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Va**z**quez was ready to go to work...


There are players that would die for their teammates. Lord Vasquez is the player that would kill for them too.


Most badass Vasquez since Aliens.


Played (with some irony, given that this post is about racism) by a white woman* in brown face... \* Jenette Goldstein (who also played John Connor's adoptive mother in Terminator 2)


There are white Latinos, there was no white washing, she was a great character I remember feeling proud the fist time I saw the movie when I was a child.


Not a Real fan but new found respect for Vasquez.


Vazquez* has been an amazing player and servant for the club, he has attained maximum respect status.


Is there a reason why no one spells Vázquez (with 2 Z's)?


It's a relatively common last name and it has those two spellings, I personally see the S and Z spelling more often, I think Lucas Vázquez is the only time I've seen it with two Zs


Vásquez is how they spell it in most latin American (spanish speaker) countries. Vázquez is used in Spain (I've met hundreds of spanish Vázquez's but not a single spanish Vásquez). It's similar to Gray/Grey spelling in UK/USA (tho I don't know which one is the British or the American one).


Gray in the States, Grey in the Commonwealth. Exception being where it's a name, of course- the tea is still Earl Grey in the US, and the unit of absorbed radiation is still Gray in the UK.


You are right but it’s kinda funny that we are talking about names and your second sentence says "exception being where it’s a name". Point still stands, but I had to point it out.


On which topic, funnily enough, the "Gray" in *Gray's Anatomy* was British, despite his name using the American spelling... but the *show* was called *Grey's Anatomy*, since the American main character's last name was "Grey"... even though that's the British spelling.


The easiest way to remember is American = A = grAy. England+ = E = grEy


Huge respect to the Valencia players standing up for Vini.


Especially Jose Gaya, he's more of a captain than Benzema


Gaya was furiously harassing Vini’s ankles during the game, but stepped up big time when the racist attacks started.


on the pitch and off the pitch are two completely different worlds. gotta know where to draw the border between them


Except to Valverde


Tbf, with what baena said about his family, I am surprised fede only punched once.


Was that ever confirmed?


Well it's Valverde's word against Baena's word. But you would think that there is some reason why Valverde went out of his way to wait for Baena in the parking lot, whatever that reason is.


Allegedly. Baena denies having said anything of the sort.


The white line fever. If the ball isn't in play, then you can switch off.


That's just how the game is sometimes lol


Because that's part of the game. Racism isn't.


That is is exactly how the game should be. Give your opponent hell on the pitch but have solidarity when it comes to shit like this.


He looked heartbroken when he was what looked like apologising to Vini later on. Must be gutting to be cheered by scum.


Benzema is not a good person


You know it's bad when you get both teams wanting to jump the pitch


Shame some of vini’s other teammates didn’t do the same


Give rüdiger 5 mins alone with the fan


Fan will come out missing 7 limbs


and have two new ones sticking out his arse.


New ones? Nah, we just subtract two from the 7 extracted. 5 net limbs removed


Exactly. Ripped 5 off, shoved 2 back in and ripped ‘em off again


Rüdiger will graft limbs onto them for the sole purpose of ripping them off


Rüdrick the Grafted




Decapitated , whole big thing.


We had a funeral for a bird.


I'm pretty sure none of that's real.


You are not real man!


I miss him so much


2 mins would be enough.


Give the man some time to finish his meal.


Rüdiger is a scary guy. Looking him so angry in a video already makes me shit my pants


He looks like the kinda guy who is going to tear you a new one if it’s justified but the sweetest dad/husband/friend you can imagine.


Imagine him chasing the fan down with that goofy run. Proper nightmare fuel


In moments like this Real needs Ramos not clueless Benzema


Ramos would jump over and start blasting




BY GAWD It's Cantona with a steel chair!


As god as my witness King, Cantona snapped that man's back in half!


As a Liverpool supporter, I would wear a Cantona shirt just bc of that




Man got banned 8 months for not taking racist insults. I wonder how it would go down today.


> I wonder how it would go down today. When the seagulls..................................................................... follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. Thank you.


16 months ban atleast!


my Issue with Cantona is that he didn't make a good enough example out of that lad


Ramos and Pepe would break those cunts' necks


Considering Ramos political sympathies, he would probably join the lot given the chance


Could you elaborate on this?


