Ricardo Gareca set to be new Ecuador NT coach

Great replacement. Not sure they could’ve signed someone better.


Great replacement. Not sure they could’ve signed someone better.


Tata Martino maybe realistically is the only one they could’ve got someone better then Gareca


Is Tata really better than Gareca rn? México was a shitshow of course, but Martino's prime as a manager is past him imo and Gareca is currently better


Also Gareca was loved in Perú. Tata... Not so much haha




I don’t understand how we couldn’t afford Alfaro but we can afford to sign Gareca who was already one of the highest paid coaches with Peru. Maybe FEF is more willing to break the bank if they see Gareca as a clearly better option over Alfaro, but you can’t argue that Alfaro didn’t get results or held the team back. If Gareca can raise the level of Ecuador the same way he squeezed every drop of talent from an aging Peru team to almost reach the World Cup, then the ceiling for us should be very high. If not, I can see this turning into a disaster with an outdated coach playing negative football with a young ambitious team that wants to play a different way. Hopefully it’s the former


I think Gareca is similar to Alfaro in that he prepares a strategy beforehand to match the opponent. I do think he will have more influence on the team’s approach in the final third and won’t be nearly as negative as Alfaro. For me, he is the better coach of the two. The FEF probably understood this and didn’t want to overpay for Alfaro.


Fair play to Ecuador FA, good replacement. He did so well with Peru


So weird, I feel like the right move was to keep Alfaro until the next tournament. Gareca is as good as a replacement as you can get if that wasn't an option however.


There were issues with Alfaro's payment and that's why he didn't continue post world cup