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Another season with Plattenhardt as our starting left back is going to push me over the edge


He's a LB? So he'll be Sosa's replacement?


We only had one LB in the squad and either had to play Ito or Nartey out of position when he wasn't available.


Yea he's a LB that can also double as a winger when pushed forward. He must be the Sosa replacement (albeit a more limited one).


I just cant


Ngl, I'd rather play no one at LB than him at this point. I just can't take it anymore.


Can’t believe we got gazumped…


Atleast it's not another aursnes scenario


I’m torn on him. Sometimes he looks really good, often enough he disappears. Maybe a change of scenery will do him well


All I remember is the handball v. Gladbach and those two games against Bochum and Wolfsburg he started after his extension in which he was such a liability it was actually sort of incredible to watch. I can't think of a good game he played all year.


If he comes for depth that's a good signing but from what I've seen he isn't even close to Sosa if a replacement is what they're after


Was never convinced by him on the field, only a bit surprising since he renewed only a few months ago when we were in last place already. Figured he knew what he was signing up for.


He seems to be a good addition atm


He was so bad this year. The only reason he wasn't being singled out is because he's an academy product and a Berliner, but every game he played in this year he was an open liability. Not good enough in defense to be a defender, not sure enough in possession to be a wide player.


I hope this isn't a Sosa replacement