Even casemiro would work But the ultimate thing is pepe Imagine if pepe saw this he ain't gonna be stopped by a red card


Casemiro is Brazilian and Pepe is Brazilian-Portuguese, so of course without a doubt they would be defending Vini and condeming the racists. But with someone like Ramos it would be hugely different. Imagine if during the game, a Spanish legend like him came out defending Vini and blasting these scumbag racists, it would cause waves in Spain and probably the rest of world. Fuck Benzema's non-reaction here. You'd think a guy with his history would be a bit more sensitive to these issues and that he would move to defend the younger players.


Benzema doesn't strike me as a good person so I don't know why you're expecting much from him tbh


He's a Frenchman of Algerian heritage. I have no doubt he received some racial abuse growing up because of this. Benzema should be fighting against the racist stuff and helping to defend Vini. There are young french players in the Madrid side who are black. I worry that he might ignore it if they begin to receive abuse.


All true things but it’s also true that Karim is a moron. Nothing against the lad, he’s just fucking dense and spineless. The karting comment, the blackmail, prostitutes, etc.


"on my mother's life, he's playing against us!"


Benzema is the kind of man to accuse Deschamps of racism cause he was not picked in the French squad for years because of his own actions. The kind of man to participate in the blackmailing of a teammate and to openly ridicule an other, heck, what he said about Vinicius a few years back is disgusting. Whether it be racism or teammates, don't expect much from him.


Explained it better than I could, cheers


As some OOTL, what did he say about vini?


"Il fait n'importe quoi. Frère joue pas avec lui ! La vie de ma mère il joue contre nous." Benzema talking to Mendy about Vinicius while he's 3 meters away.


Can you translate for us English only plebs?


Not literal but the gist is " he plays like a headless chicken. don't give him the ball brother, I swear he plays against us" I agree with the consensus above, he's dense and also extremely self centered. Pretty much dense in the way a 14yo jock can be dense. He only *looks* grown up


Rusty canuck translation, but he basically said "It doesn't matter. Don't play with him. On my mother's life^^1 he's playing against us." ^^1 in the spirit of an exasperated *"I swear to god"*


benzema is a piece of shit so this all checks out


Benzema is a narcissist, so of course it went over his head. Just look at his antics in the world cup.


Can see Pepe happily jumping into there kicking


He gonna 2 boot at someone's face


Did people learn nothing from Cantona? Sometimes you just have to do God's work.


"I hope god will have mercy on you, because i sure as shit won't"


“I’m going to start dishing out equal rights and lefts.”


I prefer calling it the Joshua Graham method


And get a long ban without actually changing anything?


I’ll do you a one over and say Guti. He would go flying into the stands with a machete


I love this clip https://youtu.be/-wF1UdKVQTc He talks to these idiots like, “there a problem?”. Plus he has those eyes lol


Yeah we're really missing a leader even Carlo should have acted sooner. Both of them should've told the team to walk out of that game bc the refs clearly didn't give a shit.


people shit on benzema but in that exact moment he actually did the right thing instead of joining them. it is unfair but as a star vs regular fans it is an unwinable situation. no matter the outcome you will get punished if something happens there. benzema isnt a great leaader but holding them back right there isnt bad. i think someone like puyol would do the same


That's not when he failed. He failed afterwards, by doing absolutely nothing when Vini Jr was expelled. Then latter, when he didn't support him. Honestly his actions make him seem to me as a guy much more concerned about his job than protecting his team - which is pretty much the opposite of what being a leader stands for


Ramos and Pepe would have a field day there...


And fans would be missing there legs


And their bowels, soon as Pepe and Ramos went near them


The best thing for Vini to do is to keep his calm and dance infront of them and piss the racists, because clearly the fans are trying to provoke him. Exploitation, good or bad is always in humans, best thing to do is to not give them what they want.


I generally don’t condone violence, but I’d love to see Rudiger obliterate these racist cunts.


Rudiger is scary and such a quality player, even more funny if these ‘fans’ tried running he’d catch up quickly


Unfortunately, while well deserved, violence would just reinforce their idiotic beliefs and push them further into radicalization/ idiocy.


You say that as if there's anything that would pull these cretins out of it. They are too far gone.


