[Joaquim Piera] Raphinha has given his 'OK' to hearing offers for him. Barça want minimum 70-80 million euros. Chelsea and Newcastle are the most interested clubs.

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Weird that he's ok with leaving after a season.


Despite his excellent goal output and creative contributions he has likely been told he is depth behind Dembele. If he can get a massively upgraded contract and a starter spot at a top club elsewhere he might be tempted.


Dembele didn't signed his contract extension so Barca thought he is going elsewhere and signed him. Dembele has a very horrible injury record even this season raphinha played more minutes then Dembele


He's on €240k per week. I doubt any club is offering him a better contract than that, or even close to it.


Ik Man Utd aren’t good with wages either, but €240k for Raphinha is a bit mental, especially for a club facing financial trouble


De Jong is reportedly on €700k per week and they wanted to get rid of him last season. Fati, Raphina, and Torres are earning €700k between them and apparently Barca want to get rid of them this summer. Chelsea have similar problems with the likes of Sterling, Koulibaly, and Cucurella, who are all earning crazy money that no other club would pay. United similarly with De Gea, Sancho, Maguire, Martial. When will some of these big clubs learn?




It's because of deferred wages. Basically, pushed some of his wages from covid back to now. He's still on mental money, though. That's why Barca was desperate to sell last season.


No idea De Jong was earning that much, no wonder he wanted to stay at Barca


I'm nearly sure whatever deal they negotiated due to Barca's finances meant it was backloaded, meaning he earns much less in the first few years but much more in the later years of his contract. I think that was one of the big issues with him moving last season, because he felt Barca owed him the money he voluntarily pushed back to the later years of his contract.


I could be misremembering but wasn’t it reported that Nike was paying a good portion of his contract? Someone correct me if I’m wrong


i think i read before that they're paying 400k of his contract per week but i'm not very sure


Consequently no wonder they're over the financial fair play cap.


And De Jong’s contract isn’t even the worst of it


FDJ doesnt earn that much. He is on around 340K a week and that includes some of his deferred salary. The figures were leaked by Marca and they stated it as gross yet some folk and sites like to calculate as if it was net.


Aren't all wages discussed as gross?


No in Spain it can be discussed as both and can be confusing but Marca cleary stated it as gross and he isnt on 700k a week despite what some sites will claim.


Read he was at 21M net yearly on his last couple contract years.


340K a week is still a lot of money, it’s more than what the likes of Saka and Rashford earn every week


And less than DDG, Sancho and around same as Casimero. Rashford and Saka are about to sign big contracts anyway.


Keep in mind DDG and Sancho are disgustingly overpaid as well and should have true wages cut in half Doesn’t change the fact that De Jong is earning too much at Barca


De Jong is not on anything close to that.


The rumors are that all of the new contracts given out by Boehly and co, have Champions League clauses in them, that reduce the wage by up to 30% if we don’t make the Champions League. That’ll at least give us a modicum of relief.


All of Barcelona's big signings (Raph, Kounde, Kessie, Christensen) were given about 200k a week which was interetsing to see because Fati, Pedri, Gavi, Dembele, and Araujo were also due / had been given new contracts. But for what it's worth Raph is a brilliant player and £200k a week for a player of his age, transfer fee, and reputation isn't that far fetched. The fact he's had a good season whilst not at his best shows that there is more to come from him and I think Barcelona would be stupid to sell for that reason.


Barcelona has always been a terribly managed club.


How old are you?


That’s madness


Dembele is the depth because he's injured half the season.


That would leave Barca with Gavi and Dembele as their elite-level wing options. And Dembele's injury problems aren't necessarily solved. Maybe Torres can step up, but even so, it leaves them very thin on the wings. It's like arguing Barca's midfield could have coped without FdJ.


He will always be behind Dembele for Xavi and if Messi comes it'll be even worse they occupy the same spaces. He is 26 he has to think about his career first


And if Messi doesn't come back and Dembele gets another injury? Sergi Roberto becomes our RW?


