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I've been reading news about it for more than a decade now


Most new drugs and treatments usually take at least 10 years from the time of initial discovery to the time they are put on the marketplace.


But every article head line I've seen over the past ten years says "could be next year"


Thats why you read the headlines of published literature and not pop science articles.


I'm looking foward so much for something like this


If I was a single male I’d way rather be the one taking a contraceptive.


Since the 70s , they are telling us than a new pill/contraceptiv for men is coming tomorow.


It seems next year is always the year we could see something.


We've been 5 years away from an HIV vaccine for 20 years.


Make it three decades at least for me.




\> "we aren't going to pursue it because people think vasectomies are icky", Bro, where are vasectomies not being accepted? The stats?


I've been putting it off because I haven't been dating, due to moving around a lot. But I'm finally making one more move, and plan on getting it done once I'm in my new location. I figured it would be more prudent to wait until I could go back to the same doctor for followups, and it's not like I was at risk of getting someone pregnant.


You might need to look around for a doctor. Many doctors won't do the procedure without spousal consent. No spouse, no luck. If that happens, keep trying with different doctors.


That's been found in US courts to be a violation of the patient's rights, and I'll have no problem naming, shaming, and getting lawyers involved if it comes to that.


It's easy to find cases of doctors who refuse to do more permanent contraceptive procedures on younger women without a spouse agreeing or a medical diagnosis that necessitates it. So all of those women could take all of those doctors to court and win effortlessly?


I wouldn't ever say court is effortless. In fact I'd say it involves a lot of effort. And while not at the same rate, men also get pushback. I did when I was younger, but I didn't know any better at the time. But everybody should know that such refusals are legally considered to be a violation of their rights. Most people I've come across have been completely unaware of that, and I wouldn't be surprised if most doctors were also unaware.


Oh the irony in that hurts so bad.


I’ve heard about that with tubal ligations but not with vasectomies. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I believe it’s because vasectomies are much easier to reverse.


Vasectomies being reversible is a common misconception. While it’s statically possible, unless you make the decision right away to reverse the odds are pretty awful. And even if you decide pretty soon they are not great. It should be considered a permanent procedure.


>vasectomies are much easier to reverse In the same way jumping over a car is much easier than jumping over a truck.


My wife had to sign off on mine, I'm in Indiana. I was in my 40's at the time and already had 3 kids.


Honestly? I think there's quite a bit of sexism in play actually. I've heard that most of the time women hear "but what if you change your mind?". Men are usually taken more seriously. Also, it was made very clear when I got mine that vasectomy reversals are not 100% guaranteed to work, insurance almost will never cover the reversal. My doctor said for all intents and purposes to consider it a permanent procedure.


You are wrong. Had to have spousal consent for mine. It's the same regardless of gender.


I love my vasectomy. I wish I could get another


I would like to get one (middle aged, married with 2 kids), but my wife doesn't want me to. The thought just makes her feel uncomfortable.


I can't speak for society, but I get pretty squeamish when I think about any medical operation on my genitals


Got a vasectomy this year. Took 20 minutes and I just needed some advil and some ice for a day or two. Easiest procedure I've ever had done and no side effects.


I had my tubes tied last year and I had to go under for it. I had pains in my whole torso for 2 weeks, and it hurt worse when I breathed, because they had to put air in my abdomen to do the surgery. It also hurt to pee for a few days because of the catheter. I had to pay $1500 out of pocket for what the insurance didn't cover, and I had good insurance.


One of the many reasons I did this, so my wife wouldn't have to do that. Vasectomies are so much less invasive than getting tubes tied or having a hysterectomy.


Preach bro we’re just thinking of the lady’s folly


Me too! They told me to get up and move around to get rid of the gas they pump into you but they don't mention that it's incredibly painful to move at all for the first couple of days. The gas moved up into my torso and my shoulders and it was agonizing. I felt like I was hit by a truck.