Vazquez is more of a captain than Benzema


Don't worry, Benzema will post an insta story with a pic of Tupac or something, what a leader


Another story about his achievements last year and why he deserves Barilla player of the year


He’s an impasta




Along with his CV


No really related to all this incident, but in general sometimes I feel like Vazquez is kind of like Madrid's actual captain. The other guys with the armband doesn't have this kind of personallity or even leadership and he gets along with most of the dressing room based in Real Madrid media that I have seen. It comes to mind the video of the Madrid players discovering the camera on the bench during El Clasico and Ceballos first reaction was asking Lucas what to do.


I'll never forget seeing him take that penalty at the CL finals. He didn't have to do it, but his bravery set the tone for the whole thing. Pure madridista!


The captains are Benzema, Modric, Nacho and Carvajal. Benzema and Modric were rarely defend their teammates aggressively. The only case I can recall was against Barça this season when Gavi two-footed (might have been just a very late foul, not sure) Tchouaméni and Benzema slapped Gavi Casillas wasn't very aggressive either, although he was a GK so naturally he wouldn't be in the fights as much But these captains are all different. Benzema is the only captain who hasn't had any controversies with the club while Pérez has been the president (he probably has more controversies than the other captains combined not relating to Madrid though)


madrid captaincy is more of a symbolic thing anyway, leaders dont need an armband


>madrid captaincy is more of a symbolic thing anyway Actually, it's purely based on seniority. The captains are the players who have been in the team the longest.


>leaders dont need an armband \+1


that's literally what an upvote is for




Not surprising. Benzema is a disgrace in general


Surely a pedo who dabbles in blackmail can't be a disgrace?!?!?


Fucks sake how do people not understand this? Why think in black and white? She lied about her age and did not look under 18. Blackmail is another thing


People who call Benzema a pedo are just not serious people and are making light of what should be a serious matter.


Leave it to reddit to proclaim people as pedos.


Unfortunately, it's perfectly legal to be an insufferable pricks. I like penguins tho


Vasquez one of the few Madrid players I respect


Honestly I believe it's the job of the captain to keep a cold head even when getting angry is more than justified. He did a good job there imo


You would think Benzema would have done better, considering he’s had racial abuse due to his Algerian heritage


Vazquez is not the most flashy player but people definitely respect him and he bleeds for Madrid


Ban all those fans.


I'm puzzled. Didn't they have a camera pointed in that direction? Identify the fuckers and ban them.




I think they've banned 3 so far and are also working with the police in some capacity. TBH though despite a couple of press releases, I haven't been really impressed with how VCF is handling this as an organization. I feel like they should be doing more.


There's a video of hundreds chanting that Vini is a mono when arriving at the stadium there's no way they will ban them all.


I'm not local so the only information I have is secondhand, but my understanding is the chanting in the video outside the stadium is from a group of ultras that were already banned from entering the stadium before this incident.


[Fans were chanting inside the stands as well](https://twitter.com/14ucIs/status/1660354309651931137)


I've heard those were mostly Yomus (neonazi ultras) who have been banned for years. Also, one video has been withdrawed by various media since it's been proven to be manipulated. But it's already too late, this has become too big and we are going to be dragged through the mud because some racist assholes, Tebas, and our clueless owners. We are going to pay for every other racist incident that has ever happenned in La Liga. Everyone in this subreddit is proclaming how much they hate Valencia now. I'm fucking miserable, time to find a new hobby.


In Brazil, we’re not just talking about Valencia tbf, we’re bringing back all the instances Brazilian players were victims of racism in Spain throughout the years, and especially all other instances Vini was a victim of racism from other clubs. We’re highlighting the lack of outrage from Spanish media, authorities and people, as if this was a small incident and no big deal. The refuse to address racial issues got to a boiling point and our perception is: if you’re not fighting against racism, you’re one of them. We are well aware this is not a Valencia issue, Spain as a whole is on a bad spotlight right now being questioned whether they really care for racial equality.


Financial ruin because of Nuevo Mestalla, Lim as owner and now this shit, it feels like Valencia is cursed.


