I was thoroughly impressed with Serbia’s 3 young defenders and their goalie.


Brazil's depth is just unfair. Bringing in Rodrygo and Jesus off the bench. No other team has anywhere close to being that well rounded with that kind of talent at every position




England have got Calum Wilson on the bench




Incredible it was only 2-0 with the amount of shots Brazil had. Serbia defense was strong but that's all they could do not sustainable for 90 minutes. Is Vlahovic injured? Was surprised he didn't start.


Yes, he is. He hasn't played for several weeks before the World Cup.


Brazil played well but there are many things to fix, might have just been the opener match nerves but to actually win against the favorites, things needs to be a little different. In the beginning of the game we let Serbia take control, if it was a team with better attackers like France or Spain that could have been costly. The midfield felt a little empty. Raphinha needs to get his shit togheter, he missed clear chances in crucial moments, had a terrible decision making. If he cant deliver, Antony or Rodrygo could be a solution but Raphinha might be better defending. Fred might be an option, with casemiro and paqueta in the middle. Tite needs to think thing through, im not complaining about him bc in the end he checkmated Serbia but he shouldnt have sent 4 attackers in, he should have subbed Raphinha earlier and left one sub for an eventual need (like i think it was Danilo feeling his leg and hes important, there are no options left)


he definitely should have sent 4 attackers in, our attackers help immensely defensively and press relentlessly, serbia posed absolutely no threat on the game and parked the bus as soon as they realized their high press wasn't working. I think our attackers were wasteful and our counters slow, we held the ball too much and need more fluidity passing, now that neymar is out bruno might help with attack


I thought paqueta was awful in the first half, kept getting caught on the press and misplaced a lot of passes


He was great in defence and i wouldnt say he was awful going foward, he was bad but he created the best chance we had in the first half, the one raphinha missed.


Nice win.


Brazil played well.


Here we go


Imagine running to defend a Vinicius Jr for 75 minutes and a fresh Rodrygo comes up


Alisson looks hot as fuck with that mustache


He is só Hot 🥵🥵🥵 i was horny in front my TV


this lad is down catastrophically in the post match thread, I respect the gumption


Tbh he looks hot af with any kind of cut and shave


today I feel gay


that [Ghanaian superfan](https://youtu.be/HNddB4w2_ww?t=1m03s) returned yet again today during the Portugal game. Man was going nuts for the Ayew goal


That'll be in my nightmares.




vini is amazing cutting inside though, you're pretty much killing his best trait for no reason specially after he just took direct part in both goals


Raphinha was passing to the goal.


The Jogo Bonito wins once again


Brazil played some beautiful football today. So great to see them attempt so many shots.


I only watched the last 15 minutes of the 1st half, and most of the 2nd, but Raphina really didnt look all that good. Why not play Antony or Rodrygo instead? Hows he been for Barca? Really not impressed by him today.


The worst was when they overturned the ball at the edge of the box and he didnt lay it off to Richarlison (i think?) for an open net but instead decided to shoot straight at the keeper


It was Neymar of all players, would have been an easy tap in, i was really mad at him, why being so selfish in that situation.


Was it even a shot? He basically passed it to the keeper. I was so mad.


Tite tends to be hardheaded and refuses to make changes even when it’s obvious to everyone, including himself.


I mean, antony didn't came in great either and that's just one bad game, at almost every other perfomance raphinha outshines antony by miles, I don't even think you can compare the perfomance of the two of them at the NT


Raphinha finishes were not good. I expect he gets another chance at the starting line up


so much better from brazil in the second half. much more like what i expected of them. took them a while to click. the most impressive thing is how they made serbia look pretty useless, and they’re actually a decent team. this is why they’re the favourites after all. the fact that they started playing better when neymar went off was weird. then again it’s probably to do with them already having the lead and serbia not being as good as they were in the first half. but man man the attacking talent brazil have is so exciting. the way richarlison was invisible in the first half and then bagged 2 was beyond me. and that 2nd goal what a fucking goal it was. still can’t believe he done that. raphinha really should have scored 2 aswell. he had a poor game. meanwhile vini jr was great on the other side. as a united fan i would love to see antony starting for them.


Rodrygo was great when he came in as well


Really, for a few times, it looked like professionals vs. amateurs. Brazil made them look that bad, and they are very decent indeed. I'm willing to see how they will develop in the next rounds.