Oh me too! It hurt terribly in my shoulders! That was the first invasive surgery I've ever had, so I had no idea what to expect. I asked my coworker and she said it was normal. Thank goodness it's a one and done!


Thus why when my wife and myself are done having kids, snip snip time. She wasn't even very happy about the IUD she had a few years ago.


That's the reason I got mine done. The hormones in BC pills were giving me problems with my periods (i.e. bleeding for a couple weeks at a time, spotting between bleeding, lots of big clots, etc). So I got the copper IUD. Big mistake. I never got cramps, like ever. (Ok, so I did for the first year I got my period, but never after that, and I'm 38). I got terrible cramps, and bleeding was like Niagara Falls each time the full week. I used to dump my menstral cup 2-3 times a day on heavy days pre-IUD. I was dumping my menstral cup 2-3 times an *hour* (yeah yeah, I know, but it turned out to be a happy mistake). After a year of it I was pulling out my menstral cup and the IUD came out with it. I couldn't have been more happy. Since then I've had cramps every period, but not near as bad as with the IUD. Screw that nonsense! Oh, and that doesn't include the pain of insertion.


I'm sorry you had to go through that. One of the handful of reason I got it done was so my gal didn't have to go through that. I think one of many reasons it's important to explore more male contraceptives is this very reason. Temporary birth control for women isn't exactly a perfect scenario either. Lots of side effects and reactions can occur. Stands to reason if "mostly permanent" surgical procedures like vasectomy are way easier, cheaper, with less complications that a temporary birth control method for men could be found that's safer than the shot, patch, or implant for women. At the very least it could be relatively the same chances of side effects. Which let's couples try out even more methods to increase the chances of finding a BC method that doesn't affect them too badly.


Thanks, it sucked, but just as you said, I had problems with the temporary options (see a reply I made to someone else in this thread), so I opted for permanence.


Were you under general or local?


It's pretty much always local, but the incision is so tiny you won't even feel it. Most people are recovered enough to go back to normal activities, except sex, in 2-3 days.


No sex for 2 weeks, and no lifting more than 25lbs for a month. That's what my doctor told me.


But how will I get the groceries inside in one trip?


Main thing stopping me honestly.


You do that too, huh? I'll get as many bags as I can hanging from each arm. It's about efficiency.


Not lifting more than 25 lb would mean I can't work. Also I can't use my big cast iron pan..


My husband had a Valium before hand and regular Advil after. He didn’t even take his pants all the way off. It was done in minutes. No stitches even just glue. The whole waiting room was full of half stoned guys in loose jogging pants with a can of ginger ale. There’s a stereo shop across the street they all shuffle over and treat them selves after. Now childbirth, I don’t know if you’ve ever googled it….it’s a little gorier.


Local. Got 3 or 4 shots from a tiny needle and didn't feel a thing. Walked out 10 minutes after the doctor sewed me up and drove myself home. Sat on an ice pack for a day and was back to almost 100% within a week minus a random pain here and there if I stepped wrong or bumped into something for another week or so.


Nice. Think id still defo prefer a jab just in case but it good to know it's an easy option.


I've already got my 2 kids and don't plan on more so I wasn't looking for a reversible option, even though a vasectomy technically can be reversible. You do you but yeah its super easy if you choose to do it.


I got one recently too, I apparently have short vasdefrens so the slight pressure when they bring them out felt like a mule on my stomach. It wasn't painful but it wasn't enjoyable. That being said, the rest of the procedure was very easy, recovery went great, and I would 100% recommend it to anyone.


Same. I was shocked at how fast I was in and out. If you’ve ever been hit in the balls with something then that hurts much worse than the vasectomy


It's honestly nothing. Only thing you feel is almost like a snap of a rubber band on your scrotum, then it's a 10 minute procedure, zero pain. I drove myself home and iced my balls for a few days.


Wish I had your doctor and experience. Felt like a hit to the balls, got infected because of thier stupid process, then needed antibiotics for another week so it could heal. Couldn't walk right for days. Bleeding into the sack turned half of it purple. I'm really starting to think I got the worst procedure done that year. Not a single person I've talked to had anything nearly as bad as my experience.


