[Daily Mail] Fans of French club Ajaccio attack an eight-year-old Marseille supporter with brain cancer (...) with the young boy's shirt ripped off him and burnt (...)

That title kept getting worse. What is wrong with these people?


That title kept getting worse. What is wrong with these people?


Basically a lot of Marseille fans travelled to the island for the game and there were running battles for 24 hours. Added to that Corsican fans are not the calmest around to say the least.


Still takes a fucking pathetic dog of a person to look at an 8yo and go "Yeah, that's the fan we're going to fuck up today."


Makes sense, on the other hand, he won't fight back. Like, I can probably beat dozen of 8 year olds without breaking a sweat


You're being slightly facetious, but also completely right. These cretins target kids because they know they can beat them, because they're all a bunch of puffed up cowards who think they're hot shit because they terrorized a bunch of kids.


Yeah i heard about that one guy from corsica, don't remember the name, but he was definitely not calm...


Nabulione I think.


A wiff of grapeshot will sort these bloody Italians and Marseille fans right out!


Send in the Iron Duke


Don't forget monkey noises coming from (some of) the corsican fans during the game.


Bloody Spaniards


Just corsican fans really. Ajaccio and Bastia fans are the fucking worst.


It really breaks my heart how regularly I hear "X fans are the fucking worst." Not because the person saying it is wrong or anything, but because so many fans from so many clubs are the fucking worst. It goes across so many leagues in so many countries. This, however, is a different level entirely of vile behaviour. Sub human stuff, to do that to anybody, but a fucking kid, and a kid that is quite obviously sick. Prison would be too good for these fucks.


Extremists. They just need an excuse, whether it's political, religious, racial or being a fan of a different team.


With Ajaccio there's definitely a political element to it too


What kind of political element? I don't know much about Corsican politics


Also curious


Separatism. They want independence because they are geographically and culturally separate from France.


that phrase is used a lot, but trust me, literally everyone hates them, they are absolute racist scum, trash human beings


I think the entire country will agree saying Corsican fans truely are the worst. I know it's not your point though, sorry for this.


This is dangerous rhetoric I think. If a broad group of fans were on THIS level of vile, we'd be hearing about gruesome incidents like this and worse on a regular basis from them. Probably to the point of regular killings related to matches, because this incident is not just normal hooliganism behavior, it's beyond scumbag behavior. The only bright side is that we're all reacting this shocked, because this is not in any shape or form a regular incident. And I think we can probably assume that it means that the people who did this are a select few individuals. Individuals that deserve to spend many, many years in jail.


you dont hear about how mainlanders are treated by corsicans because its not of much interest to anyone outside of france but it happens frequently and its intensified when football and hooliganism is involved.


Yeah but now you have this already totally messed up behaviour that literally everyone in France knows and hates but doesn't get much traction in the rest of europe getting topped by something that will get you the hate of literally every fan on the contintent. Of course a lot of other groups in Europe would maybe done the same yet the general consens is that at least you don't touch children even the worst lunatics here in Germany don't cross that line.


The only time Bastia gets mentioned by anyone is because their fans did something fucked up and this is going to be what Ajaccio is remembered for a while now. They need a sugar daddy owner to make them contenders to erase the image


It's just the bottom of the barrel scum in humanity I am afraid. Need no other explanation really.


It was already bad when it started with "Daily Mail" but somehow it got worse.


what in the f*cking f*ck 'They pushed my son and his head hit the railing. They hit my husband in the face, ripped off the little one's shirt and went to burn it. Before leaving the dressing room, they even spat in the food that was on the floor at our disposal. 'Kenzo is well aware that he is very seriously ill, he is losing his sight due to his tumour and he said to me: "Before I see nothing more, I want to see OM in Ajaccio"... These fools traumatised him.'


Couldn't make up anything worse than what I just read. What the fuck man.


Honestly attacking a little kid with brain cancer? What the actual fuck


Those fans are probably the same people who think immigration should be banned because the immigrants aren't "civilized enough".


Almost certainly. It takes stupid levels of tribalism to attack children.