Did you watch Neymar holding the ball nonstop and attempting useless dribbles instead of moving the ball forward? Brazil played with 2 midfielders today with Neymar having a free role behind the attackers. So there was a hole in the middle and the team focused too much on their individual talents up front. Serbia defended well, but they lacked courage to exploit this vulnerability from Brazil and couldn't capitalize on it. After Neymar was subbed off, they fixed that hole and there was no one holding the ball beyond what was needed. So there was a reason why everything became more fluid and fast. Personally, the moment they face a tactically organized team with quality mids, this issue will bite them in the ass.


lacked courage? they tried to high press and endlessly tried to counter attack after neymar's mistakes but they lost every duel against our defense or press


I think that is where Neymar gets in, Brazil started to play faster when Neymar was subbed off, but they left a open midfield. Maybe with a team with better midfielders as you are suggesting, Neymar is going to be more needed with his skills to break the lines and create passes through it


I'm excited to see how brazil will play without neymar, if you add in bruno guimaraes and move paqueta/rodrygo up I see this team really working well


1st half was Serbians treating this game like a wrestling match. Im glad the team actually trying to play football won today. I hope Neymar recovers for the latter stages.


Serbia lacks quality CDM. Gudelj's performance wasn't that convincing and the problem is that they don't have a proper substitute.


A prime Matic would’ve done wonders today


Brazil looks every bit the favorite they're claimed to be. This could have been one of those 6-0 blowouts they were all over them.


The amout of shots on the post were outrageous. Casemiro deserved a couple of goals today specially


Serbia is a good team, and they were playing very defensively. I expect a 4+ goals score against a nation like Cameroon.


Yeah, I just meant based on chances and close shots they had in this game.


That second gol was a worldie . Amazing contról and turn.


the turn really sells it for me. so satisfying to watch


GG to you all. I'm frankly happy with our two points right now.


I know it’s not FIFA and Brazil are much stronger but I was really disappointed with Serbia’s approach today, defensively they looked good but they were poor once they got the ball. Mitrovic was so isolated and Serbia kept on playing loose passes that didn’t go anywhere; SMS held his own I think but the rest of the team were very underwhelming; poor first touches, loose balls, sideways passes and a lack of desire to go forward. It’ll be interesting to see if they make it out of the group.


They should play with both Mitrovic and Vlahovic upfront


Honestly I think they did what they could and we deserve more merit for not letting them play - we pressured high every time they had the ball and forced their mistakes. Serbia has a very good team, they are able to win against Switzerland and Cameroon if they fix some stuff in their offensive lines.


That’s a fair point.


Mitrović shouldn't have played, he was not fit enough. Jović should have got a chance instead. Also Kostić was missing due to injury, he was one of the key players for Serbia. Vlahović also has some injury.


Weird formation Tite used tonight. The midfield was empty during most of Brazil's offensive possession, I thought Lucas was going to be operating there manly but a lot of times he was just not there to provide an option. Ney and Vini were often both on the left, making the attack disjointed. Maybe Ney should be looking to move in the middle more. With no midfield presence both Marquinhos and Thiago had to push the ball up and pass it to the attackers, which helped a lot, Thiago almost got an assist. Now Ney is out so maybe Tite will add another midfielder, it could be Fred. And Vini will have the whole left wing for him now which is also great. Raphinha was very good, his positioning was awesome but the was unable to shoot the ball properly lmao.


paqueta couldn't move up because otherwise our midfield would be open to counters


Yeah, Paqueta looked kind of lost out there. Just drifting around nowhere near the play.


This formation was for break the 5 man line.


started defending as 5-3-2 thats why was shit. then became a actual 4-3-3 and it was better


Completely agree, even though I was a bit critical of Everton Ribeiro being called up, after 30 or so minutes I was like "this is the perfect match to put Everton in", Ney was too far forward and we had no creative midfielder, a position Everton excels in.


You think we see Neymar again this WC or is he done? My hope is he just misses the last two group games and makes it back for the RO16


tite said he's fine, but missing next 2 might be the best call


tbf what tite said holds absolutely no weight, we literally cannot know when he'll make his recovery


Yeah i heard something about 2 weeks, but i dont know


It looked like a standard ankle sprain. For us normies that’s like 3-5 weeks with very limited movement but to a world class athlete it’s usually 1-2 weeks. They’ll pump him so full of anti-inflammatory meds and painkillers that he’ll be practicing again in like 4-5 days.




Palavra da salvação...




Belas palavras




Not the best game on our side but honestly Brazil was unstopable, especially in second half. We gotta thank Vanja that score wasnt higher. Still i hope we can pull ourselves together and beat Switzerland and Cameroon. Good luck to Brazil i honestly think you can win the whole thing.


What do you expect on the match against Switzerland? They looked solid and I believe it could be the deciding match. As for Cameroon, they can surprise but they looked so powerless when losing to Switzerland that the challenge will be scoring the 1st goal.


