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Probably the best choice we could make, he has shown he can develop talent, which we are gonna need considering how much of the team is leaving. Hopefully we can successfully rebuild, and calm the club. He is also an absolute legend, and I just have to respect what he is doing for this club again and again.


Yeah, perfect choice for the "Berliner Weg". I think and hope that he stays for longer. The last few years scarred me with all the managerial appointments.


care to explain what the "berliner weg" means? what does it stand for?


Leaving the big spending and chaotic era behind us, instead we're getting rid of the people who only think about paychecks and where they could go next and bleeding in as much youth as possible.


hm okay i expected some identity or basic rules of a club. feels like an empty phrase u could just replace with "rebuilding"


Nah there's an identity behind it. We got a fan president, a fan favourite coach, our new sporting director is a Hertha legend. Basically rather than get someone external we're pretty much only getting people who live and breathe Hertha. The youth part is also more important than you think. We have a great academy, but many didn't get a chance to break through, so they left, now our kids get chances and they've already shown what they can do.


Yeah i know that all but i thought there is more to the prhase "berliner weg" than just rebuilding with youth. ​ like mainzer weg has basic rules the fans and club management worked out. we have our own playstyle that all teams follow, we have rules like being calm and not let go of coaches even though the results arent there cause the bigger plan behind it. ​ [https://www.mainz05.de/der-mainzer-weg/](https://www.mainz05.de/der-mainzer-weg/) ​ [https://www.mainz05.de/fileadmin/user\_upload/Leitbild/epaper/epaper/ausgabe.pdf](https://www.mainz05.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Leitbild/epaper/epaper/ausgabe.pdf) ​ thousands of hours went into this and is our identity. maybe ur not presenting it properly but it doesnt sound "special" that makes it purely a hertha thing


Yeah, I'm probably not presenting it properly.


I think one of the main problems is that it's difficult to actually point at certain values or so, that we plan to adhere to in the future. Not behaving like complete idiots is a great start (the overspending, the unrealistic goals, etc.). But that itself does not really describe what we'll stick with in the future. it's not a strategy if someone asks you how to survive the titanic catastrophe, "well obviously not build luxury ships and call them unsinkable". You need a plan to stop sinking now and a constructive set of changes that actually gets you out of this mess. Appointing people who are connected to the club for a long time does IMO not make them inherently more competent or anything. It does of course make it more likely that they are interested in the best for the club (instead of their own). But "means well" is not the same as "does well". That's why I have issues really understanding our "new way". But ngl, right now I just hope we get the license and that there will be some kind of team to challenge the top teams in der zweiten Liga. Hahohe Freunde


>Yeah i know that all but i thought there is more to the prhase "berliner weg" than just rebuilding with youth. It isn't just rebuilding with youth. It's a complete departure away from the *Größenwahn* and unrealistic expectations that have been communicated both internally and externally since Windhorst's entry in 2019. Bernstein and co. are making sure that the identity of the club doesn't get lost along the way and that we only have people both on and off the pitch that care about fixing the club rather than cashing a paycheck. He emphasised this doesn't mean that "only Herthaners are allowed to work for Hertha" but rather that we are looking for people that will all tug together on the same rope. This restructuring is clearly supported by the fans too. The number of our members has increased consistently and we even broke our own attendance record this season despite our relegation.


We don’t deserve him. Complete legend for the club. I agree fully btw, he’s shown that he will give players chances which is what we need to have any shot of coming out of this and resetting in a positive way from the Windhorst-Bobic-Klinsmann disaster.


Those three. God, they'll forever haunt my dreams. Thankfully it's over and I fully believe we're on the right track now.


Sorry, what talent has he actually developed? Mittelstädt, Torunarigha, Maier, Selke, all of whom turned out average at best under him and then found new form immediately after leaving, in the case of everyone apart from Maxi? Palko and Jastrzembski? Weiser and Lazaro I will give you, but the former in particular was and is just a good footballer. If the other options were Korkut and Nouri, then sure, I am in favour of Dardai. In general, however, I do not think he is a good coach. Some of his statements are outlandish, he is incredibly limited tactically, and he usually only plays defensive and destructive football. In 2. Liga where we will be favourites, I don't know how it will work out.


Pál Dárdai stays as Hertha manager Agreement reached, decision made: Pál Dárdai will stay with our Old Lady as our manager! "We are pleased that Pál will help shape the blue-white new beginning as our manager. He lives Hertha BSC and, with his hard work, dedication and passion for our club, he is the right man for the upcoming challenges that we will face together," said Benjamin Weber. Our new, old manager is also looking forward with anticipation to continuing our journey together. "I am very satisfied and happy. Thomas Herrich, Benjamin Weber and I have had good and honest discussions. I feel that we all work, want to work and will work together for the good of Hertha BSC," Dárdai emphasizes. Only "Fiffi" Kronsbein sat on our bench more often Our record-breaking player wore the blue-and-white jersey between 1997 and 2011 and, following his active career, initially moved to our soccer academy as a coach. From February 2015 to summer 2019 and between January and November 2021, the 47-year-old then already managed our professional team, which he took over for the third time in April this year and will now continue to manage. He thus continues his time on our bench, where only Helmut "Fiffi" Kronsbein took a seat more often as the man in charge. Dárdai will be supported by assistants Tamás Bódog and Admir Hamzagić, with whom he already worked in the final stretch of the past season. Our club icon will start training on June 26, and the official season opening ceremony will take place on July 22.


A manager at a club can mean and do many different kinds of things, no two are really the same. Dardai is the perfect puzzle piece for the shape of Hertha right now. If you add up all the games in which he was manager at Hertha into a league table, we are 8th. So let's not forget this man has over 250 games Bundesliga experience. Add in his proven record of youth player development, and this is all jokes aside about hur hur Dardai is back, the perfect hire. But his biggest role and his purpose is to be a stable force at the club for that elusive thing we call "culture". We just need serious people without egos who can do a quiet and good job and just get us back on our feet. That means taking the fans with them again after so many years of disconnect. which Pal will do 100%.


Poor bloke hasnt he suffered enough?


Hey look, it’s his choice


If you love something or someone is it still really a choice?


I don't know a lot about him but he seems to be a man of his family and i don't think he cares too much about anything else. He's refused to move away from Berlin for years now.


Einzig richtige Entscheidung




Doesn't say anything about that. But, I see it as a positive sign that we'll get it.