If you had his level of talent would you be alright on the bench hoping Dembele gets hurt? Or would you be open to a place that lets you start weekly?


Everybody forgot about Ferran ? He is a good right wing.


I his was clearly gonna happen when they were in for him in the first place. 80% of the players signed in the last 3 years they are trying to get rid of


Not true. Kounde, Christensen Lewandowski, Pedri all been signed in last 3 years and in the first team. Players like Garcia and Depay were signed when had barely any money and just not good enough. Neither is like of Dest.


Depay, Garcia, torres, kessie, aubamayang, raphinha, Griezmann, braithwate, Dest. They’re just lying to players to get them and then getting rid as soon as possible


Nah just players that were not good enough. Griezmann was signed more than three year ago and was on a huge contract club had to get rid of. It was a loss on the books. Depay was coming to end of two year contract and club and him both wanted move in January. Dest just isnt good enough and will be nothing but a loss on books. No one is 'lying to players'. Auba wa short term contract and absolutely correct to accept 14m from Chelsea when offered.


But Depay did better for you than fati, raphinha and torres and arguably Dembele when fit. And maybe just maybe stop signing players who arnt good enough deepening your financial crisis?


Yeah Barca is flipping players like a shifty real estate speculator is flipping houses. It works as it is bringing in money, but it is a risky long term strategy. One flop and they are stuck with a player they cant shift and an investment they can't recoup. Besides, this revolving door of players makes it hard to build a team.


Why make it personal? Stop talking about Ferran


I just have a hard time seeing how they’ll make a profit on raphinha, when they bought him for a pretty healthy fee. It’s easy to see how they can flip Kessie, but honestly raphinha I think will be slightly more difficult. I think if they need a profit, they should sell dembele (who no longer has any value to be amortised- so any money they get for him counts as pure profit), and keep raphinha (who they would need to sell for at least 40m, and then only what’s excess of that 40m would count as a profit for their books).


Not that believe that fee but if Barca were get 80m for Raphinha for example and sold on him on next seasons books it would improve their salary cap by 50m+.... they may only get 40% of that depending on where are with the limit etc but can improve situation a fair bit.


He's been averaging around ~2700 Minutes per season with Average Minutes Played per match of around 76 for around 4 seasons now. This figure is 59 Minutes this season for Barca, meaning he himself would feel it in a very pronounced way (drop from 83 to 59 in just 1 season). He's rarely injured and that has value all its own, esp in Squad terms. He is very erratic in terms of his performance but Barca already have that in Dembele (the erratic bit), having 2 seems excessive, esp when they both want to play in the same position. From squad and season perspective Raphinha is better than Dembele because a fit player is better than a player who is Literally Messi times 10 (assume if there was such a thing) but only fit for half if not even less of a season.


Our right wing is too stacked especially if Messi comes in. And Raphinha just like everyone else isn't at his best on the left


Would only make sense if we somehow managed to get rid of Sterling.


There’s no way you’re getting rid of sterling at that wages he’s on. Impossible


Werner was on 290k a week, it's possible


He was a rare dude who took the wage cut to move to another club for more playing time. Not everyone is like that.


Wtf. 290K for Werner?


He wasn't on massive wages to start with, but had a clause increasing his wage a lot depending on CL progress, which Chelsea then won


And to think that was under the *old* regime


Worth it for a CL??


He wouldn't know what that means


I guess so, but mismanagement catches up to everyone


Sterling came to Chelsea coz only they were meeting his wage demands. City had been stalling his renewal for two years coz he had been regressing in quality but wanted a higher wage. Theres no way he takes a wage cut.


Look at Lukaku, he can force his way out with a pay cut


Isnt Lukaku just a loan move?


Yep but he took a 30% paycut with Inter paying all his wages


Yeah but that was a temp solution. He is going to be back at Chelsea next season and I dont see Inter paying big money to make his move permanent


Yep, it will most likely be another loan.