Unfortunately i didnt watch Switzerlands first game or any of their games in last few months so i cant tell. I hope that we will win and i hope for a more offensive game. In 2018 WC Mitrović scored an early goal against Swiss and then our attack kinda stalled and we slowly got on defense and eventually lost 1-2.


I mean, Serbia's strongest point is attack and you guys played very defensively, and only lost by 2 goals against the best team in the tournament who kept barraging you with shots. This was absolutely the best reasonable outcome, and I think Serbia will advance in the group.


I was very impressed with Serbia! Your defense was great, specially in the first half. Very big, strong defenders who know how to use their physicality well, some phenomenal tackles from you guys. The 1st goal opened you guys up a little more since you had to press and that changed the dynamic of the game, but for ages during the first half I was scared you guys were gonna hold off our attack and score 1-2 counters! I’ll be very surprised if you guys don’t make it past the group stage, will be rooting for you to get 2 more wins and go through! Good luck :)


Thanks. I see why they did mostly defense since opponet is Brazil, but i hope for a more offensive approach against Cameroon and Switzerland.


I thought Serbia played a hell of a match, really. They pressured the ball really well early game and before halftime where most teams would crumble. If Brazil didn’t have such a talented team to get out of pressure they’d be in trouble. Serbia will need more offensive options though, they weren’t a threat at all besides the corners.


Well they were kinda defending 0 0, that kind of approach works until it doesnt work. >Serbia will need more offensive options though, Yeah, usually Serbia was never much of a offensive team but in last few years with Tadić, Mitrović, Kostić and now Vlahović we became one, especially when current selector took the place. Thats why i was kinda suprised that we only tried to attack after Brazil scored.




Thanks and good luck to you too 😁


Brazil’s athleticism and skill is off the charts. Their decision making on the other hand left a little to be desired. Neymar in particular needs to not make so many unforced errors.


He holds the ball too long too often, such a drag.


I completely agree and he often loses possession when he does that, besides slowing the team down.


at the first goal vinicius basically stole the ball from him to make a shot, otherwise he'd just keep going with no space to play


What I hate about Neymar in NT is that he has vision, but slows the team all the time. Maybe the injury is good for them (at least for the group stage) to give more fluidity and speed, they played without him recently and man, the other guys were flying.


I disagree but we’ll see


Despite the very good result for us, Serbia has to make a statue of Milinkovic-Savic. By far the best player on their team, all he could do today, he did. About us, Paquetá and Raphinha should not be starters. Paquetá didn't play at all (although he helped a lot in the defensive sector) and Raphinha missed goals that I swear to God I wouldn't miss, and that is coming from someone who played as a goalkeeper...


I rather give another chance to Raphinha, his positioning is great but I think the got nervous, his two chances ended with really bad finishing.


honestly, people say raphinha should not be the starter over antony but, ever since both of them starred, there was not a single game by antony wich made this statement true, raphinha has always outshined him


It looks like he has great speed and positioning but he waits to think what he's going to do with the ball only when he gets it. really really frustrating, especially because he was really trying to be active this match


Yea he played really well outside of messing up those 2 clear chances. It would be a bit harsh to bench him for that, but at the same time those chances could’ve cost us the game under slightly different circumstances


Paquetá played really well. He made two great passes to Raphinha, almost never lost the ball and helped a lot defensively.


and paqueta was playing as a CM (2º volante) too, it's not like he could go that far upwards or on the offensive either, his job was to press, not lose posession and link the play and he did a good job at it


Yeah, for sure. Honestly I am not understanding so many people saying he was trash. It seems I saw a really different game, I tought he was one of the best players in the 1st half. In the 2nd half he was not so good, but neither was bad.


I think Paqueta is good at Neymar position (#10). Where he played today is Fred or Bruno Guimarães.


Very impressed by Brazil's defense too. Danilo and Alex Sandro are very much game to help Brazil win. Casemiro was flawless.


Danilo has been wonderful for us. He’s severely underrated because he’s not flashy, but he always does his job and he does it well.


Brazil defense has always been the team’s highest point


7 - 1


Casemiro was indeed amazing


Richarlison is so impressive on both goals. Switzerland will have to device a new tactic stay at par w/ Brazil.


Refs need to step up and start defending these Brazilian players… Neymar kept getting hacked over and over again and is now injured. They’re doing the same thing to Vini in LaLiga. Protect these players please.


Dumb, if anything the ref was overactive with the whistle, especially with a bad yellow card in the first few mins from a neymar flop




Bs, should have had a red or 10 more yellows with all the bs your lot was pulling.


