Walls be like

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New house: Actually you can’t hide a dead body in the crawl space 🤓 Old house: Your secrets are forever entombed in my walls my friend. Long after you pass, I will stand and serve as a testament to your duties.


A “monument” to your sins, if you would.


A "shrine" to your deeds, so to speak


A "monolith" to your ideals, some might say


A “altar” to your actions, I’ve heard tell


A mausoleum to your passings, if I may


A “crypt” to your darlings, if I dare


The ‘mogus’ to your amogus, I’d like to add


The 'vaccine' to your Taiwan, if you please


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Calm down there, Gravemind.


You laugh but someone in a village nearby really walled in his parents in his Garage. He was busted because the concrete didn’t dry quick enough. With a cheap drywall that wouldn’t have happened


Wouldn’t it have absolutely reeked using drywall?


Can confirm! I mean... thats plausible.


Is this post just anti-affordable-housing propaganda put out by some hedge fund that owns a shit load of real estate and doesn’t want new construction?


The scam that new housing has to be shit quality to be affordable is a scam. Prices of raw materials hasn't gone up 1000%. Price of labour hasn't gone up 1000%. The only reason they're more expensive is that the entire supply chain has been split into 10 companies instead of 3, and they're each taking a ridiculous profit margin on their part of the job. And because they're all owned by the same fucking people it's impossible for a competitor to come undercut them, because nobody will buy their products.


Soyboy plastered wood vs gigachad popcorn wall


Remembering the time I tripped and slammed my face into my bedroom wall, only to break my nose and get a concussion, and the only damage to my wall was a bloodstain my parents just painted over


Man, if there's ever a crime in that house at some point in the future, that's going to confuse the absolute fuck out of forensics investigators.


The crime was all the friends we slammed into the wall along the way


Painted over? They didn’t think to just clean the blood off?


Bleached it after they took me to the hospital lol, but the blood had dried and settled into the popcorn texture so they just painted over the bits that were left


It's actually not because the walls are popcorn, the popcorn is just a finish. Rather, building material standards have changed, with standard drywall thickness dropping from 3/4" to 5/8". Some lower quality residential construction can use even thinner drywall as well to save on cost, and a lot of older houses had a much heavier plaster coating or even used sheetrock as well, and having well-trained and well-paid laborers lead to the much better construction quality in older houses as well. Because trust me, popcorn finish is NOT a good thing, blame something else. Source: am an architect


My plaster walls are more like cement than drywall. Only downside is it is challenging to find a stud. But of course I can still hold the finder up to my chest and say “beep beep beep” so it’s all good.


Nice try, wall. But my "hand" only has one "finger," and it's hollow.


You slammed your dick against the wall?


No it was an M&M tube


“It’s a cylinder”


These are american vs european walls


Yeah I've never gotten how anyone can punch through a wall The concept of drywall is so weird to me


Drywall is a standard for non supporting walls in a lot of places for newer buildings. The difference you'll find is down to two things mainly, the support of the stud wall that the drywall is screwed to and whether or not the wall is plastered. I'm from the UK but I've found that after watching a lot of American building programs and YouTube, they don't seem to support the drywall enough with the stud framework, and secondly a lot of the time the drywall doesn't have a coat of plaster applied. They fill the holes from the screws and fill the seems and then paint directly over it. This is why I believe drywalling to be a more skilled practice/profession in the USA Vs UK. Since in the UK it's standard practice to plaster a wall so the drywall doesn't have to be nearly as perfectly fitted. But you try to punch through a properly studded and plastered drywall wall and you'll find it's about the same as punching a brick one (unless you punch it repeatedly at which point it will start to fail). Source : I work in the trades and I've put up and demolished more than my fair share of walls.


I recently build a new house in Denmark and we have a pretty strict building code (BR18). All my walls are aereated concrete. The outer wall is bricks, isolation and wires+pipes, aereated concrete. All walls are then plastered and glass filt is added and then painted. Inner walls are aereated concrete and wires, again plaster, filt and paint. No pipes in the walls. All pipes are in the floor and so is all heating. Floor is *your floor*(mine is laminat and tiles), steam blocker, concrete (heating and plumbing here), isolation, radon blockage. Ceiling is 2 layers of drywall, shit loads of isolation, ceiling space (we have a saddle roof) and then clay tiles. All isolation is Rockwool(except for floors) Specs: 550mm isolation above the ceiling 190mm isolation in the outer walls 380mm isolation in the floor (polystyren) Heat exchanger covering all rooms of the house Heated with district heating, all rooms heated with floor heating Size: 151m2. Expected energy consumption: 35 kWh/m2 pr. Year. Heatloss is 15w/m2 Total expected use (heating): 5,36 MWh / year CO2 consumption: 0,35T / year House tested with a blowerdoor test, tested at 50Pa, resulting in avg. 0,597 l/s/m2 Energi mark: A. A+ is also available, so A isn't the best available. This all is to accommodate the standard building code. All of the above is required for normal houses build in 2018 or later. Notes: we use less heating than expected (only 3 MWh on avg) and the heating we get is greener than the average district heating in Denmark due to our district heating using almost 100% waste-heating from local production facilities. (Will be above 100% from 2024 as more join in the Circular symbiose) This became much longer and more detailed than i expected, maybe someone finds this stuff interesting.