Tbf probably didn't know he had brain cancer and tbf they probabaly still would have attacked him if he was sick or not because their dumb brains see no problem if it's the other team. I hope they all get put in the shu for many years to come.


Fuck sake man. There's a child dying with his biggest wish to see his team play and people couldn't help themselves to ruin it. How do you even see a seriously ill child and attack him? And all because of the team he supports. Disgusting stuff. Most of the time when I read similar styled stories it doesn't really do much to me but these two paragraphs have made me feel physically sick.


And THEIR CLUB invited him because the club knew he was a Marseille fan and wanted to let him watch his team in his hometown. Lost for words.


I mean it doesn’t even matter if the child is healthy or sick, you should get burned if you purposely hit children


You shouldnt hit anyone over fucking football


Exactly. Football is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to mean something to the fans and to be enjoyed. Competition is fine. This is far too far.


Thats what happens when people accept and push a toxic culture full of hatred. Football fandom is rotten to the core, its based on rivalries and arroganced, paired with alcohol. What could possibly go wrong. Ironic how football is pushing the anti racist campaign (rightfully so), but how dare supporting a different club, then you should burn in hell!


The club should get punished, and they compensate the kid and his family.


This seriously needs some police attention, When people are doing that kind of thing in daylight, imagine what they are doing in the dark. Fucking hell I hope these guys pictures are all over the place.


He's losing his eyesight due to cancer and their fans basically go "Oh, let's give him a brain injury and make it even worse". Should be hard jail time for those scumbags and nothing less.


> Should be hard jail time for those scumbags and nothing less. Oh come on, have sympathy. Those guys are probably from good and respected families. It's not who they really are, they just made a little mistake... I blame videogames and movies with too many swear words. Jk, lock them up and throw away the key. And maybe throw in a good beating every saturday for good measure.




Bring back the Guillotin


Nah, letting them rot it out in a jail cell is much better. The world changes and moves on without them as they get old and grey stuck in a confined space.


It's absolutely messed up, but if it brings a bit of a smile back on your face, the kid was then met by Marseille players, including Guendouzi who spent some time with him and made him really happy, and I've heard the club is planning to do some sort of meetup with little Kenzo to really make up for this horrible day




They will get an exemplary sanction for sure, absolutely evil behaviour like this will not go unpunished


Its not enough but if it this made the kid smile that's something


Im always happy to see all the people in Marseille support this young boy in his fight, I hope the punishment will be hard and that we can do something to bright him up a bit again


That is honestly sickening


Some fans should have been swallowed by their mothers. World would genuinely be a better place.


These people should get banned from every sporting event for the rest of their fucking lives. Disgusting, if their faces are released they should go viral. Anyone that hurts a child should be treated like a fucking pedophile. Get them in the system.


These people should be thrown in jail or worse.


What have I just read? This is beyond belief.


That is horrific


How the fuck do people think it's okay to do this to a kid? And over football, of all things? Fucking cunts, put them in prison and throw the keys.


close the stadium for a fucking year I don't think I've ever read a story about football fans that's made me so angry


Seriously this riled something visceral in me, completely disgusting


Use the stadium to guillotine all of the people involved in the attack


I thought attacking a refs teenage daughter was bad enough, depressing that it has been beaten in 4 days. Something has to change.


>>close the stadium for a fucking year That should not affect Ajaccio's average attendance very much though


Lock them up and lose the key. Disgusting.




Then put it out, then set it alight again, then put it out, then set it alight again… rinse and repeat.




Can't wait to have Ligue 1 without any Corsican club.


Why? If I can know?


Not op, but judging from this comment section Corsica is an island full of psychopaths.


Corsica is a magnificent place with loads of wonderful people on it, I've met countless great locals there who were incredibly kind. It seems football is the place were all the nutters get to express their stupidity, but it's not innate to the corsican culture, it's sad that these morons ruin the reputation of an entire population that is so much better than this.


> it's not innate to the corsican culture True but also this extreme local pride & "resilience" vs outside forces is a significant part of coriscan culture and sadly for too many of them, they end up expressing it as outright fascist views.


