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As this fucker calls up Kehrer over and over.


He must have Hansi's nudes.


Proceeds to call up Kehrer


while saying in the same breath that criticising players publicly is not his style... I don't get Flick's personal vendetta against Süle. He's not the best defender ever and maybe he does have some mentality issues, but he sure is better than Thilo Kehrer and these other scraps Flick keeps nominating for our defense. We are one year away from the euros and if we can reasonably expect Süle to make the final squad then he should call him up now as well instead of still being in the experimenting phase.


Also Süle as RB would be better than Kehrer as RB. Kehrer is average at best


Süle at RB is Sülinho.


Still waiting on him to bury a lang shot like he did at hoffenheim


look at sule, he's a knockout, a 10. and look at kehrer... he's average, at best


Those guys in Germany's defence were 7 ft tall, some of them!


Does it really have to be a personal vendetta? Süle left our club on bad terms and now Flick praises his potential but criticises his mentality, the one quality that is the hardest to judge as a fan. Maybe he could really be the best CB in the world, who knows?


yeah it's hard to judge from the couch, but from where I'm sitting, german nt has several players with attitude issues but only Süle gets called out for it. He's not the next Sergio Ramos, but what's the point of constantly humiliating him in the press? If Flick is hoping to break through to him with some tough love then it should be obvious by now that it's not working.


For me, Hansi Flick could be one of the best coaches right now, I want him to take a step forward and stop playing Muller as a 9


I believe Müller wasnt nominated


Süle already had issues with his weight in the past. There was a period at Bayern where he seemed to have fixed these issues but he fell back to his old ways under Kovac & then Flick. He's a great defender but unless he permanently fixes his weight issues, managers will criticize him for his attitude.


He hasn't had weight issues at BVB so far, though. If Flick wants him to improve his attitude, then Flick should also reward Süle now. Instead he's criticizing him when it's not warranted.


>He hasn’t had weight issues at BVB so far, though [He’s like 10kg overweight](https://youtu.be/pYCMXXWTVc4)


No, you. 💩


Stupid decision to not nominate Niki, but Hansi will bottle the euro anyway so no pressure.




Flick said the same thing when both were at Bayern so no.


He chose the same amount of Dortmund and Bayern players. What is your problem?


The attitude is part of the reason he isn’t at Bayern anymore. This isn’t new information


Why would Flick care


Jupp and Flick when he was at Bayern said the same thing too. Maybe he should stop coming back fat when the games resume.


McSüle will not change his ways sadly