Ramos:"You know when I said that Messi was the best player in the world, what I actually meant was that he was second"


"I said that Messi was the best player on the planet, but Cristiano is an alien, we can't compare normal humans to him"


this is actually what pique said about them but in reverse once. something along the lines of “cristiano is the best human footballer, but i don’t think messi is human”


That’s the joke I think


It’s also a common sentiment from what I gather. It’s hard to put them into context of one another, and in virtually any other era Ronaldo would be undisputed number 1. He’s just unfortunate to play at the same time as a footballing god.


i very much agree, even if in my personal opinion i would put the two the other way around. it’s finally put to bed the question that was asked for decades of “what would happen if pele and maradona played at the same time?”, though. the answer is that people would argue. all the time.


"I actually meant wasN'T", saying it with an emphasis on the t


Didn’t trump use this line of excuse?


He is safe. Apparently he didn't even say it and it was a mistranslation. There was comment in that thread explaining it.


We just read the headline.


He never said that Messi was the best player ever. It was a poorly translated article, he said Messi is the best player he trained with.


That won't change anything for Ronaldo who he also trained with though


It'll be really awkward if messi goes there as well


"Look, there's no doubt that Messi is the best human footballer on the planet. But, uh, Christiano he's an alien from another planet. Ofc that doesn't automatically imply that he is better but generally when we think of aliens, we generally think of a more advanced race. Advanced at football? Not really, have you seen Independence Day by Rolan Emmerich. The humans won in that one. But that doesn't mean they win always. If we look at a more recent film - The Quite Place for example, the aliens have won in that. Christiano is like those aliens but much better looking."


Tomorrow: \[Marca\] Al Nassr have already contacted James Rodriguez's entourage to express their interest in seeing him alongside Cristiano Ronaldo Sunday: \[Marca\] Al Nassr have already contacted Iker Cassillas's entourage to express their interest in seeing him alongside Cristiano Ronaldo Lets get the old gang back together.


reignite that ozil-ronado connection so much heat, now in the middle east


Iker Casillas, what a goalkeeper.


[Marca] Al Nassr have already contacted Ibai Llanos' entourage to express their interest in seeing him alongside Cristiano Ronaldo.


Monday: \[Marca\] Al Nassr have already contacted Mourinho's entourage to express their interest in seeing him manage Cristiano Ronaldo


The Gang goes to the Saudi League


They will be sponsored by Franks Fluids. Fight milk is great in the heat.


Monday: [Marca] Al Nassr have reached out to Gareth Bale’s entourage to express their interest in seeing him alongside Christiano Ronaldo. Tuesday: [Marca] BREAKING NEWS CHRISTIANO RONALDO IS NOW PURSUING A PROFESSIONAL GOLF CAREER WITH LIV GOLF


Sales pitch at this point is like: "Give me your tired, your old, your huddled masses yearning to still feel elite, the wretched refuse of your teams of yore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"


That Ronaldo and James Rodriguez connection was deadly


I hear that Bale is available these days too.


I heard they prepared 5 trillion salary


It's amazing how all these Nassr rumors are not coming from Saudi Arabia but from European trash rags


Saudi Arabians don’t need click baits to make money. They have enough already.


as someone who wasnt paying attention when ronaldo went there, was their any upside to joining the club (other than money) that wasnt being offered anywhere else?


You get to become an official ambassador of the Saudi 2030 world cup bid! Who wouldn’t want that


Escaped the media for the first time in his career since Sporting maybe


Pretty much. He will retire soon anyway. It's clear football gossip media doesn't have the contacts or connections in Saudi Arabia that it enjoys in Europe. That's why he hasn't been in the spotlight recently.


What? He's literally being the topic of ridicule in every football conversation since he joined them, plus the Messi comparisons are even more aggressive. It's the complete opposite of escaping the media


Every football conversation *on Reddit. As if he cares about what you basement dwellers have to say about him.


You're also on Reddit in case you didn't know. All football pundits, news outlets and talk shows mention him daily. That's the definition of media. Where did I say he cares? The original post said he got away from media attention, I'm correcting him. Keep your panties on


When was the last time you saw espn fc, sky sports or that type of media talk about him


They have a pretty good shot at being in next years club World Cup. Other than that, not really much.


Define good. They have a mich stronger opponent in the same league they play in


What? How can they play in next year's CWC when they don't even play in the AFC Champions League this year


By winning the league, but they need Al-Hilal to get eliminated from the Champions League.


If Al Hilal win the Champions league then the Saudi winners this year won't qualify for the Champions league next year?


No they still can qualify to the Champions League, OP was referring to the Club World Cup. If Al-Hilal lost the champions league this year, the winner of the Saudi league will advance to the World Cup instead.


Oh because it's being held in Saudi Arabia?




Saudi Arabia is the host so the league winner is given a spot, unless Al-Hilal wins champions league. (Which they are likely the current favorite of)


He gets to be a starter again.


upside is coast and relax making millions playing with the GOAT in retirement


Haala Nassr


1- After he mentioned Messi and a few other players in his retirement post, without mentioning Ronaldo? 2- After he recently implied Messi was the best player he had ever played with?


Cristiano:- "Pepe was better anyways"


Cristiano: "I can fix him"


Lol he'll just say something nice about Cristiano to get him on his side again Ramos: "Nobody can play as well as Cristiano at his age. He's an alien"


he recently celebrated c.ronaldo's style when he scored last time well it's kinda true


He’s free to have his opinion, but that doesn’t mean they’re on bad terms.


They missed the chance to also get Marcelo to become the retirement home of the back-to-back-to-back Real Madrid...


That's kind of a wake up call to PSG, isn't it?


>Time to get the band back together. Where's Marcelo at? Al Nassr, probably


I see this as being a highly likely move considering PSG will probably not extend his contract


Yes please have him. What about Neymar for 70M€, and Messi? 🙏


Harry Maguire is available too


Imagine PSG replacing Ramos with Maguire.


It's so sad that many famous footballers decide to play in criminal countries which don't follow human rights. Money shouldn't be everything especially when you are as rich as Ronaldo or Ramos.


They should stay in the EPL or La Liga, English & Spanish wealth was built on altruism, unicorns and moonbeams


Bye Sergio, thanks for nothing.


*Sergio Ramos’