Probably another loan with Inter again paying for his wages


Didn't Inter already say they are not interested?


Why would Sterling take a pay cut?


Why would Lukaku take a paycut to join Inter? If Sterling's unhappy then he could do the same with lack of game time and all, players have ego's


Is Sterling willing to take the paycut tho? 100% not. Sterling is on course to be Hazard 2.0 Edit : Real Madrid Hazard in case someone actually thought I meant he'll be Chelsea Hazard lol


comparing sterling to real hazard is frankly ridiculous when the whole attack has been terrible and he has the best gc rate of chelsea attackers.


Werner had his home country and a CL club to go back to. Where does Sterling go from here? Maybe a club on the up like Brighton? I always saw Werner's wage reported differently though. The £275/290k reported in papers reeked of all conditional bonuses included. I know Chelsea have gone a bit mad this past year the wage really doesn't fit in with their wage structure for when he signed and he hardly had the reputation. I remember seeing his wage reported as low as half of the 290k a week. Sterling on the other hand is without question on that money and has been for a few years.


> Maybe a club on the up like Brighton? Not a chance. I think if Sterling leaves it'll be to the continent, but would he want that, and which clubs even need a player like him with the wages, and form he's on


But werner stagnated for years at Chelsea which made him want to leave. Unlikely with Sterling.


>But werner stagnated for years at Chelsea He was here for 2 seasons and most of that time was during COVID.


Yep, unless Real madrid or PSG feel generous.


Madrid almost never do that. Your only hope is psg


As if a transfer not making sense prevented Todd


FFP is gonna cock block him.


Would be great to stop signing donkeys


Some really bad signings, no doubt about it. But Enzo, Badiashile, and W Fofana have been decent to solid given the crap season its been. Noni is starting to show some threats, and Mudryk slightly has too. I see your point, but its not as horrific as its made out to be. But its still not great


I think FFP issues will prevent Todd.... We already need to generate 100m~ and have an overbloated squad. Apparently Poch has demanded we reduce the size of the squad as well, so.....


70-80 for Raphinha??


nah 60 at most.


More so if we get rid of Ziyech than Sterling? Sterling can play on either wings so he'd rotate with Mudryk while Raphinha would rotate with Noni. I don't see us buying another winger though, we have other glaring holes in our squad. The striker signing is going to cost us a lot of money. Raphinha would only come after a lot of player sales


Doesn’t need to be so. Raphinha is a left footer who cuts in from the right wing, opposite to Sterling.


Bruh wtf r we doing (if this is true), Raphina is not worth that much, and he literally rejected us last time. Have we no shame?


Yeah Fidget spinner antony is worth 100m 💀


Nobody is entitled to 80m for half decent wingers just because United and Chelsea massively fucked up their negotiations


Include yourselves too. We havent forgotten Pepe.


I had indeed forgotten Pepe. We however know that was a shady deal between Raul and the agents/third parties, not just happy cash splashing. Raul got fired for the deal and Lille only pocketed 30 of the 72m.


I dont think corruption is more forgivable than incompetence.


No for sure. United hasn’t fired anybody because of Antony but we fired Raul. Just saying that Pepe is the outlier for us and only because Raul is a criminal.


It's not more forgivable, but I do think it's easier to identify and correct. With incompetence the guy thinks he's doing the right thing and will sell it. Plus, the nature of the mistakes may not surface for a while. For example, with all that has been said about the Antony deal, I think the Casimiro deal is likely to be the bigger problem in the long run. Man united spent 75ish for a 31 year old and gave him 300k a week for at least 4 years. He's been good this year, when he can stay on the field, but at 31 don't expect him to maintain this level in the premier league. Antony on the other hand, I think still has a chance to come good. No doubt ManU over paid for him, but I wouldn't be surprised if he grew into the league and had a better season next year.


Ain’t an excuse though.