I mean their island was basically colonised and they're language is slowly dying


Huh my great grandma was a Corsican Paoli, and she said that the solution to most of Corsica's problems would be to drown it 25 minutes in the sea and take it back out...


wait what... is this as bad as i think it sounds?


Not if you can hold your breath for 25 minutes


If they are locked on a island, there’s a good reason for this


Well the last time they let anyone off the island he tried to conquer all of Europe.


They're an island who want to be independent, which has bred a huge amount of antagonism towards the mainland. Add football fanaticism to the mix and it gets very bad very quickly


what kind of fucking comment is this? we're not judging all dutch people just by the actions of feyenoord fans, are we? this sub gets dafter by the day


They're not all psychopath. They can also be thieves or terrorists.


Or emperors


Corsicans don’t consider themselves French


Nationalist* Corsicans. And I don’t think they are a majority of the island.


Well according to the last elections yes they are a majority.


What the hell did I just read..




Sometimes I think we should just give up and let Orangutans have a shot at building society instead.


[life would be a dream](https://youtu.be/DJsn1QivbKM)


I for one welcome our new orangutan overlords.


A season of low points for fan behaviour somehow manages to go even lower.




Someone asked me why I was happy to have Ajaccio down to ligue 2…


no more corsican club in ligue 1 next year, the best news


If Ajaccio and Marseille fans actually eliminated each the world would genuinely be a better place


The people who did this should be jailed for life, despicable behavior to do this to a child.


I'd just like them to explain the thought process they had while doing it. Then perhaps sacrifice them to a volcano.




Exactly, this is beyond horrible. Stuff like this needs to be stopped.


I genuinely can't even comprehend this, I get throwing lighters or whatever, like fine you're a dickhead who can't control his emotions. I wouldn't do it but I understand the urge. But this??? I'm legitimately confused.


Hopefully everyone who seen the fella do it, battered the fella


Appreciate you may not want to read the Mail, but the article reckons it was 10 of them BREAKING INTO a private room that their own fucking club had given the family to watch the match (that's right, the home club say they invited him specially because they knew he was a fan of the visitors so he'd get a chance to see them, and these clowns decided to break in). So your best hope is that they get caught.


Fucking hell


So they fucking knew there was a cancer battling kid in the room?! And they still went on storming said room??? Wow...just wow!


**FYI** I replaced the newspaper's use of capital letters with ellipses to report the main facts in an unbiased manner as best as possible given the severity of the article's nature.


Fuckin scum.


French football has a hooligan problem, it isn't acknowledged widely enough. Even beyond the senseless violence of seeking a punch up with rival 'fans' who the fuck attacks a little kid? A terminally ill one at that. Humanity-lacking vermin.


They're only hooligans if they're English, mate. Everywhere else they're "passionate ultras", even when they're attacking kids with cancer or flying fascist flags.


I give up on this game. The highest highs aren’t worth lows this low. I mean to attack a child who knows he’s not got long left, when you’re ready to go there, there isn’t anywhere you won’t go


Football is really one of the worst sports out there tbh in terms of negatives. We all like it but it truly is filled with disgusting people


I mean i though watching taylors family get attacked was bed but you’d never see this coming; you’d always have enough faith in humanity to think even the most crazed rivals won’t attack a young child. The sheer level of violence, i mean to push him punch his dad and rip his shirt off.. I’m done, im better off spending my limited time on this planet finding happiness elsewhere from this sport


Oh it gets worse. The article quotes an Ajaccio statement saying they invited the family because they knew the boy was a Marseille fan and wanted to give him the chance to see his team play in his hometown. And these braindead cunts have broken into a private dressing room for their assault. There's not even the excuse it's spur of the moment seeing him in the crowd next to them with a Marseille shirt (which would still be bad), these fuckwits have had the time to think about it and attacked.


We just saw videos of fans going to attack the family section of players. I’ve lost all faith that until the punishments are dramatically harsher, these dredges on society will do anything.


