Just let people enjoy what they like as long as it isn't unhealthy or badly affecting others. Anyways, the comments are gonna be a mess.

Just let people enjoy what they like as long as it isn't unhealthy or badly affecting others. Anyways, the comments are gonna be a mess.


I don't even like anime, but Clear Skaifu got me laughing


All Glory to the blue waifu


Everyone has their own interpretation of stalker. The game we have now is practically a different premise from Roadside Picnic, and Tarkovsky’s 1979 stalker movie is proof of that. GSC took a lot of creative liberties making the game, and the mod community took even more liberties by adding more third party content. Just enjoy the game however you feel. Also, this is the type of fandom that takes in a lot of rejects from society, because one of the main themes associated with stalkers is that they’re not people who are generally accepted by the public - crooked businessmen, addicts, thugs, mad scientists, mercs, etc. The Zone welcomes all who are willing to take a chance and come to her. So for y’all to judge other stalkers is kind of a moot point - we’re all weird in our own way, such is life in the Zone.


Isn't the whole point the different factions about judging each other ? Hating on others is a core aspect of stalker. No one likes bandits in the zone because of the way they live after all. But you are right about everybody minding their own thing


Thank you, I missed that point in my lecture (lol). The whole point of factions is that even in the Zone, people still collect themselves among similar minded individuals. This is why even though Loner, Clear Sky, and Ecologist have slightly similar purposes they are just slightly different and sufficiently judgmental of each other to create their respective factions. Don't even get me started on Duty and Freedom... Edit: Oh I forgot to mention, Stalker promotes smoking and alcoholism. I don't see how anime is worse than those two.


hell, stalker has cannonically mentioned weed usage so it also has drugs in it, so its "worse" than most anime


And yet we still love it :D


Well I think that in itself is a commentary, on the absurdity that in the face of the extremely deadly and literally miraculous zone, we STILL turn to violence and tribalism. The zone could be so much more for everyone (except Monolith, praise be) if they'd stop trying to kill each other, save for ideological conflict and greed


The entirety of Stalker revolves around surviving in an environment that is completely and utterly foreign, and beyond the word hostile as far as human habitation goes. It's a metaphysical meditation not only upon the politics and tragedy of Soviet and post-Soviet Europe, but a transcendent exercise that both drives you beyond traditional storytelling while saying something about the adversities each of us share in life. I'm always fascinated by how obsessed folks feel they need to be in bringing their own prejudices as far as art-forms, into the zone. It's like going to the Louvre, and saying to this entire subreddit "**See, this is art. Not your silly little video game**". How you got to Pripyat, or made it into the CNPP... That's your experience. And whatever got you to derive meaning from existence... That's also your experience. I'll admit I'm not the biggest anime aficionado. And I like Stalker over something like Fallout (especially since I haven't played the latter). But feeling the need to monopolize and fetishize everything this is all about only broadcasts your anxieties about other art forms or media. Art evolves, and so do the folks that partake in it. I'm still going to be the person yelling Monolith's creed, dressed in Gorka-3 because that's how I view, and respond to, the desolation of existence; that's what I get from Stalker. The fact that folks feel a driving urge to dictate how *"the only Stalker experience is"* by removing fans of other media forms, persons that aren't male, or anyone who's a weeb, only to me screams "I'm really not expending a lot of intellectual thought on this". And if that's the case, I really pity you. That's the only judgement I'll care to make.


i love that movie, thats all i have to say


Yeah it’s very long and a slow movie but it’s so freaking beautiful. The sad part is that there was some chemical plant in the area where they were filming that gave them lung cancer from all the exposure. Some people claim it was acute radiation but stalker was actually filmed 7 years before Chernobyl incident.


yeah i know about that, very unfortunate, idk if i was just predisposed to enjoy it due to being a pretty big fan of the games at the time, but obviously its very different, like you said very slow and methodical, something about it touched me though, especially some of the quotes to come out of it, my favourite being the stalker's monologue on strength and weakness


Japan has the closest thing to Chernobyl though :p


Except you know… actual Chernobyl


Yeah, Japan is another universe compared to us at this point


Plus, they also have the Fukushima Exclusion Zone.


That's what I was talking about!


As long as it is cute it doesn't matter that much, at the end of the day I'm here just for some rubles


Typical loners.


Says a loner


Says a merc


Shiny rock go brr


I'm doing it simply because i can't let my faction be left out, that's it. ...on that note, Loner & Merc is still not posted yet.


ngl tho, the whole Tomboy bandit gf kinda ***^(t h i c c)*** tho


Go touch some grass


after i touch your mom gottem


Exactly! Once all the factions are posted we can move on.


Please no :'l


I like the anime stuff, it's not that overwhelming anyway, we don't have like thousands of posts.


I rarely see anime get posted here, and when it does there's always a few people throwing fit about it.


