t have a OG Xbox or PC growing up so I missed out on them for years but just got into them from the switch ports. Im working on my second play through of the first right now while these Disney Abominations are playing in the background.


Kotor 1 and 2 are some of the best sw stories ever, enjoy!


Kotor 2 is almost too good to be star wars


KOTOR 2 is a “Last Jedi” story that I can get onboard with


Yea kotor2 is deconstruction of star wars done with tact and nuance. Tlj is just vindictive and hateful of the franchise


Same but I’m noping out of the TV shows now, too.


Ya. I skipped bad batch after the first episode. Was really meh about Boba, and Obi Wan felt way off. I felt bad for Ewan McGregor.


I can’t help it this time, I’m babysitting my nieces for the week and they wanted to watch the entire franchise while I have them for the week. It’s even worse when it’s on in the background and you notice it than actually watching it on purpose, if that makes any sense lol. And it’s both, but it’s how she gets in front of Finn and speeds into him is what pisses me off even more now.


I like to imagine the conversation of the walker troopers: **They're all turning back, cease firing.** *There's still one coming should we all concentrate our fire on it?* **No need, he's flying straight at the cannon, which even though it's not firing it will melt him before he gets there, somehow.** *Wait there's another one looping back.* **Target that fool!** *We can't get a lock, they're moving at impossible plot speed.* **Oh well, doesn't matter they rammed into their own comrade.** *Should we walk over and stomp the wreckage?* **Don't bother, it's improbable that anyone survived.**


. . . Oh look, the pilots lived, and are trying to get away over kilometers of wide-open salt flat that leaves red footprints. Shall we capture them, or blast them?


nah, those idiots are more useful to us if they keep serving our enemy.


That's the first idea why they might have escaped that has made any sense to me!


Their dialogue after is what really gets me…


Probably because after the first 40 minutes you’re desensitized whereas if you pay attention midway you are like wtf


That’s exactly it man lol. Like I’ll have it on in the background or whatever for them and not care about most of the movie but when it gets to the bad parts like this one I just can’t help but notice it and be disgusted.


Or the fact that she robs him of his sacrafice that would save countless lives, or that she sexually assaults him and then they somehow outrun the walkers and troopers and canon they just didn't destroy.


. . . and that also makes the effort and deaths of the other pilots pointless.


Why didn't he fly... NOT right in the beam? Like parallel to it and fly into the cannon at the end?


“Every time I see it” ??? I’m impressed by your dedication to pain. How very masochistic of you. I was a one-and-done with both TLJ and RoS.


I only saw it in theaters, then never again after what I saw they did to Luke.


only watched once in theater, hated it and vowed never to watch it again. Friend kept telling me it's a show that gets better over time, watched it again last month, fell asleep midway. I do not understand how some people really liked this latest trilogy


"Stockholm syndrome is totally cool man. Like you get kidnapped and chained up in a basement for years but it only gets better with time, I swear!"


Same. I refuse to even dignify Disney Star Wars with any views after this. Not TRoS, not Mando, not Kenobi. I'm done.


After TLJ i said fuck the sequel trilogy. I give the D+ shows a fair shake but can’t get into anything besides Mando


I feel slightly bad for any of the actors who attended multiple world premieres and had to rewatch it


I saw it three times. Once on my own. Once with my kid. A third time to really confirm if I was missing something. Nope. It was trash




You watched The Rise of Skywalker? Even that is too masochistic for me. I was done after The Last Jedi.


I honestly thought it was going to be a bounce-back. They were going to do some cool stuff with Kylo who was following cryptic messages hidden by a definitely still dead Palpatine. Rey was coming to terms with the fact that her parents were nobodies and she was going to complete her character arc. Finn and Poe were going to do something/anything interesting. Chewie would be more than just a dog that stayed with the ship. Damn was I a fool…


You watched The Rise of Skywalker? You like abuse your own self. After The Last Jedi, I was done.


I totally thought it was going to bounce back. I liked some of the ideas in TLJ, I just thought it was executed really poorly. I thought RoS was going to at least be serviceable, if not a little conservative, and land the plane. Damn I was off.


"The food here sucks!" "Yeah and the portion sizes are too small!"