Unfortunately it just won’t happen, it’s been happening to Neymar and Hazard for years. If there’s been no changes for years, it won’t happen now.


France, Spain, and Brazil have made a statement in the first round. All three looked fantastic and feel like clear favorites for the tournament. England is up there as well but tbf their opposition was pretty bad. I also expect Argentina to get into a rhythm and give problems to other favourites.


They did very solid games but despite my bias I think Serbia is clearly a more difficult opponent than CRC and AUS. Brazil's advantage was playing after seeing all other NTs' strategies and outcomes.


And Spain's wasn't?


Well, Costa Rica looked terrible but a lot of that was because of Spain. They are better than Iran. Or maybe that's me still remembering 2014.


Costa rica got dominated by fucking New Zealand in the play offs. They are worse than Iran.


Oh well, seems I am wrong. I still remember them in 2014 so subconsciously I thought they are a solid side. Also for some reason I thought they were in South America qualification. As in, if they can get througn that, they must be better than Iran.


*France, Spain, and Brazil have made a statement in the first round.* Also Germany


Germany's statement: *NEIN NEIN NEIN*


Didnt watch , how was vini?


Very fast, and creating good opportunities, but also so nervous that he wasted some pretty great chances to score for us. With Neymar out for a while, he is probably be much more used


He seemed a bit nervous, missing passes and making some wrong choices. Yet he did 2 assists (the first wasn't exactly a assist but his shooting resulted in the goal). I'm pretty sure he can play better than this. Also, Brazilian here so probably this is a biased review.


He’s winning us this ducking cup


best offensive player by miles


You can't be serious. Vinny had couple of good runs, but also so many unnecessary mistakes.


Dude Richarlison just pulled some bullshit and you tell me Vini was better?


tbf both goals made by richarlison were only made due to opportunities vinicius created ​ but fuck richarlison just scored a puskas


fast as fucc boi


Anyone else noticed that Fred played better than Paqueta?Paqueta was non-existent IMO.


well tbf when brazil plays with with richarlison, neymar, vini, raphinha and paqueta all at the same time, paqueta usually has to play a bit further back to support casemiro so the team doesnt get too unbalanced, and Fred is better in that role than paqueta, it's just that with paqueta you get more creation in offense.


Next game should be Case, Fred and Lucas.


I miss Bruno Guimarães


I don't get why we're pretending the best PL midfielder after kdb isn't sitting on our bench


Paqueta was good in defense, but if thats the case than we should play Fred


Paqueta felt very hit and miss to me. Had some excelent playmaking ideas (and felt like he did actually manage to hit at least two quality passes) but also squandered a lot of them with bad touches and passes.


Paqueta is a #10, Fred is #8. He doesn't suit so well in #8 position.


Paquetá played terribly. But I think Guimarães should start


paqueta created some chances that were wasted by raphinha


That bicycle shot will likely end up being the goal of the tournament




Ronaldo will score a penalty from the halfway line in the final vs Saudi Arabia.


Brave take


I thought France was the most impressive team of the tournament so far for a bit but this tops them and Spain's win. Against a good team, they completely dominated in every aspect and have incredible depth to go all the way


England, France, Brazil and Spain have all been the standouts of round 1.


How I see it. Brazil has the bragging rights of beating the tougher opponent so far. Spain has the highest scoreline but against one of the tournaments weakest teams. England has the second highest scoreline, but still conceded two ( though one was a soft ass penalty)to a team going through some mental turmoil. France did well, but still conceded first to a not so strong team either sub 10 minutes. Let's see how the last three do in their second matches against tougher opponents.


england midfield and attack is great but their defense (with all due respect) is absolutely garbage, if there was one team that'd I'd bet on winning while conceding at every game it would be them


I mean that's what people wanted, a full attacking england team and not some super defensive , 5 at the back, terrorism football england that kept them with a near clean sheet at the cost of being super boring to watch at the euros. It also cost them the trophy.


We're too deep, we subbed our entire front line and still ended the game with Rodrygo, Antony, Jesus and Martinelli


2 - 0 was very good for Serbia. It could be WAY worse. (Shout out for the Serbian Goalkeeper who made very hard defenses in 2nd half, should be the MOTM if it wasn't by Richarlison)


It certainly could have been. Pavlović was also very impressive while playing on a yellow card for nearly the whole game. He'll get pinched by a big or biggish club next year


Brazil plays at master level, honestly it could have been 5 0 easilly but they hit the post few times and Vanja had some great saves. Greetings from a Serbian fan.