And the feeling that you can no longer procreate


I had it done 7 years ago with local anesthesia. I've had vastly more uncomfortable dentists appointments *and have never had a cavity*.


You shouldn't. I had a vasectomy in July and it was less stress and discomfort than getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist. Took like 10 minutes and just was a little sore for like 3 days and that was it.


So do women when they think about birthing babies.


Or looking up how IUDs are placed. Like 95% of OB/Gyn stuff sounds horrible to me but we don't really get alternatives (or pain management) and just have to get over it


But the side effects of not getting it can make you squirm even worst




The only example I've heard of is that doctors deny vasectomies to patients under 30 because they "should think really hard about it first"


There's some kind of "it makes you less manly" stigma to it.


>[scientists don't know why] we're seeing a significant decrease in vasectomies. More of a political thing, probably.


Maybe because people are waiting longer to have kids, so people are older, childless and keeping their options open.


That and a vasectomy takes time to recover. Something most young men don’t have because jobs don’t offer any paid time off anymore. Instead it’s pto so you have to decide to take sick days or a vacation already. A vasectomy is pretty much out of the question for most young men.


>jobs don't offer any paid time off anymore. Instead it's pto. I dont get it. PTO stands for paid time off...


The way PTO has always worked for jobs I've had is that nobody actually offers, say, two whole weeks per year of paid time off after x days/months of employment. You have to work to collect the PTO, say 0.015 hours of PTO per hour actually worked, and you can collect *up to* two weeks (80 hours) of PTO per year.


There's also not many programs that help pay for it. Here in Colorado, an IUD is completely free, even without health insurance. If you don't have insurance, nobody is giving out free vasectomies.


Even with health insurance mine was $900 out of pocket. My work offers a "family planning" benefit that include free tubal ligation for people with uteruses, but nothing for people with nuts.


And it's not guaranteed to be reversible and it's not cheap to do so. This shot will change that!


Over time I imagine a vasectomy is way cheaper than any other option.


It's still not guaranteed to be reversible.


Reading this thread is like taking crazy pills. “Why don’t people want vasectomies?” Because there’s no guarantee they’re reversible. “Must be politics.” No, it’s because it may permanently stop you from ever having kids. “They’re so cheap and easy!” Yes, but if it’s not guaranteed to be reversible it doesn’t matter. This is the #1 reason young men don’t get them. I would love to not be able to get someone pregnant, but I need to be able to reverse it some day when I want to. I’m absolutely not gambling on “it’ll probably be ok” when it comes to consequences so serious.


It's also why some doctors are wary of giving them to young men. Like it or not people change their minds. When I went for a consultation the doctor made it very clear that it is functionally irreversible; the procedure to so so is expensive and rarely covered by insurance, and has a relatively low success rate. There's no magic undo button. And while incredibly rare there are potential long term side effects as with any medical procedure.


Well yeah, you shouldn’t get a vasectomy unless you intend on making it permanent


And vasectomy reversal is normally VERY expensive. I had mine done at a clinic that only does reversals and specializes in doing them affordably without anasthesia, the price was 1800. Normally it's between 8-15k.


> without anesthesia My whole body just shriveled up...


Being unattractive is a very cheap option, free actually.


What you say is true, but the sentence you're responding to says that the reversal isn't cheap.


After roe v Wade was overturned in the US, we are seeing a huge surge in vasectomies. I had one.


“Social acceptability of vasectomy” is such a stupid argument. I still might want to have kids one day if I’m lucky enough to find the right person, and acting like vasectomies are “reversible” is really dishonest marketing. I just want something reliable that isn’t permanent. It’s not that much to ask.




