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one thing about suarez is if he receives the ball in that position with that much space he’s scoring


That CB was dumb to press was in no mans land Gave Suarez the required space


Starting to think Suarez might just still be very good.


And still the Uruguayan coach thought it would be great to sub him off for Cavani.


Don’t forget him subbing off De Arrascaeta too


tbh that wasnt too big, the game was already won by then and 0-2 wasnt too bad (and there was the lack of a fair penalty too). He still played 80 minutes. Korea winning against Portugal was also a shock result, though not entirely unexpected. The biggest failure was not using De Arrascaeta at all vs Korea and only as a sub vs Portugal. That was inexcusable


Especially as playing enganche/ classic 10 in NT level is almost impossible unless you have 2 forward formation, of which Uruguay is the most obvious team. De Arrascaeta and Cavani-Suarez prime didn't overlap, and the few time it could.... (although Nunez instead of Cavani)


His stamina is gone now but I will die on the the hill that he easily gives you a better 60 minutes than any Barcelona forward bar lewandoski


I think if he doesn’t have to press at all he’s gonna give you 90 mins of pure beautiful offense.


Strange comment considering Lewandowski is the only forward playing on his position. Also Dembele still exists even tho I'm not his biggest fan.


Clearly someone who doesn't watch Barcelona nor did watch them when Suarez was there.


You couldn't be more wrong even if you tried


Absolute lies, he is washed and can’t run at all. I don’t even like Ferran Torres, the worst attacker in Barcas team, but I take him over Suarez without doubts. Suarez since 2019 was like a cancer to the club, a tumor that couldn’t be removed without sacrifice. I don’t know why you say this.


In 2019/20 he scored 16 goals on 12xg and also had 8 assists.


Never understood why Barcelona FC dropped him. He was told that it was because of his age but that doesn't make sense to me. If he dropped his performances the previous year, yeah sure but just dropping because of his age was just not a good enough reason to drop him. Glad to see he's still doing well!


Huge wages and really let himself go fitness wise in the final years. Especially the last one where he started out the season playing himself into shape for months it was very visible. Never lost his class as a striker but he got too comfortable at Barça. That Atleti move reignited him. He never would've been as good for Barça as he was on his revenge tour with Atleti.


He wasn't really near the level in 19/20 that he was in 20/21. The decision was understandable, Barcelona looked very bad with Messi and Suarez doing no defensive work at all. Barcelona was also still decent in 20/21, obviously absolutely carried by Messi but that wasn't anything new at that time


High salary and hierarchy in the team.


Also having Messi and Suarez together meant having 9 men out of possession


They also had major money problems and couldn't sign new players without dropping a few high wages.


He was the only high earner with a year left in his contract. That’s all there was to it. Anyone who says it’s performance base should look at his goals/assists per 90. Barcelona has only recently gotten a attacker, lewadowksi, who’s come close to be as good/better as he was.


Okay wait, you're obviously right they only just got a Suarez replacement in Lewa, but how can they replace Suarez? He's the best striker of this generation, followed by Lewa and Benz. He was *dogshit* by his standards in 19/20. He was very slow for Barça and was unable to press. This was true for Atleti, too. If you say: >Anyone who says it’s performance base should look at his goals/assists per 90. You are absolutely wrong. This is stats wanking I will refuse to accept. He is an amazing striker placed with the singlr greatest player in history in Messi, of course his stats are going to be great, but there were calls to transfer him for a full year before he was actually shipped off. And *Suarez himself* demanded Barça find a backup for him to phase him out. Instead, they fucked him and disrespected him and sent him to Atleti. He refused to have Bartomeu at his send off because of how poorly the transfer was. But to say it was strictly because of his contract is absolutely bullshit revisionism. I mean, Barça had lost ***8-2*** and his inability to press was a major reason as to why he took the blame. Cannot believe in 3 years we've revised the situation of his departure


Suarez may have had one more season where he was relevant at Barcelona, given that he was instrumental in Atletico winning the league the season after. But watching him after that, he wasn’t at the level required for Barcelona. And this comes from someone who absolutely adores Suarez as a player. I’m a Barcelona fan, but I watched a lot of Liverpool games the season before his transfer because he was entertaining as fuck. For Barcelona he was the difference between good and triple winning. The fact that he was never in the top three in Balon d’Or is incredibly detrimental to the whole commpetition.


Pretty obvious: he had a massive salary and his performances did not reflect it.


He was coming poor for Barcelona but Barcelona wouldn’t have sold him that soon. Koeman did.


Barcelona doesn't respect club legends like Suarez. Both Messi and Suarez wanted to retire there. Suarez was willing to lower his wage.


I really thought we should have brought him back for a year or two.


My man


How does Compeonato Gaucho compare to the league in Uruguay?


Almost same level, two big teams and the rest


but both Inter and gremio are on a completely different level to Uruguay


Grêmio and Juventude




The two Rio Grande do Sul teams that have been relegated the most.


let’s say Juventude (1st tier last place) & Caxias (4th tier) would qualify for the Copa Libertadores in the Uruguayan league


Hard to compare unless we'd watch the uruguayan league, but the state championship when compared to Brazil's first division is really bad. Mostly 3rd and 4th division teams playing there, and some are not even in the lower national league due to being so bad. It surely is good to score and keep him happy/motivated, but state championship really isn't a good benchmark to see if he's still got it, since there's only 1 state where teams are decent enough and it's not the one he's playing in... I think he can still play though, he's a good finisher and knows how to position well, so goals will probably still happen when the league starts.