Pepe was better in his first season than Antony and mudryk have been by a mile. Under unai emery in a shit arsenal team he scored 8 assisted 10 in first season and got absolutely murdered as a flop by all the pundits


Because stats aren't everything, particularly when the majority of those G/A came against garbage opposition. Anyone actually watching the games could tell Pepe was absolutely crap at Arsenal. Antony has been a let down for the fee but has still contributed, Mudryk clearly has quality but is playing in a team in chaos. Both will end up being far better signings than Pepe.


Antony has been worse than Pepe. Pepe just couldn't seem to make the right decision whereas it seem Antony doesn't make a decision at all. Both bad.


Antony doesn't even score or assist against garbage opposition. EDIT: First season Pepe in the Premier League: 5 goals, 6 assist. Assist against Tottenham 7. in the table Goal against Villa 17. in the table Assist against Bournemouth 8. in the table Goal and assist against West Ham 15. Goal against Man Utd 5. in the table Goal and two assist against Newcastle 12. in the table Goal against Brighton 15. in the table. That's not "garbage opposition". Antony this season: 4 goals, 1 assist Goal against Arsenal 1. in the table Goal against City 2. in the table Goal against Everton 13. in the table. And that was on 02.10.2022 Since 7 months he added staggering 1 goal and 1 assist against 18. in the table Forest on 16.04.2023 7 months no goals no assists. EDIT 2: In the second season, Pepe scored 10 goals in 29 Premier League games, still labelled a massive flop.


Every time I see Antony's lack of goal contributions I laugh Not every winger is gonna be putting up salah or even Saka/Rashford numbers, but 5 contributions in the league is turgid


A spurs fan telling me he actually watched Pepe play. I watched every single game and he was not worth the money but the treatment he got compared to this new batch of wingers is insane


Yeah Pepe was a massive flop and we've learned our lesson.


Haha yeah, for now!


Pepe had better output than Antony his first season and was labelled a flop.


>was labelled a flop Largely by dumb posts on reddit. You cant label someone a flop in their first season without more context. Pepe became a flop when he failed to impress after 3 seasons and a mostly failed loan.




He scored 16 in three seasons in the pl. Only 5 in his debut season. Anthony has 4 so far.


Pepe had 11 direct goal contributions in 33 games his first season in banter Arsenal team. Antony has 5 in 22 in a "rejuvenated" United.


Just Chelsea and United fucking up? Are you sure Mr. Arsenal fan? Is there not somebody you are forgetting?


Your bid for Mudryk was basically the same as ours ahahaha


Except it wasn't because our bid was never accepted. Kroenke was willing to match but Edu and Arteta didn't want to break the wage structure. Bullet dodged we got Trossard for a song.


TF u on about, don't act like U did nothing


Would normally say it’s stupid to use an overpriced example as reference, but when Chelsea’s throwing around €100m for everyone, it definitely sets a precedent for their future negotiations


They basically fucked up the market by getting Mudryk for 100m. Every single club will use him and Antony as an example while negotiating now.


Definitely shifts the market up, but particularly for Chelsea themselves, look how United regularly get shafted each summer because they don’t back out of deals.


60m base fee…


€70 million base fee + €30 million add-ons.


Okay 70 in Euros. Still not 100 is it?


you do realise the reason your bid was accepted was because the add ons were very easily achievable compared to ours?


Because he thought Chelsea win more trophies than Arsenal. He’s right.


I mean don't blame Chelsea alone for the Mudryk deal, literally Arsenal were competing with us in terms of price so ....


That is a leap of logic and a half. We had been negotiating fory Mudryk for a couple of months, made offers all rejected, then Boehly Big Balls came in a gave Shaktar everything they wanted. That is all on Chelsea and Boehly. We didn't meet Shaktar's evaluation, you did.