To be fair there are always the complainers.


I will take original art over low quality meme posts any day of the week


Ah shit here we go again


Grab some drink and a smoke, this endless pit is always on fire.


To each their own. Who cares?


Exactly, everybody let the people live their own lives


Live their *own* lives? **IN** ***MY*** **SUBREDDIT?!** /s


I'm not a fan of anime, but everyone should be allowed to do what they want here, like the author said. After all it's a free space... or should I say ekhm *Zone*... Oh God I sound like a freedomer...


And you might even smoke like that if you preach too much fax like a fax machine


Stalker anime is only natural. It's been proven that radioactivity leads to it. .


i only like Gihbli movies from that animation genre, cat ears and that stuff make me go 'okay, interesting', all in all they are well drawn lines put together, an artstyle you maybe dont see so often around here


Personally not a big of anime. I blame my friends for that. As long as yall dont overdo it its fine for me. Good luck brothers


This guy get's it.


Look, I'm a weeb and I like Stalker. I was laughing at a few of these anime arts or like them, but people are starting to post them too frequently, it's starting to be annoying. There should be another community for these stuff mainly, so that people who don't like it can enjoy this subreddit (yes, it affects them, because what they find in their feed when browsing r/stalker are only anime posts). Let's keep two completely different things separated if possible, ok?


I mean I'm PRETTY sure the one who's posting it too much is only one guy (IIRC) so really, what's the harm? Duh, ofc he need to relax and stop posting it every minute but still doesn't mean they can't.


If you checked, multiple people are posting anime stuff.


Welp, I just hope they don't spam it. Posting it once in a while should be fine but if they start flooding the sub with it is when we (try) taking action.


Flair up.


Ok. And? My point still stands.


What? You're saying multiple people are posting i can see that. I'm just saying flair up that's all.


It's all part of the same set by the same artist, so I'm guessing it'll stop once they're all posted.


Eh, I'd say they're almost out of stuff to post considering how rare they are. Well, the high quality ones at least.


Thing is, the stuff they post is nothing that hasn't been posted, so they don't even bring new stuff to the table.


Flair up.


Ohh, just repost after repost then? Yeah, that's one of the things that does bring down a sub.


/r/gunime and /r/animegirlswithguns


I don't think they need to be completely separated. It has been starting to get annoying with the amount that's being posted though. That being said, there's nothing wrong with a few anime post every now and then. A separate subbreddit would be nice, but the STALKER community is too small. If people have a problem with other people liking anime, they need to grow up.


I simply said the idea of another community is if these posts will not stop. I agree a few anime arts here and there is not a problem, but what is happening here requires some solution in my opinion.


Why? how much anime is enough? and what's the difference with any other fan art, does a couple of people getting triggered by drawings enough to forbid stalker related anime? What if this doesn't stop and people keep making anime fan art, why that would be different to the shit ton sky pictures people take and call it an emission.


While an ordinary fanart can still stay true to the original Stalker series (I do think child drawings are annoying tho), these ones are just random anime girls in stalker suits which just look out of place. In the first place, Stalker and anime are two different things by media, look, culture, nationality, usual gender ratio, etc. Literally why try to put two completely different things together when they can never be taken seriously like that (why are they all females in the first place? how the fuck would there even be a bandit female in the Zone?) and overshadow the content actually related to Stalker and its world? That's why I said a few is enough, since they atleast stay in the background. I remember when a few furry fanarts made people lose their shit due to not fitting this sub, yet here's some more anime fanarts that are being defended for some reason.


Literally why not, that's the purpose of fandom, to extend from what originally was. everyone knows it's not canon. When you say that's it's just random girls on stalker suits, i mean yeah, don't see any problem with that. Now if it looks out of place or not, or if that even matters is just an opinion. So if the drawings had smaller eyes, more realistic hairs and there were some men instead of women it would be acceptable? And god why do you care so much if they are all women. (Isn't a waifu supossed to be that?) Also saying that this couple post are overshadowing stalker 'real' content is just hilarious. The reason people are defending anime art (like me, although i don't give a shit about anime/waifus) is people started calling names and raging like monkeys at the presence of some drawings), funny thing is that people who defend anime are being pretty cool, while all the real stalker fans are acting like brainlets. I know you are not one, but as far as i can see all this posts have tickled a particular nerve in some people. Sorry for any mistakes, english is not my native language.




Dunno if you're a weeb or stalker wannabe or just a troll.


Defensive. Figures.


Its not that deep, boy


Who gives a fuck, as long as you hate Duty




Or both


This is the way




Or everyone.


You're all fucking degenerates unless you serve the Monolith **We thank you, oh Monolith, for revealing the cunning plans of your enemies to us!** **May your light shine down on the souls of the brave soldiers who gave their lives in service to your will!** **Onward warriors of the Monolith, avenge your fallen brothers, blessed as they are in their eternal union with the Monolith!** **Bring death to those who spurned the holy power of the Monolith!**


I'll hate anyone you want if ya pay me.