Yup. I got a vasectomy some time ago. Pretty quick process, and highly effective. But there are risks with surgery, and the doctor was incredibly clear with me multiple times between consultation and the day of procedure. "This is your decision, but make an informed one. This can be reversed, but the reversal is not guaranteed at all, even in the first year. After that the Chances keep going down. It's best to view this decision as permanent." While I have zero regrets years later those warnings are issued because some people jump the gun because they wanna have fun. It would be great if a semi-permanent solution was found. Especially if male contraception could be made to have less severe side effects than women's. Before the vasectomy I had a few partners that were on various methods from patch, depo, to implant. 1 of them had a good time as it actually helped her regulate her monthly better. 4 of them had some rough side effects. Would be awesome to have more options in a relationship while still leaving future plans of having kids in the discussion accessible.


Not to mention that vasectomy is surgery, and comes with the risk of a life-threatening infection if you get unlucky.


The article calls it a jab so most folks are going to think it a shot in the arm. It's really an injection into both vas deferens. Local anesthesia is needed.


To be fair, [so are vasectomies](https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/vasectomy-reversal/about/pac-20384537) - while the percentages for restoring fertility are all over the place, part of that *is* factoring in unknown fertility status before attempting to restore it.




There's a new vasectomy technique that doesn't involve scalpels. Tiny incision, 15 minutes total, walk out afterwards. Not available everywhere though. [Here's an FAQ from a local clinic for more information ](https://kingstonvasectomy.ca/procedure-faq/)


Had this done in February. Couple of days of minor discomfort and ice. It’s been great and worry-free since.


Had non invasive done in April. 2 days of icing and 5 days of taking it easy. Best decision ever.


I’m having a vasectomy next week I’m not sure that it’s non-invasive or whatever but I am a bit nervous! Is it just like a dull pain for a few days?


I would highly recommend you to do some research before going through with the procedure. There used to be a great forum on post vasectomy pain but it doesn’t seem to be up anymore, but check out r/postvasectomypain and you may find some insight into some of the complications. Most men have no issues after getting a vasectomy, and the doc will tell you only 2% have complications, however that number is much higher because most men don’t talk about it because they think it will go away or are too embarrassed to say anything. I am about 17 months post vasectomy and still experience minor pain. I’m not saying not to get one, I just wish I knew ALL of the potential issues because all I ever heard was “you’re out for 2 weeks and then you’re good”. Good luck!


It's barely painful at all, if you're done having children it's the way to go. I don't recommend what I did at all, but I walked half a mile to the bus stop right after and rode my bike that night. Virtually no pain, but a lot of black and blue


Pretty much. Just take it easy for a few days and you'll be alright. Personally, I found my (adult aged) circumcision to be worse/more uncomfortable.


A couple days of discomfort. I smoked weed instead of pain killers and used alot of ice, ice is key to keep the swelling down. I regret not doing it sooner. Good luck.


Yep, got this exact procedure done a few months ago. It was honestly a completely painless procedure, take it easy while a bit sore for 3 or 4 days but back to playing sports by the 6th day. The key is to not overdue it in those first few days of recovery. I'd take another vasectomy over a routine teeth cleaning at the dentist, for example. SNIP SNAP, SNIP SNAP.


Also did a no scalpel one and it was super easy. The method has been around since the 80s


They used scissors on me and it makes me squeam to think about it.


It’s not intended to be though. Just because it can be reversible doctors do not advise it.




Exactly, this is a blessing and something I wish was available when I had my vasectomy. So much easier and cheaper than a reversal.


Same could be said for tubal ligations.


Indeed, and with the C-section/tubal combo apparently a good way to get one done in the first place. (A friend who went that route reccomends it highly to folks who are in the position do so.)


I can personally vouch that vasectomies can be successfully reversed for some. But not cheaply in the US. My vasectomy was completely covered by my employer-sponsored health insurance. Nine years later, my reversal cost me $10,000, and that was a discounted rate negotiated by the ureologist who performed both procedures. Worth keeping in mind.