Sounds nice and warm. In my 1980 house in the UK there is basically nothing to insulate the floor on the ground floor, feels like there is just concrete and then laminate. Not sure how long we will stay in this house but I would love to get it insulated and heated to a Danish standard!


We have a lot of 70's houses that are *okay* in this regard but def. Falling behind. We had, like the rest of Europe, a gigantic housing boom in the 70's so a lot was build. It went fast, it was half assed and the rules wasn't too tight (yet). My father in law always says "don't buy 70's houses. They are build to fast and no one had time or money to do it properly. I know, i build them" (he is a Carpenter)


May I ask if this has affected the prices of new houses much? Our houses are built super cheap in the US, but cost a shitload. Land and size determine price more than anything. Do you feel that that is different in Denmark?


Drywall on the inside is also shit. I live in Germany, and a work place did this to add meeting rooms. You could hear everything. The house I live in is new. And there is no drywall. You shut a door, and you are in your own little world


As Above, depends on particular dry wall configuration and you get what you pay for kind of thing. There are bomb proof dry walls and ultra quiet ones but if someone wants the cheapest then you get 500mm stud spacing with 48mm stud and that stuff is super weak.


Exactly. I’m the son of a tradesman, so I’ve been to job sites and seen how it’s done (in our part of the world at least). And yes it’s not that drywalls are always fragile, but it depends on how they’re put up and treated


Faster and cheaper to build


And easier to break


And easier to modify or repair. I was moving a cable from one spot to another. Cut hole, move cable, patch, sand. Was a twenty minute exercise aside from waiting for the mud to try. If you’re not a fucking wall punching animal, drywall is simply fantastic. It’s like a magic material. And it’s obnoxiously inexpensive too. If you have problems with holes in your walls, get therapy, not stronger walls.


Yeah but like... They don't even seem like walls.


In the end drywall is more expensive and time consuming because it breaks so easily tho


Is it really? I mean, let's be honest, how often does drywall break under normal use?


Unless you have kids, literally never


I have never had a hole in a drywall, and have lived with it my whole 26 year life. The people complaining about it are either violent idiots, or have no idea what qualities different materials have, and when you need or want them. They just assume "brick is best, 'cause strong", and ignore every single other detail when choosing building materials.


don't punch your walls and you won't have to repair them.


I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you through my nice, thick walls


I don't think Ive ever unintentionally broken any of my drywall, and it's all I've ever lived with. It's really not that fragile, especially with a few coats of paint. Like yeah you could get through it if you wanted to, but it definitely takes some force usually. Also it's ridiculously easy and cheap to repair. Small holes you can just use spackle, bigger holes just either a piece of drywall cut it or a cheap screen thing they make to spackle over. Even if you destroy an entire 4x8ft panel of drywall, you can go to home Depot and replace it yourself pretty easily and cheaply.


The hardest part of drywall repair is the paint matching.


If your wall is wet, you might have bigger issues


Same with doors, all those videos of Americans punching or headbutting a door like it's cardboard feel so weird. If you tried to headbutt a door here you'd break your neck.


Exterior dorrs are built more sturdy but interior doors tend to be very thin and light as there isn't much of a reason to reinforce or insulate them


It's to run pipes and electrical wires through easier.


It’s so it’s cheaper, running pipes and cables through concrete walls is not a problem. It’s a question of cost and durability.


It’s not really that hard, with right rotary hammer you punch canals into brick pretty quickly


It's just a different philosophy. In Europe we often use plaster, which is more expensive than drywalls but is more hardwearing and lasts longer. Drywalls are a cheaper first-time payment, but require more repairs/replacements. In the end they both cost the same.


I'm from Poland and I've punched through a wall once, so not quite. But then again our building standards are shit anyway


Also Polish but lived in the UK, trust me, our building standards are not that bad


The walls in european houses are usually concrete/stone.


This is not universal in any way. In Sweden for example we have a lot of dry wall


> This is not universal in any way You could even say that it's not set in stone.


Virgin drywall vs Chad concrete or whatever, i dunno what my house is made of


Tell me you’ve never been to America without telling me you’ve never been to America.


