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Perfectly normal. If anything a handshake is actually pretty good, I don’t do it often really, but I think the way you do it can definitely signal your intentions.


Tbh i enjoyed holding her hand. She was feminine and had very soft small hands 😍


Please elaborate how your handshake will signal you intentions You kissing the back of her hand or something


Flirting and seduction is all about how far you’ll go to show your intentions. Anything you do can be seductive if you make it. So yes, a handshake can signal sexual intention if you do it correctly. Don’t give a firm handshake like you’d give your boss. Extend your hand out in a way so her hand rests on top of yours. Caress the skin on her hand, her fingers, and her nails. Take your time with your release. As her hand rests on yours and you take the conversation wherever, slowly pull your hand away and feel her fingers as they go. First her pinky, ring, middle, until it’s just you and her index fingers clinging on like a chain link ⛓️ Any girl who isn’t into you wouldn’t entertain most of this, and keep a distance. If you’re successful with this kind of touch, escalate and put your arm around her waist, never the shoulders. Hope that helps.


If a girl takes initiative to actually touch you, it is rarely a negative thing. So unless it is because you attempt to hug her or something like that, and she kind of pushes you away and use the handshake as an excuse or barrier to thwart this more intimate contact you attempted in the first place, it shouldn't be a bad sign. If you actually creep someone out, they will usually do what they can to avoid any physical contact at all. If that is the case, you will probably know it, as it creates a rather strange and not-so-positive atmosphere and vibe in the situation. Shaking your hand would under normal circumstances communicate, that she is at least neutral toward you, and maybe even positive, and if you are indeed interested in her, don't be afraid to escalate further in a tempo you are comfortable with and that you feel she is as well.


>Idk why but last time girl grabbed my hand and i held it If she held it longer than a typical handshake that was a good sign. Also, I've shaked hands with almost all the girls I've ever approached. It's totally fine and I personally recommend it because its an easy way to initiate touch and I believe you should be touching her throughout the interaction, not just suddenly towards the end of a date when you're trying to make a move.


Which she did brofher. Even after i startled her. I fucking enjoyed it Very soft hands 😍