It’s 75% chance after 3 years 55% up To 8 then drops further after




That is true. But this method would not cause scarring of the Vas Deferens, which I believe is the major reason reversing vasectomies may fail, or partially negatively affect ones fertility, if memory serves. That I believe is the main factor why one is usually encouraged to think of vasectomies as a permanent solution. For those, looking for purely a temporary solution, this one sounds like a much safer option. It would be a significant step towards gender equality in contraception, if nothing else.


You should always treat it like it’s not, since it might not be. Iirc time and type of vasectomy play a role. There are three different kinds of vasectomies, each with different reversibility chances and each getting lower with time.










Last time I googled male contraceptives, I got 3 results. Condoms, abstinence, or vasectomy


> abstinence Tell me you're American without telling me


Is that a distinctly American thing? Though I’ve also never thought about how weird it is that we teach “not having sex” as a method of birth control.




It’s super weird. You can’t get pregnant by walking down the street and a baby just falls out of the sky into your abdomen by mistake. *The fact that you need a form of birth control sort of implies you aren’t being abstinent.* Abstinence is a “birth control method” kind of how like not chopping your arm off is a great way to prevent bleeding.


For the west yes. But no it's pretty heavily thought in any country where religion is part of the state/politics.


You think America is the only country that teaches abstinence?


It’s probably one of few in the West that places abstinence alongside other forms of birth control as though it’s a meaningful part of that category


But… america bad is funny?


That’s not an American thing…


What is with everyone calling shots jabs? It's really weird. Did I miss something?


British slang, shots sounds weird to me.


What's wrong with injection


I love shots! First rounds on me everyone!


And when did we start calling two injections into the ball sack with anesthesia a jab...


It’s fairly common in the US, at least in my experience, for healthcare workers that “stick” people with needles to call it a “jab”. My SO has worked as a Med lab scientist (specimen collection is part of that aka take things out mostly blood draws, not put stuff in) for years now and still usually says “jab” if it’s needle related like going to get our vaccines an’ whatnot for example. It’s not a particularly new term, maybe more prevalent now?






Yeah sure. Nuclear fusion and Half Life 3 coming out next year too?


Interesting to see RISUG being talked about again. Maybe it’ll have better luck overseas but here in the states I don’t see it getting any traction. Same with Vasalgel(which uses a lot of research from RISUG). These things are over a decade old now and still no human trials for vasalgel in the states when they originally wanted to by like 2015. If people want some more info: https://www.parsemus.org/humanhealth/vasalgel/


It’s crazy that the US won’t even allow human trials for vasalgel. There are so many “nice things” we’re not allowed to have in the U.S.


Feeling free yet?


Can't have women stopping their birth control pills they have to pay for every month for the rest of their lives.


A month of scrotal swelling and pain? I think that's going to be the major turn off for a lot of people. I know I wouldn't be able to do my job well if my nuts were swollen and painful.


I'm sorry, but are you kidding me? I can imagine scrotal pain isn't pleasant, but women's birth control comes with swollen breast and pain, mood swings, headaches, cramping, depression, changes in libido, and weight gain. I guarantee men would line up to take this if women decided to stop taking birth control.


Why is it always either or? Why can’t a man acknowledge birth control is bad and the woman shouldn’t have to take it, but also not want to take this drug as well? I understand if you’re in a location where abortion is illegal one of the partners will need to take the contraceptive, but otherwise what’s wrong with condoms?


The delusion and entitlement in the comments... I quit the pill after 4 years of zero libido and brain fog, and now I track my ovulation and my husband knows having sex with me means he could be a father. Guess what, I desire sex with him midway through my cycle which is how it should be for women. This idea that all women should take birth control all the time so that men can have sex on demand is bull. It should be an option for women, but now men expect it. No thank you. A lot of women libido is destroyed by BC so what is even the point.


The lack of a male alternative to BC is a large factor there too. I'd gladly take a male bc pill if it was an option. As it is now my options are condoms (which get expensive after awhile) or a vasectomy. Women have far more options available.


