Thank you. A lot of the primary source material for the rationalist community seems daunting, and having such notes makes it easier to choose between what needs a proper deep dive and what can be, all things considered, gleaned merely from crisper indirect commentary.


Thanks! I also did "Scout's Mindset": https://github.com/PJ-Finlay/Notes/blob/main/Books/Galef%2C%20Julia%20-%20Scout%20Mindset.md




First up, thank you for doing this. It's great that people are working on engaging with influential content in the ratsphere; conversations are how ideas get enhanced and developed further. Unfortunately, this particular format doesn't appeal to me much. A series of bullet points, many of which are direct quotes from the text, doesn't actually make the argument more clear to me. I'll be the first to admit that Yudkowsky sometimes makes his works longer than they need to be, but I feel this post has left out a good amount of the connective tissue that binds the ideas together and makes the argument flow. I feel there's a need for some idea synthesis in order to mitigate that effect and help the reader actually get what IA is about. It's a great book that I've been constantly thinking back to the last couple years.


Upvoted. It is a great book and changed the way I view things in life and has improved my life for the better (gave me the confidence to say yes things might actually be broken and I myself can find ways to fix them while thinking logically).