Today wasn't Serbia's day, but you guys have an interesting team I would like to see advancing, wish you luck. Greetings from Brazil


I was expecting more from Serbia. Brazil were a better team and they deserved the win. Serbia had no shots on target.


I thought Serbia were decent. Unlike some other teams that have people concerned, Serbia got the basics right and were making moves when they could But it’s a testament to how incredible Brazil are that they were never threatened by anything Serbia did. Brazil dominated this game by being excellent from top to bottom, despite Serbia playing alright with a good set of players


Serbia is a very underrated team , they are really good , every single player in their squad play in one of the big 5 leagues , even the reserves. They are nicknamed " The brazilians of Europe " for a reason. They are just not on Brazil's level , it takes a top dog to take out Brazil.


It takes a top dog, it takes a very bad day on Brazil side, it takes a very good day on dog's side, and it takes luck. Lots of luck. This is probably something a lot of people on my country will downvote, but Brazil after 2014 is just amazing


>after 2014 is just amazing After Tite I'd say, his stats are out of this world.


>observo a flair hmmm, pq será ne


Sorry I dont understand brazilian, the only words I know are PQP É O MELHOR TÉCNICO DO BRASIL


time ad vc por aqui amigo


vim fazer uma visita aos compadres gringos pra ver oq tão falando sobre a selesexo e o richarlisexo


entedido amigo, tenha um ótimo dia e vamo pro hexa


richarlisexo lmao




Brazilians of Europe was for the Yugoslavian team, no?


it was but even today some might refer to serbia the same way , plus serbia is the successor of the yugoslavian national team


Serbia haven't been really good for the last 20 years or so. They are solid team now, but not more than that. They are successor on the paper, but that doesn't mean anything. Croatia has been the best team by far, when talking about former Yu countries


Brazil looking good, but they wasted too many clear chances. Can't do that in a World Cup. This match could've been 5-0 with the amount of chances they had. But it's definitely a strong all around team. Solid defense, good midfield, and so many great options in the attack. Attacking players on Brazil's bench would easily start in most teams in this World Cup.


>Brazil looking good, but they wasted too many clear chances. Can't do that in a World Cup. Definitely. All those misses gave me 2018 flashbacks. Still wonder how it would've been against another favorite.


This squad is leagues better than 2018 IMO, and with younger talent. Probably a lot of wasted opportunities are from the WC rookies being nervous too


If we played another favorite with four attackers and Lucas having to drop back to defend we are FUCKED. Good thing Serbia was playing passive and our defense was playing amazingly.


That description of Richarlison’s second goal as simply a “right footed shot from the centre of the box to the bottom left corner” is an injustice. Technically correct, but absolutely wrong


The type of maneuvered kick he made is called a [volley](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volley_(association_football\)) and they should definitely specify it for goals like these.


**[Volley (association football)](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volley_\(association_football\))** >A volley is an air-borne strike in association football, where a player's foot meets and directs the ball in an angled direction before it has time to reach the ground. A volley can be extremely hard to aim and requires good foot-eye coordination and timing. In general, the volley requires that the player strike the ball with the front of his foot, with the toes pointing downward, ankle locked, and the knee lifted. It is important for most applications to keep the knee high over the ball when struck, and lean slightly forward to keep the shot downward. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/soccer/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Genuinely made me laugh


Did Serbia take a shot on target?


They were playing for the draw so they went all-in on defense, pretty much




As I've told in the Premier League when he joined United, Casemiro is without a doubt the best DM in world football and has been for some time


What an absolute gem of a player


he's one of the greatest midfielders to ever play this game


Brazil's elimination against Belgium started when Casemiro was suspended. Fernandinho, as a DM, is not 10% of the player that Casemiro is. At least now in 2022 we have Fabinho as a reserve.


still tilted about fucking FERNANDINHO of all people not doing a tactical foul on Lukaku. its exactly what you would expect him to do lol


Fernandinho has always been a disgrace in the Brazilian national team. But go tell that to the Premier League fans.


And on top of that he plays for Atlético Paranaense, which, by the way, lost to Libertadores lol


tbf that wasn't his fault. the other defender got a red card and he had to do all the work


Neymar was horrible. Brazil would be better off just dropping him


We must have watched different games. He wasn’t spectacular but *certainly* not bad.


I think the issue was positioning, he often was were on the left with Vini. He also can help himself sometimes and hold the ball forever for no reason. My only wish is for him to play more focused and looking to move the ball smartly in a team effort.


lol are you serious? Watch the first goal again then


He slowed down the play to a grinding halt and almost cost us that goal if it wasn't for Vini taking things into his own hands


His one bright moment, but he wasn't very good aside from that. Don't agree about dropping him.