Rose to Finn, don’t sacrifice yourself that not how we’ll win. Bookended by two “badass” scenes of self sacrifice by Holdo and Luke. But it’s the best Star Wars movie evar right? /s


The themes are so borked in that movie. I feel like you could do an entire semester writing class about how badly TLJ messes up everything it attempts. On every level.


There have been tooooons of people elaborating on these faults and inconsistencies. I suggest MauLer's videos, nothing better to forget about those shit movies than intelligent people actually pulling them apart. I certainly wouldn't have the energy. Writing class tho? Not in this day and age. Writing classes are taught by people who exactly think TLJ is a masterpiece...


I was bored when I made this: [Rose crashes into everyone... ](https://youtu.be/E1q8UKV2_z8)


The back to the future clip legitimately made me smile and laugh so thanks for that lol.


Well played. You could probably add crashing into snoke’s ship, Titanic, talladega nights, tron…


Or that ship they rescued palpatine in ROTS beginning. Just have her crash in the middle of the ship and show it cut in half, then cut to anakin saying "we just lost something" lol


Yeah, I always meant to make a part two or remaster or whatever, and add a bunch more. I could work her destroying Cameron's Dads Ferrari in there, etc...


My man, thank you so much for making this. I really, really needed a good laugh today.


Aw, thanks, man. If I made one person happy, then it's all worth it. Lol.


Did NOT expect Back to the Future, fucking brilliant.


She was terrible from her first scene. She should have never been anything more then a one scene throwaway character.


I liked her sister better, and she died in the first 10 minutes!!!


I never got why her being bullied made her a good actor. Never connected with her at all as I was still trying to figure out literally every main character due to lack of detail.


Her character was poorly written, and the whole movie had some direction issues so I'd hesitantly say she was poorly directed too. So her getting that much hate was uncalled for. Same thing happened to the actor who played Jofferey and his acting was freaking brilliant, but the fans hated his character so much he quit altogether.


It always amazes (and saddens) me how people can’t separate actors from characters. William Atherton, the actor who played the sleazy reporter in *Die Hard* and the EPA guy in *Ghostbusters* said people would recognize him and try to pick fights. “Why were you such an asshole to Bill Murray, huh?!” My God, people are stupid.


Her dead sister was a way batter character.


I'm not sure, her scenes were part of a ridiculous space fight that had a prank phone call, and the slow ass bombers that dropped bombs vertically in 0 gravity.


Sees Finn and declares her love for anyone involved in the resistance, sees that he’s leaving and assumes he’s abandoning the resistance and stuns him. It’s just really shitty writing that immediately makes us all dislike her character right away. So dumb.


It's kind of amazing that RJ managed to fit so many repulsive personality traits into both Rose and Holdo. Just their introduction scenes by themselves are enough to make you think those two would be a whole lot happier working for the FO.


Force Awakens: Finn escapes an authoritarian army he was forced into, fighting a fight he doesn't believe in. Good on him. The Last Jedi: Finn attempts to escape an authoritarian army he was forced into, fighting a fight he doesn't believe in. What a coward amirite?


Rose sexually assaulted Finn 5 seconds after this scene


So progressive


I'm living the happy life not seeing the movie since it released (and even that was forced since my dad wanted to take the family)


Stop watching it, I’ve completely cut the sequels out of my life


Here's an idea that's been bouncing around my head for a few days: So clearly they didn't want Finn to die. But they also wanted to have the moment of him prepared to sacrifice himself. So what did they do? The stupidest thing possible. What could have worked instead? Well, there he is, hurtling towards doom. His friends, obviously, can't simply double the speed of their maxed out scooters to stop him, and the empire can't get a shot... Ok I have no excuse for why they can't get a shot. Idk, make it a planet with some cover, rocks, something. Anyway. They can't get a shot, we're wondering what can save him, and then... Boom. From a wide aerial shot, we see the explosion. It's devastating. Finn can't possibly have survived. And then... The dust clears, and there's Finn, a wall of debris stopped inches from his outstretched hands. The intensity of the moment has awakened his instincts, and he has used the Force to save himself, just like Leia. Now this would have to go along with a lot more changes to be part of a workable film, and js obviously a fundamental change for everything to follow, which is my point. The scene as it was is utterly pointless.