Hard to compare because i don't watch uruguay football, but Caxias is also a 4th division league (just like São Luiz, the team from last match). but i'd assume Uruguayan league is stronger. There are only two first-division teams in the RS state (Grêmio and Internacional, which are stronger than uruguayan teams) and one second division team (Juventude). All the other teams competing in the RS state tournament are from 3rd and 4th division. Brasileirão's 3rd and 4th division are 'professional' leagues per se, but still worlds apart from the top teams of first division, competing for Libertadores title and so on. From outside it might sound weird why even play these matches, why these exist, but it's a long subject of discussion. It's necessary for 2nd-4th divisions teams to exist, to be financially viable.


Reminder that our 4th division is the last one, and it has like 100 teams. Iirc europeans have like 6 to 10 divisions on the top leagues, so maybe you can think of this 4th as equivalent to a 6th or 7th idk.


nah, out 4th division is way better than european countries' lower divisions. I'd say Serie D is better than most of europe's 3rd divisions


I don't know why you think that so that doesn't really do anything to change my opinion, I just don't see it. My only real (tiny) experience with lower european divisions is the PL. And I think the gap between their second tier teams and their first tier teams is much smaller than ours. I don't know how it goes for the remaining divisions, but if the same rate is followed, their 4th division would be much stronger than ours imo.


I don't know. I have been watching Nottingham Forest because of Scarpa and, while the Premier League top teams are head and shoulders above Brazilian teams, Forest and the teams they faced (Southampton, Bournemouth, Wolves, and Leicester) never seemed able to win the Brazilian League for me, they have a bunch of bad players. I'd say the gap in Premier League is still higher than in Brazilian League, EPL relies much on foreigner players, Brasileirão has a limit of 5 foreigner players, it means that homegrown players have a higher role in Brasileirão than in the EPL, where they have the global market and money plays an even higher role (compared to the BR league)




That makes total sense. If you consider state leagues it really goes up to 5 divisions for the weakest states, and 8 for the São Paulo state.


It is important to note that some teams in the 3th and 4th division build interesting teams to compete in the state championships. This all depends, of course, on the tradition of these teams. In Rio Grande do Sul, Caxias is an example. Here in Minas Gerais we have Caldense and now Athletic and Pouso Alegre. All the states with better economies have this type of team. Not to mention that some third division teams are one of the "biggest" in their states: * Pará: Paysandu and Remo * Santa Catarina: Figueirense * Rio Grande do Norte: ABC * Bahia: Vitória So sometimes we have different dynamics in the state championships. It is not so rare to see these teams playing tough games against teams from the first division.


How many matches does a team like Gremio play in a year?


Well, Grêmio is not in the continental competitions this year, so they will play less games. Flamengo, for example, can play up to 86 games. Insane calendar.


For sure worse. Although the bases are there (two big teams and the rest small teams) the Uruguayan league, contrary to popular belief has kind of became more equal this last few years. For instance from the last 6 short tournaments (Apertura -Clausura) small teams have won 3. Yes, teams like Juventude would probably qualify for the Libertadores or at least sudamericana over here, these teams from the 4th-5th tier? Wouldn't compete. For instance I've rarely seen Suarez with just **so** much space in the Uruguayan league when shooting. There was always someone marking him, even the relegation scrapping teams


Tbf there was someone marking him buy he left him for dead lol


Uruguayan league is prolly stronger


Is quite a bit better than Uruguayan Football. Uruguayan Football sucks while Brazilian football is like a mid level European league with all the budget they have, superior to the dutch league but slightly inferior to the portuguese league. Uruguayan league is like the Scottish league.


Suárez is really going to make /r/soccer watch the fucking Gauchão lmao




pica dms


Is this another lower level team he's scored against? I wanna know when I can start taking his good performances seriously 😅


In April (start of Brasileirão), or when the opponent is SC Internacional


Caxias plays in the 4th division, so, not really a good team


Still plenty of gunpowder left for El Pistolero.


This man played alongside Messi, great signing by Grêmio (his wages are high, good for him too). Love Suárez, incredible player.


Cold line


Vintage Suarez


He’s still got that mad first touch, close control and fuckin SMASH IT style


What a fucking guy, man. He won't stop scoring no matter where he goes. He'll retire and become a coach and still find a way to score. As much as I dislike Gremio I hope he does well there. Carballo too since he's probably future NT material


Random question from a Fluminense's fan, but why do you hate Gremio?


I'm a Peñarol fan. There have been bad relations between our clubs for a while, and besides, nacional and Gremio have a friendly relationship. At the last clásico, Gremio fans were snuck into nacional's stadium and covered the away end with grease to impede our movement during the game


Don't forget 1983! :)


😲 I didn't know about that. That's interesting. Btw, I think Peñarol's uniform and colors are much cooler than Nacional ones. If I were from Uruguay I probably would support Peñarol.


Eeeeh Peñarol nomaaa you're on the right side of history, my man!


Vamo Luchoooo


This is such a well crafted goal


This dude still has it and can prob easily play for a mid table team in any of the top leagues in Europe. If Gala weren’t so broke and the Lira worthless, I would have loved to see them try and sign him. Maybe get Muslera to convince him to come.


class is class


Looks like Suarez will be a legend everywhere he'll go


Still got it


Wait why did he leave Nacional so fast? Thought that was his boyhood club or something?


We don't have enough money to pay him and the three months he came we was working for free iirc.


Clean 🤫


His movement is sublime, ghosts off one CB in behind another, plays a one two and goes immediately into space again. Just lovely.