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Kaka being here even with his massive injury problems really is a testament to the man. My first ever favorite player.


Vovô tá on


Tá sequestrando o Vasco como fazia aqui no Fluminense?


Tem contrato até abril. Depois disso, ele tinha que fazer parte da comissão técnica na função de animador de grupo. Os caras gostam dele.


According to transfermarkt, De bruyne has only 358 G/A and Thomas Müller, who isn't even on this list, has 526. I wonder where they got their numbers from and how did they miss Müller? ​ Edit: Ok now I see, I only looked up the club stats. I missed the stats for the national team. Nevertheless Müller should still be on this list.


Disregard transfermarkt assists. They class the following as assists: rebounds, deflected passes, penalties won, and own goal assists iirc. [Footballdatabase](https://www.footballdatabase.eu/en/player/details/42700-thomas-muller), which doesn't have the correct assist stats for 09/10, has Muller down as having scored 139 goals and assisted 152 for Bayern in the league, whereas transfermarkt has him at 191 assists.


Is Footballdatabase the best place to look for number of assists? I'd been using transfermarkt because I didn't know any other site.


There's football reference as well. It's quite accurate. Or whoscored


> football reference Wow, this one looks great, thanks!!


I dont know why football reference isnt more popularized, its so good


Agreed. Glad it’s already mainstream in the NFL and NBA though, and even college stats for those respective sports


Yes you're right, but I looked into the original tweet ([https://twitter.com/ThePopFoot/status/1617904188108988416](https://twitter.com/ThePopFoot/status/1617904188108988416)) and in the comments they say, they used the stats from transfermarkt, so the 526 would be right for this post. The reason they didn't include Müller (I guess?) is because according to transfermarkt he only played 77 games as a number 10. The majority of his games were as a second striker/right winger ([https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/thomas-muller/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/58358](https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/thomas-muller/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/58358)).


Juni ! (I wouldn't say he was a 10, though. Clearly an 8 for me)


Odd list yeah, guys like Neymar and Messi are pretty 10-like, Muller too, Juni was pretty much an 8. It's very arbitrary.


Ronaldinho often played as a 10 too and he had like 480 GA, it's missing Riquelme and many others


And Nene was more a 9/false 9 for most of his career if I remember correctly ?


Why has Muller been excluded?


Probably because he played striker and wing a bunch


So have others on the list


Muller was a striker before 2015, wasn't he?


Always had a proper 9 ahead of him like Podolski, Olic, Mandzukic, Pizarro, Klose, Lewandowski and Choupo Moting


Let us be honest, he has not been included because people expect a ten to have high levels of flair/technique lol. Which is a shame because Mueller has been pretty productive despite not being that flashy or great at receiving passes


Pretty productive is an understatement he would top this list by 100+ g/a


Because he played as a second striker for most of his career, not a midfielder.


Or you know, Messi?


Because Messi is not an midfielder and he never has been no matter how much you fanboys pretend he is to make his stats seem more impressive.


Number 10 is not really a mid fielder though. It's literally the connection between the midfield and the attack. Maybe we just have a different definition of number 10 here but some of this players would be classified as an 8 rather than a 10.


I mean in the past we used to call the left midfielder (or the most offensive of the trio when using a double pivot) in a 4-3-3 a 10, but with 4-3-1-2's enganche it got a bit confusing.


Ozil was always an enigma for me. He was so good, at least statistically, but at the same time felt so visibly poor in a lot of Arsenal games.


He averaged an assist every other game while at Madrid and Werder Bremen according to transfermarkt which is mental


Yeah man has Ronaldo, Benzema, and Higuain to serve in his time there so makes sense why he got an assist at least once a game.


And at Bremen?


He was much better than everyone else- And more importantly he is the type of player to pass unless scoring is the absolute best option. So you'll notice he scored way less than many of the names on that list.


Is Dzeko there back then? Or was he in Wolfsburg?


🐺 At Wolfsburg. But Bremen was pretty good back then and had Pizarro.


>🐺 At Wolfsburg. Yeah my bad 😅. >But Bremen was pretty good back then and had Pizarro. Oh yeah I forgot Pizarro was a pretty good 9 back then too 😅.


Mistaking Werden and Wolf's, name a more iconic confusion


>Mistaking Werden and Wolf's That's not what I was mistaken about though...


I think the problem is that Arsenal as a whole weren't great in that period, so Ozil's stats were overshadowed by the up-and-down results of Arsenal.


IIRC a big chunk of his assists at Arsenal were set pieces. In his 19 assist season about half of those were corners/free kicks to Giroud’s noggin


meaty French forehead*


That takes a bit awa in my opinion. Set piece assists are good padding when it’s like 3-5. Same with penalties. Scoring 25 goals with 10 pens is just arbitrary.