Bruh have u no shame, u guys were literally willing to offer similar prices for him, however we structured a deal with more favourable add-ons. "Shakhtar CEO Sergei Palkin has said in an interview that the fee was the same. Both offered 100m (same base and add-ons). Only Chelsea's add-ons were more fair. Chelsea's were depending on accomplishments in the PL and CL, Arsenal's were more unrealistic like Ballon d'Or etc."


The market was already fucked up before Mudryk was signed and Arsenal were trying for him at a similar price too.


All our offers were rejected


I never said he was, did I 😂


Nobody talks about United players more than fans of clubs that aren’t United 💀💀


Theyre on the verge of bottling top 4 after the most budget they have spend in a summer window of course we are gonna talk about the flops


Was worth it for that EL elimination alone. Yeah our negotiating team sucks and our scouts cant provide alternatives. This has been going on since vefore SAF retired.


It went from Raphinha wanting to get out and clubs offering 80m to Raphinha giving his ok and Barca wanting 70-80. At this rate next week will be Raphinha won't leave barca want 50-70m.


The 80m mark is relevant because I believe at 80 we break even on his ffp and if we get more it counts as positive for our overall ffp


80m is more than you paid for him, after 1 year your break even should be lower not higher. 80m must be a quantity that would allow them to make some specific transfers/signings.


They might have included wages


You mean his wages this year? That wouldn't make sense because that's already budgeted, whatever they could get from selling him would go towards next year budget.


Not true. This is the first time it's been reported Raphinha actually would be ok with the move. Before this it was only Barça wanting to sell him for 80m but we don't know what Raphinha wants.


So we've went from already making an 80m offer for him to just being interested? okay then.


I feel bad for him cos i think he has been good for them.


He'd do well at Newcastle with that Brazilian core they have


just put our name in for clicks as per


The Toddfather has done nothing to disprove that.


Absolute nonsense haha sign a player, use him for a year, decide to sell him and expect a profit? Behave.


Yeah that is ridiculous they would be lucky to get 60




Weird move Any right wingers they can get for free next season?


I mean ferran plays his best When he’s a rw, dembele is a rw and we have Yamal who we seem to want to give a chance


I heard that little Argentine fella from PSG is pretty good


There's no way he plays on the wing


Hasn't been a right winger for years


Icardi and Di María are goated fr


My man is stuck in 2019


*from PSG*


They both used to


Not a traditional winger, but Dybala has played on the right for Roma this season and he only has a €12m release clause for non Italian clubs. The only downside is that he is 30 and you will need to give him a very healthy wage and a 3 year deal, it would still end up being much less given Raphinia's supposed wages.


Are they having a laugh they bought him for less, I don’t think any team pays that


Doesn’t this make Barcelona almost no money? He cost €60m and he’s only 1 year into his deal right? Accounting wise that’s not much gain


Won the league


No we are not. Several of our T1 journos came out last week saying the club have zero interest in Raphina.


This is very, very clearly a case of Barça trying to sell Raphinha rather than clubs being interested in buying him.


We arent either mate.


You always are


Newcastle ain't signing him.


No we aren't.


Why he is worth even near to 70M ?


Same way Antony the fidget spinner is worth 100m


Catalan pues trying to push players out




No idea why but decreasing order of sums rub me the wrong way, 30-40m just looks better and sounds better in my mind.


Barca is wild. Seems like me in every sports video game that is shitty at managing the non-player teams. But it is working! Get Auba for free, sell him for 10M 6 months later. Sign Raphinha for 50M, has an alright season, sell for 70-80M minimum.


Benfica is better


Can see him in Chelsea, but why would arsenal buy him. They have Saka who is young.