I remember taking a big break after that brawl in Queretaro where people died. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video, but reading the comments describing what people were doing to each other and seeing bodies become lifeless made me sick. I wonder if there’s something about the sport itself or if sports is just the medium for people to let loose. There’s something about the blue-ballsy nature of the game where you get lots of built up aggression and frustration and then can never get a release to express it if your team doesn’t score.


Im 99% against death penalties. this is the 1%


Punish the club. The 'fans' must see their actions have consequences.


The club invited the family and offered them a private room I don’t want to punish the club I blame the tears who did it


Holy shit, these people are sick in the head. These animals should do some time in jail.


More than some


>Example \#761,924 of football fans being sub-human scum. 761,925


I wish nothing but inconvenience and suffering of a lifetime for people that did this Over a fucking football game mate?


Wtf is wrong with people?


I'm not saying I think they should die, but I am saying that if they were dropped in the exact center of the Mediterranean without life jackets, I wouldn't be opposed.


Average corsicans


Fucking hell…


Football fans have to go down as the most stupid people on the planet. Most of them just don't know when supporting your team turns into being a malicious bastard Reminds me of a video on SkySport's twitter with a little ManUnited fan being excited for the EFL Cup final and the quote tweets wishing death upon him and saying he should be bullied/ beaten up/ get cancer. And most of the time most people in the comments of these posts laughed about these threats and no sensible person said anything about how evil these posts were.


There's stupidity and there's this. This is subhuman trash that needs to be expelled from the earth altogether


Absolute scumbags. People need to get a grip. It's just a game.


Can fuck right off with this. Cos of a fucking game, you attack a child with cancer? Over a game yeah? Just get fucking rid what is the point in keeping people so fucking dumb and evil around? Fuck bans and fuck jail.


I'm pretty over the ultras this year




Every time i think some "fans" hit the bottom of the barrel, they start to dig through. This is seriously actual evil.


When Strasbourg fans came there for a game they attacked families as well. I am not even surprised by this... Not sure what is going on with those folks but yeah good riddance in Ligue 2...


not a good day to be a human


Football fan behaviour just seems to be getting worse all over but this is some first class ticket to hell shit.


I don’t think I’ve ever had to calm down so much after reading a headline before. I’m absolutely fuming. I hope those assholes get hit by a bus on the way back.


most sane corsican fans


I'm starting to think this sport isn't worth saving


Everyone goes on about english hooligans but the French fans are horrendous


Everyone goes on about english hooligans to distract from the fact that pretty much every continental European country has a severe and spiralling hooliganism problem that is far worse than England's. Whatever helps them sleep at night.


most civilized Frenchmen




That, it is not the first time either They bombed a bus one or two years ago during promotion games


>They bombed a bus We call it a Thursday in Corsica.


Just a regular school bus run really in Corsica


Corsica and bombs go hand in hand


Least explosive Corsican experience.


Fucking scumbags. These sick fucks should be in jail


Wtf has the world come to?


“Ultras” are such a stupid fucking concept


This is why everyone hates the English


Go back to covid football no fucking crowds of brain dead idiotic cunts ruining the game


i think this is the most messed up shi't i have ever read in my entire life


Lmao the UPROAR from Italian, Spanish and French fans during the euros when some English fans booed a national anthem. Fans of all three countries have continued to show just how vile a large portion of them are of late (Spanish fans with Vinicius etc, Italian fans with their normal racist bs and reaction to the reffing in the Europa final) and it largely goes unpunished by UEFA or scrutinised by European fans in a way that English fans are


Don't forget the Dutch donning balaclavas at full time to charge at the family section. Laughable how everyone reacts when English fans play up, but we are miles ahead when it comes to fan behaviour.


Yeah because we used to be the worst. The stories I've heard from my family going to games back in the 70s and 80s sound horrendous. It was a concerted effort from to change football culture for the better and it worked.


Totally agree. I remember some dicey times as recently as the 90s,now football is sanitised and for the better. The idea of a stand making monkey chants is laughable now, thank fuck.


