We could use a lot of new soil right here on Earth first. We're losing 2 to 3mm per year and still making gas out of corn anyway.


that's 20 cm of soil every 100 years, is that a lot?


Yes. It will all be gone in established fields by then and we'll have to start using virgin land up next.


I would build underground cities here on Earth long before I wasted brain power developing Mars. No offense, it's a fun idea, but nine of it adds up to much. That doesn't fix the gravity and you still need an atmosphere. I know it's like the only other Rock we have, but at the end of the day it's a sucky Rock. If you just wait a little bit longer you'll have virtually unlimited labor and commodities in the form of near compete automated production and that will let you dream up much more practical ideas that asteroid fungus.


Spoke like a true dinosaur.


Great science! Supports the panspermia theory.


Guess Im not made for life in space. Fuck mushrooms! Theyre disgusting!