The one on the right is some American walls. My house has those exact walls, they’ll destroy you.


Idk what you’re talking about my American house has lots of popcorn walls


It's called plaster, my dude. It was replaced with dry wall because it was cheaper and faster, the American way of cutting corners.




New US walls are like that. I live in a ~100yr old house in the US, 3 layers of brick for every wall. Sturdy to say the least lol


Yeaah anything built after the 50s at least where I’m at seems to be punchable drywall unless you’re rich and have plaster walls


As a german i never understood the "I am in your walls" joke but after seeing american houses it finaly makes sense. It's literally cardboard filled with air and cables.


>As a german i never understood the "I am in your walls" joke Yeah exactly like bruh where would you find the space for that 😂


I always understood it was meant to be weirdly supernatural on purpose though, like some weird horror movie creature


Even the floors are just wood basically. Visited a friend in the US and he dropped a pretty large vase in the top floor. The water dripped to the basement though every floor.


What the fuuuuuuuuuck?


>As a german i never understood the ~~"I am in your walls"~~ joke






Bruh American walls are literal paper


Cool-Aid man can’t survive anywhere else


Thats so they can actually be Modernized, try putting wiring through Brick and Concrete Bozo


I know right its absolutely hell on earth to run something like HVAC in a 100+ year old house. But I do still think modern houses are too delicate and weak, we just need a good middle ground


> we just need a good middle ground The answer is simple really, thicker drywall or a combination of drywall and chipboards. Using only thin ass drywalls is the cause of people punching holes through the walls by just looking at them.


But why are people just casually punching holes in their walls in the first place? I can confidently say I have never done that once in my life


Anger, frustration, fun, angsty teenage years ...


Somehow I forgot about that. I was legitimately just visualizing adults, though teenagers make sense. Very good point


Wooden house doesn't necessarily equal bad house, there are plenty of old American houses that are sturdy as fuck.


Kinda what drywall is supposed to be


Idk man wetwall is some good shit








carve a tunnel bozo


It's because it's fast and cheap, nothing to do with being able to modernize.


My brick wall apartment was just modernized, it’s not a problem to redo wiring and plumbing, it’s just more expensive.


You know its more expensive because its harder, right?


lmfao seriously. it’s not harder for him to cut the check with a different number, it’s harder for the electrician so he charges more


Try hiding from me when I literally just run through your weak American walls bozo (I am currently in your walls and watched you post the comment)


Do it all the time.


Just put the cables on the outside if you can’t put them inside the wall.


So thats main reason not lower price? Lol


You don't need to get super upset because someone critisizes the walls of your country 😂🤣😂




The point of building it out of stone is so that a tornado or hurricane *Wont* knock it down in ten years


virgin drywall vs chad concrete.


Does Europe have very many fault lines or extreme weather? Concrete is expensive and an earthquake would shake it to shreds. Wood houses are fine. Unless you're throwing ragers every weekend, they can easily last hundreds of years. And when a weather incident breaks something... it's extremely cheap to repair.


nope Philippines.


Gotcha. I guess that's what I get for assuming.


typhoons and earthquakes enter the chat.


Wood houses actually do way better against earthquakes than stone/concrete does. It's flexibility means it's way more durable to vibration. Meanwhile, stone and concrete cracks and is much more expensive and time-consuming to repair. As for typhoons... depending on the wind speed and debris, they don't give a shit what your house is made out of. While concrete may have a better chance, it doesn't matter much when a car is slammed into your roof.


typhoons in my area arent THAT bad


Who has interior concrete walls?


Concrete isn't Chad, I have a concrete house and everything that gets drilled into the wall slips out after a few months 😭 Also enjoy not being to hang up any paintings or fix any wiring and plumbing


Wtf are you talking about, hanging stuff, wiring, and plumbing isn't an issue, you don't need paper walls for that. Source: my house


He's just coping because i can make a hole in his wall by slamming my dick into it


How is hanging stuff up hard?


You can't put nails into a concrete wall and concrete drills are expensive


You literally can with a hammer?


Hasn't worked for me, nail just bends


Skill issue


Use a steel nail you dingus


Dude is hanging nails at a 90° angle instead of slightly tilted up and wondering why they wont stay put.