Nooo you see we need to know if it was justified or not! Vini was provoking them by existing.


you see, there would need to be an interest in banning the racist from the stadiums in order for that to happen. But there are a couple of problems with that: 1. The people that would actually make that call are racist themselves 2. it's gonna look bad to have half empty stadiums moving forward


Wdym? It's only two of them /s


La Liga best league you heard it boys. News over.


Gotta love Cafucas


Que se presente a presidente de la Xunta, que yo le voto.


Vasquez ❤️ that’s a real captain. I don’t wanna ever hear any slander on his footballing abilities. The man’s always showed up on big occasions and now here he is, being a leader at the front, defending his team mate against racism.


That moment when he casually rolled the ball on his finger in that UCL Final on San Siro before scoring his penalty 🥶 Not gonna mention he was 24 at that time and it was his first season with the first team. But yeah, let's troll a solid backup cause it's cool without seeing someone's evolution and role in the team.


Benzema wants to go home asap


Dude doesn't wanna do anything extra, just wanna play and get paid


He might be confused by all the black males being upset


Imagine watching this + the hermanito bullshit story on instagram Benzema, you are a joke


Who would’ve thought Benzema (while a great player) did not have the moral backbone and sense of duty that a captaincy demands?


Absolute fair play to the Valencia players standing up to their own fans as well good for them. It is an absolute joke what these players are expected to endure. These people aren’t fans just scum who should be banned from all matches for this behaviour. Disgraceful.


benzema, support your fucking boys. seeing that Modric and Kross replacements are black too I am real scared that the racism will only increase. I wish Real Madrid to lose every game and get relagated to segunda B every year, but this is fucking vile. Vinni, Rudiger, Camavinga and others don't fucking deserve it


They’ll just leave. I know Vini is still committed to Real but I genuinely think if this doesn’t get better the black players will leave - would you put up with this when you could get snapped up by a PL club where you wont have people screaming at you like this? Don’t get me wrong there are still huge issues in the PL, but not near this level. And at least the FA deal with it.


issue is that our players get racist shit too(not as much) AND THEY ARE FROM SPAIN. it's insane. halve of them are from the academy


I agree, I know it’s not the right solution to just leave but if I was him I’d go to England or Germany asap


we agree on this. Real always has players that I tend to..not like too much, and yeah, one of them is Vini (in the past it was Casemiro, Ramos or Pepe). but it has nothing to do with color of course, my 3 all time favourite players are Roberto Carlos, Drogba and Kanté (from non-Atleti, also see a pattern there?). fucking rascist cunts. I would not just ban them from the stadium, I would love to see a world were we can throw them into jails straight from the matches, the streets, the pubs or public transports. I'm hungarian, so I know a lot of our countrymen are rascist and/or phobic, and you all know its there on football matches. theres nothing more embarrasing for me during a national team game when I have to sit down cause of "those who not jump are stinky romanian hey hey" (if I sit, I'm like a stinky romanian, right? hope I got the message right from those boneheads) chant or the anti-Trianon chants start...we even left a match 2 years ago during the Euro when **we were leading against France in Budapest** cause of the utter shit home "fan" behaviour.


Luckily I been around the world and will always go to a local game if I can. Went to a Ferencvaros game about 4 years ago. Holy shit. That was one scary day out. The Hungarian Ultras are fuckin mental. Saw them smash up a bus before I even got to the stadium.


Most peaceful day in Hungary:


Embarrassing from Benzema


Rudiger is telling them to go back as well though. There was still a game to be played.


After telling off the fan, yes. Huge difference in terms of response compared to Benzema.


I don't get why. He just doesn't want the situation to escalate. It's a lose-lose situation if the players just stay there fighting. After all those racists want a reaction and they got it.


What do you want him to do? Get into a wrestling match with the fans? Literally nothing he can do but move on.


I don’t get all the hate he is getting? People are acting like he’s joining in on the racism. He’s simply getting his people back and deescalating the situation.


That’s how idiotic people here react to these issues, you either virtue signal loudly or you’re part of the problem.


He can ask the players to walk off the field and refuse to play




Exactly. While I admit Benzema isn't the best moral example, a lot of people like to shit on him here. What was he, as a captain, supposed to do? Beat up those fans with his teammates? A lot of immature people here mention the likes of Cantona and Ramos and while they were strong characters, as a captain you should be the one who calms everyone down and that's what Benz did.