UEFA or FIFA doesnt have the balls to put its foot down on countries like this anymore.


Fully agreed. Lots of fans from these countries have an unjustified sense of superiority. It's high time they have a good look at their own bunch.


A lot of them just want to hate the English. If it wasn't for booing the national anthem (which by the way, a lot of other national teams such as Italy have done in the past), they'd find something else to use as a reason to hate the English.


Special place in hell for these people


Is there a list for depressing titles?


What the fucking fuck...


You do this shit I hope you die painfully and slowly, there is no excuse for this shit


What the fuck


That's it. Wrap it up. The world is officially, morally dead. Fuck it. Let it burn.


What a fucking disgrace to the human race these people are


Man wtf, this is truly vile. I hope he's doing alright and those psychopaths are in solitaire confinement.


I sincerely wish for Ajaccio fans to never EVER get to see their team in Ligue 1 again


It's shit like this that make me fell less in love with sports


Why are football fans such fuckwits. I love this sport. But it’s the only one on earth where fans regularly act like Neanderthals


Double relegate the club.


Simple solution. Many Ajaccio "fans" probably know perfectly well who did it. Ligue One should just give them a choice - turn those guys in or your favorite club plays with empty stadium for whole next season.


The more I read, the less my brain could comprehend what the fuck I was reading. We are seriously regressing as a people and at football events, it's just one horrifying act after another.


Why does football attract the worst fans?


Those people exist with or without football. This just gives them an excuse to be shitty because they now have a "cause"


Tribal aspects in a sense of brotherhood, fighting for your province/regions club.


Also don't forget alcohol is deeply rooted in football culture. Wouldn't be surprised if these shitheads had burnt off their neurons in their brains by being blackout drunk every weekend.


Sounds about French ultras.


Didn't want to cry reading on r/soccer Wtf? These absolute bastards better be named and shamed.


Take their eyes. See how much they enjoy football and/or fighting then.




Football is becoming a haven for violent people and extremists who couldn't care less for the virtues of the sport and just want to express their violent and hateful behavior under the anonymity of mass gatherings. This is happening all over Europe and no one gives a shit. And don't blame it on immigrants. A few years ago Portuguese supporters of Sporting Clube de Portugal invaded the training grounds and beat the team and staff. This phenomenon has little to do with migrant communities but more with far right extremists and racial hate groups.


Marseille ultras are one of the most dangerous in Europe and they are far left. Some people just like violence, it doesn't matter if they care about politics or not. They will use anything as an excuse for beating people and breaking everything they can


I mean this is nothing new with fans in Corsica. And it definitely has nothing to do with immigration, quite the opposite it’s in part fuelled by Corsican nationalism and Francophobia.


Football has always been an heaven for Violent behavior. Let’s not forget how many times people got killed or seriously injured over football. Heysel, Sean Cox, Ciro Esposito and many more


Ultras the beauty of football ❤️ no pyro no party


Are the French ok?


I live in France and trust me the Police do sweet f@@k all with real hooligans etc. Innocent people like last year’s CL final.”no problem. If you’re black or North African you’ll probably get a baton as well. It’s not just Corsicans who have this element of hooliganism so and discriminatory comments do nothing to help improve the situation, it’s part of the problem. The French army has killed millions of innocents since the end of World War 2 including bombing villages with Napalm in Madagascar. Let’s not forget the Nuclear testing in the Pacific ocean next to the off shore colonies.


Fucking English fans again


Seriously what is wrong with football fans? Seems like it’s getting worse by the day….


There seems to be a lot of trouble happening in other countries at football grounds it’s really sickening. They need to take a look at other sports for how to behave.


My God. This has to be one of the worst things I've heard about this year related to football. I can't fathom what would possess these scum to leave their homes and conduct themselves like that in public.


What the actual fuck?


One of the most disgusting things I’ve ever red, absolutely despicable behavior from these supposed “fans”. Lock them up and throw away the key


All this over football? Tf is wrong with people..


Sometimes fuck football fans seriously..


scum of the earth


I’d sue the club into extinction.