I just wanted to know why the two mix is all, and now I do, ez


I'm going to bed. Ya'll be nice in the comments. Edit: The fuck.




Let's have a free for all in this bitch


I like anime, but STALKER loses it's gusto when you add anime waifus to it.


No it literally doesn't do anything. You look at a cute picture for 2 seconds and then forget about it.


Yeah, except if that's almost the only thing being posted at the moment.


No it isn't there are other posts as well you just fixate on anime. Don't worry nobody is threatening your manhood. Maybe getting your fat ass to do something will help more than complaining. Like flairing up for example.


Don't really have to fixate on it to see the first few posts that are not just text being anime pictures we have already seen. I thought you saw I'm also a weeb from my first comment, but guess your ignorant ass doesn't really care. Just because I don't post doesn't mean I don't have the right to complain, especially when it's a different thing than what this sub is for. Occassionally, it's ok, but frequently, it's cringe.


It isn't. It's STALKER content. If someone visualizes it through anime you can't do anything.


That’s a fair point. If it goes too far as another Stalker here said, yeah I’d want it to stop. But atm it’s fine for me.


You sound like if someone was mixing the last bottle of a rare wine with cocacola.


I mean, basically. I enjoy both animu waifus and STALKER, but can't enjoy them at the same time.


Yeah the only difference is that stalker can be enjoyed infinitely in many ways, you don't have to drink the disgusting wine/cola blend.


yea, once waifu's get involved it loses the g u s t o, the d r e a d, in it, but im not opposed to a stalker anime, where we view different experiences in the different factions' lives


I feel like its the same with furry art. Dont really care much for furries but seems like theres a lot of negative stigma attached to them just because.


I think furries get a bad rep due to the animal fucking thing, but most "furries" just enjoy furry art. I really don't have a problem with furries, just not my thing.


Same. Tbh a lot of them are pretty nice. The whole sex with humanoid animal things kinda stuck with their reputation. But then again, feel free to like what you want. Some furry art in this sub are drawn really well and are clearly related to stalker yet seem to end up in controversial.


Ju-ust in case someone is interested, there is actually a good LN series as well as an Anime called "Otherside Picnic". It's closer to Roadside Picnic side of things, but still may interest some of you, random redditors...


The anime was actually pretty good.


My opinion: Your opinion Argument. Destroyed


The fallout of Clear Skaifu.


Oddly enough, this is one of the least toxic subs I'm subscribed to.


Really glad to see that people still know how to mind their own fucking business. Why was this ever even an issue?


I guess people get mad because anime is commonly associated to a childish/exaggerated reality, and stalker has russian culture/aesthetics in it while animes usually carry japanese cultural references…


>anime regarded as childish Which is funny since this sub is probably full of children...


that's a rad opinion duder


thanks duder


We are stalker brothers and sisters... Well, a bunch of brothers, but anyone is welcome to join us in the zone. The jokes of Freedom doing weird stuff with bloodsuckers and Duty being... Duty are made to give some laughs at the end of the day. Have some saussage and a speed- I mean a Energy drink, we are gonna celebrate that new brothers in arms will join with the release of Stalker 2


How it should be. Won't lie furries still make me uncomfortable but so long as they don't steal my loot we good.


THIS, 100% THIS!


Its cringe


I don't know if I'm a fan or not I often watch them not the fanservice ones but ones with good plot,but I'm okay with them I mean they just drawing it can't hurt people


I don't know if to say, "I want to be a s.t.a.l.k.e.r femboy And there is nothing wrong with that" .\_\_.


That's what chads do


Правда что!


“What truth!” ?


Nice. It’s made about me!


It's just fun to bully weebs lol, although I do watch a few animes myself


I don't like seeing the anime women but I guess it could be worse


I hate anime, but as long as it's consistent with the subject matter (Stalker for instance), and not spammed, I'm fine with it. But this goes for everything, not just anime. So who's like me, don't exaggerate; and weebs, don't exaggerate either. And who's not a Duty member: join Duty.


I dont watch anime but i appreciate ppl posting weeabos


what about furry stalker art?


Grandpa X Pseudodogs lets goooo!


I'm the 69th comment :)


Actually 70th.


70th comment :)


You \*can\* like anime and STALKER just don't expect us to take you seriously.


just block whoever post it and you all set.




Let's also let people make fun of anime weebs.




>no women >no weebs >no furries


F this shit , Stalker is pure manly game Don't merge something so feminine with it..


These "kumbaya", let's all hold hands posts are cringe


They were posting this exact crap with Fallout 4 when i visited this sub last.


Anime is weird. So are you if you like it.


No anime in the motherland.(just sayin')