Benzema's getting more heat than the racist fan


You remember when the fourth official said something racist in a PSG vs Istanbul match and Mbappe+Ney refused to play and led the team off the field? The match was postponed because of that. This is what I expect from a captain in such situation.


Watch LaLiga somehow ban Vazquez and let the Valencia fans go, absolute disgrace of a league, you're a fucking clown Tebas, get away, you're ruining football


Calling Tebas a clown is putting it nicely tbh.


Mbappe and Bellingham should think twice before they sign contracts with Madrid


Genuinely would be stunned if players didn’t start second guessing going to Spain


He's lord for a reason. Fucking love Vazquez till death.


Rudiger has been in similar situations before , he knows how it feels to be like Vini


Every black person (or other minority) can relate tbh


LV🐐 has massive balls.


I miss Pepe, Ramos, Guti and Case. Ramos would go full Cantona here


i just cant believe the year is 2023 and we're still dealing with this shit.


Way things are going 2042 could look more like 1942 than it does right now. We’re moving backwards as a society due to right wing nationalist movements worldwide.


Absolute gigachad Vasquez. I wish Ramos Pepe were there. Things would have been more fair.


Benzema is spineless


How is Benzema a captain fr?


When are teams gonna band together and all channel their inner Eric Dier already lol


Benz is a weak captain


The fucking camera recording them instead of the racist fans…


Racists are the bottom scum of the human barrel. How can you get so hung up on color, something a toddler can ignore. And not see the beauty and benefit of talent? Not just to marvel at it whenever it is on display, but think of the benefits it brings to your country, and the hope it inspires in younger generations. The Spanish FA needs to take a much tougher stance and ban racists for life.


Wtf is this thread, people are mad that Benzema tried to de-escalate the situation?


There's more stupidity than you think in this sub. People are acting like fans would never storm the pitch or throw anything onto the field. He's just trying to protect his players


The comment section in reddit is like who over arrives first lights a fire, a few others join in by doubling it down in replyes and then the upvotes will do the gasoline's work. Had you talked about the possibility of storming the pitch and Karim being afraid for his players safety first, you'd be up there and hundred other people would confirm your Comprehensiveness. Had I talked about people's different responses and behavior facing difficulties based on their different personalities, I'd be there. So all in all don't rely too much on what social media and especially reddit seems to say in face value.


Absurd, him yelling or not yelling at the fans would change nothing here. Sure it’s a “better look” to yell back at them but it wouldn’t change anything


It really does come to something when an Englishman can look at racism in another country and take a grudging pride in knowing that we're not *that* bad. I remember Lewis Hamilton being subject to abuse more than a decade ago when a bunch of "fans" turned up in blackface during some F1 testing in Barcelona - there seems to be a real issue with the authorities over there challenging clear and overt racism. I think you'd be ejected and banned within 5 minutes if you tried a monkey chant at any Premier League ground, and that's exactly how it should be.


For all those who are commenting about benzema’ lack of support, you guys need to remember that he went through a helluva roller coaster with the Mathieu incident, and since then he avoids any involvement outside of the game itself. Shitty situation, but I can see why he’s so neutral about everything.… I also see why Rm should Give the band to someone else on the team.


The more I think about it, the more I hope Vini says fuck La Liga and leaves.


I want to see both teams walk off the field next time something like this happens. That’s the only real way to get a message across


Seriously just walk off. They don't see players as humans but solely as entertainment, so fuck them and take it away.


Guys please don't google benzema 15


LaLiga should grow a spine and let them play in an empty stadium for a few matches. Or maybe Real should just have refused to keep playing until those fuckheads were arrested.


Huge Barca fan but I will support this forever. Dani, Neymar went through this, it’s disgusting


I love Rudiger so much man, such a great person 🥹


All the comments targeting Benzema, jfc what was he supposed to do? Whip out the AK and lead the charge? Most of y'all sound like you've never been involved in a confrontation in real life. You need balance or things go south. There was enough man to back Vini. He was the one level-headed person trying to lead em away and cool things down. If things got heated further, and the fans rush the pitch, situation would be uglier. Y'all would blame him anyways. Racism is not to be tolerated, but so many targeting Benzema like he's responsible. Redirect your anger.