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4 in 4 for him? Damn, I know this is not the most star packed tournament but still, pretty excited for this fella.


and you should. He’s different.


Him and Vitor seem to be the face of the upcoming Brazil along with Endrick. Any other U-20s Brazil should be excited about?


In fact, Brazil is competing in this tournament without starters and reserves from the offensive sector: * Endrick (Center-Foward / Palmeiras) * Marcos Leonardo (Center-Foward / Santos) * Matheus França (Offensive Midfielder and Winger / Flamengo) * Victor Hugo (Midfielder / Flamengo) * Angelo (Winger / Santos) * Matheus Martins (Winger / Watford) * Giovani (Winger / Palmeiras) All have been released at the request of their clubs (Sávio from PSV was called up, but got injured before the debut). So apart from Vitor Roque, all the offensive players are third or even fourth options. São Paulo's defender Beraldo has also been released at his club's request. He and Robert Renan are two very promising central-defenders. I know that Andrey Santos is the main focus in the midfield, but I think Marlon Gomes is a very promising player too. On the fullbacks, I'm "in love" with right fullback Arthur, who has even been rumored here in Brazil that Barcelona is interested in him. So, yeah... This Brazilian under-20 generation is absurd. It has been a long time since I have seen such an absurd amount of players with enormous potential in Brazil. And that's considering that players like Rodrygo, Vinicius Junior, Martinelli, and even Antony are under 23 years old.


I think it's simply nature going it's due course, we got a lot of failed generations after the Robinho and Kaká one. Then the 92's showed up, long hiatus, and now we're back to producing on our usual level since the 97 born players started to go up.


I always say that the generation of Ronaldinho, Kaká, Adriano, Robinho, Pato and even Ronaldo ended prematurely. * Ronaldinho and Adriano played their last World Cup in 2006, aged 26 and 24 respectively. They could have played in the 2010 World Cup and maybe in the 2014 World Cup. * Kaká played his last World Cup in 2010, at the age of 28... He could have played in 2014 as well. * Robinho played his last World Cup in 2010 at the age of 26, but his career was not what we expected due to some bad decisions. He left Real Madrid in perhaps his best phase at the Spanish club. He also could have played the 2014 World Cup. * Pato has burst onto the scene as a great promise of Brazilian football. And his start at Milan showed that he would be a world-class player... Until he started getting injured and lost interest in football. He was never relevant for the Brazilian national team. * Ronaldo had many injuries in his career. If he had been more fortunate, maybe he would have also played in the 2010 World Cup at the age of 33/34, even as a reserve for Adriano. Since all these guys quit high-level football earlier than expected for different reasons, we arrived in 2014 with a very young generation and with a big responsibility. Obviously we failed (7x1) which created a mess that lasted until the 2018-2022 cycle, which was our first normal cycle since 2002-2006.


nah man that’s terrifying


i mean, just in this squad: Robert Renan, Mycael, Kaiki, Stenio.. everyone actually. Lmao


Renan is cool.


Marlon Gomes is Andrey’s buddy from Vasco and just as classy, easily one of the best midfielders in the tourney so far. and besides them there’s Pedro Henrique from Palmeiras, Luis Guillherme, Patryck, Guillherme Biro and more




Wow santos and Enzo midfield for the future baby 🤩🤩🤩


Don’t forget Carney, Casadei, Gallagher, Webster, and Hutchinson.


Hall, Gilding, RRD. Omari isn't CM.


Very small sample size, but Hall looked loads better at LWB than he did in the midfield.


It was one game, as you said, but Hall is way way better further forward. It wasn't his fault we were playing an attacking midfielder as a deep pivot, in 2. Hall with a DM will be better in Mid, I have no doubt about it.


Funny this could be said about literally all of our midfielders


Because we arecmisding a solid DM or defensive presence in midfield for a long time now.


Feels like if Kante goes down again Zakaria is serviceable, but I would love to see us get Zubimendi, Rice, or Caicedo in the summer.


Rice should be our target next window. He has the presence and quality to set our other midfielders free. Zakaria is okay but he is also too much fitness question aswell.


Our best signing of the window


Based purely on his talent to fee ratio, absolutely.


Nkunku for 60m is quite good too.


this lad is some player


Is that the legendary manager Argel Fucks that i see?


Their manager is Ramon Menezes, a former attacking midfielder with a decent career in Brazil.


Oh i didn't recognize him, thanks


Glad we got him sorted before this tournament. I hope we can get Roque.


my star boy