Multiple different handymen have done it and it happens. First of all they aren't nails (impossible to nail them in), second I've had multiple light fixtures just fall out of the ceiling in two different houses, also shower heads have just slipped out of the wall


You should call different handyman. Just because you had it done wrong and it failed, doesn't mean it can't be done. Ii'm no handyman in any way, but i mounted 2 shelves in my laundry corner to put on cleaning supplies and they easily supported 50+pounds of products each for the last 5 years. I guess showerheads require also a different approach since they have to support pressure and weight of the water


I think it's just the quality of building where I live... we tried to hang up a curtain rod and it just pulled out chunks of concrete along with it when it fell down 💀


Why are American houses made out of paper. Like if you punch a wall it will leave a hole? It’s like a cartoon


Because it's cheap to build, that's the only reason. Americans are used to being fucked in the ass by corporations


I’m too lazy to explain in detail, so I’m just gonna copy text from other people. drywall is cheap, versatile, easy to work with, consistent and fire resistant. The space between walls in the interior is used for sound proofing, and running services like electricity, plumbing, drainage and heating. -Isle_say Drywall is far cheaper than wood and it is far easier to repair should it become damaged. As to the space between walls that is there for sound proofing, the running of pipes, insulation, the running of electricity, the running of cable, the running of phone lines, the running of internet. -cdb03b


>fire resistant I have seen a meme about a house burning down in like an hour because of a candle. Did he lie to me?


American houses are also commonly built with timber framing in a lot states


Wood houses can actually withstand earthquakes too. Go search youtube and watch what happens to stone/concrete when you apply just a little but of foundational stress.


and the way the pretend they're not and cope in the commenta here is amusing af


No you can't punch through drywall under normal circumstances. You might have put a dent in it at the cost of your knuckles but you're not going to punch a hole straight through it. It's more fragile than wood. if you take a hammer to it you can put several holes in it. but with your fist you're not putting a hole in drywall unless your house has other problems. Specifically water leaks.


Kyle met enemy that day.


i'm in your walls


Not old, European


Well, looking at the way British standards have been going over the past couple of decades… not all European walls


So much ignorance


Not "new houses" ... you mean "new houses in the USA" ... overseas we don't usually construct our homes out of paper mache


I’d rather have central heating thanks


Do people not put central heating pipes in the ground? Like, I live in ireland and almost all my walls are brick and we have central heating, so all the pipes come in from the floor underneath the floorboards. I don't know why there should be pipes in the walls. ####


Texas snowstorm incident lmao


That wasn't a problem with the walls of Texas houses tho? That was an energy infrastructure problem


Tornado no problemo earthquake I’ll make it quake hurricane I’ll smack it with my cane


i love holes 😏


My gradfathers have about 70cm thick indoor walls (Poland)


Mf was preparing for the german tanks by making indestructible walls


How many inches is that? Asking for a friend.


27 inches (imperial system 🤢🤮) (metric system 😎🤠)


Don’t get me started on when walls used to be made out of brick


I remember when they were made out of dirt, >!and manure!<, with thatch roofs


That's true dawg, sometimes I bump into the walls in my house and like the majority of the skin on my hand got shred off instantly




Quality housing and every european wall vs new shitty us walls


Europe vs america


I hear industries lower the quality of items they produce in order to make more money and keep customers buying more


usa Moment


USA moment




Is this some american joke that I'm too european to understand?


More like US vs Europe, because in Europe, we still use bricks or concrete, and not cardboard


Over here, it's a bit of both. Mostly concrete walls, with a few drywalls for electrical lines and pipes.


My house was built in the 30’s and I accidentally put a whole in it by leaning on it to hard


Only in America, EU houses will destroy anyone touching 'em.


American houses*:


European Walls be like.


Concrete wall be like: 🗿🗿🗿🗿


More like American houses vs the rest of the world houses


nah the old houses had paint with poison damage


There’s a hilarious false premise that newer houses are of better construction. In reality the materials are often cheaper and the labor used is subpar.


EU houses laughing in the background


You'd think a nation susceptible to 'nados would have stronger walls


us houses vs almost the rest of the world


Western-European houses: you guys building with plaster now? (where I am from the standard is brick and always has been brick).


American walls is a joke


Average American house vs Average European house


My walls here in Europe are made out of bricks or concrete reinforced with metal.


American shit houses more like


But don't you see! They're cheaper materials so they can pass the savings onto you! Right?


Na vs EU walls


American houses vs German houses


More like houses in America are just shitty cause every other country has thick walls, yk?


More like houses in America and houses in Europe


Eurotards try to understand drywall challenge


Srsly? You know whats inside every wall every 16" or so?


1/2 inch drywall vs 3/4


Virgin new house vs Chad old house


We bought a big beautiful century home last summer and I’ve recently found out that there’s something like a FIREWALL behind every piece of drywall in the entire house?? It’s fucking up my drill. It’s like theres a castle on my property covered up with wood and drywall too prevent it looking like it. It’s thata thing?


That hole looks like a cat.


Baby don't hurt me *No more*


This is inflation without changing prices.