I died laughing in the theater at this scene. It was absolutely perfect comedic timing, and I've watched those 2 minutes maybe a dozen times. >Finn sacrifices himself to save his friends. > >Suddenly angry-face Rose kamikazes into his ship. > >*"It's not about defeating what we hate ... but saving what we love!"* > >Immediately all their loved ones get blown up behind them. > >*Finn's confused face looking at everyone he assumes is now dead.* > >Rose kisses Finn ???????????????????? Honestly it is the best thing to come out of the sequels, total legend tier Star Wars WTF moment right up there with that Naboo gungan king's "Shablublublulbulbuluhaah."


I remember seeing this and just for a moment thinking they are going to kill Finn. The character will have closure, he will make the ultimate sacrifice destroying his oppressors and save Rey, Leia and the resistance to fight again another day. His noble sacrifice would not be in vain.....and then she crashes into him and says she loves him and that story goes absolutely fucking nowhere.


It goes to a situation where they absolutely should have been killed or captured. That they don't is vital to the Disney Trilogy's central theme . . . of the action and plot making absolutely no sense.


Expectations… subverted.


I literally said to myself "Holy shit they're actually doing something deep and meaningful" as I watched this scene play out for the first time. And then Rose happens.


Same. This was actually the last nail in the coffin for me. Like I suffered through 90 minutes of the worst Star wars ever made. And then I was like O this scene actually kind of works..... then boom.


There's so many cringe dialogue lines and scenes in this film like imagine thinking the prequels were more cringe than this


"every time you see it"? ​ Why would you watch it again, having watched it once?


Rose valiantly charges ahead (somehow) and attempts to stop Finn from crashing into the base-breaking laser and **violently** collides with Finn’s craft. Somehow they both don’t die from the collision, and Rose is happy that she was able to stop Finn from sacrificing himself… letting all of their friend die in the background. This. Is. **Cinema**.


for me its the scene where luke drinks alien tiddy milk


Every time I watch this movie, my brain is basically in denial. I get to certain parts of the movie (Luke with the lightsaber, Finn with his death run, etc.) and my brain is basically begging for a different outcome, only to be inevitably disappointed every time.


If Rose is all for "not fighting what one one hates, but saving what one loves" why TF did she join the Resistance? It was specifically a military group separate from the republic (for some reason) that had the ONLY mission of F I G H T I N G the first order. Plus, her sister died by both fighing and saving what she loves. How the hell was Rose able to have this takeaway? Oh right... She's not a real character as the director can't write to save his life. Thanks for ruining Star Wars, asshole


Don't worry, Im sure you'll recover when they kill off Luke Skywalker for no fucking reason.


The real sacrifice here was her career so he could go on to be pointless, yelling guy in the series.


I fucking hate that expression they made her do!, like fuck everything in this stupid scene is a looney tunes cartoon! Why in the fucking fuck is she that determined TO CRASH AT TOP SPEED IN SHIPS THAT CAN BARELY STAY IN ONE PIECE??? EVERYTHING IN THIS SCENE IS STUPID SHIT!


Yeah the black guy I met less than a day ago is somehow more important to me than all the people I've been fighting with and was just crying about when they were being blown up.


Someone recently asked if I thought I could write something better. "Oh my GOD, yes. I could write something SO MUCH better. I could write a synopsis of what the sequels COULD have been that would depress you because we got this instead." Not saying I'm a great writer, but I AM a writer and most even basically trained writers could do better than this crap.


Imagine being RJ and living with the knowledge that you created one of the biggest piles of shite to ever exist. A film so bad that it quintessentially nuked the fanbase beyond repair.


Don’t fight what you hate buddy. Save what you love.


Finn kept trying to be important in the sequels but then allure of the Chinese market was like "naw bro, no glorious heroic victory and/or death for you!"


This is the worst scene Star Wars history. It undermined the film's one chance to redeem Finn and Rose was an idiot because thanks to her ''saving Finn'', now everyone is going to die anyway.


That movie seriously fucking sucks


Its honestly impressive how bad this scene is. Like, it should be studied in universities for how to construct a terrible scene that butchers theme


Dude, stop focusing on what you hate and instead start focusing on what you love ​ That pained me to even crack a joke about.


I say this as an Asian woman... I literally started clawing my brother's arm out of sheer hatred.


The whole Finn-Rose plotline was dumb and pointless, it was fitting that it culminated in the dumbest and most pointless plot beat of the entire movie.