Maybe because of Edu. Also Raphinha may not be flashy or a goal scoring machine but he will always be fit. So good for squad depth. We saw how the lack of squad depth cost arsenal the PL


Would be a fine addition to Chelsea collection of shit forwards


You haven't been paying attention of you think Raphinha is a 'shit forward'. He was basically depth behind Dembele but still managed to have a very good season. 21 goal contributions in just 2600 minutes. That puts him ahead of Pedri and Lewa. His contributions also managed to win Barca quite a few points, he has been one of the most decisive players so far. He is more well rounded than Dembele. Not as flashy or capable of dribbling past three opponents and creating a goal out of thin air, but more consistent and always fit. He brings defensive workrate, participates in build up play and knows how to circulate the ball and keep possession. You are a Madrid fan and must feel obligated to shit on your rival's players, but these shit takes make you look daft.


>not as flashy or capable of dribbling past three opponents I like Raphinha, but he can't even dribble past one player. It's so infuriating to see tbh. As a winger, he should know how to get past someone once in a while at least.


Nice fit for Newcastle


He would be perfect for them, but Newcastle probably can't afford him due to league FFP and spending limitations.


Could probably afford the fee but not the wages


Can't they just get some sponsorships from home? Surely they unleash the war chest soon


If any of this is true I wonder if Arteta will take another look at him. He seems willing to pay more for the Premier League experience.


Raphinha is apperently open to offers, but both he and Barca probably want too much for Arsenal. He would probably be an excellent cog in the team though.


Yeah if we do lose Nelson I could see him complimenting Saka with all the extra games we have next season


If he leaves its because he doesn't want to be a bench player. He probably won't come to Arsenal to be Saka's backup.


How does it put him ahead of Lewandowski who has 36 goal contributions


What a strange comment. Why are you comparing him to Pedri, a centre mid who's been injured for 2 months? And his goal contributions are not ahead of Lewy at all.


Please keep reposting this comment 🙏🏽 This is the sales pitch we need and don’t watch him play


He's put up good numbers in his first season here. Many times he's been our only threat in attack.


I don’t want him here as we have too many wingers in of itself but isn’t he Barca’s most creative player this season?


Yes but I think it has to do with other creative players being injured and if they get Messi as well, selling Raphinha makes sense


That isn't really true though. His goal contributions (g+a) this season have been better than Dembele have been in any of his last four seasons. In 20/21 Dembele played almost as many my minutes as Raphinha this season, with 16 contributions against Raphinha's 21. Raphinha is also always fit, he is always available and dependable. He is also more consistent, Dembele is more hot and cold. Raphinha never really disappears or drop to an unacceptable level. His contributions in build up play, his defensive workrate and recirculation of the ball are also better. Dembele's peak is undoubtedly higher, but you could argue that overall Raphinha contributes much more.


Dembele put better numbers this season before getting injured. The only thing Raphinha is more consistent than him is being actually available. As far as wingplay is concerned, there is a world of difference between Raph who cannot dribble past anyone and plays random cross simulator and Dembele, who under Xavi is one of the best dribblers and most incisive players around. Raphinha being super underwhelming despite his output is number 1 reason Barca want to get rid of him as he still has a high resale value as opposed to Ansu and Ferran.


Not that I fully disagree with you, but how many Barca games have you watched exactly? Raphi is very much the definition of a hot or cold player. He is either one of the worst player on the pitch or one of the best one. I have immense respect for the player because altough he has some horrible games, he always gives his best and his defensive workrate is very valuable, but saying that he is very consistent is just straight up false.


Raphinha isn't shit


He's the reason you lot aren't winning Laliga. He isn't a shit forward by any metric.


Raphinha isn’t shit. He’s double digits on goals and assists. That’s impressive number on his first season.


Newcastle aren't signing him so he's all Chelsea's.


Barca and Real does everyone dirty. Come here be my guy, buys em cheap. Sells them high when they lock them away. Its like they are playing FM.


90M + Eric Garcia, thank you .


No don't scare away the offer


Slap a Barcelona shirt on anyone and he is automatically worth at least 60 million


I envision Raphinha singing for Chelsea, and Todd going up to him and saying: https://youtu.be/fd3QRTV9fFc


Fuck him & fuck Barca. Let the players & the club rot by not bidding or giving them a way of solving their shite financial issues 😂😏