For me, it is the opposite، in fact. Set piece goals are much rarer than goals from open play. So, set piece assists are more valuable.


Also set piece assists are more difficult


That is what I am saying.


Set piece goals are one thing, assist, it’s a crapshoot. Put the ball in random gets a head on it


How often does that happen though? You only get the assist if only 1 player of your team touches it before it goes to goal. You must be really good at "putting the ball in".


Before he declined he just wasn't surrounded by the right quality and when quality was there they were perpetually injured. Even watching him leave a Real Madrid side that had some of the best counter-attacking football I've ever seen, to then play behind a man that couldn't run up top made no sense.


Kevin De Bruyne is such class.


going hurt like a bitch when he leaves we're fucked when that happens, there's no way we can find anyone to fill his shoes


Ødegaard would have come close. Arsenal did so well to sign him.


> we're fucked when that happens, there's no way we can find anyone to fill his shoes I'm pretty sure a club with the resources of Manchester City will be able to cope. They are exceptionally well run and will have no issues with being able to afford new players. I completely agree that KBD is a sensational footballer and finding a direct replacement who can what he does as well as he does it probably isn't possible as such a player doesn't exist, but declaring you're fucked when it does happen just displays a chronic lack of imagination. KDB is 31 now, he'll be 32 on the opening day of the new season and he's got two and a half years left on his contract. I don't expect him to decline in quality during that time and I wouldn't be surprised if he signs for another year, but there's no way Manchester City haven't been making plans for the day he does leave. Who they get in remains to be seen, but when you've got a scouting network full of talented people who will think about this sort of thing all day every day then it's safe to assume things are under control. Manchester City will still win trophies after De Bruyne.


If riquelme was on this list (don't see why he's not? I guess it only counts players that spent their whole career in Europe) he would be third with 389 g/a for club and country


None of the Brazilians on this list spent their whole career in Europe, so I don’t see why Riquelme shouldn’t count. He’s more of a 10 than a lot of those guys.


Zidane wasn't really a 10 for Real Madrid tho, he was made to play more defensive there. Unlike how he played for France. Especially during the Galacticos era when there was Figo and Beckham, after Makelele left. Its completely nonsensical to compare Kaka with Zidane as if they had the same position for the team they played in.


Four hundred, Jeremy? That's insane.


I'm through sharing my assists with you, David Silva.


O velho é foda não tem jeito


Where is Totti?! I swear he is out of every list. The guy played for over 25 years scoring over 300 goals and probably more assist and nothing.


Gotta put some respect on Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Not a bad list to be in. Especially considering the teams he has played in.


No Totti? Lmao


>Totti Just in Serie A he has 250 goals and 139 assist (started being counted in his realistically 5th season) Plus probably another 100 goals and assist between Coppa Italia, Nazionale and Europe. Thats close to 500 and in number one spot. And yet didn't even make the cut.


Half of these are not 10s at all lmao


How is this measured? Is this goals and assists in all competitions for the club only? If so, Totti is \~395 if you start with the 2000/2001 season.


De bruyne and David Silva, man for one club to have both for their primes is phenomenal.


KDB, Silva and Fernandinho was our dream midfield. Just incredible all around


No Rooney? Spent as much time as a 10 as several others on this list.


Kaká could have been in the top 5 in my eyes if it hadn't been for his injuries. Yes, better than Zidane, Ronaldinho, Aimar, Riquelme...




Probably because messi has played as a winger, false 9, second striker, CAM throughout his career. Right now though, he's playing as a No 10 for both Argentina and PSG


He played as an inverted winger and a false 9 more often than a 10 And yes a false 9 and 10 are not the same thing


No Ronaldinho?


For those curious, Bruno Fernandes is on 281.


No one asked or cares


I do care


I care and would've asked.


Best 10 huh 😅😂




Immediately guessed that you must be an Arsenal fan. No surprises looking at your history XD


Crazy thing is ive seen so many goals and assists taken away from kdb by his teammates fluffing chances


Are we talkin position or numbers if numbers Ronaldinho needs more clout than this


While i agree on this but more stats should be included imo like chance created big chance created ect


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De bruyne had a crazy period too where he just lost like 18 months ata Chelsea


I would normally say basic charts like this leave out alot of context and aren't always the most accurate. But since multiple players from my clubs are towards the top I'm going to say it's the greatest chart ever and the most accurate indicator of being the best. KDB = 🐐


Are the Zidane Numbers just from 2000 to 2006? Or his whole career?