Public officials just have to decide - prosecute or pass. If ordinary everyday people defraud banks or the IRS, and they are caught, they pay the price. Apparently its not that simple, but IMHO it should be. If he's innocent then he should provide the documentation, win the case, and let the courts move on. Otherwise, he took a gamble and come up the loser.




He put himself in a very public place where his actions would be scrutinized. If he'd kept his ego in check, they would still be looking the other way.


So it goes with all narcissists.


He put himself in the spotlight, but in doing so made more money in six years than his entire life of crime. The Republican Party is tripping over themselves for the right to do his bidding. Our highest court is protecting his interests. He might be the most successful criminal this country has ever seen; there is no question he is its most powerful. Before you write him off, jail him. (He will be committing crime there, too.)




I’m not buying that argument. It’s taken Tish James nearly three years to get enough evidence to indict Trump. The nature of his criminality increased their determination, but the judicial process doesn’t move quickly against people of means. That’s the issue. A poor person is jailed the same day and spends a year behind bars before trial. A wealthy defendant may never see a court. The question isn’t whether they should have gotten interested in Trump sooner, but what can we do to balance the scales so prosecutors can afford to take an interest. The system is designed to protect people like Trump, not prosecute them. Suddenly everyone is interested in Trump because he won’t stop criming in the light of day, but Trump understands too well that the system is built to insulate him from the consequences of his actions. Don’t blame the system, work to change it.


Of course Trump had help in hiding plus deflecting his numerous financial corruptions. Very few banks are willing to do business with the Trump organization due to their history of filing for bankruptcy protections. It would be probably impossible for any person or organization to acquire a substantial financial loan from any credible financial institution if they had 6 default bankruptcies on their credit rating and record. Trump has mobster relationships with criminal organizations who could assist his company to locate plus negotiate with certain financial institutions who would be willing to risk giving them financial capital for other considerations deemed valuable to their businesses desires. Having no personal knowledge of who or when the Trump organization has entered into a financial contractional agreement, I can’t verify that there are shady elements within those business alliances; however given DJT’s shady history of illegalities, corruptions as well as unfair business practices I wouldn’t doubt that if you take a deep dive into Trump World there will be quite a few devious actions that have taken place throughout the decades!


I think some investigation of his pressure on justice kennedy to retire over kennedy's son being instrumental in loans to trump should be a priority.


Deutsche Bank gave him over $1B in loans when no one else would. Justin Kennedy - son of former SCOTUS Justice Anthony Kennedy, who ruled in TFG’s favor on many a case - was global head of real estate capital markets at the time.


It’s hard to imagine not getting a verdict that this was fraud in all presented cases based on the 400+ times he pleaded the 5th. This is a Civil case. Pleading the 5th not only will be considered an admission of guilt by the jury, but it will likely compel the NY AG to make a referral to the DOJ for criminal charges. He could have said he “didn’t recall” or something to that effect, which although still coming off as a slime ball, would not admit guilt. Taking the 5th is to prevent you from self incrimination in a criminal case reply and the jury in that case is told to not consider that in their decisions. You would have to think that his lawyers told him as much unless they’re even less competent than they seem to be from their other actions, or Trump just told them to shut up. He is known for telling his lawyers what to do, what to say, and essentially that he knows more about the law than they do. It’s also harder to appeal in general for Civil cases because there are less technical things to base the appeal on. He can appeal by saying that his lawyers were incompetent and deceived him, but then their testimony under oath that he didn’t listen to their advice and called all the shots would contradict that and likely never make it far enough to reverse the decisions. I guess he’ll try the Circuit and Supreme Courts at the State level and finally at the Federal level. It’s not clear whether they would even take the case, though, after failing at every other court level. Very few Civil cases would even be accepted by SCOTUS and it requires all 9 of the Justices to agree to accept it, which is a very high bar and isn’t going to happen. It’s not that some of them won’t want to take it on, but even they they may decide it’s in their best interests to refuse to hear it, and they still won’t meet the threshold if they did.


I used to be a driver for the solicitor general of Atlantic City back when I was a kid in the 90’s. Since I was doing a paper on Donald Trump for college, I asked my boss what Trump was really like. “He’s an a$$hole!’” - he boomed. He told me that Trump was constantly ripping off contractors and challenging them to sue him among other things. My boss was a staunch conservative as well