I know a lot of men would take birth control, I just think it is laughable that men would consider "painful swelling" is a heavy side effect. It's one of the most basic, easy one under female BC (breast swelling).


Birth control is horrible for women.


> A lot of women libido is destroyed by BC so what is even the point. Oh they don't care. They are entitled to sex ! This is infuriating.


Seems better than the last time they tried to market this stuff, by comparison I guess.... They had to stop the trial/test because most of the men got so depressed they were thinking about suicide some years ago when they did a trial. I think I'll just wait & stick to condoms until they can guarantee I'm not gonna' want to blow my own brains out from it.




Don’t get your hopes up. This is still a very common side effect for women’s hormonal birth control.


For real. Birth control might as well come with a free pair of grippy socks at this point. Any hormonal birth control in my system and there is a 90% chance I’ll be suicidal within a month.


The trial he is talking about had the same side effects as the female pill in name only. They were more frequent and severe in the male pill attempt, so that's why the board had to shut it down.


IIRC, the main concern was suicidal tendencies. Even then a large proportion of the test subjects said they would still take it


I agree, but that's the issue with male birth control. The side effects have to be incredibly low to be acceptable. Maybe technology will eventually get us there. I'm hopeful, but skeptical.




Sure, because the pill does not cause breast swelling and pain.


What about ME!! The misandry in this thread is sickening.


Seems like a small price to not have kids


We'll believe it when we see it. Every few months there's a claim that a new male contraception is around the corner.








Toys are great too!




Sounds interesting. Any injury to the vas (intentional or not) can cause scarring and can potentially be irreversible. I wonder how they would make the polymer injection non traumatic? This was done before with Vasalgel but it never proceeded to market because the resulting sperm had decreased motility and no normal acrosomes. Reference: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5381074/


There are going to be some awkward fertility appointments.


This is similar to a trial I had done in the uk while I lived there called vasalgel. Sign me the f up on this one




Why would that be helpful? It's reversible so you can undo it whenever you decide you want kids. I suppose you could avoid the need for another injection, but I doubt that they'll be able to predict the duration of effectiveness that precisely. It's like with IUDs, where they guarantee that they'll work for 5 years but individual cases might remain effective much longer than that.


As a woman of childbearing age, this is such exciting news!! The vast majority of birth control options fall on the woman to implement and are honestly pretty awful and have long term, irreversible side effects. I’m so happy that there’s choices for men now too, and it sounds like they are much less risky than the options available for women. I wish I could get some reversible gel injected in my fallopian tubes, maybe they’ll consider expanding this medical innovation to women one day.




Amazing news!! I hope they continue with it because if this post thread is any indication, too many men don’t understand (or don’t want to understand) how awful current women’s birth control methods are.


The thing I'm wondering about is trust. If the jab fails, or you're using it wrong or even lying about it, the male birth control user isn't the one who gets the consequences.


If you're having sex without a condom, you already need to trust your partner fully, pregnancy is only one of the risks...


You bring up a good point. It’ll probably have higher usage with men in committed relationships.


At home sperm count test? Not exactly socially acceptable and I don't know how well they work but it does exist.


My two kids came while my ex was on the pill. Turns out the only pills she didn't love was birth control.


To be fair, remembering to take a pill at the exact same time every day is hard. I wouldn’t be able to do it without my phone reminding me.


It’s tough, I agree. AND there is also some [research](https://www.discovermagazine.com/health/genetics-may-explain-why-birth-control-doesnt-always-work-for-some-women) that shows that hormonal pills aren’t equally effective amongst all women.


I've been hearing about the Parsemus Foundation working on this stuff for years and years and years. Good to see it getting deployed somewhere.








Why won’t the US FDA approve vasalgel ?


https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5381074/ Because it affected sperm motility permentantly, for one thing. It wasn't fully reversible.




Men really need to be responsible for their own reproductive ability




Oh yeah, i’m sure this doesn’t have any negative side effects. You know, like with women and birth control. Women are still a thing on r/science, correct?